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AI: Summary © The success of Islam positions individuals as a protection against evil behavior and the importance of educating oneself and removing their knowledge to benefit the community. The negative impact of changing names on one's appearance and the importance of avoiding activities that cause people to be punished are also emphasized. Representatives stress the need for rewarding behavior and avoiding negative behavior in public settings, as well as the importance of graduation and protecting oneself and others. Regular maintenance is suggested as a way to improve car safety and protection against negative behavior.
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cavies Smilla Rahmanir Rahim wa salatu salam ala Rahmatullah alameen and Abhi. Now have you been hammered and said Allahu, Allahu Allah, Allah, he was happy he was Selim my bad ideal situation when I mean chatty

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Michel Chawan Alfa Romeo was nonverbal and more ethically, sitter Saba missionary, you will find a way to actually do all cylinders and if you have accepted Mobarak that we're

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less than Allah subhanaw taala and you buy the coffee now a few minutes alum who

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will refer them as a trophy early.

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If you remember for those who are following up from the beginning, we stopped at the fossil where the world live talks about it is a continuation of what we have been doing about the consequence

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evil evil consequences of Massey So, the last

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place we stopped at was the sale of them I live fossil

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and this this fossil is talking about animasi Turaco Barchetta Deanwood dunya Alba RC tampoco, Baraka Deanwood dunya any sense erase and destroy the baraka

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in the DEA in the dunya a person will not be blessed at all with anything in his Deen will not get that baraka and in the dunya also will not get that that Baraka

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Carlo in the mechanics Marcia to Allah He Saba Lima Kibera catalytically will agilely and the ship Anna more Colombia wabi sabi for some time who what how are the two who are the that the one

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well I had a he was had a culture in the tendency to be a shepherd where you're carrying who for work or to whom and

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when did that occur? Surely the queue is Malachite Allah and that actually was shouldn't be well see, what could be one Shiva Kumar V. Mercado is Allah Himachal Baraka will decrease me

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Kalama female Cara Makara that is me Allah He middle baraka to me here to do a shaytan attack.

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With a coalition like only life America to humans who are

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who are letting your body cool. Cool, Mohammed khulumani, Sabina hemo, Barack

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Obama, Barack Obama, I mean, another they helped him Barack Obama to Adhara Mobarak

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Kwinana to whom and out of the heat, we're here shout Mobarak

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Abdul Rahman Mobarak

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whatsover habitable catholicity it mykita IV Philomel Baraka Illa fella Mubaraka

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whatever word okay lemon super in an electron here to heat warm happy wherever we level conco lumen su Bonilla EBT or hockey or coolabah are the human next email acquired with a manufacturer category what

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are called mechanical Delica via email marketing has been called behemoth.

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So it will claim said why no mechanic mouse at law

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Sebulba Lima B Barchetta Driscoll agent, he is talking about the reason why the Massiah of Allah subhanaw taala is made as a cause for the destruction of the burqa in the risk and also the agent. Allah, it destroys the risk and it also destroys the budget.

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It reduces the budget or at least the burqa in the Agile that Allah subhanaw taala granted a person will be reduced as the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam I said men

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arrived and you have a super low theory while you insider who here are my failures?

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Because it's a lovely Salama said Whoever wants Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant him extension in the risk extension in the age and expansion in the risk failure scelera him out, he should engage in this ability, right?

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What does that mean? If a person doesn't want that Baraka he should break the ties between him and his relatives. Allah subhanaw taala he talks about the river he says him Hakala who riba where you decide to cut whatsoever involves Riba and haram Allah subhanaw taala. Cut off the burqa completely. So any sin that a person is committing might be the reason why the baraka is taken away from his risk. And the baraka is taken away from his other than my dear brothers sisters, you read

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You need this you know, because you need Allah's power to grant you contentment, the real risk is contentment of the heart. If the heart is not content,

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a person will not enjoy the risk. You know, you will never enjoy the risk, simple test that can come and strike this person, the person who will be crumbling will be in trouble. So Allah azza wa jal put Baraka in your list although it is little, you don't reach that much of money in which some other people God, but Allah subhanaw taala grant you contentment you are satisfied, you are happy with that which is given to you by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So, this is the ultimate risk you Allah, this is the real risk actually get little, somebody get a million to bring it in a day. You know, millions of dollars in a day you know, or whatever amount you can prescribe this person is getting

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but you get only tendering getting the oil less than that. But last month, I grant you happiness. So this is what risk is all about. If you Allah if Allah subhanaw taala is, if Allah subhanaw taala is going to grant you so much money, but he removes the baraka from it, you will never enjoy that money. The same goes to that. Allah smarter calling you can give you an extension extension, you know, imagine you live longer than the time you think you might be living. And not only that, Allah subhanaw taala might keep it in the way it is according to a piece of the scholars that will not increase physically. But Allah subhanaw taala does is the grant you blessing in your age and your

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life in a way, things that are supposed to be accomplished within 23456 months, you will be able to do them within a few weeks. That's Baraka that's much better than having the physical increase in the age which might be used in the wrong way. So Allah azza wa jal Baraka in your age, in a way you will stay away from democracy so you will be utilized in every single moment Allah subhanaw taala granted you in righteousness and also Allah has Mata will give you ability to accomplish your your mission as a last minute Allah says, or may Allah Allahu Akbar Raja where Zuko made hightlight or mannitol, Kerala hippo Hospital in Allahabad GREMORY. Allah subhanaw taala promised that if you are

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to fear him, you know to act righteously and also to observe the Tawakkol Allah subhanaw taala says yadgir Look Allahu Maharaj and Allah's motto will grant you solution to any problem that you might be facing in your life. You will, you will never be in a state of difficulty except that you will be granted a solution, you know, to go out of it, as it is narrated in some places that Allah is pointless, so by his Aysa and his jellen, that a slave will never get into trouble if this person is righteous, except that Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to grant him solution and a way out Locata to serve our Lord, if you are any, any the heavens and the earth and everything that is in these two

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creations of Allah subhanaw taala is to plot against you, Allah will go into your way out, you will definitely be I mean taken out last mountain from this difficulty.

