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No hamdulillah now Meadow who when a Stein who in this 31 hours will be learning he means shuru the unforeseen our meaning sejati Melina May Allah de la hufa who l moulted y mejor de Lille Fallon turgid Allahu Allah Yama*a. What a shadow La ilaha illAllah hula hula Sheree Kala were a shadow and Mohammed and Abu water solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa men tabea who Li yo Medina and my bad * all Allahu taala filled Quran Majeed

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what is a Salah guy he baggy on me in the body but Wuji Buddha die either

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failure strategy, Bulli, well, you may know Be

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sure to tune

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Carlota Allah is theurgy bolier Rob Biko

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Bobby Lee

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de Mola dello Mina lor Malak.

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mlj he will not you malakhov.

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Nikki, Praise be to Allah.

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All praises due to him, we praise Him, we seek His help forgiveness and his guidance.

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We seek refuge in protection of Allah from the bad that's inside as as we seek His protection and refuge from the evil of our bad deeds. No, one who is guided by Allah, they are truly guided. One who is left to go astray will not find a guide or a protector or a helper after that. And I bear witness that there is no God, but the one true God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them and he has no partners and I bear witness that Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is his slave and messenger their brothers and sisters

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during Ramadan we mentioned the iron which comes in between the ayat of fasting in Ramadan

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when Allah says what is that said like a baddie and me uh, when mice my bad my service my slaves asked you about me for any query, but surely I am, then surely I am really near Wuji Buddha to die either the on I answered the call to all who are calling me is that the Annie fell yesterday Bulli? Well, you mean ob? So let them

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let them and it's the command actually they must answer my call. And they must believe in Me

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gusta condition the other side of the bargain. The bargain is all ours. Of course Allah doesn't need any bargain. It's a one way bargain. While you may know be Allah whom you should own, so perhaps they may be rightly guided. So this response, a problem isn't from Allah side brothers and sisters is it whether Allah will fulfill his promise? Who else? Woman alpha be adding him in Allah? Who else is more fulfilling of a promise than Allah? Who can they be? As Allah Allah says in the Quran? First I'm sure to be very you como la dee da to me. So she glyph received glad tidings with the bargain that you were bought. This is part of the video. So there's no worry from Allah swatara sighs aside

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that he's not going to deliver. The problem is ourselves, isn't it brothers and sisters? Are we ready to do our side? Are we ready to respond to the call of Allah subhanho wa Taala fairly SDG buli while you may newbie while believing the law or is it just lip service that we call ourselves Muslims and believers reality is it really requires something active from us hence fall yes the Ji boo

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responding means that we must do something active with our lives

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with our lives in our time in this world, while you mean ob Lala whom your shoe so perhaps they will be guided and guidance is when we

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Respond to Allah smart Allah. When we hold Allah smart Allah is guidance in all and when we see it as a real treasure when we aspire for it when we have Iran and aspiration and an energy to really desire, Allah Swami are responding to us and we respond. This is how we respond. It's full of emotion is full of love is full of desire, as most people desire donia actually, that has been replaced. That desire to respond to Allah subhanho wa Taala is what's being mentioned here. So the issue is from our side. Yeah, so that's why Allah what law says, is that je boullier have become all of you respond to your Lord.

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It's an active thing is in order to respond to your Lord.

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Mail corbelli a yachtie yo Mullah

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Omar Abdullah hoomin Allah before a day comes from a law

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and there is no averting of it. What is that day? Yokoyama? Of course isn't a brother and sisters respond now while you've got chance before that day comes from Allah llamada de la who there is no way of that being averted.

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malleco me Mel j in yo ma easy mama comin the keys on that day for you all there is no shelter and safety that you can hide from Allah from

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my Allah Kumi Mel Jane yo magazine on that day, while Marla Coleman the kid and there is nothing, there is no denying for you on that day of the sins that you committed. There's no getting away with anything. That's the day that everything will be open and presented. So Allah is saying respond before that comes meaning the judgment and it is nigh and that's the idea it is nigh how much time have we got?

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And the similar idea is last month I says yeah, you have levina man who study Ebola he while you're wosu Lee is a DA comb Lima your comb here more information about what what we're responding to. Allah so Allah says, Oh you who believe all of you respond to Allah and to the messenger.

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What are they? What are we responding to? Is that the icon Lima you call him when he calls you all to that which will gives you life the dots which gives you life, all of us Iran said that can be taken a literal sense what gives you life? Yeah, of course the disbelievers living as well those who reject a living as well. So this life is the life to come in the head after and life here is a positive respond when he called you to that which gives you a life which is the guidance and it gives you life because there is only real life in general for those engender itself not in a now even though there's no death there but it's not really called Living we don't say I'm living having

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a nice time when you're having a really miserable miserable place. So you're here

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is an expression also of goodness and happiness that would gives you light that gives you freshness, that which brings you out to kufr into and darkness into guidance and into light. Lima yikun Look what we've been called to by who? By Allah the Almighty the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them.

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We're being called to respond to that Lima your vehicle while alemu wa ala mo

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La Jolla Hulu Bane Elle Marie you are called me and know all of you that surely Allah He is between every person and the heart and and his or her heart.

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Yeah, wow. Whoa, Isla de Hito shallow, and surely to him, you will all be gathered back again, a reminder to respond to what we've been called to is that which gives you life and know that Allah is the one everything we are utterly dependent on him and Allah being between the person and the heart, or Fasano said that is the idea. Wha hoo after he lay him in heavily worried he is closer to him or her than the juggler vessels here.

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Allah subhanaw taala

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And also the idea that we are utterly dependent on Allah subhanho wa Taala that's why the prophet SAW Selim as is mentioned by various Sahaba anisong meaning is an authentic a hadith that one of the common and the was he used to make?

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Most commonly was yamu Polly belco lube sub bit called be Allah de Nick. Yeah, all the one refer to Allah subhanaw taala who turns the hearts? Who has power to turn the hearts keep my heart firm on your deen on your way all the way to you? And it was cetera su lasagna so why do you make this to us so often is should we be afraid of something? The prophet SAW Islam said did you not know that? That the hearts of each one of us is between the two fingers of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He turns it whichever way He wills. And this is a big debate among fuqaha from the seller funder about this particular Hadith and what it means by the two fingers we don't need to get into that debate. The

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idea is even one two fingers are mentioned LASIK. Admittedly he shaved or one who was Cemil Busey, there is nothing like unto Allah. And he's all hearing and all singing, all seen. So don't humanize and imagine the two fingers as our fingers. Yeah, the idea is Allah has full power and don't also get the misunderstanding some people get that Allah just forces us to go to Cofer, and Allah can make us do bad things, and therefore we are much good. No, that's not the idea here. The idea here is if people persist on doing bad, persist on being Kaffir persist on sinning, persist on doing wrong, then that's how they become. If I persist on stealing, then I become a thief. If I persist in

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lying, then I become a liar. Isn't that right brothers and sisters infects our very nature, our essence if we persist in doing wrong, and that's the law of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah made that law. If we practice good, we become good if we practice bad we become bad and that's the idea of the hearts hearts averting in other words your Allah savers and protectors in not going into steep into persistent disobedience to you your Allah. Yeah, so that our hearts actually turn away and that's the idea of the duar in the Quran itself anyway, Rob burner Allah kulu bonobo is high beta na.

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O our Lord Do not turn away our hearts once you have guided us. We asking Allah so that he keeps on throttle stuck in a cold call Jada was stuck

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in the huella for Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Ashraful MBI, while more saline wa ala alihi wa sahbihi azumah in Ahmedabad, a jaleswar. So this responding, were responding to the one who controls everything. And we're reminded where the response is responding we are ordered to respond about the hereafter. And the verse before it mentioned about a day that cannot be averted in this area. The last one I mentioned at the end it says what earn now Isla Hito Sharon, and that is that you should know that to him, You are all going to be gathered back. In other words, do something about it. Do the responding now, because when death comes that response when death arrives is too

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late to respond. Now's the time to do that response. And that response is our very purpose, the essence and reason for what we've been created. What do we respond with? respond with serving and worshiping Allah subhanaw taala brothers and sisters respond with obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala Yeah, in Lima yikun. Yeah, that which will give us goodness and life life to come. Give us a morality. A morality and immorality is always seen as a positive isn't it? Brothers and Sisters so when you're here come a morality means a morality in paradise. Nobody wants a morality in hellfire. They will wish they were dead. They will wish Yeah, they would perish and never be brought together

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again. But the punishment will continue forever and ever. May Allah save us from that. So respond to that. The last one was says

