Why Was It Called Laylat Al-Qadr

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The transcript describes a night where the decree of Islam is handed down to the angels, and the concept of the Night of Decree is discussed. The concept is that every aspect of the operation is given to the angels on the night of Laila to cuddle, and that the decree is full of wisdom and hacky. The concept is also discussed, including the idea that a drag can change the other, and that the decree is given to the angels on the night of Laila to cuddle.

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So Leila, to cuddle means the Night of Decree. Why is it called the Night of Decree? Because during Laila to cuddle on that night,

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this is when the decree is handed down to the angels, Allah subhanho wa taala, he says, fie her meaning during labor the other, you follow up to Kulu Amarin Hakeem that every single matter that is going to be decreed from this little brother until next year, a little cutter, every single matter that is going to happen. Allah subhanho wa taala, hands down that information to the angels. And they begin to carry those tasks out until next until next D. So who's going to live the sea, who's going to die, who's going to be struck by poverty, who's going to become rich, what land is going to go dry and barren and affected by drought, and what land is going to be cultivated and alive, who's

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going to get sick, and who's going to increase in his health, what was going to take place and which earthquakes are going to strike every single thing in detail is given to the angels on Leila to cover? So it was called the lateral cover the Night of Decree, and then our best probably Allah, one who he said, you may see a person after the night of other you may see a person who is walking in the marketplace, while his name has been decreed among those that are going to die that ye and he will not live until he sees next Laila to Allahu Akbar. And this meaning has been narrated by a binomial OB Malik Mujahid, we're back and more than one of Salaf are hammer home Allah, Allah azza

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wa jal he says, fee how you for cuckoo Amarin Hakeem, Hakeem, the decree of Allah azza wa jal has been described as Hakeem Hakim mean full of wisdom and hacky means lay you but then while you're here, it is not changed and it is not altered. And it also means as we said, Hakeem wisdom, that Allah azza wa jal is commanded decree is full of wisdom. Then Allah azza wa jal said Amala min and Dena, it is our decree that we give to the angels it is our decree. You know what this means law Akbar when you read the word, a moron meaning dinner. It is Allah's decree, therefore our scheme during these nights that he decree what is good for you, since the decree is handed down this night,

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in little other and Allah is saying it is from us. Were the ones that decide in decree, ask Allah so imagine that it gives you a good other. You know, just like in Dubai, it's the whole dial is the whole a part of it is to say, What did Leo hire a hateful comment? Oh, Allah, decree for me what is good wherever I am from Martini Bay, and then meet me pleased with the color of your decree. And remember, a drag can change the other, as in the beat sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, lay out don't cuddle elaborate. Nothing will change the bed cuddle except a DA. So since the little cuddle was called that, which means the Night of Decree because the decree is handed down to the angels,

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ask ALLAH ask Allah that He saved you from the bad color that was decreed for you and ask him Subhanahu wa Taala that he right for you. Good Crudup, wherever you are, and that you're pleased with his other SubhanaHu wa ala