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What makes it more interesting Allah subhanaw taala says in Allahabad allegory, you know, Allah subhanaw taala is going to help you to accomplish your mission and to reach your goals. This is really interesting, you know, really interest interest in it will not fail even the light Allah and whatever you plan to do. And that's the success you know, to have this treatment from Allah subhanaw taala This is really, really a pleasure.

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There's really a privilege given to you by Allah subhanaw taala and Allah says, Kajal Hola, hola coalition kodra everything has made kodari and tahini, you might be in a state of difficulty, but Allah smarter just want you to maximize your patience to elevate in ranking because of your patience. And then at the end of the day, success is going to take place since he says

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in the mallows usara in the molasses so it will claim says he's trying now to tell you why sins are the causes of any

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decrease in the burqa that Allah subhanaw taala is placing in the risk and agile. He says letting the ship and what Colombia because Chapin is the one who is controlling. You know

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how to put the problem but Chapin is the one who's in charge of all the sins you see people are committed he already promised Allah subhanaw taala before he went down, you know, he says you would never let human beings succeed. So the source of sins sharepad Chapin is the one who is in charge of this

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will be as heavy Szczepan is the one who Allah's mortal attached to the people who are commissioned the Massey for so don't do it. You know, he has the power over them. You know, he has the power over over them

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and also

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was the turn who either him or her or two other had he

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had the one while he was happy, or coalition yet so it'll be a shakedown, we'll call in who fabrica to whom. So Szczepan has a power over these people, and he's the one who is influencing people to go and commit the sin. And he's the one who is I mean, turn into these people with deception, deceiving them to do whatever Allah's monitor doesn't want. So if your game says whatsoever is connected to shaytan Fabrika to anything that is connected to shape on you have that thing will have no market or the thing will have no Baraka condition and yet tested to be A*aba or no forgot.

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The burqa is taking wherever you see shaytaan the burqa is to move from that place. While he had a look at him says that's why Allah subhanaw taala make it part of the Sharia, you know to do what to do vicar of ALLAH SubhanA wa surely Victrola hit Allah in the acquisition volumes. Allah subhanaw taala make it recommended to you to remember Allah subhanaw taala when you eat to remember Allah subhanaw taala when you drink to remember Allah subhanaw taala when you wear your clothes to remember Allah subhanaw taala when you when you are riding, riding a horse to mention the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala and when you have in sexual relationship also to mention the name of Allah,

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all of these if you go to the Sunnah of the Prophet said Allah Listen, or you will find the reminder from shaytan that is a very good, you know, reminder for all of us because, you know, honestly speaking, we tend to forget, well, we shouldn't forget this, we shouldn't forget this, you are surrounded by so many dangerous things, you know, this vehicle that we take lightly, the the strongest protection you have against all of these evils that are surrounding you, which you don't see most of them.

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Most of them are to be seen. When you eat, you don't want to chip on to join your food, say Bismillah it earns you a word you know and baraka from Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the name of Allah subhanaw taala and the way you're commanded. That is a decree that Allah subhanaw taala commanded you to do through the prophets of Allah holy cinema when you wear the cloth, you know, asking Allah to grant you the higher of this cloth and to protect you from the evil of this cloth which the cloth is made for. And also when you write that Bob Dicker

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Makana homoclinic

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That long dua that you are making on your on a journey you know Lahoma a disciple of his several Al Khalifa alarming now we're gonna get a lot of Hey sever well calibrated Monday it was totally more colourful, malleable and, you know, that long two hour which the officer Larissa used to make when he travels, taught many of us I remember remembering to do these whenever they travel Hamdulillah you have aeroplanes, you know Muslim aeroplanes. You know whether this is mentioned, where this is mentioned, you know, that's why I like to use those aeroplane because it reminds you about how to remember last one, I tend to reflect upon this remembrance. And also while Jima the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said if a person is going to approach his family, you know, whoever is approaching his family sexually, and he says Bismillah Allahu ne, all the language and leadership and agenda Szczepan Omar has actually he says if you are to say Lama Geneva shaytan which Indonesia Panama, Razak Tana, he says if Allah granted you a risk of a child, during that moment, lend me the wrong shape and shape and is going to harm him in it. How many times we remember to do this, you know, and that's the greatest protection you are giving your children before they even they even born.

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So Allah while him walima Lee Murphy Mercadante is Milla Hill Baraka, where the curious me here toward the shepherd of tassel bark, because the name of Allah subhanaw taala contains Baraka in it.

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And mentioned in the name of Allah subhanaw taala contradict shaper. That's why when you mentioned the name of Allah shaytan will run away. When Szczepan runs away, it will take away that lack of Baraka with him. So the burqa exists when she dad stays away from the place that Baraka exists, because if he's in that place, Baraka will not exist, bicarbonate exists. Therefore, we should take this seriously. You know, you have images in your house.

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A lot of images uncovered, you know, you keep them in your house. Chapin will not stay away from this house. It will be in the houses the professor lollies them I said if you have images in the house, your power will come inside.

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So, you should understand that if Szczepan is in a place the burqa will be taken so you are inviting you know this evil to take place in your in your heart

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I was and Muslims need this, you know, you really need this. This last one hotel guy this truth. So he says yeah Pradesh catastral Baraka what Mr. Rivera who that is nothing to contradict this

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column or coalition in lacunae. Lillahi wa Barakatuh, Monza anything that is not for Alaska Rotella the burqa is taking from it.

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Anything which is not for Allah subhanaw taala there will be no Baraka in it. You Allah, whether we like it or we don't like it whatever you don't have Allah subhanaw taala involved in this in it the Birkin will be taking away from it.

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Part of the whole letter you Barrick why? Because the one who puts Baraka is Allah alone. So if you don't get him involved, Allah will leave you with your affairs. So you will lose the barrack

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Carla albaraka to Kulu Herman Baraka is all from Allah subhanho wa taala. And the same goes to anything that is attached and attributed to Allah subhanaw taala for MOBOTIX whatsoever is connected with Allah is Mobarak.

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So that's why even locate him says his word, Mr. KANEBO Baba.

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You know, his profits are a lot is always Mobarak his slave, you know, the righteous person also is Mobarak the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I said, in the militia,

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you know, let's go to Rocco Ha,

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when the hammer Hill movement,

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in another place is a shudder at animal baraka and he says, When the hammer movement is the likeness of a believer, that means the believer is Mobarak you know, this is the palm tree, you know, it's almost beneficial in everything, every single part of it benefits humankind. So, mostly a good Muslim and the righteous Muslim is Mobarak. Wherever he he stands, you know, Baraka will take place in that, in that, in that place. Baraka will be in that place.

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So, Abdullah, Mohammed another, you know, the one who is benefiting people, Mubarak, also the house of Allah subhanaw taala MOBA work in order to mean out of the and the protection, you know, that last Maha rotala or the Kwinana is that house you know, that you put the what do you call those arrows when a president is going for accurate, but this is referring to sharp

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This is referring to sharp and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam I said Allah smarter has made it forward as mud you know, like the Yemen Allah I'm sorry as says as kaniva like the Yemen last one to make it as minut so he's referring to are the sharp you know,

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Mobarak Allah smart Allah college Mubarak in many, many places in the Quran, many places in the Quran, the community to here says in salted facilite I am number 10 In Surah RF

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and number 137 inserted SR i And number one is what an MBI number 71 So it's an MBI number 81 So to the server and number 18. So Allah Allah, this might be the places even crime is referring to where last mile Zilla talk about this place to be to the mobile Sham is not just Syria, but the area Lebanon

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all done in the Philistine these are all call sham in the past.

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So Allah subhanaw taala discoverable Baraka Carla fomat fellow Mubaraka Illa Allah Mubarak que la hawla

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wala Mubarak Ala Moana see Bailey so there is nobody who can bring Baraka except Allah subhanho wa Taala and there is no Baraka except in that which is attributed to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So, he says, Allah man Zubaydah humanity, but you don't want to hear too you have a habit to worry about. So except that which is connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala in terms of what things which are done for Allah subhanaw taala alone as the meaning of use available to be at being alone to be deserving that act. So whatever you do for the sake of Allah subhanho to Allah, Allah subhanho Put Baraka in it. Whatever you do, because of the habit of Allah subhanaw taala Vulcain it whatever you do looking for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala would put about a candidate

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where Allah falcoda khulumani hoobler will bat he will help you he or Coloma either whom in next to him in an iron will acquire you will manufacture brachytherapy so he says we're talking about the Holo here Here things which are done for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala in a not just the things which are done by Allah because everything is done by Allah smart Allah whatever you see in the cone is created by Allah

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So, hello. So, we are talking about things which are done for his sake. These are the places that contain Baraka, because among the thing which are in existence you have those whom Allah Sparta put Baraka in them and those who Allah swatted did not put Belka in them because they are not connected with Allah subhanho wa Taala that's why he says anything that Allah subhanaw taala detached from himself. The burqa will be taken away from from it, whether it is a statement or it is an action whatsoever if Allah subhanaw taala take it away from himself, there will be no Baraka, there'll be no Baraka in it.

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And anything that is closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala will get the baraka in accordance to its closeness to Allah smart and how much a person or the thing is closer to Allah. This is what will determine how much Baraka will be will be having

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Allah did barkatullah Anna, for our de la Anna Hala who subhanaw taala Oh shucks Allah Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala I'm Allah Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala undershooting middle Hadith while Baraka, hakuna matata sala de Delica whatever Toby he can I mean, who we Sabine,

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fallible defeat, Fela Baraka atrophy Alberta so if you look at him says the opposite of the baraka is Alana the curse is Allah subhanaw taala. And even I mean in

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the curse well we'll learn to hear tabula Rahmatullah Zildjian occurs is to be taken away from the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that's the meaning of the curse. So when you hear that something is cursed by Allah subhanaw taala it means that

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this way.

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Just one significant

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Okay, so I'm

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Video huggle So hi, Doc. How nurse law who made it?

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Was it

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okay, you call it we'll call him Rama hula What did you learn it? What do you do about it Alana? The opposite of Al Baraka is Alana. Alana is a curse. Well, Lana to hear probably never meant

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to be taken away from the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala This is the luck and I always demonstrate how this

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is happening and why is it so bad? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, nobody will be able to go to Paradise because of his deed.

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They said, well, antivirus will Allah he says, well, and Ill Anita combined in the law of gravity meant except for last one our data, show mercy upon me. So we learned that you need the mercy, you know, for you to get into the paradise. And what is the cause for this mercy is righteousness. You want to get the right you want to get the mercy when you engage in righteousness that last month that we show mercy to visit how it works. So if a person is a committed sin, He will be taken away from the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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he says nobody will be going to Paradise, except through the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. So, if this person is taken away from it, so you can understand why Jana is going to be very difficult for for people like this like this one. So Allah Subhan Allah subhanaw taala here. So, we need this mercy to exist, you know, in, in, in our activities and between us and alas Martella for us to make it easy to the paradise. So, the curse is the opposite of the mercy and the baraka from Allah Subhan Allah Allah, Allah for

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any any place that the last month and a curse or any person that Allah subhanaw taala curse or any action that Allah smart Allah occurs, you know, you will find this person is the farthest thing you know, from what from good and bad. Whatever is close by law smarter will have no background.

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So that's the reason why we really need to stay away from law up in Alaska places where Alaska Howard Dela Cruz

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says whoever is engaging in those

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in those places is, I mean, whoever exists in that place is cursed by the last battle, we have to avoid being in those places and actions which are last mortal occurs, we really need to stay away from these actions, so that we will not be taken away from this mercy from from our last one.

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We cannot stand the ladder cannot stand the ladder. And this ladder sometimes

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affect our children affected our family, you know, not just the person who is doing but it affects the descendants also losses with the Office intelligence, even the livanova moon income, casa, you know, that is an arrangement which I think we talked about long ago, which some scholars have some concern concerning it, authenticity, but the mean is profound, where the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said Allah subhanaw taala says Stay away from my my curse, because either either it or Berkshire elite, you know where the last Mahoto put Baraka, he will be pleased with that person. And he says when he curves is a wallet that he Tableau was savvy, I mean wallet, my curse, you know,

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reaches sometimes the seventh generation among the family of that person. So any, any, any, any anything that can cause the person to be cursed by Allah subhanaw taala that person should really be very careful and stay away from from it as a protection for himself, you know, and also protection for for the family and descendants. That's why the province that Allahu Allahu selama used to change names, if the name is evil, the Prophet sallallahu lism I will change it you know,

00:31:42--> 00:31:51

and there are some cultures you know, where a person will just go and open the Quran and call himself anything, anything, you know,

00:31:52--> 00:32:06

if this is done in this way, then these names have to be changed, a person must change them, you know, he must change. If the name is bad, the person must change the process a lot, somebody has to change the bad name to the good ones.

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You have a person called

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now on Iran, and if it is, if it is good in his language, and they're not doing it just because they found this in the Quran or the sea to be Arabic language, that will be okay in sha Allah, okay, insha Allah but if it is in the way we are told that some people they open the Quran to select a word from the Quran, you have to be very careful because some of these words are not good word, you know, Allah smart, Allah mentioned them for instance, how, for instance, you know, evil, bad things, you know, so, you have to contact the scholars first how to contact the scholars first, because name has an impact on the Muslim even look, I even has a very good statement of this name has an impact

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on the on the Messiah. And don't forget that statement of one of our friends who used to tell us that he lives in a place, you know, whenever his friends invite him to evil, he remembers that his name is Muslim. So he stays away from evil. He says whenever he remember that his name is Muslim, he will tell him so it is not appropriate for somebody whose name is this to go and commit these type of things. Okay, Allah subhanaw taala grant is good. So it's good to change about name you know, to that which has good, good meaning. That was an attitude of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So anything that is cursed by Allah subhanaw taala will be taken away from Baraka will be taken out

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from the mercy and that is no good in it at all. What Kedah Anna

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Emily's about healthy human who called Luma economy Jihad he found a home in LA and it's in LA he could be he may know what to say to him last month and a curse the shape on and when Allah smart occurs in a took him away from it. I've got the farthest thing to Alaska last year and a search whatever goes with shaytaan will be far from Allah subhanaw taala according to his closeness to the ship and

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according to the closeness of that person to the ship and you know, the person will be far from Allah subhanaw taala

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if I mean how when a candidate Marcy candelilla Massey of amata, Athenian FEMA,

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Baraka risky Wilhelmi whatever a call to action OC Allah houfy omad in OC Allahu be obeyed then in our in our element, I'm an info alasa heavy

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while I said who

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Felisa human only human quality he was

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in lemma about Allah Javi if you look at him says and this is the reason why kinda lost the other

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al Baraka Candolim RC our

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our theory team happy but nobody what risk is is from this

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fact that I have mentioned

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democracy have a greater effect, you know, great effect in removing the burqa from the life and also the risk of a person and the knowledgeable person in the AMA, you know, look at the knowledge we have nowadays, you know,

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the question is, are we ignorant? All we have the knowledge, I'll say is yes, we do have knowledge, you know, big knowledge, big knowledge in terms of,

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I mean, physical knowledge, we do have knowledge, much more greater than some of the predecessors, you know, because we have access to things which they do not have access to. But if you're talking about what knowledge is, is all about, we are absolutely ignorant. They had the knowledgeable one, we are absolutely ignorant. Because their knowledge necessitates actions. Our knowledge necessitates arrogance, sometimes, and no action. And we turn knowledge to view ought to be business and these are all part of the nice to have the consequence of the Massey

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the consequence of the Massey the knowledge, you have no Barker, in that which we have, let's just be honest to ourselves, look at that which you get from the universities nowadays, any university

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including the Islamic University of Medina. It's hard like you have so many people who the knowledge you know, we have no Baraka, they graduated from Medina as if they did not go to that place. You know,

00:36:30--> 00:36:43

one of the common people, you know, told me one day if he did not meet two people in his life, that graduated from Medina, he said, he will say that, that is no good in graduating from Medina.

00:36:44--> 00:36:51

Why was that because all of those whom he met to him, that God knows Allah may become worse than

00:36:52--> 00:36:57

so many people who did not manage to step in the medina Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam.

00:36:58--> 00:37:10

So you can understand his Baraka, he will lie, if Allah subhanaw taala remove his support from your knowledge, you will never benefit you will never benefit anyone and it will become harmful to you and the community

00:37:11--> 00:37:37

is our last month and a sellout I feel terrific. So, knowledge has to be for the sake of Allah smart Allah and your intention is not to debate or to trouble people your intention is to educate, to remove the ignorance from yourself to elevate yourself in Rankin, and also to please Allah subhanaw taala in educating the community, and also using the light to bring good to the community where you live in.

00:37:39--> 00:37:45

Nowadays, you see that the attitude is that wherever business and wealth comes, people will rush that place.

00:37:47--> 00:37:59

When first they started being serious in learning Islamic banking, many students in many Sharia students, they weren't everyone you touch Islamic Bank, Islamic banks.

00:38:02--> 00:38:23

I was asked you know, whenever you ask a person, a person will tell you that yeah, because there is a need in the place. We need to know what is it so that we can get to atrophy? So I used to love this answer because I know these answers are not honest. One of them talk to me honestly, he said, because this is what works nowadays in terms of money.

00:38:25--> 00:38:27

You want to be rich and go and study this.

00:38:31--> 00:38:55

Many people like that. So that's why the burqa is taking the respect that we have in you know from the community, Allah Sparta took it away from us, man scholars have no respect in the eyes of the community. It used to be totally different. If you see a scholar is visiting the place, people will respect you. Nowadays people can not because of the scholarship but because of the fame. A person might be

00:38:56--> 00:39:03

ZIFT he might visit visit a place you see everyone is coming to him why because of his fame.

00:39:05--> 00:39:11

Or because he has a controversial views where he has a lot of corrupt and people who are appreciating what he does.

00:39:12--> 00:39:30

But define those real scholars in real scholars, real scholars, I'm talking about those who feel a lot smarter and they're really knowledgeable. You know, visit that place you have that crowd is not that much in the way it used to be. In the past. Many people might not know that they're even in the place except a few.

00:39:31--> 00:39:49

So it's it's not needed. You know, it's not a requirement. But at the same time you can see how much Allah's water removed the baraka from the knowledge we are dealing with nowadays. We praise that which shouldn't be praised, and we reject that which should be accepted.

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

So students now they want you to give them what they want, not what they should be given. According to the gravel lightning syllogism as the likes of a person wants to

00:40:00--> 00:40:31

Be educated in the way he wants in the past, no, a go to the chef, they sit down, just to receive whatever comes from his mouth. And they write it down by getting bored. But now we're just looking for specific tiny things. And we're very lazy in the last one until I forgive us Wallah, he were very lazy, may Allah forgive us, you know, there's a clip that contain 2345 minutes people will not listen, why they have no time. What are they going to do with other time? Allah Allah, You know what I'm talking about Allah, Allah,

00:40:33--> 00:41:15

they might be patient watching movies for 10 hours, you know, going for football for two, three hours, you know, if they have a think like that, you know, when the World Cup exists, you know, the person will come, no fajr prayer, but he will spend all of his life in that place. So how Allah, Allah, Allah, if this is not a punishment from Allah smarter, and what punishment means, I'm not opposing games or enjoying life, no, we do have to have a time where we enjoy. But understand that your time deserve to be placed in something that is going to earn you a good relationship with Allah subhanaw taala, and a better future when you meet a lot of water. But we don't have this.

00:41:16--> 00:41:42

I heard one of those. It's called us complaining that people don't want him to speak for more than 567 minutes in his hand, I don't have time to waste, I don't know what to tell them, you know. So sometimes you squeeze things, you know, squeezed them, you have to be very quick in the way people will find it very professional, you know, you have to be very quick and compress it so much in the way all the benefits will be taken. Because nobody is going to have time to listen.

00:41:45--> 00:42:18

But we have we do have time for other things. But so these are all parts of the burqa, that Allah is what is taken from our life, you know, you know, hammer that if you stay away from this, but you're going to use it for something which is more beneficial than it that we say yes. But the paths are they like this, they will not the citizens learning the patience and learning. I recall somebody somebody says he went to a city Hala he the first time he went to the masjid, he found a helicopter helicopter and before Fajr

00:42:20--> 00:42:29

helicopter LM they're having a class before Fajr you know that for sure this class, nobody will come to this class except a real student of knowledge.

00:42:31--> 00:42:32

People will find you

00:42:33--> 00:42:37

and they will maximize it. Of course, that's why they were there.

00:42:38--> 00:43:10

So may Allah subhanaw taala help us to do that which benefit our life and also to utilize our time properly. You know, the issue is to help each and every one of us to utilize that time properly. So the burqa is taken away from our time Baraka is taken away from knowledge Burke has taken away from for action. You don't feel it, you know, and Burke has taken away from the risk. You take what any, any in some places, you know, professors you know, Prime Minister, maybe it isn't, doesn't get that if he doesn't steal from the government.

00:43:12--> 00:43:14

But at the same time, you know, you end up

00:43:16--> 00:43:21

you know, trying to reach the end of the month so that the next profit or salary will come to you.

00:43:22--> 00:44:03

That's what it means by Baraka is taking away from from the wealth, that Allah smart Allah grant is good. So, he says, anytime that you disobey Allah subhanaw taala in it, any wealth that you used to disobey Allah subhanho to Allah, anybody or any, any honor or respect or position, or knowledge or action, you know, this is going to be against the one who is doing it. And it's going to be for you Allah, whatever you do, no matter how much profit you get in this dunya as long as you use it to disobey Allah subhanaw taala is going to be against you in this dunya and is going to be against you in the Accra, you will remember this your Allah you remember this MRC they have the consequence in

00:44:03--> 00:44:11

this life. Sooner or later a person is going to receive it is so smart and Allah is smarter make him only two people consciousness he will remember that

00:44:12--> 00:44:28

you will remember that just try try your best to monitor your life precisely. If Allah's one to one is good for you, he will let you see the consequences of your sins you commit sins you're going to see sooner or later something is going to happen into your life

00:44:30--> 00:44:31


00:44:32--> 00:44:37

Carla lays a little incitement over here Omani he according to you ha You already hit

00:44:38--> 00:44:54

while me lemma about what you have what is for you in all of those that have been mentioned? Righteousness your your actions to deed your risk your wealth your buddy, what is yours? Is that wish you please please last minute and

00:44:57--> 00:44:59

while he has a five minute nazmiyal issue if you have a daddy me

00:45:00--> 00:45:48

At the Senate in Omaha, where your corner Madhu level of Rajasthan you know and that's why he said one of us will live in amongst the people and Please Please my dear brothers sisters, please listen to this carefully, please listen to this carefully. It says among the people in this life, there are some people who are live 100 years or closer to that, but if he is to sit down and and calculate properly you know, and give the right estimate of the amount of the time he spent in this 100 us which is for him, you will find out that the reality about his age is all that is that is the fact that he lived only Asha city 10 years 10 years, somebody was making that calculation, I found it

00:45:48--> 00:45:54

interesting, you know, you know, sit down and see how much you you give a last minute in terms of the prayer

00:45:57--> 00:46:06

30 minutes every day. That's a good one among us 30 minutes every day as the good ones, somebody who prays to Allah subhanaw taala those five prayers for that in it

00:46:08--> 00:46:09

every day.

