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As we find ourselves entering Ramadan whilst in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Shaykh Dr. Munir Ahmed answers the question about whether there is any foundation within the Qur’an and hadith traditions on establishing congregational Taraweeh prayers remotely or online.

Shaykh Dr. Munir has studied Islam for over 30 years taking him from the UK to Damascus and Cairo. He has studied extensively in the field of Aqeehad & Firaq, Uloom-ul Qur’an, Uloom-ul Hadith, Usool-ul Fiqh & Comparative Fiqh under various scholars receiving ijaazah to teach from Sheikh Abdullah Yusuf al Judai (a leading Muhadith & Faqih on the European Fatwa Council)

We pray Allah keep us and our families safe, make us successful in our trials and give us Shifaa and Tawfiq in remembering Him

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hamdulillah Billa lemina Salatu was Salam ala

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ala alihi wa sahbihi.

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Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds Peace and blessings on his final message hummus Allah life alum, Somali lager brothers and sisters, very briefly, I've been asked from a few people and others have asked me in regards to Salah to throw away in Ramadan. And the question has been as the mosques are closed, are we able to

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establish a party reciting in the masjid or elsewhere and people follow or perform their Salah in JAMA online either through audio or audio visual connection? That's the question.

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The first thing to clarify is that Salatu tarawih the word Ravi is really slow to lay flat sutra which was used later on

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by Allah man for kaha to mean slot Lail specifically in Ramadan Torah, which came from raha it means after every few cycles of prayer, people having a little bit of a rest, which is what is done so in other words, taking it easy and performing the Salah, so that's where the word torah which came from, but it's actually slightly late which is the night prayer

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and travel specifically in Ramadan, after Isha prayer, as it was established by Omar bin Cotabato and

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I mentioned some of this in a talk about throwaway prayer before to clarify that this is not a first prayer it is not obligatory it is a summer prayer Sonata toward Noah fell all those terms mean the same thing it is voluntary, it is not obligatory, but it is recommended as a lot of light because he has great rewards in it for the one doing it will be rewarded not not the one not doing it commits no sin in not doing it so it is encouraged and that's how it stands.

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Before we talk about Salatu Torah we've been like this as I've already mentioned in regards to Juma prayer and actually in all salah and slaughter obviously not only is like all the other words also not Anwar Salah which begins with topics attributed to him a lot of work when ends with the slim Islam Aleykum in the format it is.

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All these prayers have a particular format in regards to Jama or doing it in congregation.

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The requirements are and this is excluding Java, the requirements are for basically more than one person two people can do Gemma, my mom do the following for any of these prayers. So and it can be done anywhere. The whole of the earth as the prophesized slim set has been made as a Masjid, a place of worship for Salah wherever it comes for the believers and the earth has also been made a source of cleansing or purification. So while we're in lockdown, it's absolutely fine to pray the Juma for the prayers at home. It is fine to do slot to lay in JAMA at home as well. And there's a precedence for that and that's allowed

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requirements are

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in doing it at home.

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Or if it's in the the message is that the mom and the congregation is all gathered in one place one McCann and not scattered in area in an area or an area meaning a village or a town in different places and different buildings or

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even in different towns. That is not allowed that is not seen as Juma prayer

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from time from the beginning of time till this day.

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Some people say well microphone is used in prayers or audio visual screens are used in the mosque. When the congregation have begun using other rooms.

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There is some debate on that it's absolutely fine using the microphone audio visual again.

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But being in the same place, which we call the mosque even if there's upstairs side building, etc. All that is one congregation and that's absolutely fine and accepted by majority of alama. That is not the same as having on on in online somebody praying somewhere else or in their homes and there's no precedent for that.

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would be a bit of an innovation to Salatu. Juma

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and the same applies in this in regards to Torah which prayers I already mentioned for Juma prayer.

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There is in fact no allowance to do Juma prayer which is a congregational prayer not like the five daily prayers but a congregational prayer for the community. It's only place it can be done is in a Masjid open space public. And the gathering has to be together

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in that picture and that format, when Juma for a prayer is no longer able to take place in a public place or a Masjid, because of our present situation, for example, vote is, is its replacement according to the Sharia, according according to the religion itself, so we can't innovate on top of that, though her means for her cars have to be prayed while we're at home and they can be prayed in German. There's no problem with that. So if that's the situation so in other words, no basis for online, online what is allowed Of course, you can have a reminder or hotbar that can be listened to online but the Juma prayer cannot be carried on carried out online

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through audio audio visual.

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So if that's the case for Juma and all the Friday prayer, it is the same for the totowa or Sunnah prayers like slaughter, are we, in fact, now prophesied solemn,

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encouraging Salatu Lail or the night prayer. He said in a hadith in Sahih, Muslim Allah, Allah saw some of those Salah

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bah bah bah dah not too bad back all bad old Farida Salah to lay the best of prayers after the obligatory prayers. The fourth of the five daily prayers is the night prayer so there's an encouragement for during the night prayers. And then in another Hadith, which is in Bukhari, Muslim the prophesied slum said after Salah till

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after Salah till March 8 fi Beatty, Elon Musk toolbar are interesting, the best of the prayers for a person best of Salah for a person

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in his home is in his home. Best a prayer of Salah for a person to do is in his home except for the obligatory prayers. Yeah, so the encouragement to do so Nana waffle trowel slow to lay, the clear encouragement from Buhari Muslim howdy from the boxers also mentioned in the site and others as well all authentic is the best place is in the home, which was the practice of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam for his law to live. Only on two or three occasions in Ramadan, the prophet SAW some came in the question. He came in the last half of third of the night and prayed Salatu Lail and Sahaba joined him in groups. And then the prophet SAW some after two or three and I didn't turn up again,

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as they gathered together to in case it became obligatory so he didn't turn up to make an obligation.

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tarawih prayers, as we all know was established in the format of after Isha prayer, by Ahmedabad Katara della Han. And it's absolutely fine because after Isha is nighttime and to do it in the early part of the night, or later pipe part of the night is absolutely fine. There's nothing against Russia because he's counted a slot too late, although it's better as Omar himself acknowledged to do it in the lat last night as the prophet SAW slim did, but it's allowed to do it then. But the drama that was held in the mosque

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has to be with the people gathered in the same place with the Imam in front of them and left lines form not with the Imam reciting either a mecca or Medina or any other Masjid and people are at home joining in that is not slothful Gemma

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very clearly. So you can listen to the recitation and benefit from it whether from Mecca Medina or any other place. But if you want to do Salah in JAMA, then you do it at home with your family or do it individually, which is absolutely fine and the best time to do it is in the latter. And the last third with a night. Some people

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have mentioned the

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the fatwa given by shave, do more Italian in regards to this his fatwa actually clarified himself

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was specifically about slotless. Juma and he, in his opinion, allowed the praying of

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Juma in the home majority of the Olimar scholars around the world and

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includes my own analysis of his fatwa disagree. His evidence for allowing slaughter of joma joma joma at home is has really no evidence no basis it is very weak. And nobody ever allowed Juma prayer in all these centuries gone by even in crisis situation of waba of epidemics or pandemics. Nobody ever allowed from the Allah

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for Juma prayers to be held in people's homes, so be clear. Some people misunderstand from that photo of shaida Duda. He also allowed Juma prayer in JAMA over the online over the internet and he makes it very clear he doesn't say that. So I hope in summary that clarifies that slot to throw away

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will not be held in the mosque and will not be sent online by anyone in the mosque or outside the mosque for you to join in in JAMA either prayed individually as a prophesized some date and there's no harm in praying it together with your family. No harm in praying it after a sharp prayer if you need to sleep and no and but the best time for you to pray it is in the last set of the night. Before so for time, and Allahu Allah Allah knows best mela scytl accept and forgive us and guide is always that which is right Salim Ali korako