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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of achieving a personal and professional relationship with Islam to achieve success. They stress the need for individuals to take responsibility and work towards achieving this goal, as well as the importance of learning and embracing oneself to address issues such as poverty and drugs. The speakers also emphasize the importance of not advertising to harms' neighbors and offer suggestions for improvement. The segment ends with a mention of a class on the evening of the week.
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Manila horrible amin was salat wa salam O Allah shopping mode serene Salem Cumberland wider earlier savage Marin, Mata Mata Mata La Habra cattle.

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My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam operation to Allah subhanho wa Taala was an hamdulillah granted us the coming up a new year, and has granted us the completion of yet another year hamdulillah while the dunia at the moment, and all those around us, many are indulged in things other than the remembrance of Allah, Allah subhana wa tada selected the believer, and has brought him here to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala, which is a moment of his defar while you sit here, Your sins are being forgiven, the sins from last week to this week are being forgiven by the mercy and the grace of Allah subhanaw taala truly Allah subhanaw taala as favored as and blessed as to

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begin the year, in his a bada and in his worship

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Alhamdulillah Allah and then I'll be salsa lamb reminds us that at the end of a period, and the beginning of a new period is a time for reflection, and a time to, to look at what came before and to think about what is about to come. And this is of the secrets of the Sahaba. And the speciality of the Sahaba. In that they did this introspection and they took account of themselves, each and every day,

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they would wake up in the morning, not expecting that they would see the evening. And when they saw the evening, they did not take for granted that there'll be the procedure. So every day, every day they took account of the status where am I with Allah subhanho wa Taala? Am I in a good place with Allah subhanaw taala? Am I ready to meet Allah subhanaw taala This is the Sahaba This is why they had this highest position and place for us at the very least, let us take account once a year and look back. And we're not saying we celebrate New Year's and our new year and we don't get into this debate. Our new year is has already come a few months ago. And now every opportunity is a time for

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reflection. And every day is a time to look what is happening, what happened yesterday and what is to come tomorrow. So at the end of the year, we have passed through a year 365 days have come and they've gone beyond in 65 days from our limited account of days that we have on this earth are gone, never to be returned.

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Now visa Salam reminds us in a theory, maybe someone says to you and to me, bring yourself to account. Take your own take stock of yourself before you abroad to account before Allah subhanho wa Taala brings you to account and weigh your deeds before your deeds are going to be weighed, assess and analyze. If tomorrow would be my piano. We don't have to worry about the big piano. when the day comes. Your name is written on the paper for the angel of death. That is your piano my piano already. If we will take stock and accounter ourselves today, are we ready? Now this also reminds us that the wise person is He Who reproaches himself and acts in preparation for what is after that he

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prepares himself for the era. And were reminded that I uh, every weekend sort of gaff on the day of piano when the disbelievers and all those who committed sin will be given the book the record, as a man who has Al Kitab the record of the deeds will be placed. And you will see the guilty fearful of what is they in? And they will say well to us. What is this book, what kind of book is this, that leaves nothing small or great without recording it, every action that we have done is in that book. And they will find everything they did presented before them. And a lot of Teach no one with injustice, nothing will be written against you except that which you did. So if you take stock of

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yourself, and the things that you've done know, and we should know, I should know you should not our family should know whatever we did, is in that book. It's a it's on our account, it is going to be presented to us and therefore at the end of a period and before the entering of a new period. We ask ourselves what have I put forward for myself in this past year?

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Where am I with regards to my closeness to Allah subhanho wa Taala what charity have I done? What Salah have I done? What fasting Have I done Alhamdulillah we don't only look at the negatives we say that Al Hamdulillah 52 Juma for the year Alhamdulillah one neuroma bond for us for those who are fortunate enough Hodge, for those who are fortunate, Amara Alhamdulillah. We've made I will start out on time for this good also and it was also taken into account and the good news is almost dialysis, whatever good you do at the very least I multiply by 10. But we have to weigh that up against the evil we did that every sin, everything I looked at the Haram everything I listened to

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have haram everything I did haram with my mouth in my hands.

