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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of facing sin and embracing Islam, avoiding sin, and being a good person. They also touch on the complexities of Islam, including weight and deeds, and the importance of forgiveness and showing one's values to others. The message is to love one another and pursue their agendas, and the ultimate goal is to achieve a connection to Islam. The speakers also mention upcoming events, such as the Jana Moore fire and a free marriage class for women.
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We live in a shakedown rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala I should have been more saline CD now Mohammed in Nuala early he was a big man, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam, respected listeners on the radio voice of the caper said Mr Aiken, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Al Hamdulillah All praise be Unto Allah subhana wa Tada initiative Allah Allah Allah Allah will be a witness and testify but none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhanaw taala and we ask ALLAH SubhanA to bless us in this walk of Juma to forgive us our sins, the mistakes that we've done. May Allah grant the week to come be a week filled with baraka

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and blessing. And we send our greetings and love and salutations. So beloved Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to his pious and pure family and to all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. Now Allah subhanaw taala blessed us to be upon the Sunnah of Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. As I mentioned, we live on the radio. So behave yourselves and hamdulillah and

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last week for the past couple of weeks, we've been talking about a series on sins and we sit today in sha Allah, we will talk about the psychology of sin, how do I get rid of sin? Why am I addicted to sin? That was the plan. But alhamdulillah or, you know, this week, I've received a number of questions, which I think is we need to address something before that even people have sent me messages in the streets in the spate ways Allah wise, Allah putting me through this hardship. People have sent me messages very honest, and Frank messages, no judgement. Why should I even be a Muslim? Why should I give up my lifestyle for a religion that I'm really not connected to? I might have been

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born a Muslim, whatever Muslim name, but in reality, I feel no connection with this religion.

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People might ask how do I transform my life? You and I might ask, How do I give up the sun? And the answer is we do this. And we feel a connection and we live this life, because we are connected to Allah subhanaw taala we have a relationship with Him. And when we look at where we are in this dunya we find ourselves the big question is why have I been put here? What's the purpose of my life, the purpose of, of being here, from Islamic perspective, we know Allah subhanaw taala says to us so Maha Krajina will insert Ilya balloon that we have not been created except to worship Allah, to have a connection with Allah to live a life in servitude to Allah. But before we can even do that, we ask

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Who is Allah? Who is Allah? What should I think about when I think about Allah? When I turned towards this religion? What am I turning towards? When I give up my life, the enjoyment and the pleasures for the sake of Allah, Who is this Allah that I'm doing it for? Because this religion is not just coming to the masjid is not just about making Salah five times a day, it is a deen, it's a way of life. Every decision that you and I make is for the sake of Allah. Every decision we make with who we were going to get married to what job we should take how we should earn our money, it goes back to bringing me closer to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So we need to ask, first and foremost, who is this Allah? And what should we think about when we think of Allah? Allah requires us to live our life going towards him coming closer to Him, to the point as if though we can see him but of course we cannot see Allah in this dunya so let's ask this question. And today's Juma Kuba and it's something that every one of us we should discuss with our kids, we should think about, even though we're born Muslims, were born knowing the name of Allah, but who is he really? So we begin, we open the Quran, right at the beginning verse number one Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Indian name of Allah, and the first attribute the first evidence Allah

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gives about himself. He says I'm a Rahman and Rahim you read Surah Fatiha Alhamdulillah Praise be to Allah, Lord, creator of the whole universe. So who are you? Yeah, Allah, Who is this Lord? He says R Rahman r Rahim, the very first attribute and quality that Allah has given himself. The first thing he wants you to think about when you think of him is Rahman and Rahim. So what is our man? And what is our Rahim? Both, of course comes from Rama, mercy, some translations you will hear, they will say the Most Beneficent, the Most kind, the Most Gracious. What does this mean really?

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Rahman. And Rahim comes from this quality of mercy. And the difference between the two, it's beautiful man is the one who is vast in his essence, he's merciful. Whatever he does, is mercy. That by his very nature, by his very essence, he is merciful, and that everybody and every creation, even if he's even sinner, has a share of this mercy, that Allah in His very nature, he's merciful. He's Rockman. Then as for him, sort of man, one way of doing one way of explaining his is passive state, Allah in his natural do you know he's default he's he's merciful.

