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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi Mota setting Satan Muhammad want to add he was so happy Ah man, we love it brothers and sisters as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah we begin with the praise of Allah Subhana Allah Insha Allah, Allah and Allah will be witnesses there is no deity of worthy of worship says Allah. And we said our love and greetings so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam Alhamdulillah today is the 10th of September 2021. And it is actually World Suicide day. And in acknowledgment of the plight of suicide and an acknowledgment of a young learner that has been lost due to suicide. It has

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been requested that we share a lecture that we did a year or so ago, discussing the plight of suicide in the video real danger, do we have suicide and so in sha Allah also because my voice is not the best today inshallah we will share all the recording and we ask Allah Subhana Allah crunchy factor those who are ill those who are struggling with difficulty mentally, physically malice from the crunchy Shiva mela make it easy for you might be a means of purification may be a means that will interview the gender of all those who have passed away or log on to genital filler. Those mean that from the Leela said I want

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to shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he will savage mine, brothers and sisters in Amsterdam cinematic and Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

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Always and forever we begin with the praise and things of Allah subhanaw taala and I say to Allah, Allah and Allah, we declare that nun has died of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love greetings and salutations to beloved Debbie Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and to your family to his companions in order to follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah grant us to be amongst them. Meanwhile, hamdulillah before we get into panela, it would be a massive I do not mention what I'm sure most of you many of you have felt if you're if you're awake. Or if you're a light sleeper, early morning of Tuesday, just after 12 o'clock, that trimmer, I see a

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lot of nods here. So we all felt it, I felt it Subhanallah and what a scary feeling first time in my life that you felt something like that, you know, it wasn't very long, it was only a few seconds. But as that realization comes first, you confused what's happening. And when you realize that this is an earthquake, and you don't know what's going to happen, you make you panic. And in that moment, you are frozen, and SubhanAllah. It is something that we hope that we never experienced again, and we sympathize for those who have been through such kind of calamities, we have been very fortunate for not living through natural disasters and experiencing it. Allah subhanaw taala has been very,

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very kind to us here in this part of the world. We have our problems, but then we begin to realize they are much much bigger problems that other people go through. And on that point, there's an idea in Surah Surah of thunder, and it's a verse you know, you most of you know the part of the verse, but we don't know the full verse where Allah says Allah whom octave Ottoman benei they he, I mean, holophane Yaffa guna who, so ALLAH says in this verse, this is the verse way, Allah says he does not change the condition of a people until they change themselves. And usually the tough seed people say until you come right, then things will come right actually, if you look at the beginning of the

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verse, the same verse, Allah says, that he has positioned in front of you and behind you a succession of angels to protect you. You're constantly being guarded and protected by the mercy of Allah. And then Allah says, He will not remove this from you this prediction, unless you do something to change, it changes the understanding of this verse. So rod, that Allah says already I have designated for your prediction. And he says he will never take away a favor from you. Unless you've done something not to take to justify that favor, that Allah says that if he were to sit down a torment upon the people, then none can avert that torment. Now Subhan Allah this year has been a

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very difficult year melograno Make it easy for us. And these things are reminders for us. And the reminders are different teammates, different punishments. Allah is reminding us remember the shaking but no one got hurt, no buildings fell down. It was a reminder of Allah's control and lost power. And it is for us to wake up and to be better and we think of the people have never unis very special group of people. Why they will given something that no other people will given that they disobeyed Allah and they committed so much sin, that the punishment became justified on them. Allah now had good Allah now had declared that they must be destroyed. And it is the decree of Allah that when he

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sends a punishment on a people that he does not get stopped when you see the other upcoming, and it came down like the sky is turning a certain color and it's very clear the end is coming. When you see that it's over. There's no point now in making Tobin is there. But the people of the unis party never Unison ran away. And he was in the whale Mickey. He's only stick FOD. The people have never Eunice got together the whole city. Every single one of them. They left their homes. They got to a certain area and they all made the step far collectively. And they were the only people when the other was about to befall them. They could see it. Allah stop there.