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Loss of $100 takes that into account. So, and we all have this internal assessment that we should make. Am I closer to Allah? A year has gone past? What have we done with the whatever I achieved in this year? Am I closer to Allah than I was last year? So think about where you were 20 the end of 2013, the beginning of 2014. Where was I? Where am I now, and if and most unbeliever is all always believing and feeling, I'm not where I should be, I should be closer to Allah, we think of our sins. And this is the attribute of the believer that he sees his sins like mountains that are going to fall on his head. If you feel in a bad state, then you begin. Yes, with a bit of regret with a bit

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of guilt, but of the qualities of the believer is always hopeful. And we begin the year with how we begin this new year, in spite of all the sun, no matter how bad that sin was, even if you say Subhana Allah, I did not make one Salah in last year, I missed Dumars even, that this is my first Juma in years, even if you're in that state, then even for that person, he must enter this year with hope, with a belief in Allah Subhana. Allah says, say, oh my servants who have transgressed. Allah says speaks to not the good ones speak to the bad ones, those who committed sin, those who transgressed against themselves say to them lattakia to mean Rahmatullah. Do not despair. Do not

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lose hope, in the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins without exception. Besides worship, Allah forgives any sin, we can say What sin did you do? Anyone committed Zina? I committed? I stole I murdered I did this I did that Allah says I forgive all those sins. Indeed it is he who is the Forgiving and the merciful. And Allah subhanaw taala. When you take assessment of yourself and you say yeah, Allah, a year of sin, and a year of very little do good deeds, where is my position with you? Allah says, Oh son of Adam, Allah speaks to you, as long as you call upon me. And you put your hope in me All I ask Allah says, Who upon me raise your hands and stuff for the law in the

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country minute Ballymena Allah I committed sin. When you raise your hands also I have forgiven you when you the minute you raise your hands over doesn't say I will forgive you have I have forgiven you, then you are forgiven for what you have done. And I don't mind illiteracy. So how many times are you going to commit sin and come back to me this is now how many times No, I won't mind come back and make Toba and make it stiffer. Allah says Oh, son of Adam, if you send me to reach the clouds of the sky, and when you come to me after 6070 years of sin, now you come back and seek my forgiveness. I would forgive you.

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This is someone This is the good Billy. This is a good person he sends but he makes Toba in the dunya. And Allah gives a third opportunity to us. Oh, son of Adam, if you were to come to me on piano, you didn't you make sense that for the dunya so much send it for the dunya and you'd meet me with no Toba. Right, you committed the sin, and you still didn't make Toba and it's so much sin, it fills the dunya and now you come to me and you didn't come a chick. You did not commit any ship with me. I will come to you with a world full of mercy. Lots of Allah tala as much as we feel bad and we despair. We don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah. So we begin asking Allah we stick far and Toba

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what we did in 2014. And we make a sincere Nia Allah, we won't return to that. But we leave we left the sins behind of the beauty and the mercy and the majesty of Allah. Allah has closed the book on the left hand side, you can't add to the sin of 2014. But you can remove it, the way the book is still open to be removed, but you can't add to it. That's the mercy of Allah. That's the beauty of Allah subhanho wa Taala, that your sins of the past can't increase, but it can decrease if you raise your hands and ask Allah for that tober for that forgiveness. And now we look forward to the year that comes the year ahead. The believer you'd find whenever we talk about abeja, Salah Hajj,

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anything everything you open Buhari, the very first Hadith in Albania, that the believer he doesn't do things haphazardly. He takes account of himself before he enters into something that nobody saw Salam says say Norma says I heard there'll be something safe actions will be judged according to the intention of the person and every person will be rewarded, he will be rewarded or accounted according to what he attained intended. And this is again of the mercy of Allah, the brother can say today, I make that Nia, I'm not going to do that sin. And today I make that Nia I'm going to fulfill I'm going to make my Salawat on time. The brother can say today I make that Nia, I'm going for Hajj.

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And we I don't know how I don't know why but I'm going to make that application. I'm going to save one day

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To read, and even if he doesn't reach the piano, he doesn't do the HUD he passes away before he gets there. If he's Nia was sincere you'd find that has written for him. Because Allah will judge you according to the good that you do, and not take you account for the evil so even if I make me do haram and you don't do it alone, he would sue you for not doing it, but does not hold you to account. This is the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So we can achieve great reward simply by making a sincere Nia and now that we enter into a new period a new year, it is time for us to sit right our near to sit our objectives that Allah mentioned that the oma is not in a bad state. Yes, we don't have good plans or good goals. And we don't even have bad goals or desire the dunya but it's even though the oma has no goals, we just continue day in day out without any further planning. So this is an opportunity today insha Allah you sit you near for 2015 and get the reward for that Nia and we asked, before we sit down near what is my objective? What is my purpose here on the dunya? Why did Allah with me, your Nia is to achieve

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that objective. Remember brothers and sisters in sha Allah that Islam, this Deen of Islam means to submit. And it is the religion of everything in the universe. The sun rises and sits as it was commanded the sun, the moon, the planets, the earth, everything in the universe obeys the law Allah has given to it. The only two things that Allah created with the option not to submit is man and gene. The only things in the universe that are not Muslim who has a choice not to be Muslim, is men and in everything else submits to Allah as well. And Allah Come on. Therefore, Allah says, I created you, oh, insulin gene, and I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship me to draw nearer

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to Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is the beauty of Islam. I always say this, but if you want to if someone asks you give me You have one minute of my time, what is Islam all about? Islam is to build a personal relationship between you and Allah. No intermediate is no idols, no nebby aisyah no Jesus, no crummock no Wali, no idol, nothing between you and Allah, you raise your hands and Allah responds, this is Islam. This is the beauty of the deen and you ask and the objective of every individual when you enter your cupboard, How close do I get to Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah says, Allah makara boon speaks about those who are near nearer to what nearest to him, that every person

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has a distance between Allah subhanho wa Taala your objective, my objective is to get as close as possible as you can to Allah subhanaw taala that is your objective. So your goal and my goal is that next time we do this assessment, am I closer to Allah? Has the distance between me and my Arab decreased? inshallah, if that is the case, then you are on your road to success? So how do I change myself? And where do I begin when I set my goals, and how do I fulfill my purpose, the believer must remember that he has three levels in which needs to sit his goals,

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he needs to see to his own individual well being he's individually relationship with Allah, and attached to that is unique. After you've seen to yourself, you need to be there for your family, and help your family become closer to Allah. And lastly, that a believer also he's part of a greater community, and your own well being is not enough. And your family doing well is not enough. You need to see to the community as well. So let us begin with myself. And this is how to be so solemn, and our Islam is structured, that people talk about changing the world, yet they don't change themselves and obese all started out. Before he tackled the big things, the jihad, the politics, the Kings the

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impetus, the economy, he sought to change the hearts of individuals. This is the beauty of Islam. It begins at the grassroots level. And if everyone as individuals change in the big things will take care of themselves. So every person needs to take account of his own well being and its own individual statement, Allah subhanho wa Taala so you might ask me, we all say this, even the best of us, even the worst of us, we say we're not in a good state. Personally, we are we with Allah subhanho wa Taala How do I change myself? Where do I begin? How do I begin I want to enter this year, on a good footing what once I start with my stockwood Hajj, do I start with Jihad? Do I start

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with zakka? What do I begin with? Where do I begin with? We begin with Allah subhanho wa Taala advised us to begin and where did Allah begin? He began with a Koran to read the first step of the believer. The first step of the Muslim so we have a brother Mashallah he just entered into Islam today. How he says Where do I begin, I want to be a Muslim. The first thing he needs to do the first thing you need to do I need to do is to learn what Islam is all about. before Allah said makes to Jude or make Sora or believe in me. Allah says ikara read in the name of your

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Rob, read and learn this deem the attribute the quality which Allah has elevated in Sun, above many of the creations of Allah above the angels and the jinn is that Allah gave mankind the capacity to learn, gave mankind the ability to learn, we know that the the story of nebby Adam in the Quran, when Allah said to the angels, what are these things? It's subhana wa la ilaha illa, Allah Subhana Allah we have no knowledge except that which you gave us. So when Allah says to not be Adam, tell them what this is that the Adam named it and then a lot of the angels mixture due to Adam, but Allah reasonably Adam above the angels, why not because of his color, not because of his form and his

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features the angels are superior to us physically. But Allah gave Adam knowledge which he did not give the angels a knowledge is the one thing that elevates you. And in the sight of Allah that makes someone above someone else is through knowledge that the other man mentioned, the greatest gift you can have after a man after was made you a believer is knowledge, and you'd find like a man.

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Knowledge is something which cannot be inherited. You can become rich through your father, you can come rich by being lucky, you know making the right decision and you become rich. Your health can come and go, you can inherit strength from your parents, but knowledge you can have the professor, the most intelligent man on earth, Einstein could be your father. But when you begin, you begin with nothing. Knowledge is something which everybody must strive for even Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam had to work for knowledge, this is the beginning. You need to ask yourself, do I know what I need to know? For a believer there is a minimum amount of knowledge he must know. He must know how to use,

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you know, perhaps to clean himself what is required of widows and the Pillars of Islam. In addition, if you are a a businessman, you must know what does Islam require of business? What is halal and haram? It's your responsibility and your duty. If you are a husband, you need to know what does Islam say a husband should do shouldn't do as a wife. What should I do? Shouldn't do you beginning is knowledge. And and hamdulillah. You live in an age where with a click of a button, you can access so much of knowledge. books have been made into English, the best of the best lectures in the world. The lectures are online databases. With so many databases, Muslim Central Media just give one

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example, the biggest collection of online English lectures by a South African South African salted capetonian shala. Right. It's open there any topic you want today, so be in 2015 unia is I want to make learning part of my my life. I want to learn and see what do I know what Don't I know hamdulillah we have classes here in America. Every week, I will see your class will begin again in a week or twos time.

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A team those classes make learning part of your your life. Once you do that, that's the first step of the believer, once you've equipped yourself with knowledge. Of course the believer does not learn simply for learning but to implement. So what do you do? Where do you begin your actions? Where do I start? And and hamdulillah? Allah gives the answer. So you say I don't want to be a normal Muslim. I want to be a wealthy and make your knee I want to be the base of the base. I want to be a friend of Allah Subhana Allah grant is to be of his friends and the closest of the close. How do I get to be your friend? Yeah, Allah, what should I do? What should I do to get to be your friend? Allah says

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and tells you how to become a friend of Allah and Hadith of the Wali, Allah Subhana. Allah says,

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I will declare war against him who shows any hostility or hatred to a friend to a colleague of mine. Now Allah tells you how to become a valley and the most beloved things you want to earn my love Allah says the things I love the most.

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And that which my slave comes closest to me, is what I have enjoyed on him that he does the firearm is the first thing that you do is the photo. The first thing you begin with other Ferrari, the five pillars, again, assist yourself, Am I performing my Salah work on time? If I paid what is required of Zakah Am I perform my Hajj? Is my fasting complete and correct Do you have any days outstanding? The first thing you need to do complete the five pillars. The brother who makes Salah from Asia it's all fudger and Mrs. fudger all that Salah has nothing of value until these five salaat are complete. This is the first step completion of your five Salawat is an example of the greatness of Sora

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Episode Seven says the two rocket of budget is greater and more valuable and precious to Allah than all the dunya and all it contains not the two rockets of follow the budget the two shouldn't network as so how great is the funnel of budget and how great is the other Salawat have the Ferrari. Allah says the closest you want to come to me is through what I have made compulsory. Do the basics. The five pillars will get you to gender, guaranteed gender, by the grace of

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Allah subhanho wa Taala we know the well known Hadith of the Bedouin, who says Yasuda wa salam, tell me what, what should I do now besides just do the five pillars, so he says, Well, I, I will do those five, and I won't do anything more, and nothing less, nothing more, I will make one salamu I won't pay one extra cent in charity. Now the Sultan says if this man is truthful, if he does this, you will intergender guaranteed gender. This is your entry ticket to gender, the five policy to each American Muslim mean that you uphold those five pillars, you have to uphold it to the best of your ability. But if you want more than Allah says then then he keeps on doing more in our field extra

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Sala extra xhaka extra Hodge until he becomes closer and closer to me until he becomes the only the one he's one who sees with the eyes of Allah and he speaks with the mouth of Allah and he ate whatever he does when he raises his hands or answers these two hours.

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So those two things are what's obligated on you obligatory on you. essential knowledge you need to acquire it and the basics of the deen you need to perform it to do those two things Alhamdulillah then you are entry level Muslim, then you are Muslim at the entry level than any experience that you need to do. You add up and build your relationship with Allah. But you are also required Ally's also made the requirement especially for the man and the husband, the well being of his family, Allah Subhana Allah says, Yeah, he will let me know who and fusa Naira Save yourselves and your family from the fire, whose fuel is main and stone over overweight, meaning over Johanna, Angel stern and

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strong. It is not acceptable for the brother Mashallah to be in spa to be in the state of Nevada, and his daughters and his wife and his children are in her arm. This is not what Allah subhanho wa Taala allows an accepts that every man to the best of his ability at the end of the day, even MBR were unable to change the hearts of some of the children. But to the best of our ability, we need to look at our families. Now vehcile salaam says all of you are shepherds. Sometimes we look at the big issues and the problems corruption the Ummah and we point the finger at the Imam or the MGC, or the Allah or the president or the kings and say, You are the leaders, you are responsible known

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obedience is all of you are responsible. All of you are shepherds, all of you have responsibility. And all of you either contribute to the problem, or you help to solve the problem. The business is all of you are shepherds. And each of you is responsible for his flock and the man, the leader. He is a shepherd for the oma for those under his responsibility and those in his care. And a man is a shepherd in respect of his family. And in responsibility for those in his case, the woman is a shepherd in respect of her husband's household and is responsible for the people under her care. Even the servant, the servant is a shepherd, the servant, Neville Salah, same is a leader, how a

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leader because he also has responsibilities, there are things entrusted to him, and he needs to take care of that. So Allah Subhana, Allah has blessed you and me, with a wife, with children and with parents, with siblings, those people that we are close with, they are under our care and our responsibility. And their well being is part of our well being. It is not acceptable, that our families are insane, and we neglect them. So as you sit down and assist your own individual, am I making my followers? Do I know what I need to know? You need to sit with your children and ask my son, my daughter? Are you making cider five times a day? Do you know what the requirements of

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fasting is? are you dressed appropriately or inappropriately? Do you know that that alcohol is haram and places that serve alcohol is haram and being in certain areas in certain companies? haram? Do you know that? Only a conversation I'm not saying go out and be angry and fight? No, begin with knowledge? begin with? Let's learn and read? Are you I after madrasa and this is a big concern to me personally. When young people they leave madrasa. Some of them are even mukalla yet they don't understand much of the deen and that is it. They will never ever go beyond and learn Islamic Studies formally. Is that enough to face the challenges of the dunya It is your responsibility as a father

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and as a mother to send your children to send your children to learn the deen he in the teens and in the high school and in university. That is when they are challenged more than ever. That is when they deem is going to be tested. Are you comfortable that they are ready to face the challenges or you as if you cannot change as someone says at least speak to them. You cannot change with your hand. You cannot drag the person to the masjid or to the class speak at least that is your responsibility as you begin this year.

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Ask them to set their own obligations and the goals Alhamdulillah if you have achieved your own individual well being you've done the basics yourself and your household is doing the basics right now.

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Special yellow, we're not making 200. We're not giving extra charity, but we are making our Salas on time, and we're not committing major sin. And we're making our Easter far when we supposed to do if you've done that, again in three level family, but now you need to look at the bigger picture.

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And many of us before and this is the process before you get to the big picture. So Suit yourself out, suit your family out, if you've done those things. Now you can start tackling the bigger picture, that again, the believer is not satisfied to see his household secure and all the adults around him are burning. Then his children are safe. But his brother's children are in drugs, that his sister's children are not doing what they're supposed to do. It should hurt him. Now he's also lamb says the believer in the mutual love and mercy and compassion are like one body the believers are like one body if one organ of the body is injured, okay, oh is hurt, the entire body feels the

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fever feels the pain. And if one believer is going through difficulty, all of us as believers should feel the pain. And we look at 2014 very difficult here. catastrophe and catastrophe. The oma is is under so much of pressure that you are they always say the economics, the draft, all the countries before it was just Palestine 10 years ago, it only had to do Afghanistan. Now it's Palestine. Now it's in our city and Eastern Burma, Kashmir, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, this this gets more and more an hour long before South Africa is on that list. How long before that fitna catches up with us.

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But this is where we make the change. Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us the ability to contribute and to make change to the big things. Allah Subhana Allah says to you and to me, you are the best of nations I raised for mankind.

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Yes, this this is specific to Sahaba right, because at the base of the base, but in general, the Omaha masala You are the best Alma that has been raised for mankind. Why not because of your color, because because your eyes I'm La ilaha illa Allah, if I'm superior, no, it comes with, it comes with a string, because you enjoy what is right. You do the right thing, and you feel bad, what is wrong, you stand up against wrong and evil, and you believe in Allah. And if only the people or the people the scripture had believed it would have been better for him. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has made us not just the creation on the earth, to go through this dunya. But Allah says in the Jain will, or

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the halifa. Allah says to the angel, I'm going to put my halifa on the earth. We talk about the halifa we want the Holy Father, the meaning the one who will inherit and be custodian of the affairs of the dunya. Allah says inside is the halifa of London's dunya he has given you custody of this dunya of this earth, the plants and the animals and mankind, you are under the custody of the believer not to abuse but to take care of that is our own, our own, we not mean to be at the bottom of the ladder. We are not meant to be the bottom of the pile. That's not where we belong. We're not meant to be on our knees. And inshallah, by the grace of Allah, nothing stops us from rising up once

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again. All is required is Allah says, they believe in Allah, they do what is right, they stay away from Haram, and then you're the bishop, then you're the example to mankind. So how do I change society? How do I change corruption in the government? How do I change? immorality all around me? How do I change drugs in my society? How do I change the war? In Syria? In Iraq? How do I elaborate Masood lochsa these problems you might feel beyond my control? beyond me, it's impossible. What What can I do? I'm here in South Africa in Cape Town, I can maybe give a few and yes, there's nothing more I can do than that. Now this also lamp asks you to look what is within your ability to control?

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Can I change finibus awesome says, Whoever sees something of evil if you change it with his hand if he's able to do so. And if you're not able to do that, then speak out against it, change it with verbally change it. And if you're unable to even speak out against the evil, then change it then with your do is make do at the very least. So the very least all the problems. Make dua Allah let these problems go away and make easy for all the Muslims. And if you can speak out to you in a society in a community, and I say this Alhamdulillah what's in your ability to change. You have people joining massage committees, people joining up, you know, to feed poor people that's fighting

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poverty. You find people joining up to educate young people that's fighting drugs, you find people joining the neighborhood watch, that's fighting crime, so you're contributing to changing the world. Your little influence each and every one of us the dean is both like that, even though Allah sent the greatest of men. Allah did not make him change the world on his own. He had Sahaba with him

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But every companion contributed a little bit a little bit, some more than others. And this changed the world, that each and every one of us, were put here with something special and something to contribute our problem. Our problem is not in sometimes we look at our society, we say we may be less learned Allah, we lack very rich individuals. No, we have highly learned or Lama in amongst us. We have very rich and affluent people contribute a lot. We have good leaders. But what we don't have is everybody contributing is that even the very best of people can't change the world on their own. Every single person must contribute something. So an obesity problem is asking you, what can you

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contribute? What can I do? Look at your environment, my neighborhood where I'm living in? What is the problem? My problem in my neighborhood, I'm surrounded by non Muslims, they don't have the deal. They've never heard of Islam. What can I do to give them Islam? It's not my duty to change the arts that belongs to Allah, but I can do something to change the situation. Ask yourself that what can I do?

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In a beautiful Hadith, maybe a Buddha, Buddha, the Buddha, he comes down to the salsa, and this is again, the quality of Sahaba is the Rasul Allah Salah. What's the best thing I can do? I want to change the world what's the very best thing I can do? Now before Solomon says the best thing you can do is you can believe in Allah to have belief in Allah Eman. That's the first thing. And in Jihad and free a slave. You're changing the world directly on you're not when you fight jihad, you see the wrong you going out and you putting yourself on the line. I'm going to change this thing, even if I'm as die fighting it. Right. So this is the number one the highest level of the believer, he sees

00:31:44--> 00:32:28

corruption and he attacks it hate on best of believers, strongest of a man. So this is your rasulillah. If I can't do that, what if I can't even if I'm not able to change the world head on, I can take and tackle the problem with myself directly. What can I do to help the artisan help the laborer out the one who's unskilled, so you can't change the world and help someone who is busy doing the work? So you can't yourself be part of the committee? part of the team, part of the neighborhood watch part of the teaching of young people. But look who is doing it? Is someone out there helping the Palestinians? Let me help them. I can't help directly. So I'm going to support

00:32:28--> 00:32:30

those who are doing the work.

