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Is My Fast Accepted if I am Not Praying

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Alhamdulillah Allah, Amina Salatu was Salam ala Ashraful ambia will mercerie while he was certainly it's my

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brothers sisters, Praise be to Allah bless Peace and blessings eyes final messenger Muhammad sallahu wa sallam, I've been asked a question about

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some discussions amongst our brothers and sisters on social media and otherwise I was asked directly as well, that the one fasting in Ramadan,

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a person fasting in Ramadan? In other words, the obligatory fast, who doesn't pray five times a day? Is the fast counted? Or is it not counted?

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So this is a commonly asked issue, and we need to be clear about it. Actually, historically, this was raised as well. And, in fact, even husband and a mom allows I the shammies scholar,

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their opinion was that any sin, big or small, committed while fasting bricks are fast, and the person has to do all of that fast. But I have to say this opinion is weak, it is their opinion, the Valley School, the majority of scholars, the rest of the scholars and scholars of the mazahub all agree that

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any kind of sin,

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big or small, done does not break the fast Of course, Xena would break the fast because even having sexual relationship between husband and wife breaks the fast and there's a penalty for it as it as is explained

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in Quran in my the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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and of course, you know would be much worse than that. But we're not talking about that. Aside from that are the sins of the scholars said do not break the fast Mr. Muhammad famously said if Riba doing backbiting was to break the fast, then none of us would have a fast we'd all have to make up again. Nevertheless, they said that his spoils are fast and perhaps the person will get very little in reward while committing sin, as is clear from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. For example, He says, some of life's alum manlam Yoda Paulo Zoo while MLB Felice sallallahu hija and Yoda Tama Sharapova, whoever does not leave leave a false speech out or behaving on falsity. And

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that includes all kinds of sins of the tongue and doing what is lying, cheating, deceiving, backbiting all those things. And prophesize Allah is not in need of such a person leaving their food and drink doesn't mean to say that it breaks faster they should they should bother with the fasting. No, that's not the meaning the meaning is that encouraging about good behavior and staying away from sin, or the other body, which is has not the profit side of them saying, Robert sitename Lisa hoomins, Fiamma he ll ju waterbuck. I'm Lisa woman, Konami, Illa Sal, perhaps the fasting person will not get from the fast nothing will get nothing from the fat except hunger, meaning hunger and

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thirst because I'm not leaving since so that's there.

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So, the strongest opinion on this clearly is the jumhooree opinion. There's no evidence that it breaks the fast

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not praying five times a day. Nevertheless,

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you know, have to say about Salah, the five daily obligatory Salah.

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This is the first pillar after Shahada. In fact,

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even though there are the odd hobbies which is mentioned by daily man regarding fasting as well, and in this hadith it is mentioned that the prophet SAW slim said orielle Islam or Hawaii the deen Salar de la Hina or Sicily Islam men taraka wahiduddin Minh Hua Hua be haircalf Ilan halala, dumb that Islams essence and bear founder and and its bare foundations and the foundation

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religion as three on which is built Islam whoever leaves any one of them has disbelieved done. Cofer becomes a cafe and blood becomes halaal. That what are the three things Shahada, Allah, Allah Allah Allah, the Shahada, declaring witness there is no God but Allah wa Salatu October and the five daily obligatory prayers, and the faster Ramadan this hadith is life.

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This is not authentic This or this and we cannot take it as an evidence.

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So, but however, it's interesting when we come to Salah, unlike fasting and any of the other pillars, except of course for Shahada, and that's the very foundation of the whole of the religion. But the practice of Salah as linked by with the prophet SAW some statements, for example, from Jabba the prophesized slum said which is reported in the Muslim diner, Rajan or binal, Abdullah baina should call coffer third carcass Salah between a person Yeah, and between shirk and kufr disbelief is leaving salah and in another Hadith, the Prophet sideslip set which is reported intermediateness a an admin in the law had been an hour bainer who masala for men taraka have a bad Kaffir surely our

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the path between us and them is Salah, whoever leaves it, they have done Cofer, they have covered. So the word cover is us and this created a big debate amongst the LMR in classical times, majority the scholars went down the road of the person is a fast sick, a wrongdoer The one who leaves a five daily Salah there are many Sahaba what the opinion you should know from classical times that the person becomes a calf they couldn't understand anybody being a believer Muslim and not praying the minimum five daily prayers a day. So you know, that's how serious it is taken.

