Munir Ahmed – COVID-19 – Experiencing Ramadan in Unique Circumstances

Munir Ahmed
AI: Summary © The importance of understanding laws and knowing the size of one's beards is discussed in a discussion on the overarching motives behind Islam, including protecting life and avoiding harm. The importance of praying for five daily prayers and following government guidelines is emphasized, as it is necessary to achieve goals and reward the Muslim population. The importance of avoiding accidents and breaking fasting rules is emphasized, as it is required to achieve goals and reward the culture of the Muslim population. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to be mindful of their health and avoid accidents, and caution against taking medication to bring their temperature down during quarantine.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala.

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Early he will be in about a year this was a salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato were allowed to Allah feel good Allah came out to be let him initiate Allah Jeanne Shaheen Ramadan Allah de una de la de Hilco an hudl The nurse will be in our Tim minella houda well for a con for men shy that mean como shafali assume women can MRV then Oh Allah Safa been fine that to mean a year mean over.

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You read the law ob qumola use. When are you ready to become a law, sir? Well, it took me longer to cut below law Holla Holla Holla Holla come touch Quran.

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Praise be to Allah.

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We praise Allah and send peace and blessings on his prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Brothers and sisters before I continue with the topic and a clarification for today on fasting in Ramadan, but not a general talk on fasting Ramadan, specifically to do with certain issues, especially in this particular season of COVID-19.

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Like I said, Before, I start with that thought comes to my mind, I know this is said, and I need to say it as well. But people say well, Who is he to talk about Islam and these issues to give hot buzz? And what kind of knowledge and ability does he have? I mean,

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he can't have done with I look at the size of his beard, for example.

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Or look at the size of the fact that he doesn't wear a turban or have a hat. So I want to just mention and deal with these issues first, as I know, it said and despite meeting doing kobus for over 35 years or so, it will still reset and I have no problem with that. Actually, knowledge and understanding of Deen is not judged by the length of the beard, whether big or small or even its absence and I cannot beard like this based on knowledge or what I have an understanding of the Sunnah in regards to the issue of the beard on which there is 60 last amongst you Allah ma from time immemorial, an issue which is affected by time, culture, and, and place and understanding of what we

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get from the summer to the size of of and yet I have the greatest respect for our brothers from the mums and all among others who have long beards, short beards and no beards.

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They say knowledge isn't Oh, look, he hasn't got a big turban or topia. And he said, Well, you know, despite the fact that today I have a big hat on my head knowledge isn't based on the size of the turban and if I take my hat off today, my knowledge doesn't disappear. Otherwise what kind of knowledge is it? So

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again, despite the greatest respect of those who have my brothers who were big turban, small terminal, small hats and no hats and no turbans

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knowledge, they say well he doesn't haven't got long robes on hasn't got jellybeans on our, our a cloak on

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again, knowledge isn't based in the robes are aware

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and disappear because I have a trousers and T shirt on what kind of knowledge and understanding is that in fact that in itself is is an Angular way of looking at the way Rasulullah saw Islam the dress was he dressed with the dress of the people except he brought some some clarifications in regards to dress otherwise his dress was prophesized alone wasn't a part in his clan. We say there's no priesthood Islam. We say no, that's both in behavior and in wearing a particular apparel despite my having the greatest of respect for my brothers, and Allah, any moms who wear long robes or who wears trousers and shirt or were at the close of the channel.

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Knees or salwaar kameez of the Indian continent. Anyway, these things I wanted to say at the beginning my topic, let's come to it I lost about us in the Koran, Chateau de la blondel de it is the month of Ramadan Allah the Quran in which the Quran was revealed

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who the lead nurse as a guidance for humanity and clear proof proofs of guidance and as a criterion whereby you know even those who who can't or man shy Domine como genre, failure Sumo, whoever is present meaning at home, Joakim in this month and the witness it they must fast obligation to fast

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or man cannon Moravian our suffering that will mean a man or her whoever is ill or on a journey then they are too They are given the rock star to not fast and make up from days later from the fast and the days that they miss

