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Samadhi rahmatullah wa barakato

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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah means that Allahu wa Salam o Baraka, Vina Muhammad and while early you will save yourself from the steam and Kathira mama but I would like to welcome you all to our first session of the VRC conversations. We are going to be inshallah to Allah every Monday after Isha until Ramadan begins inshallah Allah who host guests who will help us inshallah bring us closer to Ramadan and preparation for the month of Ramadan. So the first session I would like to start with inshallah Allah azza wa jal will be on Ramadan and our youth. And with that, I'm actually very hamdulillah pleased to have our youth directors Bucha who sit back here and sister Amina, as well

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you're here with us, who are the directors of our youth program here hamdulillah for the high school, the boys and the girls and hamdulillah al Amin. So I would like to say welcome to Zack malaco for being here with us on the program.

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Berg Allah

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may Allah subhanho wa Taala make this Ramadan blessing Ramadan to all of us out of bed element. First of all I would like to ask you know, since mashallah, you guys are now the youth directors, which means you're helping the boys and the girls to prepare for the month of Ramadan. But before we get there, I want to talk about you guys how was Ramadan for you when you were in that age that you are now serving as your director so when you are that age in high school, how was Ramadan for you always tell us about Ramadan?

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Bismillah hamdulillah it wasn't that long ago that I was in high school. So it was really I just remember Subhan Allah the one theme in Ramadan when I was younger was the masjid and the attachment to the programs in the masjid and the people in the masjid and really the message is truly made Ramadan amazing is youth. That's where you got to encourage one another to connect to the Quran, learn the Sita and different things of that nature. So you can't imagine Ramadan without the module module. I cannot imagine Ramadan Allah in terms of your favorite part of the month of Ramadan as a youth what was it for you?

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The PMS look? Yeah, yeah, masha Allah was that something from the whole material just so for the youth, the youth exclusive ones. Now what was so special about it though, just you know, praying together and having different Halaqaat and having reflections together and also just different activities and sisterhood inseparable and just feeling like you know, the message is just yours you wouldn't it's just the youth in the masjid even when it's just the youth girls you know, they prey on these stuffs in the masala and they just feel it's like a different vibe you know it's panela even less than on with on just the youth here. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to

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this Ramadan as well and so you would definitely encourage the parents to bring their their daughters and their sons inshallah to come to this program with Allah so even though it's going to be late at night in the month of Ramadan Yeah, I think it's it's worth it to sacrifice sleep for one month for the hassle net and for the experiences as from the lone chef there's a lot about you how was Ramadan for you? It was for him saw the sounds will last a lot. So

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first and foremost, Zack Allah for inviting us to this beautiful conversation program. I used to watch this ship now back in the day

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enjoying this program a handler of an animal such as like a local chef and we asked Allah subhanaw taala first and foremost to make us among those who will witness this month of Ramadan Ramadan. I mean, I saw a lot in your very culinary from Shabana

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regarding a question so I spent half of my life in Egypt and have in Europe and in America. So when I was when I was in high school, I was in Egypt at that time, and Ramadan for masa is different. So so how long the the Spirit the energy, especially towards Madrid,

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you walk in the streets of Cairo streets, you will hear the Musharraf siding and the masajid and then you will hear the amazing event of Sheikh Mohammed Arafat

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every time I just hear this event, reminds me by my childhood reminds me by by Ramadan And subhanAllah first night used to be very special now as we are walking to to the masjid

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you know Subhanallah the Sakina and the tranquility that you feel as you're approaching the masjid for the very first time it's something that I cannot forget. So there is no doubt this kind of environment there is no we can replicate that 100% here in America. But what is it that you believe that as you directors as a community as a as families that we can bring closer to that environment for our youth and the massage what we need to do? Believe it or not Shana when I came here I was shocked Wallah when I came to that ranch I'm shocked because it

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was always in my mind Ramadan is always in my mind something that is that is mesmerizing experience that I used to have so for me to go to different places without you know mention any names and not to feel this it was very disappointing and I used to suffer in this Ramadan Subhanallah because I just want back that energy that I used to have in Ramadan here in Sheikh Mohammed is that a lot more work both more Oh, you break your fast

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so somehow when I came here Mona and I now I understand why people move to Dallas and especially Valerie and so Lesotho see people from Europe coming here from different places for America.

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The energy here is different Subhanallah approaching Ramadan here as abroad Ramadan is approaching. First night here is very special. You will find curry of Yusuf and curry Hamza, you know with their beautiful recitations. And then you will find those amazing talks with more leadership. Yes, images and shoehorns demand, especially the last 10 Nights, those those those late night, you know, soft terms, hearts offense talks, 200 just makes Ramadan different here in America, I believe that this is a place that's very unique for Hong Kong.

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So I hope our youth, our youth and their families, they hear your message over here, making sure that you know you spend as much time as they can, in the image of the house of Allah subhanho wa taala. I also Alicia, this is a very important point because

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our experiences are different, or those who are coming from Muslim countries are different now. Our youth are not experiencing the same.

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And sometimes we just deal with our youth as if we are dealing with our young selves. So hello, that reminds me by Makoto italiana. We thought of Allah angle, when he said I limit Allah the Quran, Allah Allah, Allah to the unknown holy fisherman and I use America. So you say that you cannot just apply the same strategy, the same thing. Same experience that you had when you were a child and apply to today's society in today's time. hour, you youth need something that's very special for them to make them feel that this is actually Ramadan. That's something that I look for it. Something that is that's exciting, something that's happy, something that I actually can't wait to witness.

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And I believe that that falls under our under falls on our shoulders, to make sure that we actually get our youth experienced something very special in the month of Ramadan. So semina, that brings us actually to subject of course, since our time is different than our parents time, and our kids time and so on.

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School is different here, have his ever scheduled long hours and so much they need to do Subhanallah during school day, after school, and even sometimes that we can do a lot of activities and so forth. So if we would like to ask this, this, the parents and the students, for example, how can they balance between their school a school load, homework, activities, programming, and also benefit from the month of Ramadan? The worship is about describing how can we do that? I think the first and most important thing is time management. SubhanAllah. Now, I think we're going to touch on that later in the conversation, but a lot of youth waste time on social media, on their phones, TV, hanging out

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with friends with idle talk. So if we have proper time management, that really helps, and also not over exerting yourself. And you know, if you go to an Islamic school, I'm sure inshallah they'll make accommodations later workload. If you go to a public school, you don't maybe even have a conversation with your teachers. You know, can I have some extensions on certain things, you know, this is our holy month and explain things to them being transparent. But also understanding that you know, to make the most of Ramadan doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be in the masjid for all 20 are present totally. If you're a high schooler that has a final the next day.

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Like pick what you need to do. What's the most important you know what I should enjoy mastering for the beginning of total, we're attending what you can but don't stretch yourself too thin. So they need to do their homework, right? Because they come back from school before Iftar so they can spend the night in the match? Is that what you're saying? I think that's a really good idea. Do your homework get it done with take a nap have a thought? Come to them but don't wait to make your your homework at Soho time. Or you could do your homework at Sephora would and men just stay up after budget. But since you talked about the social subject of social media, it seems that phones and

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these gadgets becomes like an extra limb for the youth with this this Subhanallah How can we how can we help our youth start kind of like this

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unplug slowly and gradually and get out, get out of their system. So we can really benefit for the month of Ramadan. And if they had to use the phone, they had to use technology how can you use it properly for the sake of benefiting for the month of Ramadan inshallah Tana, you could pick time limits on certain apps on social media, I highly encourage limiting yourself on certain apps, you know, tick tock Instagram, the famous ones for the youth nowadays, but also, don't start on the first day of Ramadan start from now, you know, start tapering down your social media usage from now be mindful of what you are putting on your screen and what you're seeing and what you're listening

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to. And just try your best to cut it out as best as you can. I understand it's not feasible now. Everybody, right? Especially us adults are glued to our phones looking at news from us and we're looking at things online. But how how can you taper down is by cutting out the unnecessary thing so suggested that people need to kind of go inside, unfollow unnecessarily. Pages and celebrities and people who are not going to be productive for the month of Ramadan? Yes, for sure, clean your feed. So in Ramadan, or even now every year feed should be things that you wouldn't be comfortable with showing myself or chef you said for Chef yesterday, your parents, your for you page should be you