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admin in the humble had the view that pick a person becomes an apostate and should be killed hanafy probably have the best opinion even though they go as far as imprisoning the person unless they do Tovar and put their wares right imagine how many people Muslims were put in prison but the best opinion in regards to that is it is extremely serious. This Cofer is a warning that it's almost being like a caffeine and not that the person actually becomes careful but very serious. In that regard, and of course when we link that with the fact that the

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the prophesized slump, so said in in our world, Mario has to be healed. Yama, Yama, salado. The first thing to be asked about from a slave on the day of judgment and this is from the believer, is their Salah, the five daily salah and the policy in one version, he said

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in shallow hut Salawat sigh Amelie. Sorry, Amelie. Were infested that fossa that saddle Amelie. And if if it is good, if it is in order the five daily minimum prayers, then the rest of his or her DS will be in good order. And if it is corrupted, meaning the person hasn't prayed five times, then the rest of their deeds will be corrupted as well. And in one version in sallow head

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faqad forgot the F Lucha Anza was in feser, that phipa de haut wa has it. In this version of the authentically the prophet SAW some reporter saying, if it defied the present order, then he or she will have salvation and success. But if the five daily prayers are corrupted, then he or she will indeed be

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face, basically loss and failure. We don't want to be in that situation on the Day of Judgment. So that's how serious five daily salary is. And notice in regards to whether it's Zakah. For example, with the car, you're only required to pay the two and a half percent when you go over a particular amount in certain categories, etc. If you look at fasting, there is exemption and books are given if you're ill if a pregnant or breastfeeding a traveler, etc, etc. where people are given

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choice in some cases of making it up later and other cases of paying compensation.

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And if you look at Hajj and Umrah it's only if you have the ability

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Yeah, ability to actually go and perform it otherwise it becomes like exempt whenever you look at Salah there is no such thing. The prophets Aslam said for example solu

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quammen suddenly Koyama as he said to Mr. Hussein, solve the equation for lm yestertec for a party then for lm yes sir there who? Allah gympik Stan prayer standing and if you're not able to do so, then sitting and if you're not able to do so then even lying down in other words, you never leave the five daily prayers, even if you're ill, and you can't stand up when you're sitting down if you're able to the extent of in bed lying down, unless you fall unconscious and you're totally unaware, you have to do the five daily prayers, brothers that sounds Salah doesn't have any that kind of rocks or where you can just leave it. That's how serious the issue of Salah is for a

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believer. So without belittling and you realize the importance of salobre sisters, I urge you and beg you Don't trivialize Salah there are many people in our community who do fasting Ramadan, and I said Good thing we don't we don't say to them Don't bother fasting, but to ignore Salah is like fasting and doing a major sin while you're fasting. How will that be taken? Yeah, if you were to do we say about backbiting doing other things don't stay away from them. And there you are not praying five daily prayers while you're fasting. That's the biggest of the big sins that's almost almost on the verge of conference. It's been described by the prophet SAW solemn. So what kind of fast is that

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going to be brothers and sisters. Don't destroy yourself with your own hands, brothers and sisters, young and old. Don't bankrupt yourself. While in fact you are fasting and then doing this if you're not been praying five times a day. This is a great opportunity. And it's not too late. We're only halfway there. Yeah, don't give up. Protect right brothers and sisters. It is only five minutes do just a fun if you can't do anything and that is the part that's obligatory of the five daily prayers are they all together? It's only 2025 minutes in a day to do that. What kind of excuse will we have before a long day of judgment? belief goes hand in hand with the Salah So I urge you to put that

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right so

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the fast nobody's telling anybody that they may as well not fast if they're not predefined but we must put it right as you know some people have the idea we even try we pray that our we praise as though that was obligatory trial we pray is Sunnah recommended. We could even say but not the five daily prayers which we're going to be asked about first on the Day of Judgment are the father prize.

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May Allah smart Allah

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helpers give us a trophy to be better Muslim, enlighten us, give us strength to stand for our salah and give us strength to better ourselves while we're still got this blessing month where those don't lose the opportunity. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah