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The Young Learner’s Hub Presents:

Tafseer for Children in Ramadan!

4 Lessons across 4 Saturdays in Ramadan

Lesson 3: Explanation & Reflections from Surah alFalaq

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah v. v as many of my back as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. He will

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welcome everyone to episode number three of our Milan series, the young learners have dedicated towards explanation of phosphorus in the Quran surah two capital surah two is last surah to follow up, and what's the fourth one? surah two ness and hamdulillah This is our third week, which means today inshallah we will learn surah two fellow inshallah, last week we learned about pseudo class and the week before about Surah Al Kafeel Alhamdulillah. So welcome, everyone. And as always, we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for giving us the opportunity to build agenda together. I really miss building agenda with you all during the week. And I look forward to the Saturday and the Sunday and

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I know if I deja and Abdullah Ahmed do too. And I'm sure you guys saw what Khadija did last week. At the end of our Sunday program. I don't know if you guys joined me for the Sunday Pro. The question and answer program at the end of the program. As soon as the feed cut or just before we cut, Khadija got up and took off my thinking hat

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she took off my thinking cap and she showed you all the love that I have a lot of here and today.

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Alright, so always it's become our norm. We welcome

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Masha Allah, we extend the special welcome to everyone in general and in particular to a few of our young learners of attendees today, I want to share a special welcome to Abdullah and Hannah Azhar from Leicester. But before they used to live in Doha, in Qatar, now they live in less than welcome of the line Hannah and I hope I meet you all in one day. Insha Allah. We have also a special welcome for Julia sila from Iran in Saudi Arabia. Welcome Julia. We have hafsa who's three years old. Wow. Just like Khadija and we have Mansur eat who's six years old from Plymouth. Welcome, have set and

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then also welcome to Zara who is eight years old from Brighton and Fatima and Xena from Riyadh. Mashallah, hopefully we'll meet one day for far too Fatima and Xena and then we have a Mira Rehan and Risa from Blackburn Mashallah Blackburn still going strong attendance from Blackburn Mashallah plenty and then we have Clyde half who's 10 and he Dahlia who's seven Mashallah I think I just saw slightly her and he they are just they just enough we have a special welcome for asylee have was 10 and he Dahlia who's seven all the way from Australia, Masha Allah and then a Mira and Sarah from Rio Masha Allah a lot of attendees from inside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Iran and a couple

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from Riyadh Masha Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala Bless you all for a special welcome to everyone that we mentioned. And especially welcome to everyone over there who's letting us know Mashallah with it listening in from we have Malaysia we have poorer countries in the Middle East Mashallah, whenever I look up off the camera is because I'm looking at the screen in front of the camera Okay, so that I can see your interaction so I'm with you, but I'm just looking at your interaction up on the screen. We have a man from Dubai, we have hola who's seven and boys who's six from the UK Mashallah. We have Keon from Coventry, I believe, and some people from Melbourne Mashallah, you guys

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are staying up a bit late, but that's fine. It's Ramadan, right? Probably printed, et cetera. So welcome to everyone and inshallah next week, I'll try and grab your names from the chat and call out your names inshallah. All right, what about the city tickets? People are asking about the significance Well, the city because we've started emailing them out. All right. So check your email, if it's not there in Sharma is going to get there. But just in case also asked your parents to check this spam mail. Okay, the spam mail just in case, the certificate went into that. So it's not in your inbox. It's in your spam mail. So please ask your parents to do that. You might find it but we

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have started emailing the certificates I have received messages of thanks from some parents for the certificate. So I know that the certificates at least are getting to some of you. If it hasn't gotten to some of you, then please wait. And Please also check your spam mail. And please understand that the email address you used when you did the quizzes, that is the email address that the certificates will be emailed to, and the name that you put on the card.

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Miss when you completed the quiz, that is the name that will be on the certificate Okay, Allah Allah bless you there's hundreds of certificates that we getting sent out so please bear with us okay but they are coming and some of the parents even wrote in to say Mashallah that the design of the certificate was pretty cool. So I hope you find it pretty cool as well. All right now

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how's you guys fasting going?

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thirsty? How's it going Abdullah

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Abdullah okay Mashallah unsolo questions? How's it going? How's it yeah

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not too bad All right, can you just fast eating fast remember she does eating fast is not going to bite how's your guys fast going everyone saying amazing good easy Mashallah tomato column how much as it is easy?

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Mashallah, very good. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Everybody's been very good.

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No one's getting thirsty out there. Because it's already which fast 16 fast.

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No one's supposed to be hungry or thirsty. No, you can be hungry or thirsty. If you fast because you're not eating orange juice. You can unload thirsty, but you have to be strong.

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They can't hear you. They need you to speak louder.

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They all said they can't hear you. You need to speak louder. So if you

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need anything like yes, if you're fasting You mustn't eat anything you absolutely right Aditya? Mashallah. So when you when you fasting, you 15 faster? You're 60 faster, right? Then it gets easier. Why? Because your body climatized as your body gets used to it, so I'm happy to see everyone's managing is managing by the way very well. He's just saying he's feeling a bit thirsty. But Marshall, I can confirm that he didn't complain one time. Oh, Laila, saying her fast is going bad. Oh, may Allah make it easy. Laila. Don't worry, not. Not long ago, Laila. Not long to go and Sofia Valley from Blackburn says Assalamu alaikum Salaam to Sofia. Welcome Sofia. And I hope you're

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doing well. All right now. Last week we discussed Seurat at the law school who Allah who I had a love of summit. Let me welcome you. Let me apologize for the week before we did sort of recap, you remember? And we said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to recite these two sutras in many Salah right in the first rock unit used to pray Surat Al Qaeda in the second unit is to pray surah Allah right. And Surah Surah to find out Oh sorry, surah two capital starts with oil

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and kulu surah two starts with coal and surah two Falak starts with cold and surah to start with. So that's why they are called the four schools. We are called the four bulls. Okay, they are called the four bulls. Right? Allah subhanho wa Taala Love you all everyone who is hunting in saying that they love me. Allah bless you all to kind. We understand who attend I love you. All right, so we have the four goals. Okay, but I have a question.

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And you guys know the answer because I told you the answer. But we want everyone out there to answer the question.

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God who Allah who I had pulled out to be a bill fella, and could have been as they together one after the other.

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Right, but we have four colons. How come one pool is separated from the other three equals we have kuliah your Capital One but it's not connected to pull out the pulwama between kuliah your caffeine and Sudoku allow ahead. We have two suitors Elijah and us Rama one

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which is a surah which teaches us about Islam spreading and Islam being the means of success and the Muslims being successful and many people will become Muslim. Then we have turut simpatia Abby

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Dahlia, Khadija and tempatnya is talking about those who don't become Muslim and don't follow Islam. And that allows me to put them in the fire. Right? So between surah three Cathy rune and kulu Allahu Ahad, we have to Soros.

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Is there an explanation for this? Allah knows best but do we have an idea? Do we have an idea? How come it's called the four coils but three coils are together and one coil is separated between that coil and the other is to Saurus sort of

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like when fat

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and Spirit then Petya Avila heavy water. Does anyone know the answer? For Highness?

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Because it was revealed that way. Okay. All right, even if we say it was revealed that way, but can they be some wisdoms that we we can think of any of them? guessing Yes they are. Hashem says no. All right, Rihanna. See? That's a different topic. Different topic. Okay. All right, using the Korea your cathode is rated to toe heat and cooler

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is related to the heat also, both the same topic, just different types of heat, different meaning to heat this one but different segments, or should we say different meanings of the broad topic of heat, both students deal with the same topic to heat. So why are they separated?

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And I'm going to give you the answer. And we don't know for sure, but some of our scholars have said this. Some of our scholars have said because at the end of surah, three Cathy Rouen, Allah subhanho wa Taala says lecom de nukem Well, he Edie

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remember in Sudoku casserole, we say, I'm not good. We say I'm not gonna worship your gods and you're not gonna worship my Allah for you is your way and your religion and for me is my way and my religion. So immediately after Kalia Catherine, Allah tells us Elijah and US law he was

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telling us the way of people who follow the religion of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam what will happen to them? And after that, he teaches us that Petya Abdullah Have you what's up teaching us what will happen to the people who follow the religion of the Quraysh who worship idols. So whoever follows Mohammed's way while he has been

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Elijah and US will lie when fetch tells us what will happen to them. And whoever follows the way off the Quraysh Lokhande Newcomb, have Becca Avila hubby tells us what will happen to them. And then we have sudo to s last. And Allah knows best. This is some of the amazing pieces of information that we have from some of our squad is regarding the wisdoms behind why we have the three schools together and one by itself and in between

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fully idle capital and Paula who I had we have two surahs, Elijah and Lola who will fetch and then pegida IBEW Witter. Alright, today we want to study Sudoku, Falak and surah. Two Falak is a shield and it is a weapon.

