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On the eve of the 15th of Sha’ban Shaykh Dr. Munir reviews references within the Qur’an and hadith of the Messenger of Allah (ï·º) which relate to the virtues of the night as well as recommended acts of worship not only specifically on the night itself but throughout the blessed month of Sha’ban.

Shaykh Dr. Munir has studied Islam for over 30 years taking him from the UK to Damascus and Cairo. He has studied extensively in the field of Aqeehad & Firaq, Uloom-ul Qur’an, Uloom-ul Hadith, Usool-ul Fiqh & Comparative Fiqh under various scholars receiving ijaazah from Sheikh Abdullah Yusuf al Judai (a leading Muhadith & Faqih on the European Fatwa Council)

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Alhamdulillah alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi MBO with more sunny while early he was so happy here's my inner My bad. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Praise be to Allah and Peace and blessings on his final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam brothers and sisters a Somali crocodile I wanted to say something about

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later to miss Siobhan. The 15th night of shutdown or the middle of shutdown and its virtues, etc.

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I've mentioned this in hottub. Before for clarifying the most balanced position in it in regards to the virtues of the 15th night of Siobhan

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some people actually and I remember reading a paper done by a scholar in Leicester a few years back, some people actually try to use the topic or on for this and specific from Surah de Haan. Let's find ourselves out. bilenda shirt rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman ha Meem well, kita bill mo been in

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zelner houfy Laila Timo Baraka tin, in Khun Vereen fee how you for aku amarin Hakeem. So there's this one ha meme

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by the lasagna taking off by the manifest Koran

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or by the manifest book? Surely we have sent it down on the blessing night.

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And surely, we will continue we continue to warn ever one fee how you for cuckoo ambreen Hakeem in this

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night on wise decisions are decreed. So this night, this particular scholar had said the demand code to be quotes this night in Surah At the horn being not Laila to a pattern in which the Quran had been revealed but later to Sha ban this facade ban

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the middle of Sharman night, but he fails to mention a man called to BS says that some people claim that but this claim for this area is Bartle it is false. This

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is the scene is from the ayat of Surah Al pother. In zelner, who feel a little further surely we have sent it out on the the later two nights of decree, which is like to cuddle. So again, this ayah topic is talking about how to cuddle not in this full shot ban at all.

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However, in regards to the 15th night of Shabbat that are very sahadi that are reported in various ways.

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One Hadith majority of Hadith to do with either praying the night 15th night of Shabbat or fasting The next day, all of these have these are not authentic, they are very weak or fabricated and not to be relied upon.

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There's one particular Hadith which in which is mentioned by a merger and with the publicized slump from prophesised slump says in the hoodies in de la la Attali o fi lailah 10. This means shabaan for yo Pharaoh

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Li Jamia halki he ll en la Li mushrik almost shocking. So surely Allah looks at

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the earth, meaning the dwellers of the earth on the 15th night of Siobhan and he forgives all except for the mushrik the idolater and the one Moshe one is the one who is holding grudge and linked really with grudge being held between two family members. And as he's mentioned another Hadith to do with fasting

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on Mondays and Thursdays what the proper size and did that

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on Mondays and Thursdays de todo el mal the deeds are presented before our last one

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every Monday and Thursday, and Allah forgives all believers except

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in that he mentions

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those who are holding grudges with one another. And he says for them, delay for them to delay for them to until they make up. So that's the idea of motion here again, and not being forgiveness and this has to do with the night of the 15th shot ban is with some scholars it is huson accepted. Others say sorry, because it has even though some weakness, but many reports support one another. So in other words, it's acceptable ahadeeth in regards to

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forgiveness, especially on this night. Notice this Hadith, however, doesn't mention anything about standing and praying in the night we have nothing authentic from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam directly telling the believers to stand in night and praying that night, or too fast The next day, the Hadith to do with that is very weak, not accepted.

