Munir Ahmed – COVID-19 – Online Congregational Taraweeh Prayers

As we find ourselves entering Ramadan whilst in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Shaykh Dr. Munir Ahmed answers the question about whether there is any foundation within the Qur’an and hadith traditions on establishing congregational Taraweeh prayers remotely or online.

Shaykh Dr. Munir has studied Islam for over 30 years taking him from the UK to Damascus and Cairo. He has studied extensively in the field of Aqeehad & Firaq, Uloom-ul Qur’an, Uloom-ul Hadith, Usool-ul Fiqh & Comparative Fiqh under various scholars receiving ijaazah to teach from Sheikh Abdullah Yusuf al Judai (a leading Muhadith & Faqih on the European Fatwa Council)

We pray Allah keep us and our families safe, make us successful in our trials and give us Shifaa and Tawfiq in remembering Him

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