00:46:10--> 00:46:15

So, just take it like that have turned 24 hours, only 30 minutes is taken for the prayer

00:46:18--> 00:46:32

15 years of your age for the good one among us. 15 years of age, most of us were negligent, the first part of the 15 years. And you sleep the moderate and the average person is the one who sleeps eight hours in a day.

00:46:34--> 00:46:46

So if you do the calculation properly, if Allah smarter granted you 60 years and you do the calculation of eight hours into those 60 years, you find out you slept for around 20 years.

00:46:47--> 00:46:52

Imagine you standing up before I lost my hotel, or even your patient telling last night that you slept for 20 years.

00:46:54--> 00:47:22

20 years 20 years of sleeping 15 years of negligence for most of us, you know some more than that, you know some after 40 They're still in a state of drunkenness you know? So Allah azza wa jal are here 15 years 35 years, according to that calculation, you know, if you take the food, the time you spend eating food, you know, sometimes you find a person eating food for you know, they spend one hour on the table, what are they doing Allah, Allah,

00:47:24--> 00:47:24

Allah Allah,

00:47:25--> 00:47:45

I blame the student of knowledge because they said the students of knowledge, one of the things that are very quick in it is eating, they don't waste time. They don't eat without chewing, or they eat slowly. And nicely in the way the prophets Allah someone used to eat, but they don't waste time. Take one spoon before we put it in the mouth Italia give us the long stories, you know.

00:47:47--> 00:47:51

Anyway, so So you eat neatly, but you're very quick

00:47:52--> 00:48:34

in that, so this is the attitude of, of the student of knowledge. So you have your eating is taking some of you your time, a lot of your time, you have your game a lot of your time, you have time that you spent doing nothing actually, time that you spent doing nothing, you're not you're not benefiting the actor, and you're not benefiting your dunya just sitting down there without vicar of Allah subhanaw taala, which is very simple to be made at that time to gain some reward. So according to that calculation, you will come out from this 60 years that Allah subhanaw taala granted you only five to six years, that beneficial age that you will be proud of having on the Day of Judgment. If

00:48:34--> 00:48:57

Allah is going to accept these five to six years Alhamdulillah you succeed in life as a surgeon, you will succeed. But just imagine last quarter is granted in this huge amount of life, huge amount of age 100 years, and then you come up with only 10 years. What is this? That's why I say we really need to listen. And what do I need to do to fix this? Very simple.

00:48:58--> 00:49:06

Turn your life completely from A to Z, an act of worship. That's the smartest person to turn your life into an act of worship.

00:49:07--> 00:49:44

How to do that, have good intention and every single thing you do and make sure that you don't waste a single second in doing something which is not beneficial to you. And if something happened to the with the dunya make sure that you have good intention and if you go for business for eight to 12 hours sometimes have a good intention that I'm doing this business to preserve my honor, dignity and to protect my family and to provide for my family which is my responsibility in Islam, and also to speed some part of that which I get to give it in charity, even if it is one cent every day or every month you know you're doing Allah is much appreciated from you and that business will be an act of

00:49:44--> 00:49:50

worship. Isn't it a success? Well, I think it is really it is really, really a success.

00:49:51--> 00:49:59

You sleep while you sleep, you sleep with the intention of having some energy so that you can be very energetic to participate in the

00:50:00--> 00:50:08

Prayer, you know, in the way it should be done. You eat to get energy, you have these good intentions and almost everything you live will be turned into an act of worship.

00:50:11--> 00:50:40

That's the power of consciousness. And then you will be able to stay away from this. And the backhaul replacing your age, whatever you're doing in this dunya last one to put Baraka in it and the actions of Africa last month, Oh bless them. You see, you don't need to go on to confine yourself in the masjid. You don't need that. You need to be in the masjid, the time Allah swatter invited you to the masjid. You need to be in the masjid when when there is a need for it Allah Sparta wants you to be very productive, you know and participating in benefiting the community.

00:50:42--> 00:50:49

But at the same time you can earn this reward and you can skip this regret that will take place in the hereafter for for many of us

00:50:50--> 00:51:02

combined I mean harmonium local cannot even more cantata Timna Valley wall of liberty, where Kumar who felt happy that lie of no artifact there have been, I will never hope to the jungle.

00:51:03--> 00:51:10

It will acquire him says that's why you you you also can find a person who has mashallah huge amount of money.

00:51:12--> 00:51:14

Somebody is disturbing.

00:51:20--> 00:51:36

So, he says just like the way when you find a person who has huge amount of money, you know, very rich, extremely, extremely rich. But in reality, the real money which belongs to him is what is fueling it, you know.

00:51:38--> 00:51:41

That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

00:51:43--> 00:51:49

which wealth you like, your wealth, or the wealth of your wife, the s

00:51:50--> 00:52:00

and people will say to the prophets, Allah the same of course, we like ours. So which one is your wealth, the one that you spend for the sake of Allah smarter is the one that remains for you.

00:52:01--> 00:52:06

The one that you keep for the benefit of the s after you go, this is for others.

00:52:07--> 00:52:47

So what is your actual wealth, the actual wealth you have is the one that you spend for the sake of the last 100 Now, when I when I say spending for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, it doesn't mean that you put it in charity, you know, you have a project, you know, that people are doing, you know, you support No, it doesn't necessarily mean this. You're welcome to come and support our project. And you're all of us, we're on the same page, trying to benefit the community, the Muslims wherever they are, but at the same time, restricting charity to only this is deficiency is wrong perception, very long perception. The money you give it to your mother is charity. The money you're giving it to

00:52:47--> 00:53:06

your father is charity, the money you're giving it to your brother's charity. The money you're giving it to your wife is charity. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said had murdered Allahu famer, I think a female attic called La Casa Rocca. Even that wealth that you take and ask your wife to open her mouth you put inside her mouth, this is also a charity for you have a lot

00:53:07--> 00:53:46

of life in this that's why I always teach those people who do not marry yet May Allah subhanaw taala guide them to marry you know, alive, which is which is excellent, like life of marriage. I couldn't find a life like that. I call those people who are not married Misaki May Allah subhanaw taala eat them and free them from this mosquito. Yeah, I know many of them are here. I don't know how they received my comment but I really call them as it may Allah smarter freedom from this master. Because you bring money to your family, you know, you enjoy it, they enjoy both of you are enjoying life. But whatever you do, Allah Santa is also given you reward on top of that, as well as Allah, Allah

00:53:46--> 00:54:06

and Sam. I said, Well, if he bought a hottie concert, and in that water that a person cast into the womb of his wife, Allah smarter will write it for him as a charity. He satisfies his desire, she satisfies her desire, and Allah's motto is writing reward for them. The Companions never thought of this.

00:54:07--> 00:54:28

They never think of this. So they said to the prophets, Allah Allah sama jasola, wait a minute, you mean if one of us is going to approach his wife sexually, he will be given a reward for that. And of course she also will be given a reward for that. The Prophet said Allah is so I said yes. For some with that. Don't you think if he is to do it in the Haram way, last month, I will get the sin for him.

00:54:29--> 00:54:59

That's why I call them the psyche. Because you talk to your wife everyone you talk to another person unnecessarily in the last month has not happy with you gets in, you touch away from everyone she touches you get your whatever happens between you which is bringing happiness to the family, you will be rewarded for that. So what I'm trying to say here my dear brother and sisters, charity is not restricted to giving donation to organization to make a donation to personalities. The one you are giving to your family members is also charity and actually picked

00:55:00--> 00:55:14

rarity, to get it, give it to your father and give it to your mother, give it to your brothers and sisters, give it to your wife, give it to children, you know, all of these ones, when you participate in spending money on them, you know, this is also an ultimate charity, that last part of accounted for you.

00:55:16--> 00:55:37

So that's what we call wealth. And this is the real risk. Other than that, it is not your wealth, if it remains with you is going to be inherited by others, there will be if they're smart enough, they will spend it for the sake of Allah smarter, then you will get some reward. If they don't do that, they're just going to enjoy the dunya and you lost the wealth.

00:55:39--> 00:56:05

I'm not saying don't keep something for the family. This is also another mistake, you know, keep wealth for the benefit of your children. But this is just a motivation from the Sharia, to engage in giving charity no matter how much small it is and don't belittle righteousness, you have $1 million. If you can give one ringgit, you know, it's okay. It's fine. You know, I might say no, come on, please give more because you have a lot but it's better than somebody who did not give.

00:56:06--> 00:56:46

It is better than somebody who do not give as long as you do it sincerely. Of course, it is always better to give as much as you can, which will not put you into trouble. But at the same time, if you have some other people who are sharing that wealth with those people who are not fortunate in the way they are, they're lend their way less than you in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala So lastly, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam I said Dudamel or wanna Hamid Aruna mafia illogical Allahu Allah, Allah, O Allah wa luminometer Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, I said, dunya is cursed by Allah subhanaw taala. And what to arise in this dunya is cursed by Allah, except the remembrance of

00:56:46--> 00:56:55

Allah subhanaw taala and whatsoever is attached to it. And the scholars and the student of knowledge, these are the only four things that are not curse in this dunya

00:56:56--> 00:57:02

So, is there a great I mean, is it really a big loss for a person not to be one of these?

00:57:04--> 00:57:40

Of you either an Arca dunya malroux NetEnt Morona, Mafia lemma con and Allah in another place, although this one is weak, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam has said dunya is curse and whatever is in it is cursed except what is done for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala either Holyfield baraka to Casa Allah homestand. Why? It says this is what you find. Baraka where you find Baraka, you know, what is done for Allah smart Allah what is for Allah, what is then for last mile Tara and knowledge and also studying the knowledge so, this is why you find Baraka, Allah homestand rally

00:57:41--> 00:57:57

and last Martina grant is good and put Baraka in your life and grant us ability to look for the baraka from Allah subhanaw taala and to stay away from the sins equally Jamil and Kofi Baraka love you come Okay, let's move to the next part of our lesson

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00:58:08--> 00:58:09

I mean yeah

00:58:14--> 00:58:15


00:58:19--> 00:58:21

and a nice make

00:58:24--> 00:58:26

when when we are

00:58:28--> 00:58:36

when we are outside, yeah, outside, because there is a need for us we evolution from the washrooms

00:58:38--> 00:58:38

shopping in

00:58:41--> 00:58:45

the US, they are not customers and they're just

00:58:50--> 00:58:52

using the bathroom

00:58:56--> 00:59:01

the the the molds, while didn't purchase anything from them.

00:59:02--> 00:59:04

It's okay. Either like,

00:59:05--> 00:59:06

it's fine.

00:59:08--> 00:59:15

If they don't mention that this is only for somebody who purchased something, then it is for everyone. Everyone can go.

00:59:18--> 00:59:20

They don't have to go out of their way to

00:59:22--> 00:59:22


00:59:23--> 00:59:51

That will be that will be an exaggeration. They don't need to do that. Because if they don't want people to come they will right. So when they don't right we go with the norm toilets when they are built in public places. These are meant for the benefit of everyone. They already know that people might be passing looking for bathroom on the CML they will be happy and this is part of the advertisement actually promotion because when you come to the bathroom, you might see something which will bring you the next time to the place

00:59:59--> 00:59:59

so often

01:00:00--> 01:00:00

Over cancer

01:00:06--> 01:00:08

as the cursive and

01:00:09--> 01:00:13

that will take that seven generations and how did it

01:00:14--> 01:00:18

yeah this one that is weakness as somebody in terms of this narration

01:00:21--> 01:00:57

it will call you mentioned it and I guess there are some who believes it is authentic. But this one is general system only anything that can that can cause the curse from Allah subhanaw taala that could be the one intended by Allah subhanaw taala and he says well out ality because he says law ality, and he attributed the law to him. It says the law and at the curse when he occurs to the Kasady I mean, it can reach the seventh of the generation. So what does that mean? Stay away from anything that can cause a person to be cursed by loss man or

01:00:59--> 01:01:32

anything, taking rebar, having an extension of the hair, you know, all of those things that are lost mountain bikers, the one who's doing putting tattoo breaking, making gaffes on the teeth unnecessarily and what else those things that have the light Massoud mentioned in the Hadith, and many other things we did last month and of course the one who is doing it, Allah and Allah Herman who the one who is a slap in the face also Alas, Martin Accorsi manga Ramana. We mentioned a couple of them actually in that in that word previously.