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And when he acts he acts with Rama Rahim Rahim is active. When Allah comes towards this creation, He comes towards them with mercy. Allah in a hadith mentions the prof Salam says that Allah says this name Rahim I have taken this name Rahim from the Rahim Brahim is the uterus of the Mother, the womb of the mother. I have derived my name from the uterus. Why the uterus? Because the uterus, the womb of the mother protects that child from all corners, envelops the child with love and mercy. And so to when Allah approaches his creation, when Allah interacts with us, from all directions, he interacts with mercy, with kindness, with gentleness, with love. This is what Allah is the first

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thing he wants you to know. He's merciful. He's kind, he's good. He loves you. This is what Allah is. Allah says, What are Hurmati what's the Aquila che that My Mercy touches encompasses envelops everything, every sinner, every person, every animal, even he believes he has a guaranteed che of Allah's mercy. We go through the space sometimes we go through hardship, but never ever feel cut off from the Mercy of Allah because Allah has promised that every single one of his creation would have mercy.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala of His Names so yes, Rahman and Rahim these are the first of his names of the other names that we find and to get to know who he is. He is a food and aloha Farah.

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Monk Farah we know as being forgiving. It's not really forgiveness. Most FIRA comes from it Farah, which is a shield. So Allah is saying, I am the one that shields you, protects you covers you from hardship from difficulty and from sin. When you commit sin, I am the one that conceals it. And when you should be punished I'm going to be the one that blocks that punishment. And Allah joins these two names. Lofoten Rahim many times in the Quran.

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Beautifully the Allah mentions when you find the words of a fool Rahim, the one who protects and Rahim the one who acts with mercy. Usually it's for the sinner. Allah will say you commit sin but if you come back, you would find me for food and Rahim meaning for the one who sins, I will come to you as a protector a concealer, and one who is merciful of His Names is

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the one who expunges and wipes out everything of sin. He extinguishes completely. His forgiveness is beyond your son beyond my son. He's at the web debayer toolbar is to return that no matter how far you've left Allah, how far of course you and I have gone. We've lived 6070 years, maybe not one Salah and not one sujood. Now you want to come back to Allah. Allah says, I'm at the web, I will always come back to you. When you come back to me. I come back to you. No questions asked. I am ready to come back to you. He's a Latif the soft and gentle that whenever he does something, it's with kindness and subtlety. is alpha dude, deeply loving for His creation, more loving than a parent

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for a child. He's Alpha dude is an Haleem. The forbidding forbearance means you sinned against him, you harm him or in terms of you disrespect him, you sin and you break his laws. But he's forbidding he lets go. He doesn't hold grudges. He's forbidding and Haleem, the most forbidding this is who you're up is. This is who you think about when you make dua, when you're asking you in need. When you feel distant. Think of these names. Allah says to you and me look at the Subhan Allah, we ask for you and me there are things which are followed. Compulsory, we have to do we haven't we can't do for Allah we say who can who can compel Allah, who gives Allah the restriction. Allah says that

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about Abu Kumada and FC Rama that I

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that I have written, made compulsory on myself Rama, Allah says cutterbar Allah and FC Rama Allah made fuddled on himself, I will always be merciful, even to the worst of the worst, even to the bliss. I will be merciful. And Allah continues and says, and no man I mean, I mean consew And Bucha Hallett into metabo mean, buddy, what a no fool Rahim so that if any of you does any son, out of ignorance mistake you've made a mistake. And you come back to Allah in repentance. Allah says you will find me buffoon, Rahim I will cover your sin. Protect your sin, forgive your sin and be merciful on you. Allah says I have made this fuddled on myself compulsory on me, Allah Subhana Allah

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says to the prophets of salaam not be a baddie, an analogue of Rahim say to my creation, say to my slaves that I am most surely the oft forgiving, continuously forgiving, and the Most Merciful in my actions, Kalia Obadiah Lavina Astra who Allah unfussy him

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That's not to mean Rahmatullah. Allah says to each and every one of us,

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say to the sending the center of my servants say to those of My servants that have committed sin. Allah didn't say if it's a small sin A minus and any sin Olson, if you committed Zina, if you have lived a life that you did not have Allah as in your relationship, if you had forgotten Allah, Allah says, say to this person, the drug addict Latok not to me Rahmatullah don't ever lose hope in my mercy, that I forgive all sins. In Allah fu Bucha me, I forgive every single son in law who will have a full array of cars. Surely He is a four and Rahim Allah tells you, oh, a knee. Yeah, Jim, I mean, and those who are listening, no matter what your situation is, know that your sin is not

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bigger than Allah, that your distance from Allah is not too far from Allah, that you are not so far away that you cannot return to Him. That Allah subhanho wa Taala His mercy and Rama encompasses you, even when you turn away from Him. And if you come back to him, then he will just give you more of that mercy. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the Hadith that he said to the Prophet Salam. When he created the creation, he decreed that My Mercy will always be bigger than my punishment when my anger always I will be more merciful, then I will be angry to like my creation. The Prophet explains this mercy. Now again, Allah wants you to understand who he is. Allah subhanaw taala tells the

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Prophet SAW Salem the Noda resources when Allah created mercy, all of Rama, all of it, he divided it into 100 pieces 100%. And he took 1% of His mercy, and he gave it to his creation. So that every act of kindness, Mercy goodness comes from that you that mercy you feel for your child is from Allah's mercy, that even the animal you'd find the mother animal will not trample on her baby, it comes from that 1% And then he said, I kept 99 For myself, all the mercy in creation is just part of that. 1% But he has 99 with himself. That's what Allah subhanaw taala is, Allah says to the prophets of the soul, Salam. So when they ask you about Me, when My servants see who is Allah, where is Allah for

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iniquity, I am near to them already. I'm not going to come near to them, I am near to them. I know these situations. I know the hardships. I know who they are, I know thy sins that they have done. And still I merciful towards them. Would you would die with a die that Dan and I always answer the one who asks me, you asked me I've made it compulsory, I must answer you. I will respond to you. It's a promise from Allah. The Prophet peace be upon him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, as narrated Abu Dawood

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will you Lord is gracious, he's generous, and he shy Allah is shine Subhan Allah, Allah, you have shyness, yes, he is shy for the one who raises his hands to Allah, that Allah He turns them empty. It is Allah is his greatness, that you will never leave someone's hands turn to Him and not put anything inside it. Allah feels a sense of shyness in a manner which reflects his majesty, for the one who makes dua not to respond to them. The Allah Subhana Allah says, I am as my servant thinks of me, if you want to know who I am, I'm as you think of me, I am with him when he makes mention of me when you mentioned me, I'm with you. And if you make some mention of me inside to himself, when I

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mentioned him inside myself, when you mentioned Allah's Name, Allah mentions your name inside of himself in a manner which was His Majesty. And Allah says, and if he mentions me, in a gathering, when you speak of Allah, amongst a group of people, that Allah says, I promise, I mentioned you in a better gathering, I mentioned your name with my angels, someone better. Whenever you speak of Allah, and remember him and like vicar of him, he remembers you and mentions your name, Allahu Akbar. And if my servant draws near, to me a very short distance, it just comes to me with a short distance, that I will come to him with an even bigger distance. And if he comes walking to me, I will run

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towards him in a manner which we fits Allah's majesty as narrated in Buhari, what a wonderful Hadith This is, your Lord is more kind and gentle and loving, when you can even imagine. And the more you think of him as kind, the more merciful and kind he is to you. This beautiful Hadith the Prophet SAW Salem as agreed upon by Muslim and hottie. Once the province of Salem, they were in a battle, and a city was invaded. And during the commotion, a lady couldn't find her child. And houses are burning and things are upside down. And so the mother thinks the child has died. So she's screaming, she's frantic, she's hysterical. And then all

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of a sudden by the rubble she finds this child standing the and so the Prophet Solomon the Sahaba watching this lady, so she runs to her child now, I want you as parents to picture this. Imagine you through it like when we met last summer, how long may this be the case? You see an accident, maybe with your child involved. And then you see your child coming out safe and sound? How will you run to the child? So this mother runs his child like this, and she grabs her boy, and she picks him up and hugs him and pulls him as hard as she can kissing that child. So the Prophet son looks at this lady and he says, there's a harbor. And he says to the Companions, can you imagine that this woman with

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the amount of love she's feeling now she could ever, ever throw this child into a fire CDRs was impossible to harvest. It's also love. This is impossible. This lady could never throw this child into the fire. So Allah the Prophet Solomon says, so to Europe is even more reluctant to cost any of his creation in Ghana, it is more unlikely for Allah to put you in Jannah than your own mother, as Hassan Al Basri says, If you truly understood Allah, you would be more comfortable knowing that Allah is judging me on piano, then mommy, then your own mother. You know if my if my mother if I knew was going to judge me, and it was Jana, Jana, no matter what I did, Mommy's gonna send me to

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Jana. Mommy will let me go to Johanna. Allah is even kinder and more loving to me than my mother than your mother. That is who you are, Rob is that is the one that looks at your deeds night and day, and gives you risk and puts things in your path which is good for you and takes things out of your way which is bad for you, and will judge us on the Day of PM. We know of the beautiful Hadith that gives us hope in spite of our sins against Allah, a man will come with 99 CG lat scrolls of sin, the angels will roll those scrolls out, as far as the eye can see nothing in it of good. He has done nothing good in his life. And it will be weighed. And now this man will see her Allah Hollis

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what's the point of weighing? What's the point of judging? I have no good deeds. I have 99 scrolls, as far as the eye can see of sin. Why should we even go through the trial? So Allah Swan says but you have within your pocket these a bit darker, you've got a small piece of paper with good deeds on it with something good in the so the man says yeah, Allah, what is the benefit of me even weighing this against the 99? It's no purpose. So Allah says today is the day of justice. Everything will be taken into account for this man opens the paper when he puts it on the scale. And that paper is heavier than the sun. And what's inside that paper is La ilaha illAllah. What's inside that paper?

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Is that this man? Yes, he committed his Zina. Yes, he killed this he did every sin. But in that paper, he had a relationship with Allah where he did not permit you to do the one thing he says to Allah. Yeah, the one thing you can say yeah, Allah, I did not worship anyone besides you. I did not turn to an idol, or a grave or saint or karma or whatever in my time of need. I only came to you your Allah. And because of that Allah will forgive all those sins. Hadith the Prophet SAW Salem is riding with Martini gerbil on the camel and the prophet and the prophet system. IDM why should I not tell you about something like a secret and don't spread the secrets? This is yes Yasuda Allah, He

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says Do you know what you are right that Allah has upon us the hug of Allah and us is that we should not worship anyone besides Him. And then he says Salah Salem listen to this. And you know what our heart is on Allah, what Allah owes us. Allah owes us something. So he says Allah Allah knows best. So the Prophet is on says that if we do not worship anyone besides Him, then we have to go to Jannah. It is the hug of Allah that he has to put everyone who does not come and share with him into Jannah. This is who Europe is. He does not ask a million billion things of us. He asks us for one thing. Just recognize that I am your Lord. I created you I feed you I give you life every second

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when you die, you will come back to me. So worship Me alone. But if you need anything I am here. Come back to me. That's all Allah subhanho wa Taala is really asking of this creation. And even though we will sin Yes, and there will be a judgment Yes. And some people will be punished his out of His Majesty, Allah Subhana Allah says, the prophecies, anyone who even just acted and believed in La ilaha illallah and did not commit sin and Allah found in his heart Eman equal to the weight of an atom the smallest level of iman even the smell of iman was the just the hint of iman. Then he will be removed from Jahannam now brothers and sisters your year in this Masjid Wallah, you have more

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than an atom's weight of Eman and your Allah knows best. You've left your businesses, you've left your jobs you've come here, those of tune in you could have tune into any station but you tune into this one to listen to something of benefit to learn of your app. There is something in your heart with all the sins Yes, but there is an Eman in your

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On attachment to Allah, that if it is there in sha Allah when we die, then it is guaranteed that we will go to Jana insha. Allah by the Grace of Allah

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before me or not yes with all our sins but we are open we are Jana T's, will people for the Jana to meet Allah one day, Allah subhanaw taala mentions another beautiful Hadith very these are a few, my favorite Hadith or in this lecture today, Allah Subhana Allah says,

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the Prophet says Allah has countless angels who roam around the world, they fly constantly looking out for gatherings of vicar, Allah, those who remember Allah, and they invoke Allah. And they sit, the angels sit with him, and the angels fold their wings around each other. And so many of them join that it actually folds, they even so many of you, there are more angels in this gathering and your people to listen and to join us. Until they even to the lowest level from the highest to the lowest. Then finally, when the gathering is finished, these angels leave and they rise up to the highest level and the promises and says, then Allah and Allah knows everything. Allah doesn't need to ask

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for knowledge, he knows. So then Allah says to them, where have you come from? Where did you come from? And the angels will say, We came from the servants by name of yours on the earth. And they said, subhanAllah they glorified you and they made a bit of you. And they witnessed and they said these people believe that nun has the right to be worshipped except you and they're asking things of you yet Allah. So Allah says to the angels, and what do they ask of me? What are they asking? So and Allah of course knows what they asked. So Angel says they are asking you for Jana Allah. So Allah says and have the servants of mine who asked for Jana hbu people here have you asked for Jana? Yes.

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But have they seen my Jana? So the angel say No, they haven't seen your Jana. So Allah says now how do you think they would be if they actually saw my Jana? How much would they ask for it? So the angel sees that this is like how much more would they be if they actually saw the Jana? And then they all the angels see they also asked you your Allah for for your protection. So Allah says and protection from what? So they said they want protection from your Janna mule fire. And Allah says Have they seen my Jana? So Should Know Allah, they have not seen your jahannam? So Allah Allah so can you imagine? How would they be if they actually saw my Janome? If they believe in me and my Jana

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and Jana without seeing it? How do you think these people would be if they actually saw it, and the angel see that ask for your forgiveness for the sins. So Allah says to the angels, I have forgiven them, and I have bestowed upon them what they have, I'm going to give them what they ask. And I've granted them protection from that which is prediction. And then the Prophet Solomon says, an angel will say, Oh, Lord, amongst that group of people that were worshipping you, is a bad sending servant, a sinner, a bad person. And he just walked past that group. And he said they for a little bit. What about him? So Allah says, and to him also I have forgiven him, for whoever just set the he

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will not sorry, you will not be excluded from this Allahu Akbar. This is who you're up is. This is who you are, Allah may Allah is ALLAH SubhanA. Allah says, a servant committed a sin, whatever sin it was big or small, Xena murder, whatever it might be even smiling, I got a message from someone in jail. That is, you know, in jail, even the one that is in maximum, the worst of the worst. This hadith is for him also. It's not just for the Wali. It's for the worst of the worst. We know the man who killed 99 people 100 people killed. In fact, I don't think any of you you have killed 100 people. I don't think any of you here have killed your own children. But this hadith is even for

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that person. Allah says a servant committed a sin. And then he came back and said, Oh Allah, forgive me, my son. I made a mistake here Allah. So Allah said, My servant, he committed a sin, yes. But he understood that he has a Lord and His Lord forgives, and that his Lord punishes, so I forgave him. Then he sinned again. And he again Arcia Allah forgive me. So Allah says, He again came back sinned, but he understands, yes, so I forgave him. And again, then again, then again, over and over, same son over and over day and night, he sins, but He comes back to me and ask for forgiveness. So then, Allah says, so do as you wish, and even if you sin, so long as you keep coming back, I have forgiven

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you. You know, when Ali said, once very profound, he said, maybe the sun and some of us have a special son, a son, which we know that we are weak, a weakness, but perhaps that sin is the means that you will enter Jannah how will that sin be that I enter Jannah? Perhaps that struggle that you have day and night that you send today or you send in at night, and then tomorrow you feel regret and make Toba when Allah forgives you, but then you fall back and you keep making Toba, sincere Toba. Then your daily struggle between sin and forgiveness sin and stick far you

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It drove that sin caused you to make constantly stick far it will be that sin that actually leads you to Jannah. May Allah Allah forgive us. Allah says, This is my second favorite Hadith, we'll get to the last which is my favorite. Allah says, Allah Himself says, oh son of Adam, as long as you call upon me, no matter what it is, no matter what you ask, no matter how much sun you have, and you put your hope in me, just trust me. Trust that I am Lee and I will forgive you, then I promise I have forgiven you for what you have done. And I don't mind no regrets. No second thought, it's gone. It won't even appeal on your on your scroll on chiama expunged. Like, you know, if someone commits a

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crime, you can do the sentence and he said free but his record is not expanded. So on his name, he still has a mark on it. Allah says it will be gone. It won't. In fact, they'll be replaced with a good deed. So Allah so son of Adam, even if you send the most of sins, but so long as you come back and ask me, I promise you, I'll forgive you. And I don't mind. Oh, son of Adam, if your sins were to reach the clouds of the sky, and then you came to me ask you for my forgiveness. I promise I will forgive you. The man for example, who for 70 years was committing sin 80 years, he wasn't coming to Allah, he forgot Allah his whole life. Now when he sends us so big, and he's got that diagnosis

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where yeah, the biller molars cure all those who are sick. Now the doctor says you've got three months to live. Now he wants to come back to Allah. Allah says, For this man, if your sins reach the sky, but you asked me, then I will forgive you. Nope. And I don't mind I will forgive you. Then Allah speaks about a third person who is even more dangerous. Oh, son of Adam, if you were to come to me, this isn't the day of Kiama with sins that are close to filling the earth. And you were to meet me like that. But you didn't come a chick. You didn't worship anyone besides me. So the man sinned, he did his zener he did his drugs, whatever it might be. He didn't even make it so far to

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ask Allah to forgive him. And he died with all those sins on his head. And he comes to Allah and they've Kiama and the only thing you can say, Yeah, Allah, I did all the sins, but I didn't come and check with you. Yeah, Allah. Then Allah says, You came to me with a world full of sins. I don't think inshallah any of us have reached that level. I mean, I hope not yet Allah forgive us. But a man will come with a world filled with sins. And all he can say is I didn't come a chick that Allah will say to this person, I will surely bring to you forgiveness also equal to fully the dunya. This is who you're up is. It gives Allah no pleasure in punishing, but it gives him joy in seeing his

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creation, obedient and successful, and forgiving the faults He knows us. In fact, the Hadith says, Allah created us weak so that we could soon and we can come back and make Toba insofar, this act of returning to Allah, Allah loves that more than the one who didn't commit sin at all. I'm not saying God will commit sin and then make Toba No, don't do that. But naturally, we will commit sin.

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And it's the act of Toba that it really brings Allah's joy the Hadith mode and as he mentioned last week, that the man who makes Tober is more Allah gets happier than that man who lost the camel and he's about to die and then finds his camel and he's so happy. He says, Allah, you are my slave and I'm YOLO meaning he's delirious of happiness. Allah is even happier than him. When you and I make a stiffer stuff that Allah stuff that Allah it brings Allah more sense of majestic divine happiness or Hadith to live by. People as I said, the message to see this religion is all about don't do haram haram don't do, why should I not do this? Why should I live as a Muslim? Why should I be in this

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Deen? Because it's an Allah, because he puts you here, and he wants you to have a relationship with Him. And this hadith basically tells you how to live. Allah says Again, it's it's a hadith could see meaning Allah Himself is speaking. And he says, oh my servant.

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I have forbidden oppression on myself. I've made it haram for me to be oppressive. And therefore I made it haram for you to be oppressive, so don't oppress each other. Oh, my servant. All of you are a stray except for those who I have guided. So seek guidance from me and I will guide you ask Allah for help, and I will help you. Allah says, Oh, my servants, all of you are hungry, except those I feed to seek food of me and I promise I will feed you, you will have sustenance. You won't die of starvation. You won't go bankrupt. If you stand to me sincerely. Oh my servant. All of you are naked, except those who I have put clothes on to seek seek clothing from me and I will clothe you.

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Oh my servant. You listen to this. Yeah, Allah, Oh My servants you sin by night and by day. Think about your sins, I think about my sins. The sins that you do. I do, sir, we know this between us and Allah, Allah knows it. He says to us, you've sinned by night and by day, and I forgive all sins, to seek forgiveness and I will forgive you. Oh my servant, you will not attain harming me. If you reject Allah. If you sin

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If you deny his existence, Allah says to those, you will not harm me, you will not diminish me, you will take away from me, you will not harm me so as to harm me and you will attain benefiting me from benefiting me. Allah says to the Pious One, your Salah does not benefit him, your charity does not benefit him, you can enrich, increase or decrease him, you only worship and turn to him for your own sake. Oh, my servants, were the first of you and the last from the beginning of creation until the end of creation. If the humans and the jinn and all of them, if you were as pious as the most pious hot, if every single one of us was like Rasulullah Salallahu, salam, Allah says, that will not

00:30:42 --> 00:31:10

increase my kingdom at all, will not benefit me at all, I don't need you piety. And if all of you the beginning to the end, had the most wicked of hearts, you will all like IBLEES it won't harm Allah in the least it will not take away a decrease from him, Oh, my servant will the first of you and the last of you, the humans in the gene, to raise up in one place all of you. And you were to ask me for things you kept asking me. I will and I were to give everyone I will to satisfy all your wants and desires,

00:31:11 --> 00:31:13

then it would not.

00:31:15 --> 00:32:01

Then it would not decrease what I have any more than a needle is able to take water out of the ocean. Oh my servants. And this is the conclusion of his Hadith. So Allah says, Listen, in terms of life at the end of life, oh my servants it is but your deeds that I will judge you what you did. And then I will reward you or punish you according to what you have lived your life. So let him who finds good. Praise Allah. That's because Allah guided you. And whoever finds other than that. The blame is only on you. Now Jamaica Muslim in my last Hadith, and my favorite Hadith as I began this lecture, if one asks the big questions, why am I here? Why should I? What should I think about in

00:32:01 --> 00:32:43

the morning when I wake up? What am I striving towards? Why do I work so hard? Islam we say that the purpose of your life is to worship Allah. And some may say is that all that it is to life? All I'm supposed to do is make thicker, thicker, make sujood is that what Allah wants? What Allah wants is for you and me to have a life that is connected to him, to seek him out? Yes, we cannot see him but to love so that we can get nearer to him. Why? Because one day we want to see him one day we want to be in his presence in the dunya the challenge is to seek him out in our in our in our work in our family in everything we do to make it about Allah to build that relationship with Him so that we

00:32:43 --> 00:33:09

will see him in the in the akhira. Now, this hadith I mentioned and this is the Hadith that if you want to know what you're working for in life, why you struggle why you wake up with budget why you're going to foster Ramadan why you say for Hajj, it's for this one thing as a as a you know, the Qiyamah will be on a Friday. It will be a difficult day, May Allah protect us on that day. We will stand before Him and those of us who are fortunate and may be amongst them will enter Jannah

00:33:10 --> 00:33:44

and then it will be a Saturday and on Saturday you can imagine the partying that's gonna go on right Saturday in Jana that first Saturday night in Jana. Can you imagine? No rules, no restrictions Who do I mean? It's gonna be parties, Rohan Allah. And every day there'll be something new, which I call up the ropes so beautifully. He said you will see a date you will take it and you'll taste it and it'll be the most amazing thing you've tasted. When you take the second date and it tastes better than the first you taste the third it's waiting the second and Jana just keeps getting better and better and better. And you'll go through the first week enjoying Jana exploring and seeing things

00:33:45 --> 00:34:20

but that's not what it's about. Because you will find and Ivonne on the day of Friday night Jana has time, and it has Friday. And you'll see Subhanallah What is this and why is there a call for Friday? This is Umar July in Jana, I thought we done with us. We had to sit through these by hands like you're sitting through now. It was like torture on the dunya for some of you Why do we have the store chain Jana? Why is your wire so now you'll be brought in to know you must come for this Jaguar. And then you will sit in this valley in general fear those general videos is the highest Jannah and the best of the best we'll be living them and we'll be amongst them. But if we're not get

00:34:20 --> 00:34:55

if we don't get to live in fear those will at least get a visitor's pass on Friday. They will sit in this valley beneath the Throne of Allah and we'll see the MBR on thrones. What's going to happen now. This is why you live your life Gemma colostomy for that moment. Imagine the first Friday we get to Jana. When we waiting in anticipation, what's going to happen we sitting there all of us like this on the ground sitting waiting. And then as the Hadith mentions, Allah will be seen in a manner which He puts His Majesty down to this gathering from his arch down when he will descend.

00:34:56 --> 00:34:59

And he will say to the people there and we will use

00:35:00 --> 00:35:36

His voice how have you found my channel? And they will say, yeah Allah, we are founded. We can describe, is there any needs that you have fulfill asked me Allah will say the Hadith says three times he says, asked me, What do you want? I want to give you more. He said, Yeah, Allah who he are done, we can't think of our imaginations are done. We can't think of what more to ask. So Allah will give us things that we couldn't even imagine new things, new creations, and Allah will say, and they will say, Oh Allah, we just want you to be pleased with us. And also my pleasure is upon you. You live that life. So now my pleasure is on you. And when everyone says, Yeah, Allah, I'm completely

00:35:36 --> 00:36:20

satisfied. This is what it's all about when Allah says, I want to give you something that no other creation experienced something which no other group has ever experienced. And what is that? Yeah, Allah, as Allah says in the Quran, for them who live this life of difficulty is the Janna Well, mozzie. They get Jana, and more what is more than Jana, when Allah subhanaw taala, descends and comes close. And he says, Now I'll give you this extra. And we know when he removes that veil of light between him and us. And we will see the creator, the Lord of the universe, directly with our eyes, and we get to see him. That is the greatest joy. That is what this creation is all about. We

00:36:20 --> 00:36:33

lived our life, as if though we could see him we tried our best. And if you succeed in that, if I succeed, then you will see him in Jannah mean, that's why we are here. So all of us.

00:36:34 --> 00:37:15

put things in perspective, put your life in perspective, you only have 6070 years to do good do to do son, but make that insha Allah your objective that one day, I want to be in that valley on that Friday under the Throne of Allah. And I will see Allah directly. I mean, may Allah grant all of us, all of us, that all of us, no matter how bad we are, to be forgiven, and to sit there, and that they come soon, may all the days between now and then pass away quickly so that we can be in the presence of Allah and see him with our eyes. I mean, may Allah forgive us. We have not given Allah the do share that he deserves. May Allah forgive us and guide us and be and grant us to be better mean just

00:37:15 --> 00:37:16

a few announcements.

00:37:17 --> 00:37:19

We asked to make dua for

00:37:21 --> 00:37:23

as Eukarya is so wife

00:37:24 --> 00:38:00

who is in the hospital for the past week, and as an operation will ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide the hands of the surgeons and the grantor and all those who are ill Shiva Mala make it easy for them. But Allah Quran that those sickness and hardship be a means of expansion of the sins I mean, then in sha Allah from Monday's we said from six to seven that's open to everyone. It's a free class anyone may attend. It's the the age of the Rightly Guided caliphs, the spirit of the biography of the Sahaba Abu Bakr on the island. So all those who would like to attend, please attend the next week, Sunday the 24th of February, we have a marriage class workshop. It's a full day from how to

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choose a spouse up until everything to do with marriage please inshallah myself I'm gonna actually kill and then we will conclude with our women around the messenger. Our last episode will come out this weekend in sha Allah. And then from next week we'll begin our series back to basics. What is Islam all about? Why should I be a Muslim and the basics of Islam that madrasa that we want to be that we maybe forgot? We're going to be doing that inshallah. It's all for free free of charge Inshallah, just message us or wait for triple to 13 Oh, 8084, triple to 38 and you will include your inshallah to Allah.

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Allah barakato

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