00:32:31--> 00:32:42

This is what if I can't even do that. So I can't change the world directly. And I can't even assist the ones who are changing the world. What can I do the navy seals, at the very least, stop doing mischief.

00:32:43--> 00:32:46

Stop harming others. And this will be your charity.

00:32:48--> 00:33:32

Keep your evil to yourself. If you can't, in any way help the situation, don't make the situation worse, that if I can't fight crime, make sure I am not contributing to crime. If I can't change the state of the other young people, drugs and whatever it may be, make sure my children are not on the corner. If I can't solve what's happening in Palestine, make sure I'm not contributing to harming the Palestinians. This is at the very least an additional opportunity to ask. And therefore when we enter into 2015 We begin with a sincere Nia as I said that I'm going to be better than I was last year and I'm going to improve in what I'm in the person I am but in sha Allah when we have the

00:33:32--> 00:34:09

script but again in 2016 we said hamdulillah I'm at a closer place for the last panel Donna and I can say not to be not to advertise but you can advertise with a like and see Allah in this year. I've done this net and net by your grace and your mercy. And you brought me closer, how much how beautiful would that be? When you get that report God I know many of us are eager and anticipating our youngsters are getting the reports and the matriculants all of us have that with Allah subhanaw taala. So make dua in sha Allah, Allah forgives us for the faults and mistakes of 2014 and the years that when behind us May the worst of all years be passed in the best of all years to come. May this

00:34:09--> 00:34:48

year and the years to finally be the best of our years. It does have played and Barranca in this dunya and in the ophira Allah subhanho wa Taala make us change as we become the more that he wants us to be changes as individuals and our family and our oma we also make a special to our for those who are Amara that Al Hamdulillah by the grace of Allah they are the guests of Allah Allah except the the Amara, they do as a like sip the good bit they do and Allah let them remember as you may do us and let the goodness that they do reflect and place us as well. Lastly, I wish to end off by wishing all the best on those who have written exams, those are waiting for results coming out next

00:34:48--> 00:35:00

week. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy by left behind grander results to be in your favor. And if if it goes well Alhamdulillah that's a net amount from Allah. Allah shown you you have the ability

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

And the potential to do something great. It is your duty obligation to exercise that ability and to change the world. Allah has given you the chance. And if the result was not so good, then don't let that stop you. The best of people, the smartest of people, the greatest of people, they failed many, many times more times, they fail, they succeed. Don't let this hold you back. Don't let a bad result make you that this is where I'm going to be for the rest of my life. No, go back and change what you've made wrong. This is where Allah subhanho wa Taala opens the door for insaan to change his mistakes. So don't let that hold you back. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us and grand success until

00:35:37--> 00:36:21

Victor matriculants they are hired and Baraka in the future. I mean, we just a few announcement once again, please, we had probably one photo 2014 we had one comment and suggestion box, at least 200% increase. Please put email me any comment or suggestion that you might have about the Duma anything that concerns you for your questions to me and my personal email or you can write down on a piece of paper there's a box in front so if you don't have access to the internet, you can put down a message re on the box the our senior classes in sha Allah will begin from next week without coming Tuesday, the sixth of January insha Allah the life of Nebuchadnezzar salah and we're also taking a bit of a

00:36:21--> 00:36:53

break we discussing the fundamentals of Salah so if you want to learn the ins and outs of Salah how to perform Salah correctly I think we do correctly come to our class on Tuesday night seven o'clock in sha Allah then of course Saturday evening would be the only program but to night this tonight we will have the that empty slate is only for the one to this afternoon today at 3:30pm. Just before I start an hour before I sir would be the rumpy Smith this of course is for the ladies assuming right just for the sisters to attain.

00:36:54--> 00:37:14

So that is happening yet of course three and there's a whole program for for the sisters to attain if they'd like to attend. And then of course tomorrow night, we would have our our program after mother inshallah will commence with the molad program in sha Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Muhammad Allah hamdulillah Salaam Alaikum