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The speaker discusses the promise of Allah Subhana to call on them to respond to the "slack of the day" and the importance of asking oneself the question of whether they have any new information. The speaker also provides a secret about a woman who wants to hear a new story and explains that the "slack of the day" means everything is new and beneficial to them.

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certainty in the promises of Allah, what are the promises that Allah Subhana Allah made all of us that we need to believe in?

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The only SDG bloco? Allah Subhana Allah says call upon me, I will respond to you. That's a promise. Allah subhana data saying call upon Me I respond to and so the question that you and I have to ask ourselves always, and it's really, really important. I don't care how many times you do Visionaire. I don't care how many times we hear these types of lectures. The point isn't necessarily to get new information. I'm going to teach you guys a secret. Right now we're 15 minutes in, but I'm going to give you a secret that's worth the price of admission because it will change your life. Ready.

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This secret right here, I am telling you is going to change your life. And it's changed mine.

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Had I says I'm always here for a strong reminder? Absolutely. Don't ask yourself, this is a question that is very, very wrong that most of us naturally ask. And that question is, am I learning anything new? And so when you hear the story of Musa, I want to I want to hear something new, I want to detail that's new, that I've never heard before. I want an analysis that's new that I've never heard before. If I hear any sort of reminder, like Hannah's mentioning, I want to hear something new. Otherwise, if I hear a hutzpah, I want to hear something that's new. Otherwise, I'll walk up to the hottie back afterwards and I'll be like, to be honest, you know, I know all of these stories before

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it was a c plus hook but wasn't really great. Okay. But the the life changing question is not to ask yourself, here's the major shift is not to ask yourself, do I know this already? Okay. The question you should ask yourself is do I do this now?

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Oh my god.

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If you ask yourself this question, I need the mind blown emojis. You know why? Because if you ask yourself this question, then everything that you hear becomes beneficial to I know that story of Musa already. I know about there already. Okay, heavy. Did you make dua this morning? What was the last time you made that? When was the last time you sat down? And you raise your hand and you cry to Allah? I know you know the stories about this man and I find giving sadaqa when was the last time you gave salah. I know you know the story is about kindness to your parents. What gesture of kindness to your parents did you give today yesterday the day before? The Sahaba what made them so

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different from us was not that they knew more than us. It's that they knew they did more with what they knew.

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They did more with what they know