Murtaza Khan – Morals Series – Episode 07 – Gentleness

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of engagement and collaboration among Muslims and Muslims is emphasized, as well as the need for individuals to be well versed in certain things like understanding the rules of the church and preparing for upcoming events. The segment also touches on the importance of writing with women and men, the negative impact of praying outside of the garden, and the importance of finding a woman to protect family members. The segment also discusses the negative impact of praying for women to get to a certain point in society and the importance of personalizing one's life to achieve their goals.
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After praising lots of Canada, and sending images, greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taking a journey looking for local

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characteristics and behavior of the profits of the long running and sell them as a loss of hand as described in some of the largest of them by Nicola Fulop in Albion. Indeed, your characteristics, your character is Sublime is manifest doesn't become recumbent for us to read about his senior to look

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and more than ourselves around these characteristics and his behavior. And not just external focus that many of us focus upon inside our life. Not to say that we shouldn't focus upon external elements of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but we find a deeper penetration of the way that he began to change individuals and make them into personalities. We stopped upon kindness and importance of being specially kind towards one another, Muslim to one another. Another translation, the wording and we're going to look at COVID, gentleness,

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gentleness towards one another. And we pause and we stopped towards Muslims and Muslim was another Muslim. And believe it or not, unbeliever is a friend is a supporter, they support and help one another. And likewise, numerous traditions that we find and with

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California, it should do back to back down

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and movement and movement a very devout Muslim, a Muslim, and believe it or not liberal, liberal Muslim to another Muslim, California and he should know Barack Obama is like a building is actually like, each brick solidifies and strengthens the whole element of the building, in one brick is removed, you find weakness begins to hurt me, maybe not immediately, but after a few years of the 4050 years, you find the weakness the building becomes apparent. Unfortunately, the weakness of this Muslim Ummah is at times becoming apparent from a

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very subtle alarm. And then he figured this or displayed his as an example. He placed these intertwined his fingers, basic fingers, you'd hand one another to show this is how Muslims are tightly knit together, how the united together, what will be happening today Jimmy and

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hold home for sale or loss of data and do not differ amongst themselves. They are not some things there are many things, many things is most of whom are ignited upon, and that deliverance of unity delivered in the am will have in these days have had a year over the 10 days of

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days of sacrifice and we find that millions, millions showed the Unity the oneness and the devotion and commitment towards the loss of data that is all a figment as many displayed strength of this Muslim coma. And I call define a display of the final day, it is how people will measure that they have adequate that we find as

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the whole of Hajj is condensed understanding of the pain of alpha, where the missus the plane of alpha is Miss as incomplete in the hedge, the head becomes invalidated, and had to alpha. That is a tale, gathering a resurrection when you run up, describe how most of them come on that day will be together that day. Even on that day. Unfortunately, there will be a separation or the day that had data gathering, that everybody is together. But the Day of Resurrection will be a day of separation, your mind

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will be also hibbity

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equilibrium in your mind in shuttling your money. You find every person will be different from one another from their own son, their own daughter, their own spouse, their own loved ones, will be running away from them on that day. That's the only difference between the gathering of the hereafter and the gathering of hands that we find. And we find that this goodness, or striving to be together by numerous passages in the Quran, indirectly pointing to the fact that our Muslims should be united with one another. Muhammad Rasulullah.

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Rama obey now when you find that the Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah will lead in the marrow

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confirming those are William R. Stern and horseshoes and disbelieving individuals when the time is right when it's appropriate. That is

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Display the strength to the disbelieving individuals

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they know they are merciful, compassionate, gentle towards one another, in the gentleness that we find is a commandment that is given directly to the prophets on the low side of

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the line

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be done for Doom in Halle Berry rather we find that if you had been forced by the mercy of Allah, you was leaning towards them, gentle towards him kind towards them would have been calling you will be Lanford, human, how many of you have been stood and harsh? course and rude towards them? Learn from doing how the companions around you split away from you go away from you. gentleness is a way of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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to how

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many in

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the end?

