Am I addicted to watching TV? What should I do? – Q&A

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The speaker advises the audience to limit their time and not waste it too much, as it is important to not become too busy. They also suggest that people should test their abilities and leave their own feelings to see how they should behave. The speaker emphasizes the importance of letting the human body test and decide what is harmful or beneficial.

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thinking, What is your nature is your nature really just sit on the TV and keep watching, you can see, you know, it's not your nature, you don't want to harm your health, your eye on the screen, everything on waste of your time you can notice it and then if you know then leave it in a human being should be strong enough to follow the what is good, and leave what is harmful, that how people should be and make yourself busy. In a very busy and task and doing lead follow up what I'm here to teach. Now in this time, if you know World Cup is happening and you know, finals going on and the whole universe is excited, I will not be excited because I'm sitting here teaching.

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So when you're busy, you know for the prayer for it in the Quran understanding make yourself busy in good things. And always your mind use your mind in not to waste time, some time you need to have relaxation, sometime you need to you know, give yourself some ease. That's fine. Sometimes it's possible, you know, some programs can help you. But be limited, make your limit, don't waste your time your life God very quickly. You know, I very often actually this pressure in my mind that life is going passing so quickly. And we are wasting our time there when it comes to my mind. Even if I'm not feeling well. I forced myself to do something. Well if you don't want to force yourself and

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follow your desire, then you're not a proper human being very weak person, very weak personality. You know, the real people follow reason they judge with a reason something good, then they do it. They judge the reason something harmful, then they leave it so you know be strong don't become like a weak people are addicted to it without the erection actually is weakness. So don't be proud of your weakness. You know, do test it because it is good. And leave testing because it is you know harmful, that how you should do not by addiction or by desire that the world the children children record with people, but smart people. They follow the reason and mind