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for the domina Yamuna you read and after that straight to Lhasa you read the la hoobie como use well are you ready to become an Oscar Allah wants to make things easy for you not to put you under duress and difficulty. Well, are you ready to be close? Well, it took me a little editor, so complete the time period of fasting. Well, it took a bit Allah Allah hadn't come and mentioned the greatness of Allah, that he has guided you Well, I look home touch guru, so that and perhaps that you may be grateful. This is the I have the obligation of fasting of Ramadan. And notice within it is the beautiful part of it which says a lot doesn't want to despite the fasting doesn't want to burden you

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and put you in difficulty but want to also make things easy for you. And this is the anila despite fasting women did but this is the underlying principle of the of Islam of the Sharia and the guidance from Allah so Allah so Allah God says, well, wha wha wha wha magia Allah Allah config Dini. minha. Raj. Allah didn't put the place on you hundreds of burden with this Deen all he says

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la you can live in LA who Nuff said Illa was Aha. Allah doesn't burden any soul except except according to its ability to go into the burden a convener Illa was according to its ability, all liability for long enough son in law,

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a lot of them put a burden on a song except according to what he has given it, meaning of ability to be able to bear the burden. So that is the whole of Islam. In fact, as the amount of acid, the purposes of the Sharia, they have a phrase which an overarching phrase, which shows the overall purpose of the Sree and the guidance of Islam is

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that which is

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tied to the gentleman,

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masala WA, the facet, Islam came as a guidance including all these details, to bring the human beings benefit both in this world and the hereafter. And that another facet to keep away from them all kinds of harm from this world and the hereafter. That's the overarching principle. And in that regard, therefore, came with the idea of Maha said what are the purposes of Islam the Sharia, including you see Berber and the amount of deposit the big Allah mathema passive, how they put forward, the first and foremost top level of doors was available yet in the mocassin in the purposes over it, through react, which are the absolute necessity have to react that needs protecting, and

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that is a dean,

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higher life.

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Religion, man, apple, Nestle and

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to that, it came primarily the absolute necessities that Islam Kim is to protect the meaning to protect the rights of somebody choosing their Deen that is also inherent in this meaning to protect being also means that it made obligatory certain things like the bad out of salon fasting, had your armor etc. to protect the Dean of an individual as well on an individual level on a community level to protect the need to protect life as the overarching didn't come to

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Destroy life, it came to protect life. So anything that come against that cannot be part of the team. In other words, any conduct comes to destroy life as a general principle, except in exceptional circumstances, to protect the other things as well. As I, as I've mentioned.

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So, for example, if you have in a situation, even in the case of being some people say, of course, Dean takes top priority, what does it mean? That given actually means, the choice of all of declaring your faith in a lot to protect that very principle, even in that situation? Even in that situation? Allah subhanaw taala said

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in the Quran,

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men Kapha Billahi min Kapha Billahi min by the Imani II Illa. Men of Korea. In LA man oh Korea. We're all we're all boohoo mortal man in Nome bill in.

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So let's start as describing here a person who disbelieves after believing but meaning that there are people who will be of punishment and allow however, it gives an exception, except the one who has been forced or compelled to denounce their face. So denounced La ilaha illAllah even to that extent, but their heart nobody can take it out of the heart that that was hidden inside, but their heart is content with faith, they still have it inside. So a person therefore America Yes, sir, from the Sahaba was given the allowance. This ayah came in regards to him to denounce a lot His Messenger in front of the Muslims as we're punishing him and his life was in danger to denounce it to

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safeguard life because they couldn't get inside in regards to

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eating and drinking Allah subhanaw taala made eating the dead and eating hansy haraam and drain and drinking hot haraam. However, however, let's not as this is still says from Ravi da da, da da, fella is smiley and whoever nevertheless is forced out of need without desire for it. And without wanting to go beyond the boundaries meaning without wanting it you know out of desire for themselves or without wanting to go beyond the beyond the boundaries of what is needed to safeguard life then if they eat from for example, if you're facing death out of starvation

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or food or out of thirst then you're allowed to eat from the dead and from ate from the pig that amount which will keep you alive. Those things are harmful in normal situation that affects the health that's why a lot for bed armor and a forbade eating the dead and blood and finzi for example, the meat of the pig, however, now forget harm to your body you're actually dying. So now the priority is to eat from those harmful things just enough to safeguard life. And that's why Allah then drew from that a principal al Rory earth as react.