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A lot describes the profit of compassion for mercy for gentleness

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and physical, there's come a message from amongst your own self, it troubles him, it upsets him, you don't come to the guidance, you don't respond to him he's ever watching over you worried about you. And that's a lot under describing so via the 21st chapter mbsp about the prophets are the messengers, when the greatest verses about the messages or not specifically about the prophets of the loved one that

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we don't send you except for a mercy not just to the word but all of the words the words that we can't see as

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well in see the word of even had to admit that this word uncivil uh, we can't see what our naked eye but the properties are sent to these individuals as well. And if you find that they even responded to the call of the prophets of the long run you send them so we find a gentleness that we find this today. Monroe to have a soccer goal to help Domino higher, we will be given a good shake of gentleness has been given a good share of goodness has been given to the individual woman protein pretty much made a recipe for Lima puri mahalo

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will be forbidden from having kindness, gentleness, goodness, much goodness has been taken away from the individual. And the grandma speak about certain things. There's certain things which are principles that sometimes many of us that we that we fail to focus upon them inside advice, man, or soon, soon, whoever doesn't perfect principles, doesn't perfect the means and doesn't understand the principles of Sharia.

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We'll never get to the end result. We never get to the end result of goodness. Does the person understand the principles of Islam, the Islam, fundamentals of Islam understands them deeply. Doesn't mean a person needs to be a well versed scholar inside their life. But understand the general principles of Islam, principles of goodness, kindness, forgiving love, mercy, compassion, overlooking, taking care of people around them, then that person will get to the end result, the end result of much goodness will be given to the individual. In other Halles that we find

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a formula, the individuals who would the fire becomes forbidden for an individual argument, or whoever the fire is forbidden for the individual and accompany a hate upon every close person to the people, leaning easygoing, overlooking innovative technology that

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defies individual who's easygoing with the people leaning towards the people, overlooking the people pounding the pavement. And thus we find that we need to we need to need to live, to live with people, to engage with people that we need to do inside their life. Because some of us life unfortunately for some individuals become attention understanding of Islam, it becomes a reading, it tends to be a black and white reading. This is what this means. And we apply our own format. application needs to be understood that we find the role of a fork in a override the role of an acronym, a scholar can be well versed in certain things. But instead of just one knows how to

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implement the law, how to take the law, appropriately codify implemented, the people around them in its right proportion, at the right time at the right place that we find. And as we find the commandments inside the pattern, from amongst the first commandments that were given to

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Bunny easter eggs that we find the beginning of super Baccarat 83 or so, where is the commandments given to these individuals? Allah mentioned not only ness equals Noah mo Salah

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wakulla nathie Rosner engage with people with goodness, with kindness

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in today's world, irrespective of a person's social cause, irrespective of their culture, their family, their lineage, their land, their people are all willingness to stare

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at me, even non Muslims, shame on any individual speak goodness to them, and some of the freedom or go to the View. Well,

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if we take this in terms of commandments, in order before, in order, because many times

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they'll give certain different commandments, and begin with the top highest ranking commandment, that you need to come up with Allah Subhana, Allah and mpj down to maybe stay away from another harem that another heroine. So Allah say, this is the severity of Mahabharata that we find likely to be same principle notice understanding that here we find only Nancy cosna. You caught them at a solid

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Basically, the verses say what is more important for you, buddy is that even the prayer

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shows at least we can conclude apnea, that sometimes may Allah forbid our prayer, and as the care could be in vain. Because if we that prayer and that zurka If Allah Subhana wants, if you miss it, Allah can forgive you can pardon you. But if you miss kindness, you miss goodness towards another person, you can't now say, Oh Allah, pardon me and forgive me in another language, when

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they say the Cobain Allah is no longer between you and Allah Subhana Dada is between you and this individual, that now you have to rectify the tedious individual, while only Nancy Hausner speak good towards humanity to people around you. And as you find that mystery, and that we find exists, unfortunately, in general, is that we become people begin to mistreat other individuals, whether it be other Muslims around us, maybe you work for us, we take care of them, or whatever it may be. But it's one class of individuals that we need to remember about the treatment, that sometimes they miss miss treatment is not visualized, because possibly it's behind closed doors that we find that

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element of gentleness.