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up. So the point is, even though you're so close to the end, is the FAR is always the. And collectively, when we see these collective problems in our community only Collective is too far for you, for me, all of us to increase a little bit of history far, increase a little bit of sadaqa, a little bit of something good. Collectively, Allah subhanaw taala will not remove that protection that he has given us. I mean,

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moving back to our series, The Happiness guide and Subhan Allah the last couple of weeks, we'll be talking about how to attain happiness. And last week, we spoke about the inspite of happiness and trying to achieve happiness and fixing things in your life. They are negative thoughts that pervade most of many people's minds, and they can't escape it. It is like a darkness inside of them that no matter how much they earn, no matter how beautiful they are, or how many friends they have, how many parties they go to, they cannot shake this deep emptiness, this black hole that's inside of them, it consumes all their happiness, and no matter how much they try, and how much do they make that

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darkness remains. And I did not want to focus this topic on sadness. But after giving that lecture last week, so many people that look happy on the outside that I know person that smiling, and they say this really hit home, that this is something I'm dealing with my entire life, that I look like I'm a functioning person on the outside, but on the inside, I'm breaking so many people that you know, it is it forced me to continue speaking on this. And in SubhanAllah. In Paul, we idly hailed from when my family comes from, sadly, in in our high school last week to grade 11, pupils committed suicide. And so suicide is something that we never talk about. But it is something that needs to be

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spoken about.

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Something that we need to talk about, because some people are in such a low place, that they've lost touch with reality. And they find that there's no way out except to live. And the only answer is to in their life. And so we need to discuss this. During this research. I read a few, many suicide letters people before they many times before they pass away, they leave a note for the family.

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And it is a devastating thing for any family to lose someone by suicide. And the signs many people most families do not know 99% of the time, there was no indication there was no clue, they would say we just spoke to him or her an hour ago. And he seemed fine. And they were on the verge of committing suicide. So let's look at some of these suicides. Some quotes. person says

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it's so lonely here. I want to sleep. But it just won't come. I'm so tired of hurting and being alone. I keep thinking about the polls in the cupboard. But I'm scared my heart, my head hurts so much from crying. But if I take any of those polls, I'm scared I won't stop. Another person says every one seems so happy. It I am so alone. You're all better off without me, the world would be better off without me. Dear Mom, I love you with all my heart. I just wasn't made for this world, I hope I can find a place of peace and happiness. Another person says in the suicide note. I won't kill myself today, as long as someone just smiles at me today. And of course, no one smelled that

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person. And so he or she killed themselves statistically, in terms of numbers.

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It says that.

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For teenagers in South Africa, Suicide is the third leading cause of unnatural death. So the natural dates disease and those kinds of things. But the one of the leading causes of unnatural death amongst teenagers is suicide. And it is one of those things globally top 10 reasons for people dying. And it's one of those those diseases that is that is increasing exponentially. year upon year, more and more people are committing suicide in South Africa. It says that every day, at least 23 people commit kill themselves. And for every person that tries to commit suicide, there is at least 20 people that attempted suicide.

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Now they took the polls, but they were saved in the last minute while they were on the ledge about to jump and someone got them off. So we have hundreds 1000s of people that if they're not suicide, that they're not have not, you know, gone through with suicide, they're contemplating it and thinking about it every 40 seconds. So in this group, but maybe a few dozen people who have committed suicide every sick 40 seconds someone commit suicide. Why? Why do people kill themselves? Because it goes against your biology. It is ingrained in a person's biology. I mean, we've looked at animals that it needs to survive. This is your basic fundamental protocol that you want to survive.

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You fight to survive, you want to eat, it pushes you to survive. So how does your mental reality become so low and so dark that it overrides

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It's everything it overrides your religion, it overrides your even your biology, your DNA for you to do this thing. Of course, the most common reason is undiagnosed, untreated mental illness, someone that has had depression their life had a an anxiety issue, it is very easy with like cancer left untreated, it will consume you. If you do not speak about your mental illness, your depression, your sadness, and you leave it untreated, eventually, it will destroy you, because you cannot escape your mind. You cannot run away from your brain. And so if that organ of yours is suffering, it needs the treatment and no amount of ECFR and vicar will kill you as much as no amount of ECFR. And vicar will

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fix your broken arm trauma as well. So people may not have a inherent mental issue or mental problem. But if they've been through some kind of trauma as a child or an adult, you've experienced abuse, and they are those and we know that abuse is something which we talk with spoken about in our community. And it's they, you will never move away from that abuse unless you get the help that you deserve. And it is not your fault for those that trauma. But it is a way of getting free of that trauma,

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anxiety and depression many times so most many people suffer from anxiety and depression. And it's so easy for that to lead further. If you don't have an anchor, to get to a point when one thinks of suicide, addiction as well. People that are struggling with drug addiction, which is another problem in our community, it is sometimes easier just to let go.

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Isolation, there are many people, we see them, we know them, we say hi and bye. But they are genuinely alone. They don't have close family connections. They don't have deep friends. They don't have anyone they can really talk to about the issues of the life. And if you don't have the anchor of a social structure, a support base. Most people if you look at the suicide notes, they speak about the loneliness. We are we are made Subhanallah evolutionary from a biological standpoint, we are meant to live in a tribe. And if you don't want to take from the psychologists, maybe add them and so Saddam, he's in Jannah. He has everything. But he's still lonely without our mother. Haha,

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can you imagine that Jana is not even enough, Jana is not a good enough place. If you don't have someone with you. Do we think that dunya we can survive on our own, you cannot live in as a as a single person, as an isolated person, you need friends and family. And when one feels that there is no way out. And once the darkness consumes you, suicide is usually not something which is the thoughts might have been the but it's a moment of impulse, an impulsive moment, just like someone does a crime out of passion. Most people who commit suicide It was a moment where it became too much they felt too overwhelmed, the pain became so far, and those who survived the suicide attempt, they

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will say the minute they jumped, or they took that pulse, they realized it was a mistake. And it was a moment of extreme weakness and extreme, extreme darkness that overtook them. And they want to be pulled off that ledge they want to be helped. And it could be anyone's panela it could be in your family and my family may Allah protect us. It could be someone that is survived is fighting their life from an abuse that happened when they were a child that we don't know about in the school or in the madrasahs panela at the sports club, the gym. It could be that loner that no one spoke to in the class that never had any friends that maybe you even I bullied. It could be the popular girl that is

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constantly trying to fit in. That is constantly needing those likes on Facebook to feel to feel beautiful. The person who has gone through so much failure, that they just cannot take one more failure in their life. They cannot take another knock. Because yes, they've struggled in their relationships, in their career, in their in their life. And they feel I just cannot survive one more knock the person who is successful, the A student who has everything going for them. But the reality of perfection, that weight of perfection is too much. And it's so much easier to quit. And if you really want to know and you want to know how relevant suicide is and it can happen to anyone.

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There's a hadith is a very controversial Hadith that you might not have heard. You know, part of it, you know most of it. We know the story of the Nabisco Salam. When he received revelation. He was going through depression. First he was living in the keyway into the caves alone. And when he found an NGO video came to him we know the story ikura and he runs to Khadija and Hadiya is somebody loony. Khadija Rajan takes in a visa to her uncle WADA who sees that you will be a prophet after that after that. conversate the Hadith continues in Buhari after the conversation than a visa salaam I shall cease the visa Salam now is not sure am I a prophet? What is this? Why am I mad? What's

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going on here? And then the silence knoji video, no more revelation, what happened in the cave and he became

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So said, listen to the Hadith. But after a few days Wanaka died. And the divine revelation paused for a while. And the Prophet SAW Salem became so sad, as we have heard that he intended several times to throw himself off from the top of the mountain. And of ethos alum, the same positive, strong men. When he was unsure of his reality, he contemplated throw himself off the mountain. This is the profit subtle artist. So anyone can go through a depression, or a moment that puts you so low, nothing to do with your Eman, who's think of a person, your situation can overwhelm you so much, that you don't you lose touch with reality, and that you continue to win and everything would

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be good, you would actually climb up the mountain, and you would be on the edge. And then Gibreel would come and say, you a prophet basically waits Allah subhanaw taala will respond to you, and that would come his his heart Subhanallah this could happen to them a visa Salam, what about you and me.