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And that is also mentioned

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that the forgiveness for standing in the night and fasting the next day is by a light is equivalent to the number of hairs on the goats and sheep of the tribe of Banu Caleb. So this is the famous which is not authentic, and also makes it a lot coming down on that night of the 15th of Shabbat one of the things that mentioned that these are not authentic, what we have authentic is we can say to do with a law smart laugh, forgiving, especially on that night. people accept the idolatry and the ones hold bearing grudge. Those are the exception to that. And so from that the virtue the right we can take that it's fine, actually, for the entire night to stay awake, and like any other night is

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But it's fine to isolate that night from that particular hobbies as well and do Vicar and and do extra prayers in the waffle.

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No, it is not obligatory to do that, however, but it would be fine to do that and recommended to do that. In regards to

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our last Whopper descending

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in the night.

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This is not limited to shut down we have authentic hadith from Bukhari Muslim, which mentioned that from the prophesies something a lot descends every night, in the last Saturday night to the heavens surrounding the earth. And he calls out Is there anybody who's calling me and I will surely answer them. Is there anybody who's asking any sound anything of me and I will surely grant it to them? Is there anybody who's asking forgiveness of me and I will surely forgive them so upon our beautiful hotties which is authentic that applies to every night. So from from that is the recommendation to do with praying to have children and includes further prayer actually

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in this Hadeeth as well

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because that is included in the part of the night before the sun rises. So

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from that we can take

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that of course there's the sending of Allah swatara

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to the heavens and the earth and given this forgiveness and, and glad tidings every night now will include the 15th of Shabbat as well. So, we have to do is specify only the 15th Siobhan are wrong but in general terms that is also correct.

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In regards to

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therefore, fasting The next day, we have nothing authentic to specify that particular day after the 15th night nevertheless, if that day happens to fall on a Monday or Thursday, what is from the Sunnah of the prophet SAW some too fast Mondays and Thursdays

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so it would be acceptable. On another line. The prophet SAW some of these well known authentic hadith reported by our southern Samoan Zaid who said the publicized

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Jaroslaw that

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why is it that we see you fasting most compared to other months aside from Ramadan, most in the month of shabaan. So the prophesized Islam said that many people are neglectful of this month, your fellow nurse

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Shut up by knowledgeable Ramadan

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toto Fie, Fie, Fie La ilaha illa Allah mean that the deeds are raised in the month of shabaan, especially to the Lord of the worlds and he says that I like to be in a state of fasting when my deeds are raised. So this is for the whole month of Siobhan not specifying.

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Particularly the 15th night or the 15th day. So, obviously fasted most aside from the month of Ramadan, which is obligatory, but mostly fasting with a month of shot done

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from Allahu alayhi wa sallam. So from that angle, if we're fasting the amount of Siobhan and 15th is one of the days of the month of Shabbat, that's, that's also fine to versed in that it would not be seen as a bit odd. Some people see it as an innovation if somebody is just isolating the 15th particularly to fast on but if you're fasting other days of Shabbat, and you fast the 15th as well, it's absolutely fine from that angle, no big deal in that regard. On top of that, also, the prophesied from the Sunday is too fast three days from a month and he also specify one authentic idea, those three days recommended being 13th 14th and the 15th

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will be that they're called the white days. So the 15th would be the day after the night of chabanne. So from that angle is also fast all also okay to fast the 15th as a voluntary fast, which would be rewarded. This is in regards to the 15th of shutdown what I wanted to say.

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mela SATA guidance forgive us and keep us on track Tomas Hakim, of course in our situation with the COVID

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crisis going on.

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We are specially recommended to remember a lot more to ask Allah for forgiveness. So these are all opportunities for asking Allah for forgiveness, and even too fast in this month we were able to inshallah I will talk a bit more about fasting in another message especially with the present season. Some people have raised the question of COVID-19 affecting the month of fasting and how it affects it and whether effects it will add to dot one and assembly line are behind me