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weapon is what you use to

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when people attack you, you use it also to save yourself. So like for example, you have a sword that can be

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you have a gun that can be a weapon is to keep the enemy away. What

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do I do?

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What do we do? How do we use it as a weapon? As soon as you develop is a shield as well as a weapon. It's a shield it protects us as well as a weapon it fights bad things. Okay? How it's almost Hemingway tailor made it. Allah subhana wa tada made it a Torah which protects when you recite the surah that evil things get scared and they stay away. The evil jinn Remember we said this jinn and we have good gene and Bajin bad gene that trouble us. But Allah says Don't be scared, don't worry about the jinn just be pulled out the Gerbil fella and also go out of business and also guru Allahu Ahad. And we've studied 101 study called the Gerbil fella. So when ever you feel scared, don't be

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scared, recites a little fella and know that Allah subhanho wa Taala is protecting you from shame upon and from bad people who like to play with the chiffons to do bad things to other people. Because unfortunately, like we have good gene and bad gene, we have good people and bad people. And some bad people that become friends with the bad gin with a sharpie. And together they try and scare the good Muslims, the good people. So Allah says, Don't worry, I'll give you a shield. And I'll give you a weapon in kavala who I had good luck and caloundra blindness, and also other parts of the program. In fact, Allah says the whole Quran is a cure. That's why the shavon doesn't like Koran.

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And he doesn't like as that can stand it because it burns him. Quran is too strong, too powerful

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So we have full bill fella who's gonna refer us out to drop in fairness to the

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appropriate fella.

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All right, sorry Jayla beat out the grumpy fella I want to be laying in a shape while

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we're out.

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Masha Allah, Allah, Masha Allah 100% of Khadija 10 out of 10 Mashallah your mom has been teaching you really really well Mashallah.

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And also your daddy right? hamdulillah

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Mashallah. So that is Surah two will follow

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up till Falak will, will follow up and in it Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us to

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seek refuge in Allah and so on and so forth and we will come to it just now. But in terms of surah, Allah protecting you, then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he taught us that after every Salah after every Salah we should read sudo to follow up one time.

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Okay? Except for ledger and Missouri for fighting in Missouri, we should read it three times. Okay. And he also taught us as part of our morning and part of our evening draft, we should read sudo to Fela three times in the morning and three times in the evening. And if you do so, then Allah subhanho wa Taala will protect you you'll be protected. Whenever any bad shape or bond or bad person or anything scary wants to attack you. They'll feel scared of you.

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They'll get scared of you. How are they getting scared of you? Because you know some fella you prayed it, so you protect it right? And also we taught the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which leads to Allah who had pulled out the grumpiness three times every morning and three times every evening, and also one time after every Salah. But after 5pm and after Madrid, he used to read ahead and pull out the European fella three times each. Okay, so let's play this together again. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us to be protected from shame upon and magic and bad people who want to do bad things to us or anything we should read after every salla Allahu Allah who

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I had pulled out of Europe, Bill Falak and pulled out of Europe, the nest, how many times one time after every Salah except mother and father except mother and father. How many times should we read the cooloola who I had pulled out of Europe bill Falak and Dennis Abdullah

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three times excellent. And then also every morning after fudger and every evening between outside and Madrid, which defeats Adams kohala who I had pulled out of Europe bill Falak and Robin ness, right and then you will be protected in Sharla nothing will trouble you not even the hub can attach

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even the shingle things you're not thinking probably nothing will trouble you because everything is scared of you because you read your sources and you put your trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala Alright, so in order to follow up we say Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and commanded him to say Allah say, say,

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say, Bill Falak I seek refuge in the Lord

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of the morning daybreak, Fela refers to morning but which part of the morning, the early part of the morning when the sun rises, when the darkness disappears and the sun rises? You see, that's called temporary. We have morning and we have daybreak. Daybreak is as soon as you see the darkness lifted, because the sun is bringing light, so the sun that night is disappearing, and the day is coming. So Allah says, Seek refuge in the Lord of the daybreak who is the creator of the daybreak, Allah who makes the sunrise and makes the darkness go, Allah right. Now, a wise the Lord and we discussed this in our previous series before I move on, what does the Lord mean? God means our Creator, our maker,

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our protector, Allah protects us. He created us, He made us he made everything in existence. He nurtures us to perfection, right? Allah subhanho wa Taala he's the one who does all this. So that's the Lord is, why did Allah, Allah,

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Allah created so many things? Why did Allah say seek protection from the Lord of the daybreak, Allah created the whole day? A lot agents, not you so many things. He did everything he could have said seek protection from the Lord of the morning, the Lord of the sun, the Lord of the moon, the Lord of the night, the Lord of the Lord.

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The Lord of the planets Why did you say the Lord of the daybreak?

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What do you guys think?

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man is black.

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So evil is always attached with black.

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Maybe that's not the most appropriate words. We say he's Evo. Alright. Are you scary? All right. And normally when are you scared when the sun is out to at night when the sun is gone? Yeah. I was trying to say that's a good good thing. He got a lot. Well done that normally. When do we get more scared in the morning or at night? To shine the light? Am I going to go in the room? It's too dark. Isn't this? Right?

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Yeah, easy switch on the light. It's too dark, isn't it? No.

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Oh, normally you're looking for something and you can't seem the duck. Yeah, you are right. Even I can see in the dark. I also need to switch on the light to see. That's no problem. But a lot of the times we say it's night. So we scared right. And when you think of shavon you feel a bit. Or if you know how to do bad things to your data, you feel a little bit scared right? And bad people want to do bad things to you you feel a little bit scared and I tend to feel a little bit so I lost a seek refuge in the lower of the daybreak that allow brings the sun up. And then you know, if you forget, when the site is out, you can see everything you don't scan. So a lot chose this Pamela, see the

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score is from Allah seek protection from the Lord of the daybreak of the early morning, the first morning that that wipes away the darkness. Because when you see this, the duck going immediately feel happy.

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The sun is coming out, isn't it? You don't wait till 10 o'clock to say

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the sun is coming a person who's scared and he wants to light. When is he going to get so excited at 10 o'clock or immediately when he sees the light coming? immediately. So allies showing us that students will fall up is like daybreak. It's like it gives you if you need sort of to develop. You feel happy, like the one who sees the sun rising quickly and the sun going gets happy. Does that make sense? You gotta have the right sort of

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all sorted out. Oh,

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right. Cool. Bill fella. I seek protection in my lord in Allah who makes the sunrise and makes the darkness go away. Who makes the trouble go away? Who makes the difficulty goes away go away. Who makes my me feeling scared or anxious or nervous go away. Right? who protects me from all bad things? All scary animals. All scary reptiles. All scary insects. Remember before people used to live in the desert. Some people live in the present now. So when do the reptiles come? When do the lions go? When do they hunt? At night? when it's dark, isn't it? Now when it's daytime? The lion Can he hands but not a she hands male and female lioness and lions they had. But they're more effective

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when they hunt at night. Because the animals can't see them as well as they see them during the day. Right? So Allah is telling us seek protection from Allah who created the daybreak who makes the sun rise.

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from what? From all the evil that Allah created all the scary things that are out there in Shalimar. Falak. You when you read so to follow up, you're telling Ya Allah protect me from all the scary things out there, even if I don't know if it's scary.

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That's amazing, right? Because there's so many things we don't know, is this scary? But they don't know that they can travel us. We don't know that they can harm us, isn't it? We don't know. So when we say this, when we read this, what are we asking Allah to protect us from everything, whether we know it's dangerous, or whether we don't know It's dangerous. hamdulillah now We ask Allah to protect us from everything. So we say hamdulillah we happy now nothing is going to trouble us because Allah is the engine protect us. Then we say, woman Shall we rush in either walk up and ask Allah to protect me from the darkness of the night when it settles. Because the night also comes

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back at night. Slowly, you see the sun going down in the dark comes slowly, slowly, slowly it gets darker, darker, darker, darker, and it gets really dark. And if the moon disappears, then it's even more darker. Right? Right. And if you're in a place where you can't even see the stars, then it's even more darker is I woke up when it settles. Allah says ask Allah to protect you from anything you scared of when the night comes in settles, because the night comes and settles for a few hours, right and then

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When Michelle when Neff flatbed rocket and then we see Ya Allah protect me from the harm of the bad people who try and do bad to us by blowing into knots they called magicians black magicians they do black magic

00:25:18--> 00:25:35

black magic black magic, when bad people play with check out the back gym. Okay, they do bad things together and this is totally wrong and totally forbidden and whoever does this allow will put the Shelton and the people in the fire

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but they come together right. So that they make a deal together to to harm somebody. And as part of making that deal they tie knots. So and they blow into the knots.

00:25:51--> 00:25:56

So a lot of call them netfabb if you open a file that means the one who blows

00:25:57--> 00:26:22

open means not open it means not. The fact that if you look at Allah says in Surah two In fact, we asked a lot to protect us from those who blow into the nuts meaning the magicians, which magicians the black magicians those magicians that use gin cheekbones ajin to do bad to other people. But don't worry, you don't have to be scared because we have certain

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right? We have certain fella hamdulillah nothing can travel as

00:26:29--> 00:26:44

long as we read it we say When shall we has it in either hazard at the end was no maturity has in the history Allah protect me from the people or anyone protect me from anyone who is jealous of

00:26:46--> 00:27:34

jealous howdy just asking what is jealous. Jealous is for example, when Allah gives you something, then somebody else wants what Allah gave you see, oh, Allah gave that person that thing I wish Allah gave me and didn't give them. Is that nice? No, that's quite generous. You can say Allah, I'm happy that you gave him or her this, but also gives me a lot that's okay. But do you see our take it away from them? I'm not happy that they have it and give it to me then that is called jealousy. And Allah doesn't like that. Allah doesn't like jealousy. When you were you jealous of somebody, you want to like to take anything away and give it to you. So when people when people do this Khadija then the

00:27:34--> 00:27:51

show pounds like it. So let's say someone looks at you and says that person. He has such a nice car. I wish she didn't have that kind I had that car, the Chapin's lighting, so the shaper, they use this, to go in trouble that person with the cut,

00:27:52--> 00:28:29

to make it to make that an accident can happen or anything can happen right? But everything happens with the will of Allah. But everything has a means right? And the means of it is this person who is jealous. So the sheer pain as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us they use that jealousy to go and attack someone or trouble someone. So when you read surah Allah you also asking Allah to protect you from everyone who is jealous of you. And that's why you should read your sutras after your Salah and in the morning and in the evening. Because if you do so Alhamdulillah you have not because you don't know who's jealous of you. You don't know where the jeans are. You can see the

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jinn the badge if you see them, you don't know who's trying what right. You can see them right. Right so but what can you do you can read surah Falak and if you read certain fella, Allah who I had to pull out the grumpiness Surah Surah to ness, you are inshallah, protected by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala the deen is asking who is the Hulk? The Hulk. Nasreen is a fictional character who is supposed to be very strong. When he gets angry, he goes green, and he gets big and he has muscles, and he gets so strong, that he can break everything and nothing can break him. It's a fictional character. A lot of the children they tell me about how is strong like how can even

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martial Batman when he was a baby used to really love his Hulk is to play a toy

00:29:22--> 00:30:00

that he used to play with. So normally, children when they hear hug, they think super strong, we say sooner to follow up and the Sooners of the Quran, and the protection that it gives you is so strong that even the Hulk can break it. Okay. All right. That brings us to the end of today's episode. If you have any questions from today's episode via voice and via goes tomorrow, we have our q&a session, same time. And if you look in the description box below this video, you will see a link to your worksheets and you will see a link to ask your questions and then I will get those questions to

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And then we will choose the questions in sha Allah and we will answer those questions tomorrow. Am I going to see you guys tomorrow? Or you're gonna come

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let's see who's with us

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Mashallah, alright so i'll see you a bit I'll see you guys tomorrow in Sharla has to say she's a bit disappointed Why is he a bit disappointed? Why are you disappointed? Yeah.

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Okay the message is gone. Alright guys so I will see you tomorrow but don't forget to like this video to share it with your family and your friends and to subscribe to the channel and I shall see you tomorrow at 12pm UK time 2pm maccha time 2pm UK time for our said amaan qa session Ramadan q&a session for children I love you all for the sake of Allah. Allah please don't forget to do worksheets. Okay, download the worksheet. And don't forget to ask your questions from myself, Khadija Abdullah and ashmit Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh