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Hambledon with the cornerstone of bonus tell Pharaoh who would it be like him insurer or financier Dr. Medina man, you had to laugh at our mobile another woman Oberlin

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wa Salatu Salam o of the day Hello Kyla RSAT and what have you Rasulillah while he was with the woman Tibbett who the SNL era yo Medina and

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Allah, we'll see what we'll see next year but Allah he is sorry, well, I didn't hear in Omaha, but Allah, that sort of Haiti, what sort of hikma? Alhamdulillah

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Allah subhanho wa Taala and Zahra Kitab LNAV. For sadaqa. who for whom our meaning them out of the hole, Allah has heavy he will call me he for Sadako Baba Homolka bada bada home, Allah Subhana Allah to Anna batho Bashir, one of the era many a day Assam

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Alhamdulillah for national sadaqa now who Salalah it was set in the matter to the men Kitab in Medina and will surely attend well hamdulillah further for Dolman Allah is Rihanna Tana.

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The prophets Allah Allah at Instagram.

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He came in a time Alessandra Mina Rosada, it was a period of time when the messengers had stopped.

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So between him and Isa at a certain time, there aren't any messengers. And are you Sally Saddam was the seal of the messengers to Bani Israel. And they the majority, not all of them, but the majority rejected him. And the prophets Elijah shouldn't came.

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And he took a people who were ignorant, they were living in what was called Jaya Hadiya. But they had certain qualities are very powerful. They love truth. They hated liars. They were also people of warfare. They hated people that betrayed us. In fact, the Herati is a great Greek historian said of all peoples, no one takes the oath more seriously than the people of Arabia. This area was called by the Romans, Arabia Felix, which means that RBSA either happy Arabia.

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There are many, many indications from the previous dispensation of our profits ally, Sudan. And we find those in

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the books that they left behind. And in the signs that came when the prophesizing came.

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But one of the most important things that he reminded us of and this is, gets to the heart of what Prophets bring.

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He reminded us of the nature of the dunya

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because the dunya is very deceptive. It's Donald horror, it's an abode of delusion. It's an abode where we can easily forget, like the pilgrim in Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, he goes and he, he's gone. He's supposed to do something for the king, but by the time he gets to the Vanity Fair, he gets lost in the Vanity Fair, and he forgets what he was there and then the sunsets and he realizes, the day is over. And this is distraction. Distraction is the enemy

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of the believer, and the bliss is the one who distracts. So the Prophet SAW I sent him one of the most powerful reminders that he gave us, is of the temporality of the dunya. And if you read the Quran, you will find this constantly in the dunya there's almost not a page of the Quran that doesn't tell us about the ephemeral nature of dunya. So our prophets, Allah it sent him said, if 10 him Hamsun Abraham's,

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if 10 means to gain for yourself, gain five things before five things.

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The first one, he said, Shabaab, aka cobbler, harmonica, your youth before your haram. Haram is when you get old and decrepit, and you can't do the things that you could do when you were young. Even walking up the hill now for me, is a lot harder than I was young.

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Because this is the nature this is the curvilinear nature of the dunya that Allah has put us in. We grow old. We come into the world like a plant, and we're watered by our caretakers, and then we grow into our strength at bellava Urbina you reach 40, but Allah should do, he reaches his climax of physical strength. And then he begins the downward descent. And then by the time he's 50, he's a chef. Whether it's now

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legit or not? He's the Arabs. They call him chef.

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He's a chef.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Shabaab aka puppet, 100 Mica, the Arabs a shepherd the NA, like the fire when it becomes

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inflamed, because Shabaab is like a fire, it's burning, it has power but like fires, they can get out of control. So we use controlled fires to cook our food as an energy source, but a fire when it gets out of control, it becomes destructive. And so the youth has to have their energy controlled. If it's not controlled, then they will lose their way and go astray. And this is a huge problem. And then he said sciatica others suck mica your health before your sickness five before five bad due to you know take initiative get claimed them before these others claim you sciatica, sciatica, soccer mica, your health before your sickness, all of us will get sick. This is the nature of the dunya

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Morata has used to say the Hydra fee just didn't either. lamium rock does no good in a body that doesn't get sick. The Prophet SAW I said one of the Sahaba came in he saw the prophesy. I sent him in fever and he said Yara Salah you have such intense fever, it's the Arabs called Wacka. You know we in English, we say he's out of whack, you know from whack. So to attack and the prophesy Sam said that he has twice the suffering of the average person. And then the sahabi said, so you have twice the reward. He said agian Yes. So the proposal I sent him himself got ill he he fell ill the best of creation. This is the nature of the body, you will fall ill so when you're healthy. And when you're

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young, you have this power. And you have this ability to use it and you can dissipate it and then it's gone. And then the prophets Allah I didn't say them he said he naka oblah *a Rica, your independence before you're in need, your wealth before your poverty,

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your wealth before your poverty because when you have when you when you have enough, what suffices you you're not in need. But when you're in need, that's all you can think about. That's what happens to people when they become impoverished. All they can think about is how I get out of this impoverishment.

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Like the aboriginals that they interviewed in East Africa, these are people that just

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they live everyday hunting, they're hunter gatherers. And the man he asked him, What's the meaning of life to you? And he said meat.

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He said meat,

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you know, just getting food because that's how they live day to day. But when you have what you need, you can think about other things. This is the hierarchy of needs the prophets, Allah said them his first hotbar of Shu Sudan spread peace because you need them and that's the first thing what are they Ibrahim it Saddam asked for what his first dua about Mecca to make this a secure place. John had Annabella Amina make this a secure place that was before asking for anything else. Security, because if you have no security, then your life is pure misery. And that's why the worst places are places where there's war. And that's why the prophets I assume he avoided war if he could let it the

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men know the paella do don't don't hope to seek the enemy was that Allah and Afia sahaya A Salah and Afia well being when the pay to move with you too, but if you're forced to meet them, then be courageous, even heavy genre and his commentary on that he says, don't desire to meet them because you don't know the outcome.

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You don't know that it might be a tribulation for you. You might lose the battle.

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You might end up a captive.

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The Lanphier even ibehre saga group of people in if Tila in tribulation he said Ohana Musa hola Latvia didn't ask Allah for Afia the Prophet asked everyday for afio Loneliness who could afford Alfia one more alpha to daima fee Dini with dunya these were his concerns because if you have if you have so much so sahaya toddler soccer mica, because it's coming and you don't know when it will come how it will come but when it comes it devastates you a bad that becomes difficult.

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If that becomes difficult

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renaker Pabla *ery Rica and then he said Salatu was Salam.

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We're here to cut cobbler. Mathematica or Motika for Africa.

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A couple of show rica your leisure time before you're preoccupied the prophets Allah anybody said him said net Mitanni ma Boon on fee Hema, Kazuhiro Mina, Nas to great blessings the vast majority of people can humanity many people are deprived of these two blessings, a satu word Ferrara, health, and leisure.

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Because you have leisure time, people hear you, you have this time to study, and then you're on tick tock or something.

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Wasting your time, Allah has given you time. Many people don't have time. People use too many. If you read stories of the of the people before this generation, many people had to leave school when they were in eighth grade, the the father died, they would go to work.

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This was life now people have so much entitlement. So he said, use your leisure time before your preoccupation, you will be preoccupied views it

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and then your life before your death because once death comes, right either at your home life is tough, you're honest. You're stuck the moon, when agile comes they can't put it off. Not even a moment they can't put it on, nor can they bring it forward. When it comes to comms. We saw in the earthquake that happened.

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There were people

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there buried under the rubble days later they found them alive because they're agile wasn't there.

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People buried under rubble for days.

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In the mudslide in Pakistan, I read about a lady who was completely covered, but there was water that was trickling down She lasted over two weeks because she just got the water to go into her mouth to keep her hydrated.

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When as it comes you can't you can't avoid that the Agile.

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If it's meant to come it's meant to come the people when that earthquake came and this is you know one of the things because somebody called me and said what is this mean? This is life on Earth. Modern people are so divorced from from tribulation, they and this is if not by Allah he says that. You know one of the things that Allah does the reason why tribulation is difficult is because we're so accustomed to his exam.

