Will Novak Djokovic Speak up against the Attacks on Muslims & Mosques?

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AI: Summary © A woman namedams has been arrested for shooting at a mosque in Bosnia, and her actions have been acknowledged by the community. She has been in detention in Melbourne and is facing charges of hateful behavior. The woman is facing accusations of convicted war criminal and is facing charges of shooting at a mosque.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salam Alaikum everyone Another question is Will our friend Novak Djokovic, novac Salama Lee who step up to condemn these recent violent threats and propagations against Muslims from these Serb nationalist Christian Chetniks whatever you call them.

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Legend duduk supporters attacked and shot at a mosque in the town of Janja. Police in Brcko district also had their hands full while across the border in Serbia's pre boy and Novi Pazar, there were threats of ethnic violence who are threatening to shoot moss What is this?

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Look to make you happy Novak will go first is Muslims and I'm sure the Muslim community in Bosnia would unequivocably condemn any acts and threats like this on churches or Christians. As you know, during the war, all churches were protected and safeguarded. According to Islam, the last photo messages sent to mankind Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. But the moss were leveled to the ground, not spirit at all, you know, this Novak Djokovic, and I've seen it firsthand. So threats like these should be swiftly called out and condemned.

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And your silence is your complicitous my friend. So you need to speak out. All good people need to speak out against us behavior. Otherwise, just look at all the mobs look what's happening. This is unacceptable. Knowing the history in the region, what the people went through. There is no excuse. Nobody should be inciting this type of violent hate provoking with threats of violence towards the mass and innocent human beings in an already extremely fragile and tense atmosphere in Bosnia. People of influence like Novak Djokovic have to speak up, but will you speak up Novak or remain silent after you see this message and inshallah God willing this message will get to you. Now who's

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Novak Djokovic? He's a very famous Serbian tennis player. He's been all over the news recently for his stance on natural immunity. But that's not what we're gonna be talking about here today that top ranking men's player in the world Novak Djokovic controversy surrounding the top ranked player in men's tennis. The Champ remains in detention in Melbourne this morning, Joe kovich, his legal team stating that he was granted a visa back in November, without qualification for his vaccination status also that he was infected with COVID-19. In recent weeks, he tested positive for COVID on December 16, on which he was photographed, unmasked, at an event in his native Serbia, we're calling

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on one of the most famous and influential persons in that part of the world. And in the tennis community, Novak Djokovic, and others like him, the scholars the Christian authority to speak up against what's going on Bosnia and Serbia. We've had enough of this kind of talk from the past bombarded with a will be tired of Serbia, which was taught in almost Romana. In this case, the president supposedly is also a Christian. What is this? The good people out there from all communities have to stand up against this type of evil behavior? Muslims are held to account for any mad lunatic who might somehow be connected to Islam, or says salaams like no vector novac Salama Lee

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who? These are the type of huge double standards the Muslim community has to go through. But before and now you still have people celebrating convicted war criminals Serbia is riding a wave of Neo nationalism.

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The difference here is that the movements are role models are convicted war criminals, men with violent pasts whose acts of aggression are not just excused, but publicly glorified. Were practicing Christianity, getting their guns blessed by the church while you had the worst atrocities and evil committed brothers and sisters. If you didn't know you can go ahead and look this up why this is so dangerous, as you had the recent Christchurch terrorist and Andrew Brevik. Also, they were inspired by these same terrorists and war criminals who frankly hide behind Christianity, but it's all connected. The shooter covered his weapon with the names of far right role models. As he drove to a

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mosque in Christchurch, he played a traditional Serbian military song, and he cited convicted Serb war criminal rather than carriage in his manifesto.

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And he's not the only one. Serbian nationalists have inspired other white supremacists

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including Anders Breivik, who killed 77 People in Norway in 2011.

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But you have never heard the media ever bring up their religion. So Novak you're a Christian to all the Orthodox Christians wish them peace love

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who would probably say he believes in one God all along? I don't mean Solomon law merely dollar Muna What a miracle Khufu

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in peace and love, peace, love. So we're gonna hold you to that, if you really do, come speak up against what's going on in Bosnia.

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And we invite you on the deen show to do your part. So we could do our part to help put a stop to these threats on mass and Muslims

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in your country, and in Bosnian before these things get way out of control, so let's get in touch Novak Djokovic, and help us stop this evil and do more good in the world my friend and additional audience you guys can do your part go ahead if you knew that this is going to help to do some good by you just liking the video and inshallah this can go ahead and possibly by you sharing also, this can get to Novak Djokovic. So we can go ahead and do our small part. Go ahead, like the video, share it. And so you don't miss out. Make sure you subscribe, hit that notification bells we keep you updated. Hopefully we get Novak Djokovic on the show he steps up so we can help to put a stop to

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what's going on in Bosnia before this gets way out of control. Until next time, brothers and sisters Peace be with you as salam alikoum thank you guys for tuning in. Make sure that you like this video. And if you are going to get rewarded every time you put the like on one of our videos because inshallah there's much benefit behind it can do some good and you get rewarded you'd like it so go ahead and hit the like button. Leave your comments in the comments below. If you have particular topics that you'd like to see us cover. Go ahead and share that with us. And you got this video here you can watch and another one here. And make sure subscribe hit that notification bell so you don't

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miss out on any upcoming episodes that come out. See you next time. Peace be with you as salaam alaikum