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AI: Summary © The Prophet Alayshi's prediction of the people will win against Islam has been discussed in a series of segments covering the history and use of words in the century before and after his time. The use of words in the Prophet's language and the royal system are also discussed, along with the importance of not exaggerating or mocking certain words and the need for men to show wealth and honor. The title of the book is the beginning of the century, and the "right to be a woman" concept is also discussed.
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After praising Allah subhanaw taala under and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier send them continuing the journey of predictions and prophecies and that which Allah has produced highlighted inside the Quran. When we look at his last final consumer as whether it be shortened field, or Surah, Operation Surah co author Likewise today Surah Al Mercer speaking about his predictions that existed before this prediction of fall true. And the previous prediction was inside sort of Nasir whereby Allah's panda highlighted or gave the prophecy that victory or fertile matter will be given to the Prophet SAW Allah I send them

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before the actual victory was granted. It was a prophecy that Yeah, I know sort of my will fat either. We might not take on La zemin Hotman. That definitely we are going to give you a J Nasir indeed victory has been given to you yeah, Rasul Allah. So this will prophesy inside the Quran, before it actually fell true. And likewise, this Surah Al Masjid gives a prophecy before this person leaves this dunya this individual Abu Lahab that we find Allah Subhana Allah prophesizes or highlights inside the Quran that this individual tab but yet a biller have been a tab that this individual will be destroyed while she's alive. This is the only occasion inside the Quran that

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Allah spent Allah, you send me a shocks, he speaks about a specific individual while still living, that this individual will be punished inside the fire this individual will never ever believe. And this shows a Jazel Quran shows the miraculous nature of the Quran. Epica theory sorry to see the story highlights how the surah della delille the surah is that they need Akbar della il Allah nabooti Muhammad Allah so this is the most greatest prophecy inside the Quran that shows the truthfulness of the Prophet of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, it shows it clearly that this individual is living and the Quran prophesizes or highlights this individual never ever believed

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that this miraculous nature of the Quran of Jazel Quran, Caja commonly known Wakita Abu Mubin, as Allah mentions, I sorted my a duck that has come from Allah and Allah, a book which is more, which is not a clear book, A guides individuals to the right path. You read your mineral guru Murthy in a newer, it takes off the realms of darkness to the light of Allah Subhana Allah, the book is a true full book in what it prophesizes and even as a side point, you find that the Quran doesn't have to have a deed, it doesn't have a an a verse of challenge. There are here to today there are numerous Ayat inside the Quran, that challenge mankind, about bringing something like the Quran, or

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challenging the Quran or highlighting the mistakes of the Quran. If this book was from other than Allah subhanaw taala you would have found inside it st life and cathedra you will find many differences inside this book. But because it's from Allah subhanaw taala just to remember the mentioned oh when I had to had the full Quran, the first I have challenging mankind is right in the beginning of SoTL Bukhara so from verse 22, to 24 when quantum theory women bandhasana Allah up dinner, we have any doubt upon that which we sent down upon a servant, fat to be Surah T mislead, bring a surah like down onto it. Compile a surah like the surah of the Quran. There are nurses that

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you bring all your witnesses, all your supporters, all your helpers besides Allah Subhana Allah failed them to follow volunteer falou then Allah says, you cannot do it and you can never ever do it. Imams, a mushy Sahaba a chef in studies to see dimensions for them to follow one are different and learn Abadia that's what Rama blogger is speak about based upon his work so imams are McSherry. Whenever the Quran says none. It means for eternity, that Allah lay this challenge on that day in front of the Quraysh What about the home after them? Hatoyama to MOBA Doctor Yama, there is never going to be any individual who's going to be able to compile something like the Quran. This is clear