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Well, I'm

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Jean well in

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Adi domina, whom he raised

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od do i do emo in Allah who are was kugoo Hill Murthy in Subhan Allah glory beat you Allah you sent us a column and a guidance and a message and the words that shake the hearts do they're not brothers and sisters if we only reflected and understood what Allah tisanes and I have not created jinn and human beings except Leah boon to worship me to serve me this ibadah doesn't

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no profit no messenger understood from it and therefore we must understand this from it. It doesn't mean I locked myself in the mosque and pray day and night. Allah didn't create us for that. So the word the bad is wider than that. Yeah, the real test is when we come out to the mosque what we do with our lives is that brothers and sisters

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really it is it's when we say, uh, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Now it starts. What effect did this Salah have on my life and behavior for those who say a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Islam, Allah Rahmatullah. And that's perhaps only 10% of the Muslim population

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is right. Or maybe even that's an exaggeration. That's outside our status. Yeah. So after the after the mosque and outside the mall, what we do, that's the bad. That's the serving Allah smart Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah didn't need to send the whole of the Quran if the only objective was pray five times a day, that's it.

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In the serata 10 handle fashola Mancha, surely Salah it prevents from lewdness and all kinds of wrong that's the purpose. Salah has a purpose rather than sisters. And that is to affect our behavior. So it means here to serve to worship and serve serve is through our behavior. And does he need our seven cued?

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Yeah, ilaria Budo. The rest of the is telling you he doesn't need anything, man or Illumina home may reskin. I don't need any nourishment, any sustenance from them from the human beings and jinn from his creation, Glory be to You your law wama or ego or your moon, and neither do I wish that they should feed me. Why? Because we don't have any provisions of our own. Somehow the law neither do we have power of our own to feed Allah Subhan Allah the Creator, well my read want you to a moon. Why in Allah who are Rosa, for surely Allah He is the one who is the provider of risk. So how can we be giving risk to Allah? He is the one everything he has. We have nothing. Who are azog volkova till

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Mateen who has absolute power? Yeah. Absolute Power. And he's almighty. Yeah, that's the idea. Yeah, you have NASS and Tomoko core or Isla lor, how true that is, isn't it brothers and sisters? Oh human beings. You are the ones in need beggars before Allah. You are the ones in complete need your fapy for Carra human beings you are for Cara we have nothing.

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What will come with? What do we go with? And that's why we need to see that reality of somebody being buried in the grave. Don't we brothers and sisters? not hide from it? Yeah. as something Oh, I don't want to see it. I know No, no, you need to see it. Because you see they go with nothing. When the birth happens, they come with nothing. Everything belongs to him. And turmoil fuka Oh Illa Allah, wa Allah. Allahu Allah Ghani, you will Hamid and Allah And then it says who are again to stress on that? He is the one who is above all need elephant he completely has no need. He doesn't need your Salah your soul. Yo you're spending your da he doesn't need anything. I'll Hamid all

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praise will be anyway we are the ones in dire need.

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Why would rob Baca had to call Yaki Hata Yeah, Tia Kelly again as Allah swatara says, So serve and worship your Lord until, until the absolute certainty comes eliakim the prophet SAW Islam

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said eliakim Eonni I'll note until death comes because it comes that comes with the reality and certainty doesn't it? Yeah. So that's the stop was thinking or their judgments far away I've got many years yet how far is death? when death comes reality will hit immediately. May Allah subhanaw taala brothers and sisters, keepers guidroz Sato Masaki, makers of those who respond to the call of Allah and His messenger will that with that which gives us life that which gives us a breath of fresh air May Allah swatter enlighten our lives? Well assata enlighten the lives of those who are living in darkness, May Allah

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forgive us our sins, keep us always on Serato Mr. Kane, save us from the punishment of the grave and the punishment of Hellfire, Aloma amin in the lahoma Leica who you saw lunarlon the beat Yeah, are you alladhina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Ooh, Taslima Allahumma salli wa salli ala Muhammad wa Ali Mohammed cabasa. Later Allah Ibrahim Allah Allah Allah Ibrahima in Dhaka hamidah Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad wa Ali Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim in the cafe de Majeed in the La Jolla Maru bill ugly San

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Juan Hanyu sachet Wellman kerwell buggy, Guys welcome La La Quinta vacher own Oscar. Oh la Yes. korakuen What Oh, whoa, yesterday Bella was the crew la akbar wa la laahu jamoma. That's not all. como la sala YLF wa reminded that one of the day friends of Accra Malik has passed away. Allahu Allah in Pakistan. Please remember many adores may Allah have mercy on him giving forgiveness and widen is gray from Aloma