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know, clips from Valley Ranch, because we have a tic tac, you guys just different things like this. So be mindful of who you're following and what your local living search you have. Now this brings us to actually a very important subject as well, that when it comes to bad habits, it's not just really having habits to always over the phone and and you're wasting our time on these reels and so forth may not necessarily be haram thing that they watch, but they're just wasting their energy on useless stuff and so on. But there are so many other habits my some of the youth might have, that they have maybe picked up before the month of Ramadan. What can we say to them? How can we advise our youth to

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start inshallah to Allah focusing on changing the bad habits and bring the new habits in their life? Inshallah, how can we do this?

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First and foremost, is to

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evaluate ourselves first, see, where are we at, and what exactly needs to be improved what needs to be changed. If we are not acknowledging our weaknesses, our bad habits, and we're not, we're not seeing them, we're not aware of them, then it will be very difficult to actually change. So number one is to just pause, cut the noise, cut the distractions, and just focus on yourself and see where you want to be at after Ramadan. What things that you need to change, that's number one. Number two, you cannot really quit bad habits.

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The only way to quit bad habits is to develop good ones that will take over that will eventually take over. Because sometimes you're just focused on the bad habits and trying to quit those bad habits but we're emotionally attached to them. It's very difficult to just decide to pause and to stop those bad habits if you don't have a backup plan that can actually get you to overcome those bad habits. So if you have some of these years they would like to come to you said chef knock on the door. I have some bad habits I need your help. How would you how would you help them with that? What would you tell them? I will first ask what kind of bad habits you have. And then I will ask how what

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do you think you can do has a good habit that you can develop throughout those 30 days of Ramadan because this is this is a golden opportunity. Even the personal Allah spoke about how how this is you know, an opportunity because Shelties are locked. And it's a time for me and you to to develop right for better self discipline and for the for that sense of spiritual development and emotional development. So your doors gonna be open for them. When they come to you. They need some they need some some some mentorship they need so you know I need you to help me out with this habit. I just want them to know that inshallah our youth directors inshallah leaders with an ally as those that

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are there to help them out one habit at a time in the last is that possible Joomla that's that's what we're here for. That's why they hired us handle Oberman Zakka Lukka now, since Amina you know when it comes to the subject of habits, I'm sure again, not all the habits are stuff Allah haram habits, but what's the value of clearing some of the halal habits what exactly we gain out of removing some extra habitat unnecessary in our lives? Exactly like you said, when it comes to not everything is haram. However, how do you feel if the Prophet sallallahu sallam was here and he saw you doing these things isn't technically not haram to be scrolling on certain things on social

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media. But is that how you would want to spend your time so being mindful of how you spend your time because Subhanallah our time is an amount

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No, and we have this limited time on Earth, and we're supposed to use it wisely. So making sure that what you're doing with your time is worth it. So you know, hanging out with friends, how can we make that meaningful, making your plans revolve around sulla we're going to come to the masjid, we'll pray together, and then we'll go out to dinner, and then having proper conversations with your friends, because my concern is that when we talk about changing habits, most people's minds goes to bad habit. Something that is haram. So that is wrong. But it doesn't have to be I just want our youth to understand that even sometimes some of the halal things that they do, might be actually a

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bad habit or itself. Yeah. So that, for example, they go on to spend, spend time, too much time socializing with their friends, or spending time on the phone for four hours, for example, or while for example, playing video games instead of playing for an hour becomes three, four hours, for instance, even if it's some that it's considered Halon, it doesn't mean it's good for you. So we need to make sure that they understand that when it comes to habits, whether it's bad, or Halon is the need to be changed. In short, something has been done. Which brings us to another subject right now. She Rusev when it comes to Ramadan, just like anything that we'd like to accomplish and benefit

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from inshallah Darla, it has to be something intentional, like we have to have vision for it to have to have goals for it. So when it comes to the youth as adults, it's easy for us to set our goals for the month of Ramadan. But for the youth, what could be what are reasonable goals, reasonable goals that the youth should maybe set for themselves in the month of Ramadan while they're still going to school? So they can benefit inshallah the most vanilla Azada and parents hopefully can help them out with that, but Nilaya What could that be? So first and foremost, Shekinah we have to set realistic goals. Sometimes you just put big goals and then we get burned out and finishing the Quran 60 time