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challenge to the whole of mankind and straight off this or prior to this Allah mentions about the first concept of a bear that into your nest or mudra Bahco all mankind cooter out of humanity. What is the message of the Quran is worship of Allah Subhana Allah. So we find the Prophet alayhi salatu salam when he stood as even our best he narrates in Bukhari. But when Allah can sit down his eyes were under our she reticle, Accra, bien vous, your close relatives around you for say the Jabin the progress when he climbed a certain mountain early enough that if they write about which mountain it was, but what concerns that he climbed a mountain he called out to the people. He called his

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relatives to his tribesmen, his clans men, his family members, called out to them. They came and he will be getting

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To listen He said that if I was to warn you about a Jason army to come between the crevices mounted behind this mountain, are you going to believe him? He said, of course we're going to believe in you. We don't know anything about Jacob narrative. Did we ever known that you to lie or to deceive people, was given the lock of Al Amin was sad Copland. Nobunaga was given a title of being truthful and honest. Before he even became a prophet was given to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he said, I want to warn you something far greater than that. I want to warn you and remind you kulula Allah is Allah to flail, c'est la vie Allah be successful individuals. When Abu Lahab he heard this, he

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became enraged. He said and he had a Jemma Turner turban, your dog, may your two hands perish. Oh Muhammad, Is this why you gathered us for this purpose to speak to us about your deity about Allah Subhana Allah.

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Look what Allah Subhana Allah did. Because Allah, Allah, Allah Ya see, mu come in and nurse, Allah, Allah will protect the Prophet and it's not to say Allah is not befitting for any budget any human being to revise the prophet Elijah is not to be rude towards him. That Allah just let said go by Allah says a whole complete Surah a whole Surah from the beginning to the end. How do you come so I had five iron makansutra From the beginning to end is only speaking about Abu Lahab I will speak about his wife. That's what he speaks about that destruction for this for this individual. Imam good to be sorry to see the highlights. Like what Imam atma says Muslim, he speaks about that this

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individual, wherever the prophet is, some would go and speak to the people. He would follow him. Follow him into the marketplace. The Prophet some said wound him about the people reminded he would come and say don't listen. I know sir head much noon care him. He's a magician, a soothsayer, a mad person, a poet. That's what he is. So one of the individuals who became a Muslim afterwards, who narrates this hadith Muslim AMA, he said he asked who's this individual who's following this person, Muhammad who is just individual, who is he that he says one word and this person comes along and says another word has

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his own uncle, his own uncle, he's going around, being treacherous to the Prophet Allah to set up. He's reminded people but Allah Subhana Allah, and he's walking around defaming or blaming the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, so that's Allah that is Surah Al Masud what a statement A nab a sub runamok The fussy to mention it because he saw a tub but Surah topbet turbojet the abelia have been watered May the two hands of Abu Lahab may they perish a tub but be MA and Haluk a destruction and beware. May these two in the card Dulat of Harford made individually be destroyed. That's a really mad logorrhea. Speak about that this Kalama tuber if it's twisted around haruf Moon kaliba as bad

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but we're about to absorb enough semana Takara but this dynamics of the Quran the Quran has certain words inside the Quran, the evil you flip them over, you find it carries the same meaning destruction for this individual, by this individual be destroyed by these two hands perish. The two hands you fight Kenya is what your hands have sent forth. Because you find that the destruction of harm is normally done by a person's actions or what their own hands have set forth on that day is Allah describes as Allah mentions at the core of our facade kilberry will be Makassar but at the nest, they will be coming back the lady Aminullah unknown your own facade and corruptions appeared

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on the land and the oceans be Makassar but a Dinesh because what you've sent for for your own hands. So all his destruction, the ozone layer the destruction that you're having these these summits and these meetings that we find having real the real problem is our own selves. The corruption is from our own, so to be sent forth. So Allah Allah speaks even inside the Quran that the corruption what your own hands have earned, be male condom at your Durka that a day, gentlemen, what your own hands is set forth, you're going to see that on the Day of Judgment in front of Allah subhanaw taala. So the surah highlights about this, this individual, the Abu Lahab in a strange thing is that Allah

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Subhana Allah that get this title, it falls upon his individual's aboubaker desire his editor said he mentioned that the name Abu Lahab that he's known by this Kenya and then he's punished by the same Konya via the flame by the fire and aroma speaker. But why was he given the name this Konya was given to him he had four children and amongst one it was called Allah habit one view of the animal that they mentioned when Ken had a cold dive bar they said that he had a redness inside his cheeks. That he was a such a beautiful individual. Can you help us J hidden your cup J Eden. He should dress well eat well look well, he will shuffle comb hit amongst elite people of his

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These people he had the honor he had that dignity. Don't think that Abu Lahab are the people some issue some individual downtrodden individual. They were noble Klansmen noble people who had dignity and respect around the people around them. People look up to them, they trusted them. So this title that he was known for his redness is beauty inside. He says other early my said because of his he would get very enraged very quickly. But what concerns at this individual's amongst the uncles of the Prophet, and he says aterna, Mr. Wiley, who, at some of the elements that I mentioned, because when his father passed away, or when his grandfather passed away, and you find is under the case of

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Abu Talib, who's one of his other uncle's two uncles, or their 10 Uncles in total alum of Syria, right, but four of them was the preference of his living to them believed, and to them disbelieved Abu Talib, and we find Abu Lahab, whose name was Abu Musa, Abu Abdullah Metallian. Even his name he called him, they must give up the Oza you need the service of an OSA which is a deputy amongst the Quraysh that that's the name that was given to this, this individual. So this Kenya is lockup that's given to him, Luca, Allah, Allah chooses the title of this individual and makes it hard to remain with the individual. I will work with you sorry, he goes a step further. He says that this

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individual, that you find that he's cursing in reviling, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam looked at the death of this individual, that some seven days after the Battle of bugger, that his body is lying there, that they place them inside a ditch and is a foul smell coming from is a contagious disease or some some form of lava we find today a calamity that we're surrounded by,

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that we find inside his world at the moment, a contagious disease in which nobody wants to touch him a foul smell came from so they threw him inside the ditch. And then they did what they burnt him they burnt his body

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camera to the neuter Don, so not Allah. This is a son of Allah sprinter, the way that the person behaved inside their life, the way they conducted themselves Allah Spandana shows his is inside this dunya of how certain people that they will be unfortunately punished. To give give the symbol inside is dunya Wanaka for the symbol of frown, Hydra beam that Allah speaks about their own goes back to the Word of tongue but that the people of Iran with a message appear on there will be people who get to be destroyed. They going to be destroyed Allah done the same thing with fear own. Allah gave me the symbol is two people for Yama knew the jika be buddy Rica. It accordingly man Helfer Kaya, we're

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going to preserve your body in a state to be in if whoever comes off to you, when the cathedral in a nursery and Tina the coffee rune, but most people are heatless about the signs of Allah subhanaw taala This is a sign that you know when some Muslim they say show me a sign show me a miraculous nature inside my life. Show me something I can believe. Why do you need to be shown something to believe? The Everlasting miracle of Allah Subhana Allah is the Quran, the Everlasting miracle. And inside the Quran we mentioned numerous Iron Ages, humans iron inside the core of a miraculous nature and is super specific. The miraculous nature of the surah proves the miraculous nature of the Quran

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and belief in the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and his surah is an early makansutra sent approximately in the fourth year in the fourth year of Revelation. So look how much time how much time a Bulava had had only had to do with just to be a month just to pretend just to say to people look, I believe in a Prophet alayhi salaatu. So that's all you have to say. And his wife had to say that and that would show that the prophecy or the message of realism is false. That's all you have to do. But Allah panda knew that this individual is such an arrogant individual, that this individual, no matter what happens in your cooler idea to know you mean to be her, and they're shown

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every single sign of Allah subhanaw taala will never ever believe. So Allah sees, as they say, the coffin of this individual that this individual is never ever going to believe, even though it continuously differ with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and we find that he his wife, his wife was well had this also she had this hatred to the prophet Elijah Islam she she used to be one who's carrying the woods or the twigs some will never give a description she physically that she was carrying the woods and twigs and throwing them in the path of the Prophet some some books of Sierra dimensioned. As I said she was getting run causing fitna she's saying bad words about him as a mom

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shocked entity to see who mentioned she's spreading rumors tales and Jemima hos gossip about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and once again that when she approached once, the perfect she's on and he's sitting with Albuquerque and she comes in she's got a like an axe inside her hand. And she said that when the Sahiba come Where's where's your companion?