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To begin with, for the Muslim individual that we find that gentleness should begin inside the home of the individual. That is the beginning of gentleness that many of the Shabaab they are kind and gentle, towards difference, they can rate the people around them inside and outside the question. But it will be the number inside the home. There is a totally different display, of character of behavior of love and affection. In an outlet, he was an acne to my family members that we find if you read the seed of the Prophet Allah instead of the Salah kita

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the book of virtues before kita,

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before speaking about the virtue of the companions, as a Muslim, actually forgotten

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the book of the title.

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But the title is actually speaking about who is speaking about the virtues of just only the prophets of the law, very seldom read this chapter, in such a goostin, somebody six or seven in the English translation that we find all

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about the conduct, and the behavior of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and it's given money, he raised his hand he will come in handy before we speak about his honey, not in the undiscovered knowledge and knowledge that we find. He was born as a young boy to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and said take care of a young Buddha, take care of this individual and look after him and raise him and his family would boot up in the house of the prophet Elijah to set up

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a Muslim hadn't sooner solo so this is me. As

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I said, the prophet alayhi salatu salam for nine years as an arranger that mentioned for 10 years, nine or 10 years. He said the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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one mahogany mother, no fan.

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He never wants it to me. Why did you do this? Why do you do that? And if I'd done something, why didn't you do it like this? What am I wrong? Not even once.

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one occasion that we find. And it's even Malik himself he narrates, he said, the progress of He told me to go into the air and go and do something for him.

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I went out and I met some young boys, they were playing, so I began to watch them, then all of a sudden, the hand came on my shoulder.

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And I turned around,

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I turn around, do you think

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I don't need to go and do something? Why don't you doing what you didn't hear?

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from me,

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did not send you to do something. That's it. And

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I'm on my way.

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Even though progress is an A, we can say, you know, carrying out the action coding, playing with the boys doing something else, but yet we find look at look at the end to look at the behavior of the Prophet solution.

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So that he mentioned that I said, People nine to 10 years, I never saw him, he never complained about anything. And

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was with the words of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and you find that there was a hidden order as well. A black slave of the prophets of who's riding along with the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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that we find Ghana has an assault, he had a beautiful voice and we know the cabin riders to pass time that they would see. Or they would chant certain lines of poetry to pass time, as they say. And we find that as he's writing begins to write swiftly and quickly in haste in his writing with a wider purpose of carrying them are the capitals that he's taking the cameras leaving the cameras and

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this individual the progression system yeah and gesture a gesture provided provided for coca also Coca Cola here. He says.

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The ease take go Sophie go easy on taking these cameras for Don't rush. So be

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there think that what you're carrying on the backs of these cameras is a worrier? Our evil linguistically is translated as gloss, gloss vessels, referring to the women folding the knees soft individuals, your writing with soft individuals can get easy. Don't get your writing and your writing. When you come back. You may write hastily you may write in a rough banner. But you're right you're writing with these female companions, these female individuals Take it easy when you ride with him.

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On boo

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Rasul Allah, De Luca is characterised his behavior. Yes, he understands certain elements that need to be told to this Muslim woman that we find like

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what the narrator's of this hadith he mentioned, he mentioned something strange. He says that if the progress of utter these words, which if someone were to utter these words,

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we would blame the individual

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shaping it.

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To the point of I said, I'll take it easy with these women who blame the individual.

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Just like today, if a person shows kindness and goodness to their family members, people try to bring the individual that maybe this isn't a concept of ruler, and concept of manhood

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or region,

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or region to our moon. Study the meaning of our own karma inside the Arabic language doesn't mean as some of us literally translate his physical strength, physical ability, man who can never have the nice, the nice ending lava that we find, or regional

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means that they are able to take care, observe the rights, the regulations, everything about their family is everything to them. That's the deeper meaning. And because what they spend upon their family members, they take care of their family members, in all the teachings of the Quran that we find like or define these days that helps me find that he's and he loves me favorite sermon is supposed to be nice.

