Murtaza Khan – Morals Series – Episode 12 – Contentment

Murtaza Khan
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After praising lots of them, and sending him in speaking and salutation for the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing a journey looking at good moral virtues, the practices that we find some of the virtues of good characteristics have become very rare inside our society, and even more rare for the non Muslims around us. Today's theme is about contentment, being content with one's life, and peace are rich with that we can possibly handle is bestowed upon every single individual.

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As we find that many of the people around us, they believe the concept of materialism. Possession of wealth, of property, is a form of gaining contentment inside your life. And this is only partially true, we will need to do

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but does not bring the total contentment in the life of the individual. There always be a cavity, and hollowness inside the heart or the mind, the soul of the human being. And that whole cavity can't be filled with worldly possessions and worldly belongings, that emptiness inside the heart, or the soul of the individual body, the individual can only be filled with very filled with contentment with that which is bestowed upon every single individual. And that's defined today's heavy that we find what brings rescue the individual. They said

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the kingdom

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of hiddenness richness isn't possessing maybe worldly things. That's not what Richmond is.

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And Richmond is having richness of the soul, contentment of the soul piece of the soul, happiness within oneself, happiness, whatever is around the individual. Whatever the individual possesses is when contentment does you find that a benchmark of riches or richness differs that the east and the west, totally different perception of conceptual understanding what is wealth? What is richness? How much does a person need to live inside their life habits a person needs to enjoy the life

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as mentioned by the prophet, some of the law already

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the chapter speaking about

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abstinence, staying away from excessive indulgence inside the dunya we find the monkey with a monkey wakes up in the morning, securely, healthy in his body, and having food for the day that it is as if the world has been gathered for that individual. So having food for the day. islamically is as if the whole world has been gathered for you. Another handy thing

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that we find once again,

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speaking about abstinence, wherever monkey weights are physically healthy, feeling safe and secure within himself with food for the day is LED and acquired the whole world. That's how Islam described possession. You have food for for a night gives a bed to sleep for the night, then you have the richness of all the world as far as the shape of Canada is concerned. And as you find that, without contentment, we find so many psychological health issues that people begin to suffer from, and they begin to destroy their own selves. This is very strange, sooner, they find the country which are flourishing in wealth and possessions you find is the same countries linguistically are flourishing

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taking their lives.

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That the Scandinavian country the statistic of how many of them, they commit suicide, they have everything on the face of this earth. But you find something is missing within themselves. There's no contentment inside their lives, that emptiness leads them there lots of it leads them to taking their own life, not being happy with that which is bestowed upon them. Thus we find the Muslim has been urged by to be content, find a Happy

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Sunday Muslim kita the book of absence once again, whereby the profiles are meant to look at those who standard at a lower level than you and do not, do not look at those who stand at a higher level than you

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may we may begin to reject the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah. So she says when it comes to the world, look at the people who are below you. There is not a few people

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There's millions of people who are in dire need when it comes to the alcohol, that should be the best buy look at the people who went before us, the MBR what was the profits? the messengers, Cynthia t Salim Shahada.

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Those are the best companions because comrades, those are best aspiration person should have, that should be the benchmark of the Muslim, know that the Muslim sees the duty and pray to the union. And think whoa If only I possess this, that you find the end of sort of also speaking about all this individual wealth was given to him how people began to begin to look at this individual that

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had been given

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an actual field they find people see positions of the agency only I've been given them.