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like Imam Shafi that's an unreasonable then then that might be that might be a very difficult one. So, so setting realistic goals, but be consistent as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Hubble amellia Allah at one point so the most beloved leads to Allah subhanaw taala are those who are consistent even though they're they're small, doesn't matter the quantity but matters what matters is the quality right? So that's that's number one setting realistic goals. Number two,

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Xiao Chun Ramadan is basically about two things. Number one is obviously about the Quran. Now shall Ramadan lead Yun Salafi Al Quran and so hello, this this shift this idea of the month of of the Quran sometimes we just were been saying this for all of our lives and we desensitize or normalize this this verse channel Ramadan legends I feel current sure this is the month of Ramadan so it's the month of the Quran. But actually she has a very beautiful and strong story that I would like to share in sha Allah Tala that really made me look at this month differently. So when Allah said Shall Rodon Allah the Quran who that leanness so he said the month of Ramadan is where the Quran was

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revealed as guidance. Now, as we are going to recite sort of the background Sharla she has she if dolls right here, she also lives in China with some tea is gonna because you know fall in love with the Quran Salah through his recitation sutra, Allah subhanaw taala says Kona Butoh minha Jamia for in Maya Tiana Kamini houden Samantha Tyga, who died, find a home for Allah, whatever he has.

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This This story starts from Prophet Adam, Alison, when Allah sent Adam and her work to the earth and told them because of their mistake, you're going to go, you know, down to the earth, and wait for my guidance to be the same to you

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and be to manage me and for in my Tianna caminhada and once you get this hold up this guidance, if you were to follow it, then you will have a place where there is no hope. And there is no hope, no fear and no sudden switch which is basically Jan. In other words, if you were to follow this guidance, you will make your way back to John, you and your offspring. Now Allah has fulfilled his promise He has sent down pieces of guidance through our prophets that King to the people

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and the Bible was a guidance right and Allah has has describing and described the Bible as Hooda in the Quran, all of the books of Allah subhanaw taala guidance until they reached the last piece of guidance that Allah subhanaw taala has sent to humanity. And that was the Quran that was sent in this month, the month of Ramadan. In other words, we are

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Celebrating the fulfillment of the promise of Allah subhanaw taala that he has given to Prophet Adam Alayhis Salam so we have something that's very precious I guess the conclusion of all that the journey of that guidance to mankind comes into the Quran in the month of Ramadan Baraka Ouattara. So that is very special time so we have to embrace that for answer this is definitely one of the habits. If if one if you would like to suggest to the youth to have one particular habit with the Quran in the month of Ramadan, saying the one single habit that they would call like a milestone milestone habit, that that changes the way they receive the Quran? What would that be if they want

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if you want them to do something with the Quran, the month of Ramadan this year in sha Allah, Allah, what would that be? Well, he is putting extra effort to understand the words of Allah subhanaw taala, like one page at a time, when I add a time? Well, I would say, I would say whatever, whatever amount as long as it doesn't overwhelm you over overtime, because you need to be consistent throughout Ramadan. If you think that's a reasonable amount to understand and translate to understand to really feel the meaning of those items that will actually get you attached to the words of ALLAH, do you suggest for them to read the translation from cover to cover like don't hurt

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my English, I would suggest the reciting in Arabic.

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And then and then translating the eyes and understanding it's not just I mean a lot about yourself, you know, if you would like to give the girls

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their their best advice and regard to the to the Quran in the month of Ramadan, especially that sometimes the guys might compress a look, I don't have the full Ramadan and like, like everybody else, I have to take a break for a full week and so on. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna take what do I do in this month? For example, what advice would you give these girls Inshallah, so don't feel left behind when it comes to the tradition and their attachment to the book of Allah subhanaw taala. So making sure that you understand the Quran and having different resources that you use, you know, there's a bunch of podcasts and the column app that you can go through different Tafseer with them, there's so