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To the end of the sermon, somebody can even show goodness kindness towards a women folk inside your home, as in a ratio that we find other word into other generations, the nd that the woman from the bedroom, we can if you try to stay in it, you will break it. Meaning you have to accept certain qualities. certain qualities of the woman is different from the man is wasteful, it tries to preach the same style to instead as he's trying to indoctrinate in such humanity that the man and the woman are identical. Even though you find

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Even if the use of the pool of nature, it's hard to say this is something equal, that many women he shares the same same level, the same confinements of the call of nature.

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How is that even intellectually as a human? How does that make sense that when men and women who share the same environments, inside the difference, the call of nature, and that we find that is created from the bank really is not recognized that accepts them? And that's if we if we go back and said the whole concept of the bank babe, of Adam,

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Adam, Adam

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was residing inside Ghana, he had everything. Everything in Ghana was given to him. But what does he miss? What is something that's missing inside He's like, wow,

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this is paradise. So bass, and natural fit for this position inside the human being. So I love the panel guy that gave him gave him inside Jenna a spouse. So there's been a lot of speaks about the spouse

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that we find.

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here sooner or later, first one is called This is inside speaking a

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discussion about gender now residing of gender, Nia sooner or later has made a spouse from your own self,

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that you may reside with him, he may live with her

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life was when Allah Subhana Allah mentioned when he

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in the feedback

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he was passing at

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night and the day, yo yo yo your color your languages. And he mentioned that we've heard from from the signs in the last panel made from amongst your own sense, as well as and partners, leaders,

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that you may live with them.

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And please, know what that is more deeper,

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deeper greater

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and mercy and compassion, that

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is an added one is the other half. The other half of the human being is the woman that we find that you complete your email, a person needs to be in a state of matrimony relationship. And the other option

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that we have in Islam is not being a monk is staying away from marriage in general is highly recommended.

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We exist in

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discuss that for the reasons behind that may exist. But now that we find it is not appropriate

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in such a way that we find out

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the company never happened.

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Other major amongst your own spouses, from those spouses, many children what happened and grandchildren

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and he's given you critically bestowed upon you.

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Do you begin to reject the truth,

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reject the

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data and become ungrateful. So as it allows fantastic these are the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah upon the human being, and likewise inside the same surah just to help us to understand such

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inside the same surah for Allah Subhana, Ghana, they look at a scenario the nature of these people. Why the Bush era

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was one

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in one that was given the granddaddy of a daughter. You find this individual who Swanton face becomes covered in darkness

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becomes cloudy. His president becomes upset will convene a state of rage and happiness.

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minutes Mitsui makushita v.

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How is he going to walk about amongst the people he perceived is the evil he's been given. A simple Allahu Amir to Sufi Torah

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is going to walk walk around in a degraded manner. I have a daughter and the SUV in Toronto.

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And as an

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have even is that they just they judge

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over and above

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mentioned that he buried his own daughter. This is false. That you read about that that's false. Well, I think

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the Japanese that some of them would bury buried alive. And that's what the Koran is pointing out here.

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These individuals that were they given blood got it just like today. And for some people they upset that I'm impressed with them.

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If I will brings up two daughters

00:25:40 --> 00:25:46

will enter into into the individual in about three, three.

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They are pressing for individual ways of entering into battle for the individual, but also the country that we find the whole affair upside down. That caused me to think that we do we find it a burden. If one is upon the man to provide the man, the woman doesn't need to offer anything. out of the goodness of parenthood, they didn't want to offer something as well we stipulate what I mean stipulated a woman needs to give me his initial idea is free from this, the woman stipulates that this is what she requires what she needs, and a man to fulfill that according to discuss the growth of mankind, what shape they were the best thing is whatever is the least

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the least contained inside as 42 of the population we dealt with on Buddha Fatima bit Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and that we find like what even essentially concludes that mentioned men Amina.