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But remember that time

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that we have is far more rewarding and for you to begin to see these beings of the dunya adoption find that contentment leads to better k one's life. That's the key ingredient, that when a person is content, you find inside a person's life, what

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they believe, and if

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you open the heavens in the earth for these individuals, but these individuals they lie, they reject the winds, the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah. So these individuals they paradise taken away from them in 100 foot sea that we find is collected very

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soon and that we find ocean and Adam devote yourself to my worship. And I will fit your chest with witches and alleviate your poverty and reduce your handling problems and give you the state of poverty. So fill your heart and your mind with devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah Allah will enrich the soul, enrich the mind. Thanks brother get inside the life of the individual. And so the opposite of this, it becomes true. A president negligent of a lots of other things the heart the individual with greed is greed inside the heart. And the mind of tranquility and peace rubs it away from takes it away from them, for people just full of greed inside the night. As we look at the ayah

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is speaking about wealth, those people just hunting off the wealth and the Lena River. Those who devote usury, the Quran describes these individuals and then the shape on whom it is as if the devil has touched them. Some random or used as a as an evidence of the jinn can possess the human being. And others taking linguistically the look at those people who delve in is an interesting usually in river, they become that madman, largest becomes wealth possession, by any way, a means just to plan the world take when you have more possessions. So even if they become like a mad individual. And the deeper concept is better to see, as even above mentioned that a person a gentleman who eats usually

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will come with a frantic individual a judgment as a man individually a judgment. And he said to this individual, he took interest in his good young.

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A lot has declared war and he's better to take it or don't place it so

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many major sins are made that

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takes him at 90 sins, major sins. And in his famous book, reseller alphabet, all these major sin mentioned documents Allah declared that Allah and His Messenger declared war for the individual, and assigned by many of us, we think that there is many wars taking place on the face of the earth. There may be many wars, but bear in mind at one pole, that there will be a bad ending. There'll be no coming out of that war and as the person repents, the person takes away abundance of rebar. That is that Allah and His best have declared war upon that individual and to political war has been declared on this Muslim Ummah, that we find we openly we indulge inside arena, it's a gray bar, it's

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a huge tree has it is sort of a B double that we find is that

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you begin to deal in you know one way or

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another. You begin to take hold of the tail to the cows, one of the two misery, you become happy with conservation with this learn property that you find. What are optimal jihad, the feasibility, you abandon striving and struggling in a wave of loss. What is the effect select the law

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Along with shower upon you send upon you disgrace, was disgrace this booster coma, and will not lift that disgrace, have come to me that the unicorn entity don't return back to your deep and heavy offense calculation of Sham has now through the abandonment of the array through a whole reseller based upon this, about how the state of this Muslim Ummah is. So this is the end result that we're suffering that we begin to see. So sadly, even amongst Muslims, and lack of contentment, traveling that madman upon the land, chasing off this dunya that we find, that Allah robs individual away from contentment and peace with Allah Subhana Allah. And also we need to remove this concept, that the

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more wealth that we possess, the more seeking in material wealth, the more riches and wealth that we gain insight is good young will give us contentment, satisfaction, and happiness we will have in pursuit of happiness, as they say, we can remove this cliche, we're not against wealth, and in dunya. But to remove this concept that the more that we possess, the more that we own. The more that we have, the more peace and content will be inside our lives. We need to remove this from our mind from our soul. Because this is a Western concept. The more riches I have, the more peaceful I'll become an individual inside my life. And as you find actually more time that we dedicate to the loss

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of diversity, the more bounty will be delivered, the more sustenance and satisfaction we will derive from the little time we spend in working, it's the opposite, it's, the more less time you spend in working, as I say, becomes quality, time, time of Baraka that you find. And the time you spend, in strengthening oneself to devote oneself to Allah Subhana Allah, that you find in some 20 different occasions

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for speaking about wealth, the sowing of wealth, the source of wealth, expanding wealth, the giving of wealth, then they are worth the factor of Decree of wealth 20 different iron inside the Quran, speaking about the concept of wealth, amongst you, that we find that a lot of founders mentioned, a low risk elimination

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is a pseudo rat that we find Allah, Allah expands the wealth to make that he wants and he tested it, that every shape every individual have their fair share of wealth that you find for things. I see the the forehead of every single individual before they come out the womb of the mother.

