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Dong rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marine as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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All Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala for out of his mercy and kindness has once again brought us here to the house of Allah subhana wa tada and has chosen us when we look at our reality, as chosen as amongst all of his creation, to be of those who submit to Him and to draw near to Him. And this is a grace from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Truly, Blizzard is the believer while lost behind the LSS selected.

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And when we talk about the believer, and what it means to be a believer, you know, some weeks, I'll be honest with you, some weeks you come and you think, what am I going to talk today? On? You know, what, what topic should I choose? There's nothing that stands out, then you have weeks like this, with so many topics. You're not sure what, what happened in Pakistan? Do we talk about that? Do we talk about Christmas coming next week? Do we talk about the holidays, and what happens during that, and so many topics that one wants to discuss, be in new beginnings. And then I saw a picture. I saw a picture with someone took a photo at the bottom, a selfie. And you can see this is I'm proud to be

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an atheist and the Kaaba, right. It took a picture, saying I'm proud to be an atheist. And this moved me and it made me think and this was one of my colleagues, I have a, you know, a group chat with amongst scholars, other students. And this is the reality of our time, and the kind of issues that our young people and our old people as well go through that we question our belief, and this is normal. We might have doubts that this is part of being of concern. And very seldomly, very seldomly, do we hear discussions and talks about what it means to be a believer, and why we should be a believer. For most of us. We have inherited Islam, because we were born into a Muslim family,

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we have never questioned our Islam, and it's convenient being a Muslim. And therefore we've just continued, as you go through your life, as a young person, especially this question start popping up. Is this the right religion? Is this Allah exists? I've just been told this by my parents, but what do I really think, and the reality, and the times we're living in is that atheism is on the rise, that in some countries, statistically speaking, the majority of young adults, teenagers, high school kids and varsity kids, the majority of them do not identify as being religious. They have become disillusioned with religion. And there are many, many Muslims as well, that Islam is

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something cultural that we identify with, but truly the belief inside and the questions that you have to ask yourself, they haven't asked those questions. And when you preach them for an answer, you find that there are many, many doubts, that there are many, many questions that the person carries with him throughout their life. And if you look at not just Islam and Muslims, but religions across the world, you find masajid, standing empty churches and synagogues and temples standing empty, that humanity is moving more and more, further away from religion further away from God, Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that religion is something at most for the majority of people. It's a

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token as you carry your culture, your tribe, your race, your nationality. So too, as religion becomes simply a title, rather than something that you adhere to that I remember, when I met him, we had a conference and Chef Nino he was there. And he's mentioned and there is this back and forth debate about certain groups in Islam, is this allowed, not allowed? And he says, and he said something profound. And he said that, you know, we as scholars are debating about issues between the converted between the practicing Muslim, what kind of Islam when the majority of the Muslims out there are turning away? No, see, we focus on the 10% that is practicing or the practicing the

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correct Islam? What about the 90%, that has become that don't feel Islam anymore, but don't identify with Islam anymore, that no longer feel at home and at ease with Islam. And as I said, for young people in particular, and this is the opportunity for parents and the responsibility of parents to have this discussion, the old way of simply believe, because the Imam said so, or I said, so that time has come and gone. The questions that your children are asking themselves, or will be asked by the friends is a reality. They're going to be asked, prove to me that Allah exists, and prove to me that your religion is correct. And they'll be told by the proof

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is a university and the educators that religion is, is backwards. And it is, it is. It is something that men and unevolved man, he constructed himself. But now we enter into the new age of science and technology, there is no place for religion, they'll be confronted with these questions. And we asked, are we as parents equipped to answer those questions, and our kids going to be equipped to answer those questions? So I say again, this might seem as a topic, why should we discuss in the Joomla? with Allah exists in with Islam is correct? We are Muslims, right? Yeah, we are the converted? We are you're preaching to the, you know, to the converted? Why should we still go

