Nouman Ali Khan – Guess the Australian Slang Words!

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker reads a list of popular Australian language words and struggles to remember them. They then read a list of words that are not derogatory for Muslims and discuss a variety of topics including breakfast, a Biscay route, and a tour of Australia. They encourage viewers to leave comments with the words and mention their plans for the tour.
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I should remember shrimp on the barbie acros angry.

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This is like child leg was like a kid. Lila wanted to beaky, you liberated Vicki Carly

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is inspired by box studies. I think box is in Australia did this

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Salam aleikum, some of you folks from down ENDA sent me a bunch of Aussie words that you think I won't know what they mean. So I'm gonna go through a few of them and I haven't gone through this list before so I'm going to try to figure out what they mean. I'm going to read them to you. Here's number one. Striker

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that's obvious Australia because

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we do this in Buxton, like we don't say a samurai licking we say slack on Slack home. You can tell is a salaam why Luke comes Australia, Austria. Yeah, I could tell. Okay, that one's easy. All right. Let's move on.

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MCAS. Makers. I know this is McDonald's. And I'll tell you why. Is this McDonald's? Yes, it is. Okay. I'll tell you why. Because the first time I came to Australia, the brothers after the event, I had a story in it like everything's closed. Yeah, let's go to MCAS I was like, We're such an Islamic restaurant. MCAS we're gonna go to MCC us and her name now. Rabbits MCAS.

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And they drove it to a McDonald's was like, Okay, you guys call McDonald's because he's like, yeah, and then some police pulled in. He goes, Oh, there's some jacks here. As they're all subjects at the Mecca is the police at McDonald's. That's how I know Okay, next one. Servo I'm gonna say this is a waiter a servo serve

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it's a petrol station or we call it a gas station in America servo I guess service the okay short for service location. I don't know. Mazzi or mozzie mozzie or Mazzi. Mas is short for Muslim like you mozzies you Moses. ruining our

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mosquito okay.

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Okay, so it's not derogatory for Muslims. Okay. I hope I didn't start something now. Start getting called

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our vo have no clue what to even think of. What could what could be

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nothing comes to mind. Please help me please. Afternoon

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I could have spent the entire Arvo figuring this out.

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Arvo Yin. Ah. Now this is either affirmative or negative. I'm gonna go with

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it's an affirmative. Yeah, of course.

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Oh, it's na. Yeah. Na. Oh, it's like an English like a normal like human English, not Australian. Yeah, no. Okay, okay. No, yeah. Okay, that's got to be yes.

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Yes, yes. Okay. Okay.

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All right. aggro. Clearly someone who works in the agricultural industry. You're a farmer. You must be an agro obvious. Yes. Yes. Angry. Angry.

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acros angry.

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Barbie, clearly not the movie. And you're not referring to the

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maybe it's a derogatory term for some women. I don't know. Or somebody who's being acting a little bougie they're being a Barbie. I don't know. Barbecue. I should remember shrimp on the barbie. i Yeah. Okay, yeah, Bobby dickey. Is this their way of saying my bicycle? can ride a bike ride a biggie? I can't figure it Yeah, I'm gonna go with bicycle. Biscay this is like child leg was like a kid I love I wanted to beaky, you liberated Vicki Carlin. Becky Carla.

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This is inspired by bucks studies. I think book signings in Australia did this. Would you meet with the biggie? Cargo? Sonny's

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children, sons Sonny's children, right? Little Sonny's running around

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Okay, and cut a call sheet you can call the shades but okay. Sonny's ta mirboo Ta. Ta is it like kaboom like ta just, I'm gonna go with or do inspiration and I toss him out. Oh, no, no, that ta Yes. Boom. Thank you. Oh, like tag you. Okay. Ta Okay.

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brekkie Oh, that's breakfast. Come on breakfast. If it's not breakfast, I quit this. Okay, breakfast. Okay. I'm gonna have some breaking. I'm gonna have a Bobby at the brekkie with the beaky

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Oh, mate friend, obviously. Okay, all right.

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I mean the obvious is a patient in the hospital a bunch of seconds, right like sticky patient patient sick leave. I'm going to take a sticky okay you know what I'll give you that I might use it.

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Brodie. What is when broke bros hangout it's a Brawley was Sucka let's get together for a Brawley bros hanging out umbrella.

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Sorry bros

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So apparently I got five out of 3000 right but don't be aggro. Let's get together at story nine and have a biggie

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you might not recognize me because I'll be wearing my Sonny's tar very much.

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But when I do come Yes, I'm going to come to Australia pretty soon. And why don't you come and educate me with some of the words that I may not yet be familiar with. Perhaps you might even hang out later on for Bobby and watch a movie.

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But I am in all seriousness, I am coming to Australia really excited about it and inshallah I will see you guys all there. Teach me some new stuff. Okay, I'm not meeting you at MCAS the jacks will be there

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look at four Oh standard Romans five city Australia tour this October and November. Pick your tickets now, at whitefly forward slash na K

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