Ali Hammuda – A Ramadan of change #26 – He died in Ramadan

Ali Hammuda
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Oh Rama

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merci merci.

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Welcome Rama,

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A close friend of mine, posted last year. These following words saying that last night was praying the Torah we pray a man in his 50s collapsed. After five or so units were completed. And an alert was made for any doctor in the congregation to come and see him. He was conscious he seemed to be handled in a good way. He was left with the doctor, and the congregation continued with the prayers. He was later taken to a nearby hospital. And there he was pronounced dead.

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What a beautiful way to die Dear brothers and sisters.

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And what a mighty indication of a person standing in Allah subhanho Talens eyes to be taken away during an act of worship. Do you aspire for that type of end? I certainly do. We ask Allah to give it to us and our parents and the Muslims. Here. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, either are out Allah Hobi IBT and Clara is that if Allah Almighty wants good for a person, he puts him into action. So the Companions they said, How is this a messenger of Allah? What does that mean? He said, You were fickle who Leon in Salah and Coppola note, it means that Allah Almighty will inspire him to do a good deed, just before claiming his soul, your Allah. O Allah put us into action. Therefore,

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the fact that so many started Ramadan, with so much enthusiasm, which then began to fizzle out is proof that it's all about the ending of matters, but about the beginnings, the fourth of a person's dying moments, has kept awake, the most righteous of people, as they soaked their pillows with their tears, thinking to themselves, what will my state be during that difficult hour?

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Will the trauma of seeing the face of the Angel of Death pushed me off the track of Islam when I need it the most? Will the burden of sins that I had yet repented from protect me bar me from repeating the shahada, La ilaha illa Allah when I die as a muslim, these are very scary thoughts.

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When the famous scholar of Islam so if you haven't thought what he saw, he was breathing his last he was seen weeping. And they said to him, is it your sins that you fear is that what has induced your tears he picked up a stick from the floor and he said level Ruby level Ruby and the our minha he said, you know, my sins are less significant in my eyes and even the sick, the stick this is not my main worry. He said to Allah Kenya half one syllable Iman. But I fear the prospect of having faith Iman pulled away from me moments before I die.

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And similarly, when emammal sheffey I may Allah have mercy upon him,

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was experiencing the throes of death the pangs of dying, one of his students and Mussolini entered upon Him. And He said to him, how are you feeling? Oh Imam Imam Shafi responded with heartbreaking words he said.

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A smart two minute dunya Rahila it looks like I will be this morning departing from this world

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when he leaves Loni malaria car and it seems as if I will be leaving my friends bidding them farewell while you're up be moolah Korea, and it seems that I will be finally meeting my lord. While I agree. Also Euro Halal Jannetty for oh honey ha amela naughty for our Z ha. And I don't know whether my soul will be taken to paradise so that I should congratulate it will be driven to help so that I should say that I should mourn it.

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In fact, the closing words of the companion of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam why they renew Jabba that man whom the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him by Allah, I love you, oh my God, when this great scholar of Islam, why the new German was laying on his deathbed. He was heard saying to those around him on Waru Helaas Maha Sabha look outside, look out the window. Tell me Is it morning yet? Is it morning yet? And they would say to him, no, it's still night, Labatt, it's still night. And then again, he would repeat the same question. Is it the morning yet? They would say to No, it still is still the night they would reassure him that the sun

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had not yet risen. And after asking the same question, a third time, he cried out, and he said our bIllahi min Laylat in sabaha Ilan. I seek protection in Allah from a night

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The morning of which is in the fire. Now, hold on a minute, it seems that these words that you just heard,

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belong to people who had led a life of sin and addictions to haram and procrastination and delay and laziness and play. That wasn't the case at all. These were people who net pious lives full of worship, teaching, repentance, defending their religion. But they realized, through their knowledge that this is when everything could go wrong. What is the situation of a person Coface the entire day, but nibbles on something, I mean it before sunset is fast is null and void. What is the situation of a person who stands in prayer for hours on end, and then just before the prayer finishes, he loses his widow. His prayer is what null and void. And similarly, a person may lead a

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long life of outward, underline that word, outward righteousness and worship.

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But just before those closing moments, everything could change and comes crashing down. And we have no guarantee how our dying and will be. However, Alhamdulillah I'll give you this good news your brothers and sisters, we have indications in Abu cathedra he said the following words Hatfield while Islami fear highly so hardy can take care of your duties as Muslims during your times of health and well being

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if you have any desire to die upon Islam, for Israel Karema gerada, who will be Karami now Holman, shahada che in mattala, human Matala, che in boys, Allah He said, Because Allah the Most Generous has once again displayed to us His infinite generosity, and he has decreed that whoever lives upon something will die upon something and whoever dies upon something will be resurrected upon that thing.

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La ilaha illallah

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so on these closing nights of the month of Ramadan, that final push really does say a lot about the person and where he stands in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala ensure that you remain committed till the end to the end of Ramadan that is, and more importantly till the end of your life. Oh Rama

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Muslim mercy.

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Welcome Rama

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