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through this questioning? Because those questions are there. And because people are too shy and too scared to voice those concerns. So they turn to other sources, they don't come to the Imam because they worry the mom is going to take the stick the member stick and hit him across the head. How can you rely on him to do that? Right? So ask those questions to your parents, and your kids and your teachers, rather than asking Mufti Google for the answers, because that will lead you astray. And the person in Islam? Who says there is no bad question. There's only two people that are that lose out when it comes to the question, the person who's too shy, who is too embarrassed to ask

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something, and he remains ignorant. And the person who's too proud and arrogant to humble himself and says, I don't know this teach me something new. So ask those questions. And think about your belief and your religion. Because at the end of the day, when everything is done, and you into that cupboard, it is between you and Allah, nobody is going to carry the burden of your soul except you. And nobody is going to be accountable for the actions and the beliefs that you had except yourself, that there is nothing, there is no greater risk. It's not your wealth we're talking about, it's not your health, we talking about, we're talking about the reality of your position in the era. And

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these are the kinds of questions that we sell them, we ask the big questions. So let us and insha Allah because there's so many questions, I have taken a few of these questions, and try to pose them and respond to them. And that's the format of the hook. But today, Allison grant is still seek and guidance.

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First question, does Allah Does God Exist? What evidence do we have that Allah exists? Prove to me You want me to believe in Allah, prove to me that Allah exists? You don't expect me to believe in some fairy tale in Father Christmas in the tooth fairy? Why should I believe in God? You didn't bring me any evidence. So don't expect me to believe this is it's a fair argument to make. It's a fair question to us.

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The beta one has the same. And it's much more eloquent in Arabic, that when he walks in the desert, and for miles and miles, he doesn't see anything but sand, and he's looking for civilization. If he sees some droppings of an animal, or footsteps in the sand, or a fire that was recently there, it says, it gives me comfort, it gives me evidence that some living thing passed by this way. I don't see the camera, I don't see the person. But the evidence is all around for me to draw that conclusion. When he looks up at the sky, and he sees the stars and he sees the planets and he sees the sun, and the moon and the clouds. And he says, Well, I these things were here before me. And

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they are more powerful than me. They are bigger than mightier than me, which means that they were put here by something else. If you walk by a city, a ruined city, you see the pyramids, you see the structures, and there's no one living there anymore, you know, that they were people that were living here once upon a time, the evidence of the existence is all around. Similarly, this is just the natural feature of men. When he looks at the heavens and the earth, and he looks at the vastness of the universe, he must ask himself, where did this come from? We did this come from, and the creation is the greatest evidence of the Creator. The fact that there is a creation indicates that

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there must be a creator. So Allah subhanho wa Taala asks us these questions and he asks this to us to the atheist to the Muslim. Okay, if you don't want to believe in me, when Allah asks you, were they created by nothing? Did you see anything in the universe come from nothing, a star forming from absence, a planet coming out of nothing and animal appearing from nowhere? was anything created from nothing? Or were they were you the creators? We know we did not create these things? No people created the planets and the stars? Or did they create the heavens and did you create the heavens and the earth? Rather, they are not certain. So the scientists as educated as they are, and as

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intelligent as they are. They will tell you we don't know where this came from. We know that nothing comes from absence. We know that it's impossible. No one believes that tomorrow.

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planted forms and a tomato disappears renewal forms by chance and bilateral nothing. If something appears in the universe, they know it must come from somewhere else. This is just normal logic and reasoning. So lots of parentheses, if you didn't create it, and you didn't put it there, then who put it there?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala also mentions that besides the existence of all these creations, which indicates the Creator, we find the creation, in perfect harmony, we find an order and a system laws that we cannot understand. Till today, you know, the scientist, if you want to win a Nobel Prize, you want to win a Nobel Prize, then you need to find this is the biggest question in physics at the moment. Why is the universe expanding? Allah says in the Quran, this Hubble, Edwin Hubble, he won the Nobel Prize because he discovered that the universe is expanding when Allah says that we created the heavens with might and we are expanding it continuously. So Allah in the Quran, in this past 50

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years or so, it will Hubble he won the Nobel Prize because he came up with he discovered that the universe is in fact, getting bigger, the planets are moving further and further away. But they don't know why. We know gravity should pull everything together. But instead it's moving away. No one knows what is the force that is pushing the planets and the universe apart. So there are forces we know working in a play in the universe that we don't understand. But it keeps the universe in harmony. So Allah says, and the havens e i n as an imposed the balance, I not only created the heavens, but I have put a balance and order that not transgress within the balance, that everything

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follows a plan and a format. And if there is a law in place, and there's a system in place, there must be someone that imposed that balance system and keeps the balance in check. You don't see if you see if you come to a place and everything is running perfectly. It's an indication that there is a controller. And therefore Allah says to us, when Lavina has Karuna lock em and Hakuna Allah juubi him. Karuna colicky sama what you all are those who reflect, and they think about the creation of the heavens and the earth, saying once you look at the billions and billions, the number of stars in the universe are more than the number of grains of sand on our beaches. And every stars the size of

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the sun.

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Billions and billions of stars with billions and billions of planets and moons and the space is just you know, you cannot comprehend and think. Then you think to yourself, yeah, Allah our Lord, You did not create all of this without a reason. You didn't create all this billions of creation without a point. It's not the randomly and without a reason. So behind Allah exalted, are you Yeah, Allah, then protect us. Yeah, Allah from the punishment of fire, protect us from going astray. So this is the evidence a lot put forward as to his creation as to his existence. If I am not the Creator, and I'm not there, then you give an answer better than that. So the atheists well, and this is the the

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methodology of atheism, it is very good at posing questions and creating doubts, rather than giving a solution. So they're good at criticizing, without answering the question. So they say we won't give you an answer as to what caused the Big Bang, and what began the universe, but we will attack your beliefs. So let us respond to some of the questions that the atheist will ask. The atheists will tell you, I only believe what I can experience where I can see or hear or smell or taste or touch. And if you can't prove it, to me that it exists, I can't see it. I can't hear it. I can't smell it. I can't touch it, then I don't believe it exists. Once you give me evidence, I believe,

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again, it's a question to us. So we asked, and we respond, whether or not things that at one point in time, we could not prove existed. Today we prove the like atoms like germs, the smallest things before there was a microscope to see these things.

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We couldn't see it. We didn't know they existed. But of course, they existed before the microscope, they were there all along, we just did not have the technology to experience it. Similarly, things far in the universe, we discovering new places in the universe every day, before we add telescopes and add the technology. We didn't know those things existed. But just because we didn't see it doesn't mean it didn't exist. So too is a lot, just because we are not technologically developed enough to see Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is the creation, you cannot see and experience the creation. What about the creator? How are you going to see the creator or you're the Creator. So

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just before because your technology is not up to date does not mean that does not exist. And even though even though there are so many things that we don't, we cannot see or hear or touch or prove. Scientists believe they exist. And that's why they searching continuously for answers, because they're searching for the thing to discover things we haven't yet discovered.

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They believe there's something out there. Why would you go and try and discover something? If you didn't believe it existed? Do you believe I know there must be something out there? And that is the answer. Another question that atheists ask and this is a question that you might pose to yourself. How can I believe in a God in a lord in a merciful God, when so much evil and sadness exists in the world? There's so much killing schoolchildren and killed in the schools, earthquakes and floods, sickness, good people, good people did nothing wrong. They give charity that makes Allah and they are killed, hijacked, murdered. Allah subhanho wa Taala is in control. Why does he allow this to

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So we respond, and we say, so therefore this I can't accept that a God would allow this to happen. So we say whether you believe in Allah, I, whether you believe or don't believe in Allah, the earthquake is still gonna come.

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The bad things are still going to happen. The person who is being oppressed will still be oppressed. If we all give up Islam tomorrow, the situation in Gaza is not going to get better. If all of us are believers, the situation might get better. But the fact that whether you believe or not, the bad things continue to happen. And you asked someone who went through difficulty and calamity Yes, two choices. You either believed that this is random, that the person who's oppressed was oppressed without any purpose or reason that it was just the luck of the draw. It was your turn, that nature just did this without any reason. Or we say that Allah subhanho wa Taala has a plan that you go