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So when the tribulation comes, it suddenly were shaken up, but that's part of the purpose. The ZIL Zan is to shake people up to prophesy. Sam said Jetta Raji Raji Ha, Jetta Rajiv ha

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the in the SATA in the zeltser at the sachet, one of them the shaking of the hour. How could we know what the shake hands out was? If we don't see earthquakes in the dunya

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we're told that the whole world the root Jetta or the Raja, how can we know what that means? If we didn't have examples of Allah doesn't send examples Sahib would have me Shaheed the one who died there he's he's a martyr. He's a he's a martyr. She's a martyr. There they found the Imam with his sofa and his family and he dead. His family said he never left 100 at 417 in the morning he was probably up doing to hunt you. Hopefully many of them before they went to bed they did what the prophesy Sam told them to do. He said if you and this inner Buhari he said if you go to your bed full say when you go to your bed, you know get on your right side say Allahumma sympton FC lake

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a slim to NIF CE lake I have given my life to you in submission that's the reality you're just admitting it that's the reality you're just being a Muslim by admitting it everybody is in Islam to Allah but there's conscious Muslim on and then there's the people that don't even know that they're in submission to Allah a stem to NFC la Well Jack to the hurry Ed? Well for what two I'm gonna eat a

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rock button what happened and a lake out of I've put my given my back to you out of desire for you around but then what happened to an earache? lemenager What am and jamika Illa earache and to be Kitab ik under the undealt will be rasool Allah the yourself. This is what we're supposed to say what is and the Prophet said if you die either. If you die in the night Mittal and fedora. You died on Citra

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that means it's like you died as a newborn baby. Coulomb eluded you that to Alan cetera. So you're ready to go back to Allah. So there were people that were ready to go back to Allah. But all of the people who died there if they were believers are martyrs. They just have different Mahamat.

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And this is one of the tribulations but the real Christ

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is in

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the corruption. People say, Well how could all these people die? The corruption because people have forgotten Allah subhanho wa Taala they don't have we have buildings here that are coded to withstand 9.0 earthquake in San Francisco 9.0. That's almost unheard of there. 9.0 In Japan, we were in Japan, I was in a building was Shahidullah, India. And the building started shaking we went into such that, you know, that's the Sunnah. And you see in California, they have all the things what you should do when an earthquake and they have a picture of man in such though

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I'm not making this up, you can go and look. So picture of a man in such data. So we went into such that but in Japan, they have wheels in the buildings that dropped down when it starts to shake, so they just roll because they actually care about people's lives. But there's venal greedy people that don't care about people's lives. These are people on the day of judgment.

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And this is where the prophets I send him said, Let us out or Adama Abdon Yama, Yama, the Imam will not move on the Hata you said he'll be asked. He'll be asked about his life and how he spent it.

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His life and how he spent it his knowledge.

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You said Don't tell me he Marfan. What did he do with his knowledge? Yes, it'll unmanly. He Anakinra Saba Workiva Amphicar on his Well, what did he do with it? And how did he spend it? He'll be asked about

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his body. And how much bla Well, I'm just me he was female oblah on his body and what he did with his body this gift that we've been given to take care of. The ancient Chinese said that the human being has to preserve his health because the soul needs time to be perfected.

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So there's a duty that's why the Prophet was so concerned about health.

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Ayesha's nephew said that, the he asked her how he knew some she knew so much about medicine, this is in the hubby's book on the and she said because I always heard the Prophet SAW discussing things with doctors.

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And then they she said to his the kitchen was like an apothecary his kitchen because he used herbs and different things to treat. And there's many many amazing Hadith about treat treatment. The prophesy Sam scanned one of the Sahaba came and he complained you stuck your elbow. The Prophet put his hand on his chest a sitting in the coma food. You have a heart condition. He said Ill Huck Bill had Canada go and see how to thin are your top Bob. He's a he's a doctor. So he was given referral. He literally diagnosed him like a like a scan. Now you go in and they do an ultrasound. He just put his hand on his chest. This is our Prophet Tyson. He was a miracle walking. We believed him.

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We are believers. We believed him. The prophesy. Sam told us.

