Munir Ahmed – Reflecting on the Reality of Death

Munir Ahmed
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of wa wa and the use of coffins to test one's behavior. Testing one's behavior and deeds is crucial for eligibility of a death certificate. The importance of researching one's behavior and deeds is emphasized, along with the need for action to improve character and friendships. The time for action is emphasized, and the importance of taking action is emphasized in building character and friendships.
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In the handle de la una una steady. When I will be learning Ming Shui and fusina woman say at the Art Melina Mejia de la hufa who will mock you lil fella ha de la was Chateau La ilaha illallah wa Jalla wa Chateau Mohammedan Abu who was solo some Allahu Allahu Allah early he was a habit he wondered who who era yo Medina and Ubud Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah makala Allah Phil Khurana Majeed

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coluna sin equal to remote one abbulu come be shocked he will highly fitna when Elena total Joan what Allah tala

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in jalna Allah out the zenithal

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Lena Beluga, Whom are you whom x and O Allah, Praise be to Allah. We praise Him we seek His forgiveness, guidance and his help and his mercy. We seek refuge and protection of Allah from the bad insiders as we seek refuge and protection from the evil, our evil deeds, our bad deeds.

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No know that one who is guided by a law they are truly guided, one was left to go astray will not find a guide or a protector or a helper after that. And I bear witness that there is no god but the one true God, Allah Glory be to Him, Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, He who knows the inner secrets of our hearts, and he has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is his slave and messenger. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran,

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Gulu neffs, in the equitable mode, stating the obvious, but very clearly as a matter of fact that every soul will taste death, every soul will taste death.

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And this

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you know, death is something in modern day society that we tend to hide from people tend to hide from it, including Muslims. And certainly the wider society is something that people don't like talking about is something that's seen as morbid and something that people don't be reminded of. But the reality perhaps is becoming more apparent with the number of deaths and this pandemic if anything is linked with it's not in the panic and the worry is about deaths. It's not about having a cold or a fever and recovering from it what people are really worried about and why the lockdown etc. Apart from it spreading is really to do with the the the coming out in a coffin a large number

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of coffins and people, numbers that have been

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now circulated whether from Italy or Spain and previously from China, but coming home now for us and now increased to

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two or 300 a day of people dying from this Coronavirus has perhaps brought it right in the forefront, but the reality is Allah subhanaw taala reminds that

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that every soul is going to taste that this is inevitable. This is inevitable. But Allah slotless says whenever below home Bishop D will hide fitna and we will not lucam Bishop bill shall be well highly fitna and we are putting you to trial all of you from something have bad something of suffering and difficulty and all that is including sure and that which is good at times of happiness, affluence, etc, all that is part of the test, it seems however, we think about it actually that the trial is only happening now when we are going through difficulties of of not being able to see to the difficulty not being able to work or have to earn

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a living or income and through illness etc. But our trial even is there when we are laughing and joking and everything seems fine. But the reality is we are still being tested about loss of one or the other, as fitna. That's what it means as a test.

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Elena told Joan as if to under re underline the fact that every soul will die unless Fatah saying and to us is all of your return. And this is really summing up in a nutshell for, for all of humanity as to where we are on this journey. Last night I was saying,

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in dijana, Allah zenithal we have put a maid on the earth, it's beautification, for us, really, it's beautification. Allah has made that and given the earth and thought what he's given us, is beautification. But really, Lena Beluga, whom au whom, Santa Amala, what his real purpose is not just for playing enjoyment, and music and laughter, and watching sports and games, that's not the be all end all of life is much more serious, and has much more meaning and purpose than that. So let's look at the thing in order to test them to see which of them is best in their behavior in their deeds. I love you Hola, como tal hyah, Leah Balu accom au boom, x anomala, Leah Balu. It is he the

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one, he is the one who created death and life in order to test you all to see those of you who are best in their behavior in their deeds in that character. And last one auto again, reminding us and rarely isn't this situation a reminder of our mortality. And I think that's what is frightening, no doubt, it's frightening because we're human beings, whether believers or non believers, all alike as human beings, when we're reminded of our mortality, and the fact that we are going to die, and we can die, whether we're young and old in this situation. And isn't it the reality of this reminder of death baton sisters,

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my wife was just saying earlier on how big the house or how big the palace, whatever the position in the world, however big the businessmen are, whether royal family, or whether from the leadership or whether the prime minister or whether any kind of minister, whether it's a lowly person who just works the streets or, or elderly or the living just 10 somewhere in the world, all of them, all of them in the end. And that's why couldn't have seen daikatana will end up in a six, seven foot coffin going in the ground. That's the reality. And that's what we see. And nowadays, other reporting that even the confidence around got time to make the copies properly, so perhaps, is going to be less

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than the usual, well decorated and presented coffin. And even for as believers, you know, perhaps we're not going to even go well, and perhaps only two or three people doing the janaza prayer.

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So this is the mining as I'm bringing home for us, the reality of who we are, is not linked with our positions and our money and our homes and the size of them or a number of cars. Reality is that we are under a test from our Lord who gave us life and who created us and that our life is temporary and that it is fast running out. And it may run out anytime that and the reality of this existence is that test in order to return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala that's why we say in the face of any kind of masiva calamity tribulation and difficulty that we go through in life including death in alila he was in LA Harajuku surely we are those who belong to Allah, we belong to Allah, and surely

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our return is to him, surely our return is to him. So this time is a time for reflection. It's a time of for us to think, not spend the time in quarantine, laughing and joking and watching cereals,

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or better time for us to reflect on our mortality, a time for us to reflect as to in this stock gap situation, which is a blessing from Allah actually, if only human beings can realize and it's not a time, as we're hearing the news for you know, of course, potentially time for more people quarreling at home as husbands and wives and difficulty with children. But it's not time for that really. This time should be a time for reflection making it to better human beings, perhaps bring this closer husband and wife and reviving what that relationship really means and our duty to our children and children to that parents what their duty is as well.

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This mortality should make us realize those responsibilities. And not as is in the news that there is 20% more alcohol being drunk in the community than there was other times. This is not the way to reflect. That's an escape escapism, which is linked with shaitan. And whether it's with alcohol, whether it is with watching movies and playing games, day and night, the idea is the same. I'm not saying that we should be immersed in the current day and night or in prayer, then it is impossible for the human beings to do that goes to the balance. But this is a special time for certainly for reflection.

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As to what am I doing with my life, the stock gap gives us a chance, hang on, I've got to this age, My children are growing and grown older, what have I been doing my life that stopped gap of not going to work day and coming back into that routine of life gives us that opportunity to think and reflect on that. A lot smarter says I see by NASA, Roku and Yahoo and then afternoon after saying his last name at the beginning of Surah alankar booth. Allah smart Allah says do human beings think that there will be left alone after they have said we have believed? He's talking about believers here? Of course, he's talking about us as believers. We're home lifestyle that they won't be tested

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and tried what are called 10 Latina men, probably him indeed we tested those before them, what are called 10 melodien. Emil cabela. him Fela, Yala mana la Latina Sadako. So that Allah would make it known and clear those who were truthful, that pledge of we are believers, wala yada, yada and then Nell Cathy bean, and to make clear and show those who were liars to that pledge. So are we truthful, to saying that we're believers or Muslims, or how we been killing ourselves? In the end, the killing is what ourselves in the end, if we deceive, we're not deceiving Allah. Allah doesn't lose anything. In the end. We're the ones who lose. We are the ones who lose. So this is a time for us to reflect

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on the journey that we're on. And as the prophesized alum, as reported, it's a Muslim, but it probably started slim, laid down and had asleep and the Sahaba. When he got up, he noticed he was laying on a Mac, like a strong Mac. And when he got there, notice the Sahaba, the marks of the mat on the back or the side of the body of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and it's a puzzle, shall we not get you a mattress which is more comfortable? And then of course doing utter love an indictment of the publicise alum, but look at the response to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in teaching them and teaching us he says, No, what have you What have I to do with this dunya I am like a traveler.

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I'm a like a rider who is on a journey and I am resting for a short period of time under the shade of a tree, just for a short break, only to continue my journey. That's the journey we're on that journey back to Allah subhanho wa Taala, who is our owner and creator. So look at the prophesied Salaam How is showing good the fickleness of life, these small time that we're here for, and let us do something with it rather than sisters a time for reflection on what we've done. A time for them for doing Toba because all of us have fallen short. All of us have fallen short. All of us, all of us have done regretful things. All of us need to do better things, all of us need to be better in

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our character, more truthful, more honest, more kind, more just more loving, more merciful, beginning at home, this is a time to practice this at home, with our spouses, with husbands and wives with each other, not to lose our temper.

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But through our salah and told by a reflection to help each other actually, as two hands wash one another. And this is the idea of husband and wife relationship as two hands wash one another to cleanse and themselves.

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And interesting metaphor, isn't it because we've been encouraged to wash our hands regularly. But I'm talking about a different kind of washing of hands and that has to do with character building to better each of those character husband wife helping one another, to bring out the better in their character and not the worst in their character. And that requires from each one of us, not looking upon the other but looking at myself. Am I being more patient? Am I having suffer? Am I being merciful Am I being kind and considerate to the other rather than rather than pointing the finger at the other and the same with the children of the children to reflect on themselves as to how they are

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with one another and how they are being with them.

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Parents are they've been loving each other being kind and considerate. And are they being helpful in the house? Or are they just playing up and losing it?

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Like a baby that loses its rattle that these are this is a time for that kind of reflection in the end brothers and sisters.

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A time for Toba, as I mentioned last time is because we are in need of that, through that reflection through bettering ourselves because we fall deficient, we have no one else to turn to. If Allah answers and we are fast going back to him, as the last word says, have they got anybody as a god besides God Himself, glory be to him that which they associate with him we've got no one else to turn to except the Creator of the heavens and the earth our Lord, our Creator who gave us life and will give us death and to whom will stand one day so we've got no one else to turn to except Allah subhanho wa Taala as Allah says, For a boon, so where are you going? in new

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recruit de la me? surely, surely. It is a reminder in who are in the crew lalala mean surely it is only a reminder meaning the Quran for for humanity. So the Quran is the guide as the Quran is the one reminding us all this, if we tend to wait in Hawaii illa vikhroli al Ameen.

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amine calm, he stopped me, from those from you who want to live an upright life. I mean, come on, yes, takim, who want to be upright who want to live an upright life who want to be on throttle most Akeem This is a reminder for such people. So while we have this, this is an opportunity. calamities and tribulations are an opportunity, as I said many times, this is for us to reflect and put things right, put things right.

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before it is too late before who knows what is in store for us

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in the coming weeks.

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And if not in the coming weeks. Nevertheless,

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the death and the end of this life is surely inevitable. It is the only inevitable thing that we have. So it is not about a reminder of doom and gloom. But a reminder for myself and for all of us of the reality of who we are, where we have come from what we are doing here and where we are fast going. That is a reminder as I remind myself, and this stopgap situation of a lockdown is, is indeed a shake up coal. Don't hide from it. People think I don't want to hear about the death of people. I don't want to know about the bad news. Where are you going to hide? Where are you going to go to this is going to come to you in the end. We can't hide from this we mustn't become all over anxious

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and tremble and then and do nothing about it. But for believers. It is also hope, hope of the mercy always of Allah subhanho wa Taala because that's what we have to turn to.

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As Allah says, We're either fat or fat, a certain old Allahu enforcer Han locka la pustak farolito Ruby him women yet Pharaohs nobody Lola who else will forgive sins except Allah we have no one else. As I said before, to turn to accept Allah. We are so fortunate that Allah put a man in our hearts and enlightened us with Islam and gave us the guidance brought through the rock metal ulala mean broke through the mercy to creation, the Quran which is still with us, we have no guidance, which is showing us the way, showing us the way how to be best human beings of being best of benefit to others, while we still have the heart that's beating in our body, and the breath that's breathing by

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the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala when Allah gives no longer the mission, for the heart to beat, it will not be even one tick more than what Allah has decided about the sisters. So May Allah subhanaw taala guidance enlighten our way through his guidance make us realize through realizing our mortality of who we are and what we're doing here and the fact that we are need of his light and guidance back to him. We are like the person resting under the shade of a tree

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Soon to leave it and to go back to our Creator. May Allah forgive us helpers on that way. Our guru Callie hava was the Fiddler he will come in who wonderful Rahim Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

A brief Jummah Khutbah message by Shaykh Dr. Munir Ahmed in place of the regular Jummah Khutbah reflecting on the reality of death particularly in light of the challenges of the present time.

Shaykh Dr. Munir has studied Islam for over 30 years taking him from the UK to Damascus and Cairo. He has studied extensively in the field of Aqeehad & Firaq, Uloom-ul Qur’an, Uloom-ul Hadith, Usool-ul Fiqh & Comparative Fiqh under various scholars receiving ijaazah from Sheikh Abdullah Yusuf al Judai (a leading Muhadith & Faqih on the European Fatwa Council)

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