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So we know from a Sharia perspective, and these certain rulings that we need to speak about, we know that it is haram to kill anyone and of course yourself as well. Allah subhana This is What article 21 full circle and do not kill yourselves in Allah cannot become Rahima that Allah is always merciful to you do not feel that there is no way out for Allah's Mercy is with you at all times. And yes, we do know of the Hadith, where a man in the Battle of buddy also hobby, and in the in the battle, he committed suicide because he was injured and committed. So he hastened his own death. And the prophets of salaam said that this is a sin, and that he will be punished for the swell up

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protect that the person who committed suicide, and you know, they will continuously be punished in the way they killed themselves. So if you jumped, you'll continuously be jumping off that we know this. But at the same time, at the same time, we will talk more about how we cannot judge someone and there's a hadith it's very interesting, perhaps the most profound Hadith that I've read in this discussion, we cannot judge the Mercy of Allah. And remember that a person who commits suicide is a Muslim, listed a believer, they deserve a janazah. They deserve a hustle. And for us to make this defier because they made a mistake. As with many of us, we all make mistakes, and how can we judge

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someone in the lowest darkest place, many of them are so unconnected with reality, this associated with reality that they are sick. And Allah subhanaw taala has not held anyone accountable, who is so mentally ill, that they cannot they do not realize what they're doing.

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Look at this hadith, which I have never heard before. And I'm sure it's Hadith in Sahih Muslim

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doses, a tribe is a tribe called dose, the dose doses, right, so one of the famous Sahaba to fail. He's the most famous man that came from a dose of war and also gave him a dose to fail, or the ALLAH and he makes Hegira. And he and he becomes Muslim in early days. And with him, he brings a friend so to file and a friend come from the tribe of DOS to Medina, and they become Muslim. And in the province, I'm seeing them back to the tribe to give dollar to fail became a very famous a hobby, but this other man, this other friend, and we don't know his name, he went into a depression, he became ill he lost everything in life became so difficult for him. But he actually cut off his fingers and

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he committed suicide, found

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within to fail, had a dream of this man to fail had a dream of this man and to fail. So this man in a beautiful state.

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He was in a beautiful state. And so to Phil asked him what happened, you killed yourself. What did it do to you? And so this man says to fail, Allah forgave me because of the Hegira that I made.

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Allah forgave me because of that good deed that I did Allah forgive the sin of suicide, but to fail said his hand was covered with a with a comment to something and so to fill us in what's wrong with your hand? And so the man says, Allah said, that you will not fix that which I which I myself destroyed, and so to fill woke up and he told them to be so solemn, and then I'd be so Salah made dua, ALLAH forgive him and his hand and obviously the DUA gonna be Salam Mr. Jha, meaning this man's hand was also restored. So can we really judge a person in the darkest moments, in a way, the life of good that they've done with a moment of, of deep sadness and Allah subhanaw taala, as we said, is

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the one that judges only Allah knows the deepest of the hearts and what's in the minds. This man of course was not Jana, this was in the cover, and Allah subhanho wa Taala forgave him completely for his mistake. And for his hastening you know, the sin of it is not so much his part of it is harming yourself and but it's a a mistrusting of Allah subhanaw taala. When we get to that point where our problems overwhelm us, when life we cannot go on, it is not today.