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Who speaks about me? Who said this prophecy about me? And she said some lines of poetry to us well, verses I suppose you could say some lines of poetry. And then she walks away. Oh vaca Sidiki turns to the professor minister, did she not see you? Did she don't see you? He said no, because Allah has blinded her eyes, blinded a sight that she is not able to see me. At some point I'm comfortably sorry to see dementia. This is This is once again a miracle the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that he plays that he Jub a barrier between him and his enemies. And some even going into a more mystical dimension of these verses of the Quran. They said our person reads such verses of the Quran that we

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made a barrier between you and them when a person's being attacked or the enemies upon them person should recite the surah. And it become a form of a barrier and a protection between themselves and these enemies of Allah Subhana Allah fie the hablo method and around her neck. And I'm sure Kelly mentioned a color that was the necklace that he speaks about. She said, this neck is the venue but necklace, meaning that she's going to spend all of our wealth, all of a property all of the time and effort to go and to defame the prophet Elijah to sit up, one underfed, look at Allah, President Israel with a necklace around her neck. Allah then says that on the Day of Judgment, Fiji, the hablo

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method that around her neck will be Latif will be palm fighter will be a rope, nor a necklace that she wears in this world would be a necklace of Jahannam of the fire, we will be threatening her throat because of what she used to say, and our behavior towards a Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala Shackleton means FCD mentioned that this was a noble woman. Why does a noble woman want to go around creating or behaving in such a such a manner? Or even sort of Quran mentioned that these people spend their wealth and their property to go and derail people to how to harm people to harm the believing individuals? You know, in some of the relevant they mentioned that the women of the

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Quraysh you know, if we can if we can use such words, linguistically that they were loose women, because we find when we double Suzanne's wife when she speaks about her attitudes and behavior, she said, Do you think that we were women who just walk around in such a manner that look at that may Allah forbid how women walk around today or conduct themselves were women she's enjoy Helia she said that we were women of honor, of dignity of respect that you expect us to be walking about with such type of individuals and personalities. You know, these are lessons for us. These are lessons we're a women folk. Here if you study the current of siento Coronavirus is very accurate in the way it

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describes itself. Where it says in the Quran speaking about the wives of the Prophet somebody speaking about our mother speaking about our family members, it speaks about what Cordner fie booty COULDNA What about Raja Babu? Jaya Helia Tula. It's a surah Hazzard M I'm currently going to be sorry to see begins to highlight remain inside your homes and don't come out in the way of Jackie Leah. Then he described what is the way of Jackie Leah rocky Shula Harada look at this deceit as written centuries ago. Pay attention to it. He says that this was a job of Jackie Leah, whereby you find that the end of the women were shown the necklaces the neck was shown, the upper body was shown

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and is one scarf on the head. And the Jews and the ornaments are shown. This is hijab of joy Helia. This is the hijab of Johanna, compare that to today in our modern society is exactly the same image. It's a blasphemy of hijab. So they and they knew what he job was. They knew what the etiquettes were, they knew how to adorn themselves. And this these are lessons from the Quran that we should see that we should take the miraculous nature of the Quran that the teachings inside the Quran they stand as a testimony does well not speak about non Muslim Africa Muslim Muslims have the audacity to say such words or that was at that time? We live in a 21st century. So women shouldn't if I can use

