Call for the whole world to pray together

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The transcript describes a group of individuals discussing the importance of wanting to use the forest at the right time to earn the mercy of Allah. They discuss the idea of wanting to please Allah and improve oneself in various ways, including dressing and praying. They also mention the loss of people who have negative deeds and the need to take care of others' lives.

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Salam aleikum, my brothers and sisters, there is a message doing its rounds saying that the whole world at a specific time must all do one ibadah in order to earn the mercy of Allah, I want to explain to you logically and islamically why that is wrong. Allah is the one who ordained Salah to vote also Maghrib and Isha and Allah ordained tahajjud. And these are the most powerful, he says, In the Hadith, could see that there is nothing more loved to me than the pharaohs, nothing more loved to me than that which I made compulsory, Allah would not have made it compulsory if he did not love it. So what has happened is, he kept it at different time zones across the world because he wants to

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be worshipped all the time. So those who thought of this idea did not realize that they were engaging in something totally contrary to what Allah has ever asked us to do. To earn the pleasure of Allah we have to engage in the forest at the time according to the zone where we are living, the time of the 100 is the most blessed time and that is the time where Allah is asking who is who is asking me, I can give them who who wants to cure, I can cure them, etc, etc. And we are thinking that we will come up with a new millennial strategy to please Allah, my brothers and sisters, do you now realize why it is against the whole idea and wisdom of Allah in his prayers and the timings of

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those prayers. The same applies to many other acts of worship including fasting. If you say fasting there is someone fasting from the morning to the evening, any time of the day or night throughout the globe.

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Salatu Will Ferrell is being read right now some way in the world salata is being read right now somewhere in the world. So a lot will also is being read right now somewhere in the world. The same applies to Muslim and Asia it is even 200 is being done right now somewhere in the world, because it is the plan of Allah to have all the acts of worship rotating throughout the 24 seven. If Allah wanted he would have been the first one to tell us that listen, the whole world has to do it at the same time. That's what will please me. But in fact he says what I have made compulsory is the thing I would love the most. So my brothers and sisters, you want to help against Coronavirus. What you

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need to do is you need to fulfill the fact that which Allah has made compulsory is the thing he said he loves the most. And you need to abstain from the prohibitions. So improve yourself I need to improve myself the way I dress the way I talk what I do, my Salah, my prayer I shouldn't involve in haram the sins etc. Those who have bad habits if you quit them, that is how you're going to earn the pleasure of Allah and seeking the forgiveness of Allah we are not going to earn the pleasure of Allah by coming up with a strategy that is unheard of unknown and Allah knew all about this before he created the heavens and the earth by 1000s of years, some say 50,000 years. So my brothers and

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sisters, let's not be hoodwinked into doing something actually foolish thinking that it is good. The Quran says in Surah

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alkaff towards the end. We'll have Luna Bo Camilla serene Amala and lovey nobleness Are you hungry? hyah to dunya homie esta buena Sina Sana, should I inform you of those who have who are at the greatest loss in terms of their deeds, those who are doing things thinking that they're doing good, but they're actually not. And they will be thinking they're doing good if you want to do good, just do what Allah told you to do. JazakAllah Farah Salaam Alaikum