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Handling Nairobi alameen wa Salatu was Salam.

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ala l mursaleen. wa aalihi wa sahbihi

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wa. Praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds we send peace and blessings on his final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Solomonic Allah. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, I would be lying if I told him Bismillah Rahim in

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German Jelena houfy Laila,

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Laila to order Laila to pottery higher.

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In elfi, Shadow Potala, tala

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Hamming well kita bill moving in.

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de la

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Rocca de la ala T Mobile rocketing in

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Allah says in the Quran, as you're all aware but ancestors first install, surely we sent it down meaning the Quran on the Night of Decree

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not Night of Power at ease as is sometimes translated Night of Decree and what will make you realize what the Night of Decree is, in the Night of Decree is better than 1000 months, metadata 1000 months meaning 1000 months of worshipping. And in Surah Doohan the last one I mentioned again, about taking us by the manifest book in the Quran. Surely we sent it down on the blessing night. So Masato calls at the blessing night, laser to color prophesize alum, Hadith we mentioned earlier in the month that when the month of Ramadan started, that he would say to the Sahaba cottager accum shouto mobarak. Indeed, what has come to you is a blessing month and in that Hadith, which is a long Hadith

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the prophet SAW some also said fee he Laila how you roaming elfie shower in it is a night which is better than 1000 months, better than 1000 months. Man Halima Hi, man huruma Hi, raha faqad hold him. Whoever has been bereft or deprived of its good they really have been deprived. That's how amazing this night is. Whoever's been deprived of it, loses it, they really have lost they have really been deprived. Brothers and sisters, more than 83 years of worship Subhan Allah what an offer that is there available to us while we're still alive. An offer How could we even contemplate missing out on such an offer if that was put in a money terms and I wouldn't really know how to explain that kind

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of offer. Even in monetary terms in the world people will be queuing up beyond the any queues of Black Friday etc. But this is an offer for the hereafter where money and Jews and worldly wealth is going to have no value brothers and sisters, and how much we'll be in need of of such a thing more than 83 plus years of worship and a bother and unless the prophecies are some already told us saying in Hadith in Bukhari Muslim men armor Laila to call the man bomb Laila to coddle wolf era man and wacky cyber warfare Allahu pathoma mean zombie. As he said, the prophet SAW Islam said for fasting in Ramadan, whoever fasts the month of Ramadan with Eman which face unexpected rewards meaning from

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Allah then all their previous sins will be forgiven. And in this one follow whoever stands in prayer on layer two with the man following man and acts hoping for reward from Allah will have all their previous sins forgiven Subhana Allah all previous sins forgiven brothers and sisters, that's like that's like coming out of Laila to Qatar or coming out of Ramadan.

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koyomi Well added to omo like the day that your mother has given you birth yeah daddy for that applies to a set by the prophesized sound for hedge, but it's a similar situation here having all your previous sins forgiven is exactly that kind of state coming out of the two quarter as the US dollar

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It was a day that you've the mother gave you birth Subhanallah what is on offer here? So, this great night I'm not mentioning this reminder today because I think it's on the 27th night brothers and sisters.

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I know it's a popular opinion but on this as many Oliver said, there's 10s of opinions on which is a little cluttered. There's so many opinions on it 4050 why because we have nothing clear from Quran and Sunnah as to which night it is specifically, the best we have from the Prophet salaallah sama, authentic hadith is he said felt me suha

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Fie, Murphy Asheville, our headman Ramadan Jani. We're Phil wetter or what? Look for it search for it in the last 10 nights of Ramadan in the odd nights. Yeah. And the publicize them said that he was informed on which night it was. And then he was made to forget. There are various studies with that details I haven't got time to go into but and he then he said some of the lesser look for it in the odd nights in the last 10 nights. Yeah, and the fact that he was made to fat perhaps he'll be good in it for you. The way the prophet SAW Allah perhaps will be good and indeed there is good in it for all because it encourages us and pushes and drives us towards doing a bear that in in all the odd

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nice, so more chance of acceptance and more chance of reward and developing that human humility and connection with our Creator. Allah subhanaw taala Glory be to Him. And from his Sunday. It is the prophesised sullom

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spent the night in prayer. spent the night in prayer. So the idea of of prayer here I've noticed the Hadith says men are men comma Laila to paddock men comma Laila to paddock who stands in the Night of Decree where standard meaning a pion Pam of Salah, so here of course,

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if you get tired you sit down if you recite Quran do liqueur, MC da, da, actually, and to come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala to feel Allah somata his presence, the lorry, beater him and here remember the prophesize things that add to our who will eba da da da that easy, bad that that is what worship is in fact salada meaning original meaning is the law as well. So when we do the Torah cause and to lacasa keep repeating them. That is our to our Salah is what Fatiha is to our to our Creator Allah subhanho wa Taala so those are the kinds of things from the sooner that we should be doing.

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Standing recite the Quran recited is for reflection brothers and sisters. So I would say if you don't understand, then do the two records have a break and look at the areas that we recited

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with their with their meaning, so that you you're realizing what you are actually saying and it'll remind you and bring you closer and have much

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have the real impact it's supposed to have on our hearts and minds brothers and sisters and recite the Quran that is part of the Battle of the night. Do thicker

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and thicker beer and meat of Allah subhana wa to Allah Subhana Allah Allahu Akbar, Alhamdulillah Allah Allah Allah making dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and amongst that way, humble minion isover galana What should we say in in this night, and the prophet SAW slum? Say Cooley Allah whom in Naka who want to hit bull off fafo Annie, say, Oh Allah, surely you are the partner you love to pardon. So pardon me or pardon us. So this is not the only door to be made brothers and sisters, but it's it is of course coming from the profits awesome. We should make it often on these odd nights.

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So I'm making to our brothers and sisters. As I said, the ibadah is the art so make the orbit pray begin in two hours aside from the the records of Salah Dubois Institute, that is the closest we get to our reality and close closest position that we can

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that we're in, in our closest to Allah swatter is being introduced. So make dua in your own language institute in these dark arts doesn't have to be in Arabic. Make them you can make this video long and make the art that is the best way to

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Make the water Allah Allah loves those who turn to him with disaster to shocker of Allah subhanaw taala sisters and how much have we got? Be grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala Why do nematology latok so if you were to count the favors of Allah, you will not be able to enumerate them. This That's it, despite if we're ill if we've got chronic illness, if we got cancer if we lost some loved ones, if we're dying ourselves, still we should be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for all that he gave us is beyond all that as well. Every moment of life that he gave us to breathe is gratitude, because he didn't need to make his way. So doing Shakur, Allah Mata is a sign of our Eman doing his

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Hamden. tasbeeh and asking Allah swadharma forgiveness brothers and sisters,

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the prophesised I'm used to ask Allah Allah for forgiveness, more than 70 more than 100 times a day not just in Ramadan, not just inland together all the time, but ancestors and where are we in regards to that? Sometimes people think that I've asked enough of forgiveness. No, No, we haven't.

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The policy says that Allah says in the Quran, Abadi all my slaves. Yeah, and that is a loving term from Alaska to us. In the

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dock Do not be lazy. 101, an outfielder rule by Jeremy foster ferroni, Alfred Blackcomb all of you you've seen by damn by night and I forgive all sins so as forgiveness off me and I will forgive you. So ask asking Allah for forgiveness how much we're in need of that brothers and sisters. That's the forgiveness Allah is putting on offer anyway, the old apostle will be forgiven if we sincere in asking for forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala, crying to Allah subhanho wa Taala on our own brothers and sisters, away from other eyes to see that we're crying or whether we're crying or whether we're not crying.

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contemplation on this night contemplation, thinking about our mortality, especially with what's going on around us is a way of making us realize that we are going back towards Allah and sending Salam and Salaam on the soul muscle Islam do much of that brothers and sisters, because the prophets Allah solemn with doing that,

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in sha Allah, we pray that his shofar, which will be in great need of us were sinners, that HFR intercession for us on the yoke on the Day of Resurrection will be accepted. These are some of the things in briefly I want to disable the sisters. And don't forget finally, to make the are not for yourself, make duar for the families, the wider family, the Muslim Ummah, and make dua for humanity brothers and sisters making dua in this time to lift the waba and the pandemic from humanity making the law for a lot to enlighten

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those who are not enlightened and to be guided rightly, from our neighbors from our community, from

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people who have not got Islam that's what I guide them. And through this difficult time mela Fatah make us better people I call Kali has what's the federal law you welcome?