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such words, God themselves shouldn't adorn themselves in such dress. And a Muslim man shouldn't adorn himself in certain dress. Yes, the dress sense is wide. We're not We're not denying that fact. But a certain act tickets and symbols. If you don't want to adorn yourself with them. Don't speak against them. Don't blaspheme against them. Don't mock them. Don't belittle them because you're mocking and You're belittling whom You're belittling the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, you're, you're defaming his family members, whether beyond that call or belaid What are Yachty What are Sunni contestants they own? Are you making a mockery of Allah and His messenger and his idea

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that you can refer to the Manickam don't make no excuse read that the series is inside so to Toba read it to see how people making a mockery joking about the Prophet Allah is some joking about the Companions

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So released that we should do we should uphold these these these teachings symbols of Allah subhanaw taala to remind ourselves, that if we cannot fulfill certain teachings, that these teachings are the Quran that should strengthen our Eman and bring us towards the miraculous nature of Quran the warnings of the Quran it begins to highlight how we need to conduct ourselves. Also we find inside the surah that we find my Afghan women who were Makassar the Allah's panda wounds that this individual, his wealth, his wealth and he should what matters a woman for Hadith, Timothy and I will add min QSB he that he he wants children from your tests from your earnings. So your earnings not

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just your physical wealth, your your let your children or your earnings as well as your property as well. And you know this individual Abu Lahab as you mentioned for sandwiches week but three sons that he had moved out and Autobahn on October, three sons that he had one of their moods about mood and he never believed. And two of them authors Ottoman Atiba they believed, and one of them was married. One of them was married to one of the daughters of someone who was married to another daughter, Roca and unconfirmed look at the animosity. I will not have he walks into his house. And he says to them, I don't I don't want your face to face my face. DeVos divorced his daughters. So

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look Agulla hobbies, mean Bob, he's the uncle a professor and also at the same time, he's become like an in law, a father in law to his daughters, and the animosity still, he says to separate, separate us sons if you are part of my family, and my lineage and my sons and separate from his daughters. But look what Allah does to the honor of these two daughters. When the Sierra these two daughters go and marry whom they go marry Othman, even a founder of the alata and, and what does the professor say when both of his daughters he passed away? If I had another daughter, I would get her also married to Earth man, even affirm. So this is the blessings of the prophet Elijah to Islam that

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may hatred is shown towards him. And the strangest thing is read it to see the surah is that people began to make comments about Abu Lahab family that some people began to say about his daughter, and she became Muslim, that they began to blame her maybe because what your father done, you deserve the blame Imam zooty young could have the feet of Syria to run for. And he says he highlights inside that a prophet has some says about her leave her alone. Today is no blame on her for what her father did. You know, this is how the progress of he behaved towards people, not like us that we find is a family animosity or a Family Feud, that if I don't speak to someone, and my children should speak to

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that person, the whole family should cut off from that person, when I'm right or wrong is irrelevant, that look at the progress of he had every right to cut ties with these people. They harmed him. They cursed him that defamed him. They harmed his children. They harmed his wife Khadija they're left in a barren land that we find a normal woman used to a good life was placed into that valley. And when she comes out of the valley the hardship it takes away your life. And that's what's known as Ahmed who's in the year of grief, of sorrow that overcame the Prophet elation that sometimes life but not once a day now Allah pronto strengthens him. Salado sends down what he

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doesn't send down some elements I just one is a to is once again angels will Quran. The whole of Surah Yusuf some 111 verses read the surah. As I always say that when a person thinks that they're feeling sad, they're upset that they're worried and they think they're going through trials and tribulations, read through the use of and see what trials and tribulations are. See what hardships are, see what difficulties are. See Yakov and SLM. What do I know who his eyes became white? Tonight, he became Kofi became blind. He wept so much so much he wept for you, sir. He said for sovereign Jamil Well, no Mr. Anwar Malko seafood. What a beautiful patients. Not just any patient