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through difficulty now. But these are piano afterwards. That is a day of justice. But then someone that is watching over the entire process, but today things are bad. But these are tomorrow, we Allah subhanaw taala will bring peace and justice. If you didn't believe in Allah, and an Acura and a day of justice in the bad guy gets away. The dictator, he loves his life and your prices who he wants, and he dies. And that's it. What which world and reality is more unfair, and more unjust? Which reality would you want to live in? If any of you go through sadness to Why did this happen to me? Would you prefer the Imam to tell you the person tell you there's no reason you would just the wrong

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time wrong place? Or would you prefer someone to tell you that Allah subhanho wa Taala has put this on you for a reason. And it's a test and Allah will replace it with something better? Which reality? Would you wish to live in? That Allah subhanho wa Taala? We believe and this is belief, we don't know the wisdom behind the laws, decrees and decisions. We don't ask them as almost as liquid on he is not asked, but he will do the oski. So we say yeah, Allah, as a believer, we submit that what you have done and decreed is ultimately, it will be rectified either in the dunya, or in the euro. So by disbelieving in Allah does not mean that the bad things are going away. It only gives you more

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confidence, and brings you through that hardship.

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Another common question? and say, Look, religion is the cause of so much hatred and killing. If it wasn't for religion, you wouldn't have the problem in Gaza. You wouldn't have Sudanese killing Shias, you wouldn't have the Taliban, you wouldn't have the Christians killing the Muslims, the Muslims killing the Jews and the Hindus killing the Muslims. And the Muslims are always involved in the mix. Right? Which whichever side is Muslim, and someone else, unfortunately, right. So if you didn't have religion, you wouldn't have all this fighting in the world would be at peace, and we'll all be singing Kumbaya. hamdulillah things will be good. Why? Why just throw away religion and

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things will get better. In the last century, the 20th century, it was the bloodiest century in the history of mankind. More people died in any in any other time before the wars and the violence war, the world was at war twice, a nuclear bomb was dropped into cities, nuclear bombs, completely destroyed cities. And the bombs in the way of killing just got better and better. And you asked for what religion was World War One for World War Two for what religion was Japan bombed for no religion.

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man doesn't need religion to wage war, you will find an excuse to fight, whether it is religion, whether it is politics, whether it is for wealth, whether it is racism, whatever reason he wants, he will find a reason to destroy himself and destroy someone else. And in fact, you'd find the group that killed the most people in the 20th century is communism, and they are atheists, which means the religion that killed the most people is in fact, atheism. Of all the religions, not Christianity, not Islam, not the Hindus of the Buddhist, it's atheists that killed more people. So whether you believe or not, religion is not the the problem, man is the problem. And he will always find a

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reason and excuse to fight tomorrow. If all these religions were gone, there'll be something else to fight over. So this is of course not a valid argument.

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Another argument, that's number four other that religion keeps man backwards. And that religion is the reason why people don't develop and go forward that science has helped

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advancement and technology is the opposite to science at the opposite of religion, the two are always against one another. And this is the truth for Europe. And for Christianity, you found that before the Renaissance, that Christianity kept science down, because science threatened the authority of religion that the church taught you. This is how the world this is how the heavens work, and you accept it, and don't question it. And you shouldn't be studying science and all these things, because this is going to take you away from from God. So Galileo came up and he invented the telescope. And he says, you know, the Bible tells you how to get to heaven. He doesn't tell you how

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the heavens go out to go to heaven, but on how the evens go. He's famous for that scene. And this was a break between religion and science.

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But this is the this is a reality in Christianity and Europe, Islam has the exact opposite effect. It is because of Islam, that people start to study the moon, we need to know when is EAD when it's Hajj, so that astronomy, people have to start studying science and biology. They have to study so many fields that Islam mentions in the Quran. And this evolve. You look at the Arabs and the Muslim lands or the Arab lands before Islam, they were the most backwards of people. When Islam came, it encouraged science and technology. When the Muslims was strong on the deen, they were the most civilized and advanced nations on Earth, our greatest scientists, and they are in fact, the greatest

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scientists that lived in a time. Chemistry is an Arabic word we find many of them they formal studying would begin with me halfway through put on, they would study fick, it would give them a methodology of of thinking, and they would then go forward and study science. Never we've never in the history of Islam. Do we have a fight between the llama and the scientists, both respects the field of study and with with the question between science and Islam Alhamdulillah we know that the Quran only confirms scientific facts. The facts, as mentioned in the Quran, are now being proven to be correct. And we say, look, the Quran is from Allah, and it's truth. And science is also from

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Allah, it's truth. And these two truths will always work hand in hand. So we have as evidence that, in fact for us as Muslims, Islam made us more civilized and opened the doors of science and technology. So there are a number of questions to ask as well. For atheists, we asked you, do you believe in the existence of a soul, and many of them even though they don't believe in God, and so my discussion with atheists, they must admit, is more to us than just this body in this flesh? And then something called a soul I can't see or touch, but I believe it exists. Another question you ask yourself, if you don't believe in Allah, then what is the purpose of this? Like, you're just going

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to acquire more wealth, more property, and then you die? There's nothing. There's no reason for loving when you only love to see tomorrow? Can you go through your life like that? When you die? Your parents have passed away? Do you really believe that if they disappeared, there's nothing left for you. On the other side, even the atheist, the most staunch atheist, both wonder what is waiting for me on the other side, I can't accept in my heart, that this comes to an end, and I'm gone. Also for a person, when all hope is up, when science can no longer give you the cure, when there is no more doctors and any medicine that can help you. Would you then cling on to something bigger, said I

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don't know who you are. But yeah, the Lord of all this helped me, science has got its limitations, you find man in his state of fitrah, he would go towards that, you'd also find within atheism, this is a great hatred to the concept of God. And you cannot hate something that does not exist. atheists have, they have an extreme hatred for God, so much so that you said the fact that you're hating something so much it means he must exist. The the attitude shows that there must be something that exists because you hate it so much. And lastly, ultimately, we ask, and this is the choice you make you take the risk if you if the atheists are right, and there's nothing on the other side, none of

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us are going to regret. You'll die and that's it, you're gone. But if you are wrong or atheist, and I am right, and there's something waiting on the other side, and you did not follow the new in danger thing you in trouble. So is there any risk to believe? Is there any back? Is there any drawback? Let me take my the provision and take and prepare myself and believe if you are right, then nothing happens. But if I'm right, then you're in trouble. so much more to mention and time is so short. So this is a question as to why we should believe in God. And ultimately, most of mankind believes in God. This is human nature, the majority 90% more than 90% of the world believes in the

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existence of God. But why should we accept Islam as the religion? Why should we believe the fact that there is a creator if you acknowledge there's a creator, then you must acknowledge there must be a religion. So God would not create all this

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Leave it and let me carry on Nope, there must be a relationship between the creator and the creation, and that is religion. So what religion should I follow? And why should I choose Islam? So you have, and I say this you have one two minutes with someone on the left, he says, What is Islam all about? And what makes Islam you have to sell Islam? The beauty of Islam. And if you look at the word Islam, which is submission, it is the religion that did not begin with Muhammad Salah, and it did not begin with Adam. It is the religion of the universe. So we tell him, Do you believe in a creator? He says, Yes. Do you believe the heavens and the earth are in a complete system of it obeys

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the law of the Creator? He says, yes. So the religion of the Sun is Islam. he submits Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him a job and he does his job. And the religion of the animals is Islam because they obey the Creator. Our religion is submission to the Creator. The religion of Islam is that everyone should return to the religion of the Creator, the system that the Creator has put down, that is what Islam says, and the gym and the jewel of Islam is to heed that Islam. The beauty of this religion, that makes it different to all other religions, is that it creates a personal bond between you and that creator. So once you've acknowledged the Creator, Islam says that there is no need to go

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through a prophet, there is no need for you to worship in Abbey, Jesus, or Muhammad Al Salam are a great way kurama when idol worship, or an angel or a jinn, Allah Subhana Allah that He offers himself openly to you, that you can in any time and place or time, you can raise your hands up and you can speak to him directly. What makes more sense? So once you believe there's a creator, yes, religion that says, there is a creator controlling the universe, that in his hands is all power. And the religion says that you can speak to him anytime, anyplace on his names, and he will respond. Would you prefer that religion? Or would you prefer a religion that says, you cannot reach the

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Creator, you need to go via an idol, that your sins will not be forgiven? Until you believe in a profit? Who has died on a cross? Which one makes more sense to your fitter? Which one do you incline more to? Which one would your heart be happier? For a religion that tells you that you need to humble yourself to a create a creation, or that you can turn to the creator directly? When Allah subhanaw taala says, and it might be bad asks you I need to ask you about me. In the quarry, I am near tell them I am there for them. And to me belongs when you lead us man personnel to Allah belongs the best of names, further all will be here. So call on me by my names. This is tawheed.

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This is the essence of our religion, that you can turn to the creator directly. You don't need any and we say there's nothing mavens in the earth, the one who controls the heavens and the earth is the only one that can help you who can harm you, the ancestors can't harm you, the only air can't harm you, the profits can't benefit you, the krumitz can't help you or harm you. The only one that can help you or harm you is the creator, and you can speak to him directly. That is our religion. Which one makes more sense and is closer to your heart in all the other religions out there? This is the gym and the jewel of Islam. Of course, there are many arguments and criticisms of Islam, and how

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do we respond to these criticisms? So you would find many non Muslims would say, religion sounds good. But what I see on reality is that your religion number one is a violent religion, all the other religions are living peacefully when Islam is in the equation is fighting and killing and violence. And our response, of course, is if you look at the pillars of Eman, the Pillars of Islam, the fundamental things that makes you a Muslim is no talk of violence or fighting. That this is not part and parcel. A Muslim is not someone that is violent, it is some Muslims that are violent, that the vast majority of Muslims 1.5 billion Muslims live peacefully. You don't paint Islam with those

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the majority, you only look at the handful the black sheep, and paint Islam with that brush, and why they do not paint all other religions by the actions of the worst of your religion. It's unfair the way you paint Islam. And if you look at history, you look at history, you'd find if you added up all the wars fought by Muslims and all those fought by Christians and all the evils done by the Buddhists, you'd find in history. Islam is by and large being a peaceful religion, that by and large, Islam has come to regulate the rights and protect the rights of even anonymously. Still, today you find non Muslims living in Egypt, and in Palestine. And in the Muslim lands, we came and

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we found them the 1400 years ago, and they'll still be our religion was a religion of violence. It would not allow you to marry a non Muslim woman for a man who wouldn't allow you to have non Muslims under your control. You can kill them all. This cannot be that they are some a very small minority, not even 1% of the minority of Muslims of violence, because they don't practice Islam.

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You find people they question the laws of Islam, our our attitude, perhaps homosexuality, the laws that is put over for women and men, the way of dressing the way of eating the way we conduct our business and they say you your law, your Sharia is outdated that your is your religion as you don't fit in, in the new world. How do you respond to that? How do you respond to say, how are you going to judge someone based on his sexual orientation? Why must you Why must you say he's wrong? And why? In our feeling, our morality feels that this is right, but your religion is so extreme. I can't accept that.

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He to change and adapt with time like Christianity will answer and say, Do you want a religion that men can change every day? Tomorrow, it might be moral to, to kill people, it might be acceptable that 50 years ago, it was normal and model for a white person to oppress a black person, it was acceptable for a black person or a person of dark skin, not to marry a person of Pharaoh's skin, or not to come to a certain area or certain beach, that was acceptable. If you found a black person or white person walking hand in hand, this was evil and immoral. So man's sense of morality changes with the wind. If something is divine, it should be seen, and it should be applied for us and the

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past and the future. So which one would you rather prefer? Women can change the laws as he pleases? And at the end of the day, who are you believing? You're worshiping yourself and believing in yourself? And how do you know that your sense of right and wrong but what you think is the right, what you feel is the right, is actually right, how many people the terrorist who kills children believes I'm doing what is right? Do we have to take his opinion into account as well? You have to ask every single person what he believes to be right and wrong to be correct, or should they be something sit and finalized?

00:31:48--> 00:32:03

And lastly, you know, your, the people ask you they say, Well, if your religion is the best religion and your religion is the right way, why are your Muslim countries the worst, and the lowest, and you're always the, you know, be centuries behind the rest of the world.

00:32:04--> 00:32:45

This is true. And we respond by saying that, yes, the oma went up and down. If you look back in history, we were not always at the bottom. And it was a long period where Islam had its days of Islam and glory. And as the reason why we and the Muslims will respond, why we are in the state is because we're not following the teachings of Allah. If we were firm on our on our Islam, we wouldn't be in the state. And you find that other societies are excelling and are above us, because they have more Islam in them than Muslims, you find the rights. And you find you find justice, and you find honesty and learning and teaching in the countries above the Muslim lens. And also those countries

00:32:45--> 00:33:26

that are excelling today, they're only there because they stood on the heads of other countries through colonialism and oppression, that they've raised themselves up at the expense of other societies. Islam does not allow you to do this. So therefore we say, Yes, we are down. Now. When we return to Our Islam, we return to the religion, our model, once again, be strong. And we'll see that and we end up with these points to ponder the to make Islam to show you that Islam, the things that makes Islam stand out the perfection of the Quran, the only religious texts that we can say, has not been changed or altered by a single but it is pure and pristine. And you find within it the miracles

00:33:26--> 00:34:05

of science and technology and language that no other book no other religious book can equate to that to powerful evidence, you find that Islam is open to everyone. It's not exclusive to a certain group like Judaism, only Jews can only people have bunnies or you can be a Jew, or a certain clergy have a monopoly on it. No, anyone can come up and even challenge the Imam and say the Quran says this, you've said something else. It everyone has a right and place in Islam. And it's open to everybody. And one way to one powerful argument or question to ask asked non Muslim friends? How many times have you read your religious scripture? front to back? Do you even own a copy of the Vedas? For the

00:34:05--> 00:34:44

Hindus in your home? Do you have a copy of the Torah in your home? You'd find that the Muslims, Islam has given you the Quran to read and recite whoever it is, we find that in spite of Islam's weakness, and how backward we are and how bad things are, it is still the fastest growing religion, that it was all the technology and all the things against us. And with people now looking and exploring into religion asking questions more than before you find that Islam is the choice. So don't feel left out. Know that when people actually sit down and they evaluate religions. They come to Islam as the first conclusion. As they say if you find that lupus is the best selling car of

00:34:44--> 00:35:00

2014, everyone will look for a car. This was number one. Islam is that number one that people are choosing, in spite of all the things that going against Islam. Islam has a track record that societies that accepted and adopted and implemented Islam. It has shown that it is incorrect

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

Prove and enhance the society. We were at the height of civilization throughout Islam. This is also a religion that has stood the test of time. That throughout that we look at the western civilization and think that will never ever diminish, know that it only knows in the last two 300 years, and we'll see again, Islam has been there for centuries before that. This is a religion that has survived through difficulty and come out on top then went down and will continue to come on top. It shows you the power of this religion, and it will be the long after we are gone. And the perfection of this Deen is that it gives you a solution to all your problems. The non Muslims were so amazed

00:35:41--> 00:36:24

when the Muslims came the Sahaba came to them and said, Your prophet even taught you how to use the bathroom, every aspect of your life as guidance in this religion, and that you look at the problems of society, the problems in our society, alcohol abuse, poverty, racism within our takes 1400 years ago, the solution lies they don't rule by the law of Allah, which find people killing one another indiscriminately. So these are of the many many beauties and the things that you consider being a Muslim, and my closing words and I end up with us that have this conversation with yourselves and your children. ask them why you're Muslim. And what makes you confirm and and firm on Islam. We

00:36:24--> 00:36:58

believe that if you teach Islam and ask those questions, you will only draw you closer to Allah and always make the dua as Allah says robina Lao Tzu buena vida de tener la habana Milan Karana encanta la la la Let not our hearts deviate off you have grant as guidance and grant as from you, mercy, indeed, you are the giver. You know ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us with these words. Allah Subhana Allah protect us in this time of holiday and funding and I hope that you have a blizzard, you know a good holiday, but within the parameters of the Sharia sokola height was around one