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Shocking Oh, sorry, wretched, or happy individual. 14 Oh, honey, this is going to be cool. Every individual is only tested by a stamp on the forehead of the individual. Then the law continues i a

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was 30 COVID. Alisha, as if Allah can I say that the some individuals, they just become content with the dunya their whole life just becomes the dunya seeking of the dunya. Woman here to dinner.

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This is only a small provision, some other elephant in the school petty among that's all that this dunya is. And here reflecting on this ayah Firstly, we should understand the

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separation of wealth. person is rich. Does that mean that person love bah bah. That's another downfall that somebody most significant persons rich love on the individual alone loves individual tuxemon and one has no impact. It has no impact. Does that mean that the person more hates this person or makes person impoverished doesn't mean that at all in the Sharia. That's not what it means giving a welfare taking away of wealth. centrally, the front end part of his word of this verse points to the fact that people are becoming contemporaries. Dunya that's all that they want. And it's shaping the others after this. Another once again speaks about contentment, Allah Xena

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I am shaking.

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around the stage I move from one version to another version, another verse. That's why

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he expanded his efforts to make it was so

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easy to live in

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to see how a lot moves from one team to another theme, one versus another as to how people are familiar with it. People become content with some of the elements

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those who believe and have become tranquil content, serenity, with the remembrance of Allah Allah.

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Allah has no price tag

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It's priceless. Before that your loss that you could possess all of this dunya you can't find peace. You can't find contentment. You can't find solace. You can't find serenity, you can't find risk. There's always going to be something quivering inside you're missing inside your life.

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The word and everything the word on over, students have been missing inside your life. So calmly speak to them success. Allah speaks to the end of surah Emraan from an inner and inner world.

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Live is rescued from the Hellfire,

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rescued with their wealth, has excessive wealth and possessions is an own that was saved himself from the hellfire.

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That's the ultimate success that Allah gives the warning that some of you can afford it in Chapel this

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What is it worth except for great big deception of deception. That's what he's doing is deceiving the individual to lift them away from the powerful but lots of data and other passages

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about reliance trust. We are in Japan Adana, tequila Raja,

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for one

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in some cases we we claim to fame, have lots of data, but lose a few pounds, lose your job, some calamity some difficult difficulty, an email, an email phishing. Email is at a time of difficulty that a person is constant in a burden elation. When

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a man is constant in happiness as well, the person is still devoted to a look at the other person does a waiver. Good things come then become grateful difficulties come then begin to walk away or some people returned back to panda Allah. Allah Subhana Allah

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Subhana Allah places shadowy places difficulty, places obstacles, to see which of my service are truly going to worship me. Who will not my service is going to outshine when the person is rejoicing. When a person is suffering when a person's difficulty, who amongst my state is going to drag their feet come to the massive humans must say you've got to become more devoted towards me, Hitman to ye Ballina, that means wisdom of Allah Subhana Allah to see who responds, who becomes more devoted, who becomes more committed, who begin to make more sacrifices to show that the man is shining, that the belief that the dunya dunya comes and goes, comes and goes for every single

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individual in a common goal. Email isn't a commodity that comes and goes to the man and the thing.

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That's a man's last no problem. And there's always something minor.

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A man goes in, you've lost everything in the world and whatever it contains, you've lost yourself.

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That's the ultimate loss.

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You've lost this dunya

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as well. Woman

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in the library of marine culture, the lowly position

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is promise, whatever Allah has destined for individual be completed, no one can make you a few pounds richer. No one can shortchange you inside this dunya whatever Allah decreed for you, Allah destined, that this will happen to this individual, and this is what they're going to gain by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah, but in the

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same manner is the one who divides up the wealth to whomever he wants, to do what I can accuracy

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and tested them. But most of mankind don't seem to comprehend, don't seem to understand this.

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Wealth is from Allah Subhana Allah, poverty is Allah Subhana Allah and he delivers it. However, he wants to know Macaulay to send

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to Allah, Allah

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to Allah to unlock the keys of the heavens.