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The Earth had a beginning. The whole cosmos had a beginning. What did they say? Then? The scientists of that time they call them philosophers. They said no. The Earth has always been here. The heavens have always been here. This was Aristotle's opinion. These were the scientists of their age, their own. Even some of the Muslims fell into that trap and believe them.

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And now our scientists say oh, the universe had a beginning. 1400 years ago we believe that our OMA when they were saying no it's always been here. And then the prophesies sent him said the universe has an end. They call it the big crunch.

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and the scientists at that time they said no the universe will go on forever it's always been here but we believed him and now the scientists say oh the universe comes to an end the Prophet said you will die and you will be raised up the scientists today they say we're just matter we become stones even Allah says become stones become iron become whatever he wants, but you will be raised up Allah tells them cooler Hey Giada but go ahead BB stones be whatever you want. Yeah, your that material matter but he's going to bring you back. He's going to bring that coccyx back to see there that you cannot destroy, which we believe is somewhere

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Well, who knows what it could be like a cork or a neutrino, but it's there and we will be recreated our prophesy some promises that.

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So these are the reminders that the Prophet gave us.

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Finally, as a great reminder, he said bad through

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the family Subang.

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preempt with your actions, seven things, preempt them. It's similar to these five, but he added some more to as reminders.

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We have to preempt the the before we see the haram. We use our youth before we see the poverty we use, but then he added

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but the job

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the job, Shadow Roja, even Yoon Tada the worst of things that are coming. We're moving into even recently, the head of the major Christian church, they revealed a letter that he said about believing it was the anti crystal age, there are many aspects. But one of the things about the age of the Antichrist, that the Jama the journal

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is people stopped mentioning him on the mimbar.

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So nobody even thinks about the digital. But the digital is real. And there are many, the judge ILA.

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Many the judges are people that come with promises. So the proposal I sent him warned us about that was sad, was sad to add however, Amara,

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the sound will come. The three sides, the side of our life. That sad came for the people in Turkey when the earthquake came, if they were decreed to die, it came for them. And Allah took them. And then the sight of a generation, we're a generation

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will be gone. Maybe a year, two years, maybe a month, maybe that none of us knows this is why he said badly rubella man, you know, quickly.

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I had a couple of motorik like your life before you die, because once you die from your journey, I'm not sorry.

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You know, let me go back. I promise I'll do good.

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Right? But Allah says, Oh,

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you had your time, and you wasted it. So may Allah subhanaw taala make us people of, of mobile era, you know, taking the initiative, because people who

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who think deeply about what we're here for because the Robina Maha Doctor heard about the the Subhanak for Kenya at Lebanon, Robbie span, he says that when they said that Robina ma hudec, the head of Altera, they understood that this is purpose, and that's why the first thing they said, save us.

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In other words, there's an accountability. This is not SubhanAllah. This is not the Sabbath. This is not foolishness. This is a real place, and it has real consequences. And our lives will determine the harvest in the afterlife of slavery how to stop federal law, legal remedies are in a Misumi

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Salatu was Salam ala see you know, Habib rasool Allah Allah Allah, he was the woman Hala Hala this morning. I was thinking about a one of the HECM that says

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one of the things that will mitigate the tribulations you find yourself in you know, you have Angkor

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is Animoca vn ALLAH, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada who moodily lega is knowing that Allah is the One who gave you the tribulation, like that will diminish your thing is understanding the Qatar

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when I was in

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the hijas, right after 911

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a Bedouin picked me up taxi his bedroom, from Danny Malik, como ALEC, the real Bedouin person.

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And he asked me where I was from. I said, the United States, he said, Can I see sometimes it further? He said, Why do they hate us so much?

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And I said, actually, they think that you hate them. He's an animal and

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I don't have anything against them. And then he said something amazing, because I told him I said they think because

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the majority of these hijackers that knocked the twin towers down that they were

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from from your country. He said, Hello, everyone Shana.

00:24:42--> 00:24:59

Do they know anything about Qatar? And I said, No, they don't teach that anymore. He said I live in Qatar. Then has had the zealot boggled what Cara he it will remove hatred from your heart. Teach them the source of all things.

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is that every Janab come the bobbin fitna. We made some of you tribulation for others at hospital. Will you show patients?

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Know Me Your facade Verona

00:25:11--> 00:25:23

as you're ready, he said in the summer is a great thing from Allah subhanho wa taala. It's a great gift. So this is what we're called to. But

00:25:24--> 00:25:27

I somebody sent me a text from from Jeddah

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and it was a man who was working one of the people working to take the people out of the rubble. And he was holding up something from Johanna towhee. Because in the rubble, he found a page from Johanna towhee. And at the top of the page was, well, why did you go Eman on pottery? Or come for the recovery, we have to believe in other its logic. And in the other, she'll have some say synonyms. Some say powder is what Allah does, and others

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in their element will spark an x.

00:26:09--> 00:26:12

So believing in both of those things are other work on.

00:26:14--> 00:26:48

And that's, that's our, that's our religion. And it just removes all of these problems. The these people are martyrs. Look at all the goodness that came out. The spirits are awakened, the Russian sent people to help and Ukrainian so people fighting to kill each other in one place, or helping to save lives in another. This is the paradox of the human condition. But these tribulations bring out the best in human beings. And that's why very often 100 million apparently from the United States, so amazing from the Muslim community $100 million.

00:26:51--> 00:27:14

These This is what brings out the best in humanity, these emergencies That's why Allah sends them if we're not going to do it. You know, the prophesy seven when he saw the man being dragged to the head, they were on cell acid and he smiled. And one of the men said do you smile at people intimidated? He said, No, I smile at people being dragged to their Lord in chains.

00:27:16--> 00:27:29

Because he knew they were going to become Muslim. The Prophet knew many things. His fear rasa, even in Tila on you know, he knew many things. Salalah I knew what he was saying. into Latin. He knew who the liar was in the mullah Anna.

00:27:31--> 00:27:39

He knew but he couldn't say. He said an Albanian on Lola Mala. Like he wasn't allowed to say it.

00:27:41--> 00:27:49

One of the great Andreessen scholars said he knew the LDL of his time, but he wouldn't say it because he feared that people would disbelieve and reject them.

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So some people have those cash unveilings. Alhamdulillah Allah subhana Tana, may Allah bless this prayer space. So

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alhamdulillah Inshallah, will this the first Juma that we're praying in this Masjid May Allah subhanaw taala bless this place and bless all of you. That will be to increase you may Allah subhana wa Tada Forgive us our shortcomings. Unite the hearts keep us together, may Allah subhanaw taala make this place a place of learning be put in the hearts of the youth, love of learning may put in the hearts of the teachers, humility, tranquility, and compassion for those who are teaching. Inshallah may we honor all the staff may we shall pray for all those who support this place. May Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for our brothers and sisters in Syria and in Turkey.

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And that whole region in Lebanon a lot of tribulation right now in Lebanon, may Allah make it easy for them. And Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for the people of Yemen Palestine. Many, many trials and tribulations in our own, but these are all the the the things that Prophet told us would be in the latter days much confusion, to prophesy, some reminded us in in in the same collection that you've added to Phil Hajikko here at the year. That devotion in times of confusion is like making Hegira to me. So may Allah make us people of devotion in these times of confusion. There will be clarity and it's confusion, light and it's the darkness, truth admits the falsehood. May Allah

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Subhana Allah and inshallah Illuminate our hearts with the Quran make us people of the Quran make us lovers of the Quran make us people of the prophets lie some. May he make the prophets I send joyful when he sees us on the MO pm and Sharla Macbeth and Dana testament Hey, no, no, Your Honor. May he Inshallah, give us the touch of His blessed hand. May He give us a drink from his held

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May we see that and enter into paradise and insha Allah may Allah subhanaw taala unite us with all of the MB and the Cydia clone and the shahada and the Saudi home Allah unite us with them and Shala unite us with our hearts in this world. And with our Arwa at sadder Buffy and the natural Subhanak wanted him to go shadow and

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stuff go to WWE they will also be in Santa Fe,

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inland Edina and why middle side he had you were to also be happy or to also be sober.

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was salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam in hola hola Mela, equatorial Sedona Adam maybe

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you have already in Sunday while he was selling water steam while people Salah Lee decree here with a chroma here