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many different resources that you can use, you know, we can give you guys the information and the resources in sha Allah. But it's definitely very important to go through the what the Quran means, because I think a lot of the times the youth get so sucked up into rushing a hokhmah. And like reading through very quickly, and not understanding what they're reading, because how many of our youth have completed the Quran cover to cover but don't understand what it is that they're reciting. So connecting with the Quran on a more meaningful level. And even if you have a weak break, you can still do that. What do you what do you think of having a personal journal for the Quran? Like, what

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are you reading? Whenever read the translation and specific meaning hit you, then you write it down in a form of an action item like do this, don't do this, do that. So something that you connect with the client on a personal level, what a typical habit, the journal, I love that idea. I always encourage the youth to have a journal with them and then sticky notes or is that really meant a lot to them or that have an impact on them. And then digging more into the story of those as understanding what was happening when these ads were revealed and understanding more in depth. So definitely having a journal and making notes and encouraging you and your friends who do do those

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together is very important. Even on the Notes app, you can share your notes with a friend and update it with them. So you know, if you guys make a group and you have you're put on notes together and you can reflect together that's a great, that's beautiful. Then regards to

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challenge the youth that go through that parents might not be aware of, like for us, the parents is easier maybe to tour our kids, hey, you need to fast. Why don't you wake up and you know, read your Quran, you need to stay every single night for the tarawih and the Masjid. But they also have other challenges that the parents may not be aware of, from your experience for the youth specifically during the month of Ramadan when they come to you and they start kind of bring their grievances to and so on. What are these challenges that they go through that parents need to be aware of? Well, I said, like I said, our experience, as children were totally different. Even if we for those who are

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born and raised in America. Also, it's different. The world is changing, you know, rapidly thinks that the challenge that we faced 20 years ago, 15 years ago, are totally different than today's challenges. Now, one of the big challenges that I believe our youth are going through during the month of Ramadan is that the feel the feel lonely in their schools, because every every other person everyone is actually

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you know, not fasting so they see people you know, eating and drinking around them and then it's even difficult and heavy sometimes to explain to people why are we fasting and the get overwhelmed with all of those those questions. However, I always advise our youth is that you know, being in a

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position where you're different, it doesn't mean that you're lower than your lower right. And when people see that you have principles, and you're sticking to your principles, and you're sticking to your values, eventually people will, will actually have respect towards you. So that's one of the biggest challenge that when they're on the school, and they're fasting, they feel that just like, out of this world, I need, I need the parents to understand that because it's easy for you to go fast and into corporate America, because you guys are adults, who cares, right? And you have your own space, sometimes that you don't even see anybody else at all throughout the whole day, and so

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on. But our youth, they have to face the challenge of, you know, maybe sometimes being questioned as to, why aren't you eating? Why not? This? Why not dad, and so on. So that's something the parents needs to be prepared for? How can the parents, what should the parents provide for the children in order to give them that kind of peace and also support in these kind of circumstances? Number one, number one ally ship needs to hear them out. When they come back from school, just listen, right? Just listen, listening to their days, how did your day go? Right, and you will find that they will dawn on you, like a lot of, you know, a lot of a lot of situations that they faced in school, and

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you just need to hear them out. Sometimes we don't we don't we since we have very limited time, especially Ramadan, and things are going fast and, and we're already fasting, we have low energy. And you know, we were busy with preparing the Iftar, all of this, and we want to focus on our Areva as well, this is the best.

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So the best thing ever is to actually see to see what your child is going through and to spend time that's actually for my father. So hearing them out and understanding what they're going through, it will actually develop this sense of sympathy as well. So you will not going to going to overwhelm them even more. But how do you understand this, but first hear them out just knowing what what they're going through in this month. Number two, I like I said, we want to make it more exciting. Ramadan is about also reaching out to others and feeling for others. Right. And and so I would advise my child, once they came back from school, I will actually make it exciting. I will I will

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give him a gift and go and give this to your neighbor. It's Ramadan. Right? Let's let's go now and actually draw something beautiful to our neighbor with Ramadan, Mubarak, and go and give it to your neighbor. Let's connect to your brothers and sisters that they're actually in the maybe alone during this month. Just bring happiness to them as well. So he will feel or she will feel that Ramadan is not just something that's overwhelming and making them of course, a nice fancy meal for Iftar. Right? Absolutely. And especially food please.

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Sir Amina in terms of the girls, maybe boys versus girls won't come to school. And a mother or the boys might be you know, brave enough to not care about what people say, but some that some of the girls can be sensitive. So what are other challenges that the girls might be going through? The parents need to be aware of what come for the month of Ramadan? I think a lot of our youth the trends that I see when I talk to the girls is that they're perfectionists and they want to be perfect in every aspect of their life. So they start Ramadan, very excited, I'm going to maintain my perfect grades. I'm going to read the Quran three different times I'm going to do all these things.

00:28:34--> 00:29:12

And then towards the middle of the month, there's a slump and then they start to feel a guilt that Oh, wow, I'm failing and that they have that hopelessness like Hollis that I'm just not going I can't achieve these goals. I'm going to be mediocre the rest so what I try to tell the girls the most important thing is to not burn out do not fall victim to burnout and being too extreme and the way that you start Ramadan, make smart goals, make realistic goals, make goals that work with your schedule, because my goals and your goals are not going to look the same. Everybody has a different workload they have different family circumstances. So don't necessarily compare yourself to your

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friend and that's what I always try to ingrain in these girls. So in Sharla actually here we are going to be doing a pre Ramadan retreat for the girls as well as a pre Ramadan workshop and we're going to be working on these things and tackling these smart goals together and show now that you brought this up What about non hamdulillah Ramadan is coming up very soon for us insha Allah Allah what what parents need to expect and what the US should expect inshallah from you guys as youth directors from Valley Ranch Islamic center in sha Allah Tala program but in Allah azza wa jal, what are the activities we're preparing for the youth in the month of Ramadan. So first and foremost, we

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are here for all of you. If you are having a hard time at school or you're having different things that you need to talk about myself and Jeff Yusuf in our youth teams, we're here to talk about it and work through solutions. In terms of programming in sha Allah, we are

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going to be having if DODDS we're going to be having PMS, we're going to be here I shot in total, we're and during the late night conversations and having discussion circles in sha Allah, we will be also having a digital series that we're going to be dropping as well, because having mindful social media usage and

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this year for us and Ramadan, in Texas, at least we blessed that the first probably maybe a week of Ramadan, the kids are off school spring break, right? So they're going to be off during the day as well too. Is that going to be hard on them too fast or easy? And if so, what kind of program are you having for them during that time should be free? I answer this question I really

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like her sister, Amina said about burning out and seeking perfection through Ramadan. And I would say just want to add something to what Sister Amina said.

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You know, Subhan Allah, what counts in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala as your pursuits, your efforts, the journey itself now, what counts? Is that effort that you're going to put Allah subhanaw taala does not judge people based on results. Profit no honey salon 950 years given our if you look at the development of the numbers, there is no really development. My mom will love Cody very few people believe to them. But Allah subhanaw taala you know, why Allah put him in high stacks is because he was strong and he was tough and he went through it. The journey itself what matters as Allah subhanaw taala said, what Elisa insane Illamasqua no unnecessary suffering? What matters is

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your pursuit. And your pursuit will be shown to Allah subhanaw taala and the Day of Judgment, so yes, don't burn out. Don't seek perfection. As long as you're putting your effort, Allah subhanaw taala will help you through it inshallah. As far as your question, chestnut, spring break, spring break, so spring break, Mala. Actually,

00:31:54--> 00:32:37

in terms of is it tougher for them to faster easier? I think it is tougher, right? Because there are more distractions than just going to school and come in school, give them visit the day right? But now they're free all day. That's what am I gonna do right now? Yes. So on a spiritual level is tougher is more difficult because you have a lot of distractions, you have social media, you have video gaming, you have all of that around you and it's, it's gonna be a little tougher for you to focus on your ABA and this is where actually you need to put that effort that we're talking about. If you're making a little progress that counts and you're being consistent with it and Hamdulillah

00:32:37--> 00:33:12

this is what Allah wants to see from you is that you said the programs but in terms of programs I want to suggest something quickly before I forget this this issue because many parents when they come that when a mother actually comes and they bring their kids to the masjid obviously they expect that the magic is going to be taken care of everything for them. So they are the programs activities and so on. And obviously we're not going to be given everything from A to Z to our youth and children so on so I need to be able to understand what is the what what can we offer them what are the activities that we can offer and what do we expect from their parents and return as well to

00:33:12--> 00:33:13

Charlotte Anna

00:33:15--> 00:34:01

Lee regarding the program Shana inshallah we will have something on social media. That's the first thing before before then pre Iftar we have co authored insha Allah Tala that dedicated to the youth, I highly encourage all parents inshallah to to let your children watch these hotter. And then we have PMS throughout Ramadan, the light, just to to have a full night of riba during Ramadan. The nature of our Masjid is that we have very limited capacity, very limited capacity. And that means that we're going mainly to join the main program for the most part. And so we will have to follow the the regulations that the machine has shown for

00:34:02--> 00:34:40

an advisor to give the parents who come and drop off their kids, so do your job take care of them. So first and foremost, we are a team and I always tell the parents this throughout the year is that the youth team and the parents, we are one team with the same goal, the success of our youth. So we have to work together and have mutual respect. And I think that the biggest thing that parents need to realize is that the age group requirements are strict for a reason. So we have our elementary program coordinator, Sr. Bushra. And she curates programming for elementary age youth. And everybody has their specific age group programming. And she does her programs split up by ages because that is

00:34:40--> 00:35:00

how these kids will thrive when they're in their proper age group learning their proper curriculums and everything. So when we have a middle school program, not insisting for your elementary age youth to join or other brothers and sisters, I Wallahi I understand, but we do it for a reason. You know Subhanallah we could have just had one youth program for them.

00:35:00--> 00:35:24

My sister then hired one person to do everything and have everybody together all the time, but out of mindfulness for what the needs of the youth are is why we have these systems in place. So we hope that the parents respect really the boundaries and the rules that we put because there for a reason, they're here for a reason. Absolutely. One last question. And two questions shallow tobacco, the first one of the last two is, may Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for our brothers isn't because they are blind. I mean,

00:35:26--> 00:35:58

obviously, as Ramadan comes, and the Hamdulillah, we still have the comfort of our homes and lives. And we still expect the handler to have a nice, beautiful warm meal towards the end of the day, and so forth. That's something I don't know if our brothers and sisters that they will be able to have that privilege, as we as we go through to handle in this life right now. So what message should we give our youth when it comes to the month of Ramadan? As we observe what our the youth of Gaza are going through today? And what message should we deliver to you today?

00:35:59--> 00:36:42

First and foremost, Shekinah? May Allah subhanaw taala alleviate the suffering of our brothers and sisters? I mean, I mean, are they the children of reserve inspiration to everybody. And I believe that our youth should look at the children of Russia as an inspiration. And, and if we're talking about quitting bad habits, developing good habits, if we're talking about resilience, if we're talking about seeking real change, if we're talking about better self discipline, and maturity upon maturity, of course. So this is, this is an example right there of people that they're living under all those circumstances, and they're still resilient, and they're still going through it. And

00:36:42--> 00:36:49

they're still strong, that should inspire everyone, it should inspire our youth to actually

00:36:50--> 00:37:14

follow that model of being strong and for working on myself and my own challenges and my own weaknesses. So there was no some most of our authority and there's no big deal, right? If there is some loser after we eat some food, and then we make the ad for our brothers and sisters and visit, and we feel for them because it shot Ramadan was meant for for that purpose, as well as to actually

00:37:15--> 00:37:54

feel that sense of hunger that reminds you that there's still people across the globe that they're actually suffering. And we see that more than right there. So that's, that is a very close model to every one of us. And so Ramadan should, should remind us by this and being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala that Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us and showered us with all of those blessings. And in order for us to maintain those blessings as Allah subhanaw taala said, and then we show gratitude to Allah subhanho. So So Amina when you think about the youth of Reza right now the girls that we see them, every now and then Subhanallah, how they come out on the screen, and like Sheikh

00:37:54--> 00:38:30

was mentioned, sometimes it's really inspiration on Sunday that he breaks the heart. What kind of message should we give our youth in this month of Ramadan, as we see these young brothers a son was going through difficult circumstances. I always tell the youth every time you're scrolling on your phone, and you're seeing horrific things coming out of Uzza that use this as a reminder for yourself first and foremost that hamdulillah be grateful for what you have. And second of all, use it as an inspiration of how you can be better because Subhanallah these young youth are so young, and they're in the middle of a war zone when living the most horrendous conditions. But they're still uttering