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He expands

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to whomever he wants, Destiny, whomever he wants, and a lot of panda has full knowledge regarding God. And quite strange is that went a lot further than another passage on

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to the keys of the unseen. No one knows them except

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For a lot of data, that it begins to speak about a dry, these are wet, they were written down to record, everything is done by Allison, nothing Mrs. Allah Subhana Allah then allowed me to extract what are the daily

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you know, all of a sudden, I don't know the keys are the unseen you know, we will have this aspiration. If I need to Tomorrow, I will do this, I will achieve this, I will do this, I will store this, I will gain this. The strange thing is, many people don't live to tomorrow. Many people don't make it tomorrow. So I lamented already.

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Some of you alone, take your life in the night. Take your life. He knows what you do during the daytime, whatever you do, you're waiting for your property. Allah as they say that some people will be taken this many individuals needed individually around them, who had aspiration inside their life had millions that exposure and what happened in the morning, they were gone. Everything just remained a man or woman in the body back. Wherever you do in Parish,

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parents just be just be taken away. And whatever

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it remains, industry find that the reality of life and death

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once you awaken the individual, you know death

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is at the end of the individuals

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who are living

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under the

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So to imagine that preventing suicide prevents the individuals who have concluded

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that every single line will protect the individual, the punishment the brief,

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who is the one who created who will lead the most

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creative deaths. Allah mentions a lot of them.

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Because mood is a reality the old farts will face and death is at the end of the individual. Death is the beginning of our journey.

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That is the beginning of our journey. Elon comes from Morocco, we could be in five stages for every single human being, first state in the law, without loss

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of souls is

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going to

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be added and made it for testify to be called Bella Allah

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we all program testify as souls that Allah is the only one to be worshipped.

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First stage, Mahara to failure

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for him, second stage of the individual in the womb of your mother

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that you reside in

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for less time or more time than that approximately, that's the second stage. third stage of the human being and adonia

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we decide upon this Boolean. Also, for a small stage, Callum Hill bursary for the blinking of an eye, that's it for this dunya what

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the interspace banger Beynon dounia with

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doesn't reside there. Then the final stage that we find when we

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are known for the individual that you find shocking you also

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and after you find that a whole concept of happiness of Felicity that we find there's a lot Kinder mentioned about the individual rich individual study that is inside of for those who are rich individuals, families individuals, and then the opposite.

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Gender Equality the fear

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Illa Masha Allah upon IRA Ruth

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I don't think the video state of happiness will reside for eternity inside Jenna along with our Lord wills as decreed and destiny.

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This is going to be our

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I mentioned it's a gift, which has no ending for eternity for individual resides inside the for eternity residing with a gift that a lot better bestows upon those individuals who are content individuals in a state of happiness. We find that we denigrate or we should be dedicating much of our precious time towards

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the worship of Allah Subhana Allah, brothers spending our time working tirelessly, until we find that some of us are so exhausted. I don't have the energy to work what to please Allah Subhana Allah, just what he's doing is, as they say, a rat race, how many people do you find that come for civilization that Mr. application would excuse the entire because of work or your name, or sleeping or coming lazy? What is the reason for this? amongst the reasons why

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they say that so exertion of the junior worried about this dude, you're spending all day shifting like clockwork spending their day, and then they drag their feet. When it comes to worship.

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We find that some individuals, mela, rectify the event, delaying the praise, missing the praise, skipping their praise, the same individual Miss and many of their work, and many of their work is lost. There'll be to rectify that time to gain that wealth to get what belongs to them. But they miss a prayer as if it's something too tight. It has no impact. doesn't worry do they show the sad state are some Muslims that we find that contentment inside the dunya and not contentment regarding the appearance

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and conviction regarding

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haven't been happy that we find

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a Muslim that we find speaking

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two units of a twosome Now, before we find

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Mr. Fiamma Elena is better than the world and whatever it contains to do. So now, if when as soon as the core is on Canon COVID was very light. And I have to I have a

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very light very simple very quick, these two signal before having a Muslim is better than the world or whatever it contains. But it does not have any conviction.