00:26:51 --> 00:26:51

When a

00:26:53 --> 00:26:56

man can Yamato whoever it is good deeds,

00:26:58 --> 00:27:10

prove it is good deeds, then kind of become specific means occur in that one moment, when a person is male or female, and they believe in division for a nuclear now.

00:27:12 --> 00:27:24

We'll give them a good life. So it becomes specific, that men and women who believe in the laws of Canada and take care of their rights and regulations for Vietnam.

00:27:26 --> 00:27:41

We'll give them a good life lesson the person needs to understand and begin to instill inside a society. What is the role of every single individual inside society? Is it the western role that infused into society that we find no

00:27:42 --> 00:27:44

secret ingredient detail

00:27:47 --> 00:27:51

the prey of the woman that we find not the physical prey that we find when it's any different

00:27:56 --> 00:28:00

small things that may exist, but it's no difference.

00:28:02 --> 00:28:05

We know that you pray and begin

00:28:06 --> 00:28:21

to pray for one center is 100,000 rewards 100 another person to pray in Jamaica. So if I said one, one day five however many rewards to the individual. Imagine that

00:28:24 --> 00:28:25

there's some

00:28:26 --> 00:28:29

rectify that we take is trivial.

00:28:30 --> 00:28:41

That we just missed. Maybe some people are talking against somebody or shopping again this person should focus in your life I miss the gym 100,000 rewards I've missed out

00:28:43 --> 00:28:44

mentally and

00:28:45 --> 00:28:53

as a woman, for God discussed. Is it more rewarding for to pray outside the garden

00:28:55 --> 00:28:57

or to pray for a photo op often

00:28:58 --> 00:28:59

to pray in the hotel

00:29:00 --> 00:29:02

room or to pray in the gamba.

00:29:03 --> 00:29:06

Discussion begins to take place in the bar.

00:29:07 --> 00:29:21

And some of them conclude. And some of us may be taken aback by this and many women are taken aback by this is better for women to pray inside our own room in the hotel even to pray them in for the tambour more rewarding for her. It exists a view in the foot

00:29:22 --> 00:29:53

to show how deeply they understand the role of the woman what they tried to encourage that we shouldn't prevent them many I heard you speak about women to be able to come to the machine and there's nothing that you can participate in the brain. We just tried to highlight something that is such a degree that they discussed, even if she cannot is more preference to play inside up in the hotel in their own room enclosure that shows that the room of the woman that rule will be given because it shouldn't minimalize them.

00:29:55 --> 00:30:00

To think that taking care of the home taking care of the children taking care of one's family members is something new

00:30:00 --> 00:30:16

Remember, there's a greater goal to achieve in society. News for any woman who takes to get to a home takes care of them to take care of her children with them, and the husband is happy with it with anything from any of the $8 agenda she was

00:30:18 --> 00:30:18


00:30:19 --> 00:30:20

simple life.

00:30:22 --> 00:30:41

You find a simple individual simple personalities that we find simple things. Simple things as we began with a simple people get to agenda, technical people, we need to face a modern world, we need to do this and this exists and that begins to take place. Then technicalities lead to even more technicalities, and definitely find that the understanding the nature

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of gentleness and kindness goes back to the Quran. Right from the beginning we go back to Surah Nisa, the fourth chapter of the Quran, when the longest sutras that we find with dementia, you know,

00:31:01 --> 00:31:02

Kathy Ronnie's

00:31:05 --> 00:31:06

in the park and

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got one soul from one individual. And from that one individual, one partner, in many nations, many individuals come from there. If you study suta, Musa Nakamura doesn't give me such

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as the whole, the Summa is talking about a phase about kindness, divorce, inheritance, who you can marry, who you cannot marry, had the

00:31:38 --> 00:31:40

inheritance about women that we find

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our body, speaking about the rights and roles of women that we find for him.

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lofi Hayden casino, studied 100

00:31:55 --> 00:32:02

natural nature, perhaps you may despise certain things about the woman. But

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a person needs to learn to overload them to accept them to be children, with as

00:32:12 --> 00:32:17

much goodness regarding that inside the state of the affair, like I mentioned

00:32:21 --> 00:32:21

before that

00:32:26 --> 00:32:29

of money at a salon that we find whereby as many relevant to

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her mother, she wanted to be a son, a maid, to take care of the master to take care of that time. But Allah bestowed upon her Maria malasana. One lesson one is he said,

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she said I am delivered and a female will lower Alabama What are you delivered?

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What is

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the man is not like the woman has a man has

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Learning discussion while a

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man is not like the woman, no matter what the society tries to proceed, we try to instill that said let the Koran speak for itself, that they are different identities to different individual overseeing, rewarding that she had many things. They share many things. But in terms of personalities, what if I can't abandon the rights and obligations that needed from a woman taken away from a woman hands that we find that some women they see that they want to go and perform.

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been allowed to travel, not allowed to travel without

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people his body was able to travel from here to this a modern world, the profession for pay for a woman to leave her environment to leave without

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a face inside the environment.

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So to travel out, we do need a camera is not allowed for a woman to do and any men understand that who take care of her

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a chaperone winner to take you have a need to protect etc exists. That becomes a modern world in a world to become safe and know the Sharia become something of a medieval practice. The Sharia is not a medieval practice of setting. A man woman can the Sharia is for every time in every place. Allah Subhan Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah knows where he's created Subhana Allah and he's the most the most aware. So when he lays out certain commandment in the Quran, those can be dismantled.

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The male is no man the female and it will carry on with the story of Madame Alexander we find we enter into the old chapter of Subramanian, the 19th chapter on once again, speaking

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about the nature of the woman, the nature of the deliverance of the child that we find with our money. And he mentioned that if only, If only I'd been something forgotten, Unknown.

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Unknown, that is the pain of child labor is difficult to find, if only I was unknown in coming to my people, or delivering a child not being touched by any man that we find,

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the person of the day must

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speak about,

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that we find that taking care of one's mother, that is individually is performing power,

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carrying his mother on his back,

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and he shall be

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given the right of my mother,

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ever given the right of my back now performing,

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he said You carry on your back is equal to even one contraction,

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not equal to one contraction that she faced when using them in a womb. So you can carry all your life, carry on your back and thinking that you can do something good. But what your mother done for you, you can

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find some collection classified with

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except these narrations, that paradise lies at the feet of your mother in law, is there

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a way for person to enter the paradise?

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Fine. There are two ways to gender. Other One, two gates, you can use those gates to get into your father, your mother, for some people one door is broken, only one door left. And for some of us, now those are left. Now those are the two entities we can define a person needs to be vigilant about as we began with kindness and goodness, or taking it from the seed and the life of the Prophet Allah is not Islam, defined the way he conducted himself to be the end suitors insight into the beginning from similar to magenta, because

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it has something

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to do with the sticky dough.

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And moogerah woman who argued

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if we take the analysis, the dispute is really about the lower dimension, both the negative and

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the one who argued and

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to see if we can see, hold up.

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This woman that we find either hold avoidable was synonymous names, in essence, discussed. She said that I became a woman I bought my husband.

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If I'm not

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the name of the husband, hypo his children took care of his needs and everything. That one day anger. He said to you like the back of my mother,

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Cara jelenia demanded to know where to get it that means that you are divorced you like the back of my mother,

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so cheap

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over an argument this way, then then when you come down

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to Indonesia in a shanty region and you when you come down

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and he then thought about what he said, he tried to come back and become intimate with me.

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But I refused. They tried to force himself

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and they grabbed some COVID and complained to the pocket.

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And he said to me, he is the son of your your own or your uncle is an old man take care of him.

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Then after that, I sit down on some yellow

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sticky is a BA

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she complains to Allah. Allah says

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about her complaining about the way the husband is taking care of Michael St. Jude a

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that we find the sixth sixth chapter the parameter the end or the 28 Jews find these top verses of Psalm 66

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it is

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aluminum is the final Medina and sola. Because of that we find out that the rest of the body

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is not consumers. So here we find, yeah, you have

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to have him

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as well.