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cubby hole.

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Mahalo. Oh, as a lot cubbyhole mahalo rot, that the safeguarding necessities like life makes mobis allowable that which is normally haraam in regarding safeguarding life that's how important it is. And that's the beauty of this Deen that Allah has sent for us as human beings to safeguard is in the same line in this regard. Therefore when you came to the fasting of Ramadan, fasting or Ramadan, Allah Allah gave in regards to the L as the Quran said, a woman can or even our will our suffering to the L to the traveler, to the breastfeeding mother to the pregnant to the elderly, Allah subhanaw taala gave them

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exemptions exemptions away out from the difficulties of Ross. They came as part of the deen with that overarching idea that actually Islam didn't come to cause harm. And

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Islam didn't come to call cause Harmon undue suffering, even though fasting so if we come to fasting for example, fasting

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has an element of difficulty with it praying five times a day getting over. Making widow has an element of difficulty had Genova have an element of difficulty, but the idea isn't to make us suffer,

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suffer to the extent that we can't bear it and you know we're collapsing around. That's not the idea of fasting either. Brothers and sisters and many people don't seem to understand that. For that reason. The prophet SAW Our solemn

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Do you think mojari Muslim from Java, he said,

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cannot have solar light solar se suffered for Rosalyn

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for our Roger is the Harmon What did you learn? God the Leela LA, Casa La La Silla, marhaba orlu for Paul who

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saw him for Colorado civil rights ally solemn, lay seminal Bill rezones is suffering from a horrible horrible Muslim, Roberto Muslim. The prophet SAW some Javelin says he was on a journey, meaning we were with him. And he saw a crowd gathered around a person and then and and who was being shaded by this crowd, and the publishers are saying what's going on here? They said, it's a fascinating person to publicize from said this kind of fast thing. This is not late cycle. This is not part of righteousness and goodness too fast on a journey.

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Yet promises awesome allowed fasting on a journey for those who have barriers. So what do they mean? It means this kind of suffering is is removes you from righteousness. It's not giving you more rewards. It's actually not righteousness, les summing up.

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Some of us suffer this kind on a journey. This kind of path is not from righteousness. In other words, it's negative. Same thing he said that for when he was on a journey, and they came out to go on, on the day of Pato Mecca.

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It was the Ramadan when they came from Medina and the proper size This is a reef in Bukhari Muslim again from jabil they got to the place they were fasting Quran, Allah, Al amin, and it was said pillar laahu pillar, Yasser Allah

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called Saqqara, Lee he was Sam

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or Shaka alumnus cm is proving difficult from fall. For some people, the fasting as for the prophet SAW, solemn

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for younger owner.

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It was said to him for younger owner, female out there watching what you're going to do. So the policies are some called for a container, a bucket of water, and he sat where he could be seen on the camel, and he drank from the water and broke his fast. Not if that time broke his fast before we left our time, so people could see. So because of the suffering, then it was said to him some people didn't read that fast. What did he say solo solo, he said that? He said

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Solo Solo said he calusa, hula, Eagle, OSA they are the disobedient ones. They are the disobedient ones. Yeah. So this is because fasting with extra suffering. And this is the beauty of this beautiful thing it doesn't want us to suffer. And now keeping those things in mind what I've said. The question has come

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from doctors and nurses that in this season of emergency crisis with the COVID virus, where we see

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intensive care beds and hospitals full and of COVID patients and where you see the moms in fact on YouTube, leading janazah with 10 bodies at a time and a master of being drunk. And this kind of crisis of a situation where the doctors or nurses in the front line especially are having to work longer hours, their holidays have been canceled. And I can understand that as well why and they're having to wear now robes of peepee wear masks, which are not the normal style masks that they use for doing normal surgery, but then visors and goggles and unsealed in front as well. And it is clearly said by those doing that every couple of hours not only out of a stressful situation but out

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of becoming very claustrophobic. They have to go on a break and take all this off and then put it on again. And they have to also keep on drinking fluids to avoid themselves getting dehydrated. And if they do get dehydrated, that would also affect their ability to look after those who are in life and death situation as we very well know that

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nurses and doctors working in this kind of situation? What do they do in regards to fasting in the month of Ramadan? So this is a question that's come. And the answer in regards to this I'd like to give. I heard from some and I read a fatwa as well given by some,

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and I didn't like it. Because the bidding of beginnings of that fatwa was that the doctors and nurses first should try take a holiday in this situation for a few weeks, so they can go on fast. I believe this is not the right premise. This is not the right kind of answer in this kind of situation.

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I will go further than that, too. You know, as doctors and nurses, and I've worked with a doctor for over 30 odd years, we feel guilty. When things are really busy. It's in the flu season, for example, that we face every winter, to leave our colleagues to deal with a flu crisis and how busy it gets because we don't get extra numbers, we just have to work harder. We feel guilty about the colleagues that we live in behind having to pick up the pieces because we've gone on holiday. And, and therefore, the patients. Now we're not in a normal situation I can understand in a normal situation. Yeah, when things are not in crisis like warfare, that where if we're able to take leave for a

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couple of weeks to foster it makes it easier for us. And that's absolutely fine. But in this crisis situation, which I have described already. This is to say that I would like to take leave is like, and I don't mince my words, it may be strong coming across, it's like cowardice on a battlefield, when death is happening all around, and somebody decides they need to do a runner in the other direction, leaving the others in the crisis situation and endangering those who are facing death situations as well. Life and death situation. Really, it is like that to say that to somebody is to try and get a holiday or wangle it somewhere. So you can go away and do your personally Baba. That

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is against the very maximum spirit of Islam, brothers and sisters, and I disagree with it strongly.

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however, we don't give a blanket fatwa for all doctors and all nurses, all those frontline workers, that they should not pass the month of Ramadan, that is not acceptable to do either.

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Each individual has to decide according to their own situation. But it's not left just as simply as that as well. What do I mean by each individual, because actually,

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it depends on the scenario of hospital doctors, some of them are not necessarily working in the front line every day wearing those robes every day with those masks and, and and goggles, advisors, they're not doing that all the time. So that's a different scenario. Those who are doing that, it may be that they're doing a night shift, which is not the same as doing a day shift when you're fasting.

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So it will be fine in that situation. To be able to bear the past. A day shift is a different ballgame.

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So it depends on the shift, it depends on the night shift and the day shift. But the day shift, if you're on at the frontline dealing intensive situation with Christ with COVID people having to wear these garments, then it becomes very difficult. Not only I would say the allowance for these people to break their fast on those days that they are working, they have a right to be able to do that and make up the fast later when we get out of this crisis situation later on in the year.

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But when they're not working, they have a couple of days off for the weekend, then it's obligatory for them to fast again and if they're doing a night shift, then it is preferable that they're fast during the day because that's less likely to affect them. And they generally be asleep at home if they're doing a night shift during the fasting day. However,

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however for for many I would say during the day shift to 12 hour shift in that kind of scenario where fluid is needed to keep them hydrated and where they need to be complex 100% dealing with life and death situation I would say and they know that experience for the last couple of weeks already they already experienced what they are feeling like physically as well as mentally dealing with that situation. In many cases I would say goes far say it would be obligatory for the on them to break that fast. And to make it up later. Yes, I said it right farther on them to break

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Very fast and make it up later, we are talking about endangering the life of those who there are entrusted to look after. And their own lives, brothers and sisters, on top of that, Islam and fasti didn't come to give us harm in crisis situations like that we're facing now, for those on the front line, Islam, La da da da, da da da da. There is no harm or reciprocating harm in this religion, even through by that, and I talking about fasting, you read the law hobbico your Salah wants to make things easy for you. How's it making things easy? You're contradicting what Allah is telling you already? How does it make things easy if you put in danger your life and endanger life and other

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because you are dehydrated? And you're feeling weak? under all this gear you're wearing because you're fasting? It's against the spirit of what what the Sharia came for brothers and sisters. So that's what I say about that. And you know, this bush strong good news. Some people think actually when you do this, you're getting less reward. I would say those people who do that will break their pastor Ramadan and make it later because for what they're doing on the front line, they are the ones getting the greater reward brothers and sisters, the beautiful deeds, which is reported in Bukhari and Muslim from addicts rodial Hall and he says,

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that cannot solve life's lessons to suffer.

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wah wha

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Mina men, some women, not men, after they were from amongst us, probably Sasha was on a journey, it seems in Ramadan, it seems Ramadan, even though he doesn't say that indirectly is implied from amongst the Sahaba. With him were those who are fasting and those some of them who were not fasting. So it seemed the prophesied son was fasting as well. And he tended, was was he was actually negative about fasting, the obligatory fasting Ramadan in a on a journey, and when you're suffering only allowed if they weren't suffering. So then the Hadith carries on it, we went down into place and the day was really hot and sunny. And many of us were using our claws to shade ourselves from the sun.

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And some of us were using our hands to share that cell from the sun. It was so hard until in the end, until the end, the fasting people fell down with exhaustion in a place and the non fasting people, those who were broken up and they weren't fasting, they got them they were busy looking after their for the animals that they were riding, giving them water and set up the tents for the rest of the people will call on us to life sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that herbal mostly rune al Yama bill Subhana Allah. So the prophet SAW Sunday, what did he say? He said, the ones who are not fasting, who broke that fast, they are the ones who run away with the reward today, they are the

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ones who run away with the rewards to pay. So I say to the people on the frontlines, when you break your fast, don't feel guilty brothers and sisters, you are the ones getting the greater reward for all that you are doing. But you're not leaving your brain, you're not compromising your dean, this is the dean, you're not doing it by compromising the dean, you're doing it with the dean that tells you to break your fast in your situation, and make it up later. So that you get the double reward the reward of what you're doing now. And you still get the reward of fasting because you're making up the fat from later. Now we come to another group of people. And that is the rest of us the

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majority of the Muslim population. And I'll give a couple of other groups that I'm going to talk about after that. And that is the ill person patient, ill people and the elderly. But those which are apart from that, which is the vast majority of us who are at home, isolated at home or whether we're not isolated in Ramadan, or whether we're isolated or whether we're going to work makes no difference.

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The first of the month of Ramadan is obligatory upon us obligatory upon it. It's funny, some because when people said Oh, what about COVID crisis now, as Ramadan being canceled, Ramadan is not canceled. Let me make it very clear. Ramadan is not canceled fasting is obligatory upon us. Some people said, Well, yeah, but you know, I might be at more risk of catching the virus. No, there's no evidence to because you're fasting, you're more risk of catching the virus. I'm sorry. There is no and if we're confined to our homes that we should following the government guidelines, then we shouldn't be any risk if we're not doing stupid things of mixing in large groups, etc.

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Some people said Oh, is it not canceled because I can't get hot meal Subhana Allah you know, can you imagine? Sahaba and Papa

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It's awesome how often the properties are some didn't have food, any cooked food in his house and two months would go by just start dates and water. Yet, there's no nothing in Quran and Sunnah, which says, If you only have dates on water, you don't need to fast you need to have three you know, big, a big star with small size and kebabs and a starter and the main cause and and afters. What is this? That's just from our own culture, because we want to fill ourselves at play, just having simple food is enough, is still obligatory, too fast. So some people said, All right, and they had this idea in their head, or we don't have we at the mosque as well. So we'll the first count,

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because some people from our community have this idea that if you don't pray throw away your faster than count. This is absolute nonsense. That's the only words I can say for it. Brothers and sisters, of course we would love to have try we pray and listen to the Quran in the massages. But what is more important and bigger than probably prayer is the five daily prayers which are formed to establish the fact to establish for the most and so number academic highly recommended for believers to attend the most attend taraweeh tarawih prayer is voluntary. Is that our work it is not fun. Let me make it clear many people think think is fun. Many as you know some people who don't pray five

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times a day they tend to throw a prayer as though it was fun. So now with prayer is not fun. And actually in the time of a civil law slum and here's where the Sahaba there was no travel we printed in the mosque. They used to pray in Ramadan Isha prayer and go home.

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There was no tarawih prayer that's from the prophet SAW Solomon these time. prophets Aslam. On three nights he turned up towards the end of Ramadan in the masjid and prayed and the Sahaba came in large numbers and joined him. Yeah, and he did that later in the night. He didn't do it straight after a shot anyway. So the throwaway prayer is more according with the Sunnah is that which is done, done at home not after Isha prayer, it can be done in JAMA together as a family or individually and better to do it later part of the night rather than straightaway after a shot I would further add so on top and as mentioned in Hadith and SIBO audio so disciple honey establishes tarawih prayer after

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a shot in the mustard, saying Nat melvita howdy he will let he Yana Muna and ha up dalu min minella t yaku. Moon is that something else as well, After establishing that with the Sahaba and Tabby in Omaha toggle Hold on, he said, this is the best of innovations when he saw them praying together after a short prayer for our prayers.

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He said however, the prayer that needs to be done by those who are sleeping at the moment they're not joining in the prayer in the mosque sleeping at the moment to get up later in the night to pray individually in their homes.

00:33:09 --> 00:33:15

individually in their homes, that is better than the one that is being done here. So patola so

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it is so clear when it is an opportunity for us to pray individually, actually slightly. The night prayer probably is that night are we is night prayer. The best is individually crying to Allah sort of on your own. So that all Ria and be showing off an idea of staying for 20 or whatever numbers so that people can see that you stand it all disappears. Now it's only between you and God. Yeah, which is really the purpose fundamental reason of,

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of slot lelo slot to tarawih as it is known as, so that doesn't affect anything in any way, the obligation of fasting in Ramadan remains. Now we come to the third group, and that is illness brother and sister and I've spoken about it before but I need to say it especially in this time.

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Because illness here doesn't require number one, a certificate from the doctor as some Imams and scholars have said, illness is decided by you as as other great Imams and scholars said the illness can be a prick to the finger or cut a small cut on a finger or even a pin size thing under your nail which can be very painful. And it can be so illnesses decided that would be counted as as somebody who's murrayville headache, that's an illness as well. So it's to be decided by you. But keeping in mind that there may be minor ailments which in Norway make you suffer unduly more than the person who doesn't have that much

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element. However, if it makes you suffer more than you normally suffer, then you need to seriously think about it, because that is not the purpose of the first thing, and you're missing the point. So there may be that, too, you see, to break the past with illness might be allowed. In a minor illness situation, it may be that, to break the fast is actually recommended for you, recommended for you, because you're, you're causing more suffering to yourself, when you've already got a headache, you may have a flu or a colder temperature, you're making it much worse of suffering for yourself. So it would be recommended for you to actually break your fast. And it also can be obligatory for an ill

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person to break their fast when they're putting their life in danger. For example, somebody who's in a heart patient, and they get angina, they're not taking their pills, because pill taking would break their fast, and they are suffering with the angina pain, and then then thing then suffer another heart attack because they're already got an illness. Yeah, or they got high blood pressure they're taking not taking the medication, if it's necessary during the fasting period, and they've got pressure goes up, they're endangering their life for life by a danger of a stroke or a heart attack. In this case, it would be fun for them to break their fast, and many people don't realize

00:36:27 --> 00:36:44

this, you know, and people who have have chest problems and our inhalers, etc. I've known people so many who don't have their inhaler, and they've got asthma, bronchitis, etc. Or emphysema

00:36:45 --> 00:37:33

nicely, as I said before, even though inhalers In my opinion, do not break the fast, they do not break the fast, because they're not going in your stomach, they're going in your lungs. And so let me be clear about nevertheless, in this particular season, people with lung problems, etc. underlying problems, be careful, especially if you've got a flu and chest infection. And it's certainly if you got those symptoms on on COVID virus, etc. You should be and know that you are not doing and don't feel guilty and sinful, but you miss those days of fasting. Yeah, and take medication to bring the temperature down and drink fluids, etc. So that you don't endanger your

00:37:33 --> 00:38:20

life. So don't you don't endanger your life, you're not allowed to do that. Brothers and sisters. So this is important for remembering in regards to acute illness, that which lasts a few days, then it is better for those people to make up the past from later on. In regards to chronic illness, and maybe diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, the ongoing and literally doesn't disappear, you are exempt. Full stop, full stop. Especially not just exempt. For some of you it is actually dangerous and you you like the publicized some he's our example rock metal ilala mean, he's actually killing the person who's just suffering from the sunshine and getting shaded. Yeah, while it's fasting that

00:38:20 --> 00:39:03

this is not from righteousness. So what would he say about you and me who are making yourself suffer putting our lives in danger and carrying on fasting with the exemptions being given by a rough man Rahim, the Most Merciful, the most compassionate, it is part of our being it is against our being to cause that kind of suffering to yourself. We've have a wrong understanding misunderstanding of this. So, so take the rock star which is loving to Allah subhanaw taala follow the for a pseudo Muslim who is the bringer of mercy. Yeah, and in those situations with chronic illness, don't fast because he's not going to get better. They are to pay failure, failure for feeding one person for every facet

00:39:03 --> 00:39:08

that they miss, which can be paid to the charity organizations. Finally comes the group of the elderly.

00:39:09 --> 00:39:32

What is elderly? That's the question. It's not been defined in the Quran. So now what elderly is, but generally we can have an idea we know for ourselves. Yeah, so you can say around over 70 years of age or you can go by retirement age in this country, as being those who are the elderly, elderly can be without illness, those people elderly as of the light above or below and he said

00:39:34 --> 00:39:59

that the Quranic ayah, which says our alladhina up Kunal Vidya Tom Tom miskeen, and for those who are able to fast, it's difficult is to pay the fifth year, which is feeding of a miskeen. He says this idea hasn't become so abrogated by the other eye obligation. This applies to a shake, shake, shake or copied was shaken pull Kabira

00:40:00 --> 00:40:45

And for the elderly man and the elderly, a woman there are because it's difficult upon them, they can break their heart. They're exempted from fasting. And they are to give Cydia to not to make up later because they're not going to get younger next year. They're getting older so that they pay the idea. And we have in our community brothers and sisters, not just people who are elderly who are Muslims, and we know they love their Deen and they love their fasting, but it's a misunderstanding. From that love of the deen a love of fasting. They feel guilty and sinful and leaving their past and actually if not sinful, they you should actually be feeling guilty actually fasting when this

00:40:45 --> 00:41:32

beautiful beam gave you the exemption from Alani messenger I'm not giving you it alone is messengers giving you a gift, which you don't want. So you need to seriously think about that. And then many of our elderly, they've got other illnesses with them. There's very few who are in their 70s and 80s, who have got no ailments. They are not only elderly, they're married as well. And you look at the, in this crisis of COVID the ones who are vulnerable in the community who are there, especially Asians, yeah, that's us who are elderly, who've got diabetes, hypertension and, and heart problems, etc, etc. Dead and male, they're the prime candidates for catching this virus. So if we put

00:41:32 --> 00:41:45

ourselves ourselves by our own hands in this vulnerable situation, yeah, then we are the ones who are to blame. Islam didn't tell tell us to do that Islam Kim has to do the opposite. mother and sisters.

00:41:47 --> 00:42:38

That's my message. I'm sorry. It's a bit long, but I felt I needed to clarify these situations. May Allah subhanaw taala enlighten our lives, enlighten our hearts, keep us safe in our homes, keep our loved ones our friends and family. Lift this war bar this pandemic off from humanity. May Allah smart Allah guide humanity to the truth to his light to his way And forgive us, all of us. All of us are sinners May Allah forgive us through this difficulty and crisis. May Allah smart Allah, makers of those who are better believers mela Fatah increases in Eman, give us summer and forgive us and makers of those who benefit from this beautiful and blessing month full of rewards which is fast

00:42:38 --> 00:42:48

approaching us along the army, our cola cola have Western federal law Holly welcome in the whole world of Rahim Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

As we find ourselves entering Ramadan whilst still experiencing the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Shaykh Dr. Munir Ahmed provides some practical advice and considerations rooted within the Qur’an and Hadith Traditions on how different categories of people may experience fasting and worship during this blessed month.

1:57 – On Credibility to Teach/ Disseminate Knowledge
5:08 – Ramadan, Fasting and the Principles of Shari’ah
18:28 – Should one be Fasting if they are Care-giving on the Front Line?
28:42 – Experiencing Ramadan for the General Population during the Pandemic
34:03 – Fasting for those with General and Chronic Ailments
39:06 – Fasting for the Elderly

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