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Whoever Mrs. Silicon axon is as if they've lost the whole world or whatever it contains all of their family members. One Sutter, even in unknowing studies show this hadn't mentioned. Because what is a very constricted limited time coming towards Muslim time. Most people come busy with their family busy with their work the end of the day, and they miss a Salah. Mr. Sarah, and some people don't be taken aback.

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few days ago, person working in such a stunning environment. Mr. Serato ball, trade they asked to play their mother grade they shot the following night in the morning they remember they hadn't prayed for

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this environment.

00:27:57 --> 00:28:06

How can that be inside Islamic environment but submissive to Mr. Salah not to blame this person it can happen. But it shows that sometimes our priorities inside life

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that the brain work, the mindset, the focus, the focus of the individual should be Sunday, or Sunday or Sunday is the whole world is a place of prayer. For the believer is one

00:28:23 --> 00:28:26

of my next prayer is a believer May

00:28:27 --> 00:28:31

Allah grant me the ability that by next prayer I can

00:28:34 --> 00:28:36

able to complete it or is it that we find

00:28:38 --> 00:28:39

the progression

00:28:41 --> 00:28:47

and give us peace and contentment with the Salah. For us we found peace and contentment getting rid of

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the quicker is abundant the quicker is carried out. The quicker is lost so we can return straight back to the dunya go back and think that it could be a great surprise that existed. The ultimate level of contentment. The ultimate level of peace that we find

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is none other than profits on the lower center in great detail.

00:29:12 --> 00:29:25

Tara Nikita very rarely do you ever find that have ever complained about his clothing. about food about drink about water. Not even

00:29:27 --> 00:29:28

the most you might say

00:29:30 --> 00:29:33

we don't eat this food. We don't like this food.

00:29:34 --> 00:29:38

Very rarely is like you have a fine but you find what would you complain about

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00:29:47 --> 00:29:51

Oh my lawn. My people abandoned his

00:29:52 --> 00:29:57

left his car. He complained about what people deleted from

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Hello Poonam Binda.

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00:30:06 --> 00:30:15

they delayed from the prayer, may Allah fill their bellies in graves with a headphone that we complained about his life. That's what he worried

00:30:17 --> 00:30:22

about that. These people are preventing me like a jackal. As soon

00:30:23 --> 00:30:24

as he's in LA,

00:30:26 --> 00:30:26


00:30:28 --> 00:30:31

Toba, this killer messenger for mumps.

00:30:32 --> 00:30:41

He always worried about you, writing about what you eat tomorrow, what you did tomorrow, how you live tomorrow, he only

00:30:43 --> 00:30:44

a few coins.

00:30:45 --> 00:30:47

A small bone, a small,

00:30:48 --> 00:30:58

a small remnants that are left behind. That's what he left behind. But he died. As the most content average man on the face of the earth don't ever exist. We never

00:31:00 --> 00:31:00

had an

00:31:04 --> 00:31:08

individual that no one will ever be more content, when appropriate is

00:31:09 --> 00:31:27

placed inside and inside his mind. And as we play along mainly out of beta men and harmony follows me. I ask you refuge from grief. Grief is described that that may proceed previous in the life of the individual not to overcome the division when

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a person is living their life the moment that overcome the individual dystonia, no worries overcome the individual, the worry of losing and losing man overcome the individual. That's what the world should be inside the life in the mind and the heart and the mind of the individual. And with a person will find the raw will find contentment will find peace wherever they live in a mud house with a few shillings with a few morsels of food. Finding the person with a total rest and peace inside their life and return back in a state of total peace and rest. That love having your own contentment inside this union peace and give us more so contentment and peace inside the after

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success inside.

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