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Yeah, you will never be

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a profit above. Why are you making something which is Hana haoran upon your own self

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are you trying to seek the happiness of your wives? Once again, we did the seed of this, these verses to understand the nature of our mothers to understand the nature of women, to understand the nature of the human being, understand the nature, the nature of the Center

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for your Ghana, yo man, you as well

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visit his wife's abandoned house and go and visit them.

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But jealous, fi man, Josh, is one of the wives. And he got upset about this. If you could use the word linguistically for not having an element of jealousy that he said slightly longer. We'd say the big gash. So she complains to this to have some big drama, it will confirm or below

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Daughter of Roma, and says, do we need to do something about this?

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We need to plot or do something. Right?

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So when he came home one day, he said that this is a man that's coming from your mouth.

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Man that

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mountain in the sun, never except for Honey. Honey has no bitter taste, honey has no fragrance, fragrance, no odor.

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So he said in that case, I will no longer be honey. No, not at

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all. Why are you making something

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for you,

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or your wife for the place, please then

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show them

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what the intent was. What they were doing is the nature of their

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money. Mothers of the believer This isn't a form of blame. This is showing an element of humanity. Because even the pope shows it is human nature. There are many things about him which are obviously which are unique, which have revelation and is that there's a human form. There's a human being that exists that certain things he doesn't know he doesn't maybe possibly understand comprehend. So others content shows, delivers the message, then that becomes lesson for the rest of us to see how to engage with the people around us how to engage with people. So we find that this is a characteristic, but yet the properties of the soul. So So understanding is a simple individual, that

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what they intended to do was not the real intent of the population.

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And it's all goes back as you began with whoever you are with, for

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At the beginning, expertness.

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Gentle, soft, was lenient, harsh has has his moments. At certain time to place the mustard is not forever harsh, every time every moment. The general format of the human is to be gentle, to be leading to be easy to be loving to be hearing this how Muslims should display them. So firstly, as we mentioned, to their family members, to their children around us that we find

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whereby the properties are mentioned to one individually in show love and affection to rebuke this individually, catch the younger

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children, if you can extract that.

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Attend children, never have them, never show them any affection. Never show them in affection. That's not that's not

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even psychology they find sociologically that we find it will be mentioned documented that the Father shows to his daughter, the mother he shows, you know it becomes proven, it becomes very difficult for any individual to break that love.

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It should be nurtured with pure love from her father, love attention and caring and taking care of her. No simple individual can come and just walk away with a daughter. But when the daughter is hollow, is we no love, no affection, no tender hearing, then a simple whatever individual walks into life when taken and fulfill her cavity with that love. But the love of the Father is deep love that she has deep loving, tender love and care and welfare is not suitable for any individual. And to dismantle that now. There has to be a love for the individual equally has to be have reached a level of fine caliber like the father does before in the show your one thing

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about marriage that we find what am I discuss once again, that the father he looks at certain characteristics that are not found amongst many very young individuals, that if we get down to the right candidate, or the woman that is a right candidate, or a woman, I can do whatever I want to do inside my life.

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While he

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has experience of life, his understanding of life has a purpose of life as a means of life. I can see right through many of our young, no to look down upon a young, shallow individual around us.

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That day observation or the achievements of life are very shallow. So a shallow individual can't take care of my daughter. And a person can go and complain to whoever they want to complain, complain to this mm hmm, that the Father is decent fathers and fathers, sisters and fathers done.

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But I can conclude safely that eight or nine times out of 10 the father is in the right especially is more than one has a deep understanding to see that certain traits don't exist. In fact, the suitors coming, seeking to handle the merger, my daughter doesn't exist. And so we need to turn back now. So in a way that we display our souls, and mercy and compassion and kindness and goodness and deliver them within our society around us to take away the corruption that exists inside a society. the breaking of the family disorder inside our community, especially in the West, all boils down to each individual not knowing their role, and their responsibilities. To protect all of our families.

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It was all about the inability to nurture them when to bring them up when and to take care of them and to get it up and become a solidified among a force that's taking care of our rights and regulations on a global scale as well. That is what that is, encourages

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us to be to be united together and to encourage one another

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