Ramadan Ruminations 2019 – Lesson 4 – Seeing Reality as It Is

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The concept of "taqwa" is used as a way to disciplin oneself and achieve spiritual alignment with God. It is a practice used to reduce the powerful human being and increase spiritual alignment with others. The speaker discusses the reality of life on earth and the dangerous nature of certain words and phrases used in religious teachings, including "by the way" and "by the way," as it can lead to crookedness and falsehood. The importance of learning to use words in religious teachings to avoid crookedness and avoid falsehood is emphasized.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa salam O Allah say that Mohammed Juana and we will send them to steamer. A Saira Malik Omar Abdullah he over cotton and hamdulillah continuing on on this exploration of the word taqwa from the Quran because Ramadan is really a school of taqwa. In fact, the Quran when it says that Allah subhana wa Tana reminds us that fasting was prescribed for previous peoples. In other words, it was commanded for previous peoples could radical masimo come up. katiba added lithium in public. So we have prescribed for you fasting just as it was prescribed for the people before you lucam to tack on in order that you might

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acquire tequila. And so again, the prayer is, is really a practice of taqwa. Going back to the prayer. Fasting is a practice of tequila. Zakat comes out of taqwa. And certainly Hajj is a great personification of tequila because you enter into the harem, and then you're very limited in what you can actually do while you're in the home. So taqwa is really about disciplining the soul about aligning oneself. It's a vertical alignment with your Lord. Most people are living on this horizontal plane, and forgetting that there is actually another plane, there's a plane that penetrates this plane, and that is, is the vertical plane of reality. And so trying to get to the

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point where we have the son of reality directly over our head, the shadow disappears. That's at the essence of what tequila is. One of the things that the Quran says a Stephane will be law he was bureau that take esteana take help with God through God.

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Get your help through God and patience. in an orderly lead up to her mania show omen. Abadi will Arqiva to limit the pain. So the Quran is telling us that the earth is God's he gives it to whomever he pleases, Allahumma Matic and multotec mode command Tasha,

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O possessor of all dominion, you give Dominion to whom you please, Allah subhana wa tada can give Dominion to whomever he pleases. So Pharaoh can rule Egypt, and Moses can be the one who's oppressed in Egypt. But that dominion is from Allah subhana wa Tada. This is the reminder of the Quran. Not to be diluted by the outward not to fall into this false perception of reality, where you think that the people in power are in power, independent from God. No, they're only there because Allah subhana wa Adana has enabled them to be there. And when he removes their power, their power goes, it can go in one night it can go in one heartbeat, all of their power is gone. It can go with a stroke, Allah

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subhana wa tada can reduce the most powerful human being to a muttering idiot. This is the reality of life on earth. And so the people are tough are the people who they don't seek their help in the outward illusion of the world. They seek their help from the source of the world from what's behind the world, which is Allah subhana wa Adana. And for this reason, their hearts can never be conquered. Their bodies can be conquered, they can be enslaved, that can be in the worst conditions, but their hearts are for God. This is the reality of the people of taqwa. And so we're reminded that the earth is God's, but then that he gives it to whom he pleases. You read through her mania Sha

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maneri bad he again, ministry bad he, but they're still His servants. It doesn't matter who they are. They're still in the servitude of Allah subhana wa Tada. But what occupa to then Mata Kane, despite all of that, the the RP by the end affairs for the people of taqwa. Now, there's another verse would that one's from sorta Tara, there's another verse alladhina, imechanic 100 of the akar. Masada will add to zecca. Were a little bit model when the huanan Mancha when in LA here are people two or more. Again, those who we have established in the earth, what do they do once they get into power, and this is the difference between the people of Pharaoh and the people Moses. Once they get

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into power, they establish prayer, they take care of the poor people. See, Pharaoh does the opposite. Pharaoh makes people worship Him. And then he exploits the poor people. The people of taqwa are the people who when they're established in the earth, they established the prayer. They give

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taqwa. And they they do a moribund model of an animal God. In other words, they command others to virtue because they're practicing it so that they're not hypocrites, commanding people to do virtuous things without them practicing, you know, they command others to virtue. And, and and they practice that virtue and they prohibit the moon car. They prohibit things that are foul vulgarity. One of the hallmarks of, of our current civilization is its vulgarity. The prophet SAW, I said, I'm despised vulgarity. He despised vulgar language. He said that the believer is not for hash. He said one of the signs of the latter days is yahara and flourish with the fact that you will see

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obscenities manifest. And he said you will see people being obscene. The takealot have In other words, that very often when people get upset that they might use an obscenity out of frustration. Here, they'll do it for effect. In other words, to fattoush means that they're doing it on purpose. They're specifically purposefully using obscenities. And so that's a very bad sign. One of the interesting words in the Greek language is the word for vulgarity. A perikarya. Means

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inexperienced in things beautiful.

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So the Greeks understood what vulgarity was, it was people that didn't, they had no, they had no understanding of what beauty is, because beautiful language is never obscene or vulgar. And words do have a reality. People say, oh, what's the big deal about that word? No, there is a big deal about that word, it has a reality. It has an impact. It has a foulness what it indicates is foul. And so the people of virtue are people that they're, they're, they're they're behaving beautifully and they're commanding others to behave beautifully, and they're avoiding the munkar they're avoiding foul things, things that should not be seen or heard. Those are the people of Allah subhana wa tada

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will argue but to the motor pain, and then Allah subhana wa tada reminds us foster in Allah p bataillon. Mata can be patient. The Aki by the end affairs for the people of taqwa these reminders are constantly in the Quran. And we have to understand the reason for that is because truth forever on the scaffold wrong forever on the throne. This is the nature of dunya. It's very difficult for people to understand that because this place is a place of tribulation, if truth was on the throne in the dunya, where's the tribulation?

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the tribulation is in these difficulties. And this is why these religious teachings that that empower people with these understandings are the most powerful teachings on this planet. And that's why they're so dangerous. These are extremely dangerous doctrines, because the people that understand them will never be fooled by the illusory power of Pharaoh and his minions. He has power in this world. But he does not have power in the next world. His power is completely obliterated in the next world. In fact, the prophet SAW I said him said that the tyrants would be raised up like ants on the Day of Judgment, they are going to be stepped on by the vast majority of humanity,

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because there nothing there nothing. And, and this is the difference between the people of taqwa and the people who are deluded by the power of Pharaoh. It's an empty power doesn't exist. Only God exists in reality. And this is what the people of Allah subhanho wa Taala know, they know that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in the end, will rectify every wrong, will straighten every crookedness will elevate every year based and he will have bass every elevated in this dunya that's the nature and this is what we believe in this what we accept. And this is what we will be raised up on in sha Allah to Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala give all of you taqwa in your hearts, when you see the

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reality as reality the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in a beautiful to allow me an email he was opening

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an email about it about what is often used in Abba, all our show me truth as it is in truth, and give me the ability to follow it and show me falsehood, as it is also heard, and give me the ability to avoid it. So Zack McFadden was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh