Brutal Physical Attacks Against Muslims in the UK

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The transcript describes the devastation caused by hate crimes against Muslims in the UK, including a young British Muslim who suffered a traumatic brain injury and a young French man who was attacking others while reading the Prophet's words. The segment describes how these attacks have caused a loss of sight, difficulty in walking, and a major loss of productivity, leading to a "haste of life." The segment also describes how Muslims have to bear the brunt of actions like these.

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The number of hate crimes against Muslims has skyrocketed in the UK Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on foul mouthed Islamophobic rant aimed at to fellow passenger right groups like these are gaining support across Europe incidents of hate crimes against Muslims in London have almost doubled since 2013. According to the police

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yes there have been a young British Muslim who's known in the community for his beautiful smile and gentle character

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was pursuing his PhD in fuel cell technology he suffered a traumatic event that would receive the rest of his life

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The unprovoked attack was so serious that it led to a certain chronic condition of being crippled for the rest of his life. Here he is to explain how

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can you quickly describe what happened

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and the assignment to do some term in mid March and

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move on

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proper standing begin

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on the knee

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to find a place to live nearby and messy so I can perform on my friends in the messy hands

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on the knee

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I'm preparing myself to go to the Find a parent as I left my house you guys came on site and provoking

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and shouting

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things Islam or anti so on and so forth.

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In addition to soy

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use various things may sit

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in the sun

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same phase is okay to say enough so then assigned to attack man they hate me

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bro broomstick, which left me with with severe traumatic brain injury. And I was in a coma for almost three months. And after I woke up I found myself

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It is believed that he was attacked because of his Islamic clothing. And this is what instigated the attack.

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The result of this religiously aggravated attack led to a major loss of sight, difficulty in walking and the ability to lead an independent life.

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However yasur continues to grow spiritually recognizing that this is a test from his Lord For indeed a lot test those whom he loves.

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So, how is this affecting your day to day life?

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day to day,

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bourbon before is to me and person for an independent now I owe an afternoon friend, somebody and even for all

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too Can

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I have I cannot do it alone with one hand

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and some massive chain

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and missing bags in law physically. Physically I can go around buy

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machines to use one

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My motion is a mess this

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So you mentioned to me earlier that you know, you like reading, how did this affect your reading.

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The only difference is as revised during the whole book in one week. Now it takes me a month a

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couple of months to finish this dive.

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And then we'll kind of find and rein in one class to another for more than a week.

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I remember one time I was traveling, and during my travels, I bought about 10 books, finished them No,

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we must

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have to speak on the day.

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Just fine on the Prophet said. Even now with nine days amenity when I read the Hadees of the Prophet saying

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that then the sunline the agenda exceeds the song The singer

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by 727 degree I feel embarrassed to say almond Brown. So I put my earphones and go to the mosque even though

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I'm finding them by put my effort and go to the mosque I try to go as much as I can.

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And if my

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extreme my take

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on someone jumping take me to them once

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you begin to notice Yes, there's dedication and devotion when he speaks about his passion for reading and seeking knowledge, whereas others would complain that they can no longer live life to the fullest.

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The rise in Islamophobia has escalated due to recent media distortions and widespread misconceptions about the religion. As a result, Muslims have to bear the brunt and become victims of senseless and cowardly attacks.