Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #219 – Islam Is a Religion For People Who Think

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Islam and how it has become a popular religion among people who ask questions. They also mention that some people who have left Islam and become Muslim, but the majority of those who have left Islam are still considered intellectual and Outlookful.
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Islam is a religion for people who think and Islam is a religion for people who ask questions. And that's why you see scholars of all fields become Muslim. You see people who are doctors, people who are philosophers, you see people who are very well educated in their religion, Orthodox or Catholic or Protestant or, you know, even Hindus and Buddhists, people who are a big deal in their tradition, authorities, right, not just lay people and even people who have a bad opinion about Islam or want to start learning about Islam or even the Koran and or to disprove it, find a lot of people who, when they embark upon that journey, they actually found out that Islam was completely different from

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what they initially thought their preconceived notions, and many of them actually end up accepting Islam and becoming a muslim, if not at least respecting Islam, whereas when you look at the other direction, right, what are the type of people that leave Islam? You Have you found any sort of scholars of Islam that have left Islam for another religion, or people who have you know, PhDs, academics within, you know, traditionally educated within Islamic knowledge or Islamic learning that have left Islam usually the people that you see leaving Islam but people that didn't even understand what Islam was in the first place? And these people you know, they get these sorts of book deals in

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the speaker circus and the opportunity start rolling in and honorary degrees and this and that, and the third and a reality you find, you know, you look into their life history and you find that their family didn't really practice a slam or they practice some like really, really, you know, focused lamb that's not you know, they don't have they haven't memorized the Quran. They don't understand how Hadith criticism works. They don't understand failure. They've never completed sort of, you know, a program of education within a snap. So that says something about Islam by itself. Islam as a religion for people that think and everybody who considers themselves an intellectual person and an

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educated person and a person who thinks owes it to themselves to at least start digging and start investigating and seeing if this really is what you think it is.

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