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eat our own weakness and of giving up on ourselves. We've given up on Allah subhanaw taala. We have lost that trust Latok naturopathy Allah Allah says, Do not lose hope in Allah subhanaw taala. You know this famous what can we do when we are in such a low and deep, dark darkness? We know the hadith of tying your camel spoke about it so much. Alright, what is the end of the Hadith so that when someone says that if a man says, What must I do with my camel, then he says it's tight. And then put your trust in Allah, part of the answer to depression and sadness and anxiety. Part of it not all of it is Tawakkol. It's about letting go and putting your trust in Allah subhana data and

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saying, Yeah, Allah, this problem, this darkness is bigger than me, it will consume me, but you and your mercy is bigger than my problems. And I let go, and I put myself in your hands, that you know what is best for me. And you will only give me that which is based. And whatever you put before me is done with color, with destiny, and with mercy. And this, what Nabisco is telling this man, worry and do that which you can control you can only control a few things in your life. You can only teach your kids so much at the end of the day, you must make them go out into the deep dark world, a dangerous world. And when they leave, all you can do is make dua and say yeah, Allah, I leave them

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in your key, I leave them in your hands, and you are better than me as a protector. But when you are in such a difficult place, for a believer, when all other things have failed, you have Allah subhanaw taala as your income. But of course, Allah wants you to tie your camel as well. But no amount of vicar and Quran and Tawakkol is going to help you without taking the remedy. And for a person who is going through a depression, as someone who's contemplating thinking about if you've ever thought in your life, it's better if I did, or my family would go to better off without me or I'm alone. You should speak to someone and seek a cure, seek help and counseling, you deserve that.

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So reach out for help. There's a number of numbers, number of these a few phone numbers. And yesterday I was on the phone with some of them. And unfortunately, not all very great. But this number I found to be quite good. If you have any piece of confidential counselor qualified people just give them a phone call. Oh eight double 05675670 805 67567 If you're feeling in a position in your life, depression, anxiety, which doesn't only mean suicide, but if you feeling in a very bad place, just make a phone call phone, someone, tell them and they'll need to listen, and they need to help. You can't lose anything from it. You won't lose out. Nothing that happens who will make your

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situation worse. So what can you do as a person who's going in such a low place, and if he's also known says to you as well Subhanallah once a hobby, I believe it's even about his Uncle Al Abbas, the famous bus he was old, he was frail. And he said to the visa salaam I have nothing left to live for, make the other I wish that I I just I died I didn't want I don't want to live anymore. And the Prophet saw some says to him, none of you should wish for the because of a calamity that befalls you. But if he does wish for later to handle on a visa saying he acknowledges that there are people who really want to leave this world, that there's nothing for them in this world, life has become so

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difficult. Look at him he's under he's acknowledging that you feel so when he says but in such a state, he should say, Oh Allah, keep me alive, as long as life is better for me. And let me die. If this is better for me, this is the most you can do is to leave your fate to Allah and say, life and death is in your hands, I will not take from Allah that which belongs to Allah, life and death is the province of Allah Subhana Allah and he knows not what I know. Allah knows what I don't know, Allah knows that. After today in today's darkness, they may be moments of happiness, they may be a new baby in the family, there might be a new connection, there might be a business opportunity, that

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which feels completely closed, Allah subhanaw taala can open. And as for us, for those of us who never have if you are listening to this lecture, and you feel I don't really understand what is being said here, I can't relate to Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. You have never experienced this, that if your mind you feel I cannot imagine how someone ever goes to such a level Alhamdulillah you have not been afflicted with this kind of kind of a hardship, this kind of darkness. And so what many psychologists are saying why suicide is on the rise? It's because we are still too afraid to talk about it. Yet it's so prevalent, and so have a conversation with your children. People think if

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I speak about it will stop you know that opening up it will become worse, especially with teenage kids, they're going through exams, and this is perhaps the most difficult here in terms of exam.

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Emes COVID Do we think that the fears of COVID the being disconnected from your friends, being away from your class, having exams all on your own does not affect the young person's Barnala? It affects us as adults Subhanallah it affects you and me as adults, mature adults. What about our kids in school high school? So speak to them and ask them, Are you okay? Really? Are you okay? What makes you sad? What makes you happy? Speak to them about suicide, speak to them about abuse, one of the biggest problems is we are afraid to have these conversations. And it will end the stigma. And as I said, when it comes to mental illness, we have become very, very, you know, harmful to the victim,

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we have no patients with it. Whereas with any other illness, we understand that there's not the doing is not the fault. So your fault that you have cancer, it's not your fault, you have diabetes, it's not your fault, you have depression or anxiety. A person said, isolation is a key factor in why we commit, we want to commit suicide, the feeling that nobody understands you and your pain. And so encourage people that are going through it, to get help someone who has had a trauma and abuse, someone that has mental illness, encourage them, help them to get the help that they that they need. And I'll message to anyone that is going through that. And there might be people sitting in the

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GEMA. And we say we know that you are in pain and that you're struggling, that you're tired of fighting and that you are exhausted, of acting like you okay, you're exhausted of smiling, because you cannot take what your what's your depression and your anxiety, you also cannot add on to that the judgment of people and the fatigue of others. And so you fake the smile until it becomes such a burden. You're not willing to get out of bed anymore. It might feel easier for you to live than to love. It is not your fault that you feel this way. And you're not to be blamed. As we said, Allah brings about sickness in any which way to anyone. It is a test from Allah subhanaw taala your but

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also like every sickness, there is a cure. We believe in the Sharia. Every sickness has a cure. Every element has a cure besides old age. And Allah says you are not stuck in this and always a way out. No matter how impossible your situation feels right now. There are endless possibilities beyond this. Tomorrow can be anything. The world is a big place. There are millions and millions and billions of people out there that are right that will accept you and love you. And you are not alone. Your family, your community, we are there for you. And if you reach out, and you come and speak to us, we will listen. We will understand that we will not judge you and we will be there for

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you. And if we fail and everyone else fails, remember the unwavering relationship that will never fail you is Allah when everyone has failed you and you have no hope lift. Then you remember you have Allah subhanaw taala Allah says, and whoever is conscious of Allah, whoever is connected with Allah, Allah yet tequila, Elijah Allah Who Allahu Maharaja, who ever depends on Allah, Allah will make a way out to him. It is a promise of Allah, Allah and Allah only speaks the truth. I will make a way out for you. We are Zuko whom in high school and he will give the risk not only means sustenance, it means health. It means blessings. It means ALLAH says I will make a way for you, when hated to see

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from a place you could not have imagined. Allah will open a door you did not know existed. And Allah says when we get tequila, omega, omega Tawakkol Allah, Allah and whoever puts his trust in Allah and depends on Allah. VO hustle then Allah will be enough for him. Allah subhanho wa Taala will be sufficient. Allah will be everything that you need, Allah will be the kill that you need.

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Allah says and this is we conclude this is such a beautiful idea. If you're in a depression and anxiety, any difficulty in your life, Allah is a min ug Bucha. Is there anyone besides Allah that will answer them with thought of the mcdata? Is the desperate person, the person in complete desperation? Or what is the anyone else that will answer the methodic? Either dial when he calls out to Allah, we actually for a su and that removes all the hardships in your life other than Allah, and Allah will make you have this dunya in here to give you everything of this world in the next Allah is there anyone else that answers you in your times of deep darkness? besides Allah call out to him?

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It's a promise. If you feel like that Medora you in complete desperation, you know, the Quraysh for the idol worshippers, Allah says when they will, they would worship the idols, but when they would be on a ship, and the ship would begin to be in a storm about about to sink, then they would worship Allah. Allah would save them, even though we should again, this is not only the Muslim, for matara anyone Allah says was in complete desperation. And in that role moment, you turn out to Allah. Allah says, I will answer I will answer your pay I'll answer your DUA to turn to Allah may Allah Subhana Allah have mercy upon us, forgive us and protect us.

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but aren't as goodness in this dunya and akhira as UCLA he couldn't so much a cinematic and work with law but to get to it