00:38:30--> 00:39:10

has to be alone Ahmed Wikia, they're still grateful to us on time. They're not complaining, they they're respecting their parents that they're an inspiration. So learn from them and say, if these kids can be that strong in their Iman in these conditions, what is our excuse? Now, what is our excuse of these conditions. The second thing that I always tell the girls is one of the biggest trends an issue that we see with our girls youth is you know, the cliques and the girls having problems amongst each other and some drama and gossiping and stuff. And what I remind the girls is that in a time like this, this is a reminder that our own money to unite in our youth we need to

00:39:10--> 00:39:45

unite we are Sisters in Islam, not every single youth that the youth program needs to be your best friend. But we need to have love and respect for everybody here and stay together and stay united because in times like this, we need each other more than ever in this community is so important and this semester is so important and not taking like not forgetting what you have the blessing that you have here is your favorite advice that would give the youth in general for the month of Ramadan. But would that be I want to hear from each one of you in sha Allah Allah. What were your favorite Ramadan advice that you would give for the youth and the parents should carry with them and also

00:39:45--> 00:39:47

share with their children shall Lodi what would that be?

00:39:49--> 00:39:59

What I always tell the girls is that before Ramadan, think of three habits that you have that you're not happy with. Think of three things, whether they're smaller

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

urge that you don't want to do. And then think of three things that you can replace those habits with. So for example, if you spend too much time playing video games, think of a way that you can replace that time with something so you know, instead of playing three hours of video games in a day, maybe play like 40 minutes but then replace that extra time with reading more Quran and if you do that consistent and small effort every single Ramadan after how many years how many habits will you have accumulated? So grow grow in three areas in the month of Ramadan inshallah the water called zagaleta shoes, what's your favorite advice for the youth and their parents inshallah?

00:40:37--> 00:41:21

Alicia, we live in a self centered world, everybody is thinking about themselves, their careers, their desires, their goals. And Ramadan is meant to be thinking of others, right, thinking of the GEMA thinking of the community, thinking of the people that the live alone thinking of the people that are going to have Iftar for the first time in their lives as reverts. And they're actually going to be alone this Ramadan, thinking about the people that the last family members and they're going to be alone this Ramadan month, I would I would advise our youth along with, you know, focusing on your own goals as well, as well. I advise to actually do an act throughout Ramadan

00:41:21--> 00:42:04

that's consistent and that has to do with others, right? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said something very beautiful he said LAN amchi mark if you're hydrating Hi we're live in an attic if I shot on fumes God He says if I were to be just in a surface of a brother or sister we residual truly in need that's probably more rewarding than being an advocate for a full month so we don't want to underestimate this act of Ibadan shall not Allah so so if you're if you're sending you know charity to our brothers and sisters and husband that's that's a good act of worship. If you're actually checking on a neighbor who's truly in need and you're bringing something to him that's act of

00:42:04--> 00:42:42

worship. If you think that a friend of yours is going through difficult time and then you're checking in that's an act of worship that we want to do in Ramadan think about something that's outside of your circle and if your desires and your own goals think about something higher inshallah desert Malacca what I learned from yoga as the last advice I would like to share with them in short summary what to mention look for three things that you would like to grow in the month of Ramadan inshallah that's very valuable. And the second eventual use of inshallah Allah add value to someone else's life in the month of Ramadan. Whether by donating to make them to give them something good or

00:42:42--> 00:43:18

physically go and help them with something shallow to like, add value to someone else's life that will inshallah bring you joy and happiness in the dunya. And in the Accra she uses that Amina doc Mala here for joining us for VRC conversations was beautiful. hamdulillah kombucha we had ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala protect our families, protect our youth yerba Alameen May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect our children, the children because they are behind me. You ask ALLAH SubhanA wa to deliver the sufferings of the people because they are Allah. We ask Allah subhana wa to make Ramadan a month of peace and tranquility for them or a Brahmin. We ask Allah to restore our Eman, our faith and our

00:43:18--> 00:43:25

tranquility for all of us in this dunya and alpha or beta alanine desert willow heron, As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.