Is Reciting Qur’an From Memory Or A Mushaf Better

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Reciting the Qur’an comes with great reward. A lot of us have different parts of the Qur’an memorized. Is it okay to recite these certain memorized parts from memory or is reading from the Mushaf better?

Shaykh Mohammed Mana explains

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Is it better to recite the whole on from my memory or by reading from the most.

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So this depends on your particular situation. If a person is engaging in the memorization of the Quran, then they're going to have to review and they're going to have to recite the whole line from their memory to strengthen their memorization and keep it strong and fresh in their mind. So for this person, we would encourage them to recite from memory, but generally speaking, the scholars have discussed and they have many opinions. Mm hmm. No, Mr. Lowe was of the opinion that reciting the poem from the last half while you're looking in the last half is more virtuous, because you have combined between two acts of worship, reciting the Quran and looking into the must have