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what these people are the attributes to Allah's printavo These people are doing what I've done, to my son use of what they're doing to me. I look at the end Allah mentioned in Romania talking about your smear for Inomata Udyog, Rama city, whoever is patient, who affairs Allah Subhana Allah will provide a way out for that individual. As you mentioned, the beginning of Quran the miraculous nature of the Quran, Allah Allah subhanaw taala shows the miraculous nature of the Quran to all of us is is a science for us to begin to believe in Him subhanho wa Taala that's what we mentioned our relationship with the book of Allah Subhana Allah in reciting the Quran pondering over the Quran and

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seeing the symbols of Allah Subhana Allah around us. So Allah subhanaw taala completes inside the surah was going to be the ending of Abu Lahab and likewise, his wife the ending of both of these individuals, how they're going to be punished inside this dunya and more so inside the Quran as Imam Shafi

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Inside his seat, he begins to conclude this is similar verses of the Quran with Thomas Kalamata because said Congratula the Allah's words or promise for truth, and instead of justice that whatever Allah has mentioned inside inside the Quran is a is a fact his element of truth that no one can challenge it. And as we began with anyone who feels that there's any doubt about the Quran, that let him try to bring something out the Quran or show show discrepancies about the Quran Roger Quran it begins by mentioned beginning radical Kitab hula Raber fee, Allah begins the Quran Muhammad is a book that contains no doubt no speculation or conjecture. Try to challenge the Quran as the Quran

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begins by challenge the whole of mankind. And likewise Allah mentioned with Kinetica Kalamata Arabic Allah Latina first aku and no la you may known and likewise the Promise of Allah the word of Allah and Allah that those individuals for Saku those who are rebellious and wicked individuals. And now let me know that these individuals are not going to believe this is only for Allah Subhana Allah only for Allah to highlight inside the Quran that such a such individual is a believing individual such as individual is not a believing individual is not for us to take the Quran and to label people who had to earn them I mentioned even non Muslims that whilst they're living so it's not befitting

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for Muslim to say that this individual will not be guided because we know the book of Allah Tada as you mentioned, Pooja coming in like new work new RocketHub mo bien just come from Allah Tala a book which is full of new and light, that there's numerous people that you think that guidance will never come to these individuals but guidance came to them the impact of the Quran we read about omega omega Nakata, we just see that this individual who showed the most the most hatred, there's certainly the view just like Abu Lahab and Holly bullied me in a pub that we find they show this immense hatred towards the prophet Isaiah, but look at the seed of to these individuals, how the

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tide turn, how belief entered into their life. So you find this Abdullah Nobu of Imam at bay hockey, speaks about America by the dawn of the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam, the how he enters it became what was the what would those are yet ba ma Anza Nanika Quran Ali testscore for the beginning of surah Taha, the 20th chapter all the way to verse number 14, these are the ayat of the Quran impacted his chest, a person who's going to kill and attack the Prophet alayhi salatu salam who now the impact of the Ayat of Allah Subhana Allah, wa jal, he can be Jihad and Kabira Allah says are suited for con fight strive against him, fight and strive against him with what the ultimate weapon

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is the Quran that's what we should be doing which is striving make your efforts with the book of Allah Subhana Allah calling people rather than we calling people to our own fracture their own devices, call them to the book of Allah Subhana Allah coulomb to that and and the greatest message of the book of Allah grant as we began with is a message of the oneness kulula Illa in Allah to Pharaoh, Salah in Allah be successful individuals, woman Aster Nicola manda Ilahi where Amina Salia will call in nanny Minun Muslimeen who is the best individual who calls to Allah. That's what is our life our duty should be cooling to the book of Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah protect us all the

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toxic inability to begin to understand and his eyes begin to penetrate inside our lives and actions in our hearts that a penetration of Quran becomes a newer becomes alive for us inside this dunya alive for us inside the grave and a life worth inside an earth era. That's what this Quran that we want it to be a new for us, Al Quran to look at and Alec. Quran is either an evidence for you or evidence against you