01:01:39--> 01:01:40

The second question is

01:01:43--> 01:01:43


01:01:44--> 01:01:45


01:01:50--> 01:01:51

Okay, continue.

01:01:53--> 01:01:54

The question is

01:01:57--> 01:01:57


01:01:59--> 01:02:00


01:02:01--> 01:02:02


01:02:04--> 01:02:07

How do we protect ourselves and the from sexuality?

01:02:11--> 01:02:31

Yeah, graduation from Medina is not a ticket that somebody is righteous. And the University of Medina is not like the University of Medina, you know, before, you know, before suhar, Allah, if you see a person I'm telling you, I can tell you by sign, most likely this one is from Medina, and this one is from another university.

01:02:32--> 01:02:39

Because the other is very high, you know, and so, Hala, things have changed a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot

01:02:40--> 01:02:41

in our time,

01:02:42--> 01:03:06

and they told us actually, before us, it was it was stronger than this, you know, before us, you you missed the prayer, one prayer, you might be in trouble, you know, they deduct from the scholarship, they've given you missing the prayer, you know, the wording caught you, they will write your name on the notice board that so and so and so person, you know, with the metric numbers on so on. So pressing, is skipping the prayer,

01:03:07--> 01:03:31

very serious on this matters, you know, and also Alhamdulillah, the selection of the students is really wise, you know, they really select the students, the good ones. That's why you see me this university somehow last month, I bless it in almost every place, the student who graduated from it, especially the old ones, how the community really, all over the world benefit, benefit.

01:03:32--> 01:03:52

benefit from that. So my my advice is that graduation from the Islamic University is not a ticket, and a certificate of righteousness. When you want to study from anyone, yes, he graduated from the Islamic University check force, when did he graduate? And also

01:03:54--> 01:04:29

and also an How is he in terms of manners and attitude? Or how is he in terms of mindset, attitude, then you go and study with him, or else you should look for any other person, even if he doesn't go to Medina, as long as he has the knowledge and he has manners and attitude. He should go to Las motel to protect us and guide all of us. And me, whenever I see these type of people, you know, I have a couple of them. You know, whenever I see these type of people, I just remember the necessity of asking Allah smarter to strengthen our heart to remain steadfast

01:04:31--> 01:04:36

means that fast. I met a person around 15 years ago.

01:04:37--> 01:04:45

You know, so how long they did something wrong. I was I was shocked and this person is Molina graduating. He was my senior actually.

01:04:47--> 01:04:50

I met him that we were there together, but he was by Syria.

01:04:52--> 01:05:00

And then not only because he was, you know, when I was I was I was reminding him his friend told me he also came to

01:05:00--> 01:05:02

Like he, he also was like he was.

01:05:05--> 01:05:11

And then he changed. You also you're gonna follow I told him in sha Allah would never happen to

01:05:13--> 01:05:31

have not known people Subhanallah who graduated and then they change. I was asking myself what is the cause of the chain? Somebody says, I used to believe that this is haram. But when I, I went out of Medina and I have myself in some other places, I changed my feet.

01:05:34--> 01:05:41

And what was the reason why he's changed his opinion? Nothing except the dunya. Your only reason I can see is the Dunya

01:05:42--> 01:05:58

doesn't want people to say, Why is he behaving like this and he's not harming anyone, no harm to anyone. And he doesn't want to maintain his integrity. Why? Because he wants to get the dunya from the people and he realized that if he doesn't change the dunya will not come.

01:06:01--> 01:06:02


01:06:03--> 01:06:17

make dua for anyone who went to that place and come back make dua is a great fitna and great responsibility that he handed Allah a great responsibility because the government spent a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot

01:06:18--> 01:06:32

for him to be able to graduate and he graduated and the purpose is to carry the knowledge and spread it to the people and guide them and teach them manners and attitudes and also put them in the right path.

01:06:33--> 01:06:51

So how many of us use that opportunity also to do what to take the money from others using righteousness that unfortunately the heart is not clean? So make dua for all the students who graduated from there and every student also who graduated graduated from anywhere

01:06:53--> 01:07:00

but someone who a person should just be very careful having graduated from Medina doesn't mean somebody is okay.

01:07:03--> 01:07:12

You have one of those people who graduated from Medina he used to teach a field and to heat but nowadays look at his opinions. So, you understand that yes. Do you want to

01:07:17--> 01:07:18

give it to him?

01:07:26--> 01:07:27

So, when

01:07:29--> 01:07:30

I say so,

01:07:32--> 01:07:39

graduating from the Islamic University of Medina doesn't mean a person is okay. And as I said please do make dua

01:07:41--> 01:07:49

tinea is go to going into another shape you know. So, people need to be strengthened by Allah subhanaw taala.

01:07:50--> 01:08:16

And to be strong, you know, to maintain that is the karma, you know, all of us. So, please do participate in making dua for all students who graduated from that place and people whose study you know, wherever they are, and all of us Inshallah, last month grant is steadfast steadfastness and is to come and also ability to meet Allah subhanaw taala with righteous heart

01:08:17--> 01:08:17


01:08:28--> 01:08:32

We mentioned in the previous class, that definition of

01:08:36--> 01:08:38

mean, the last part of

01:08:39--> 01:08:39


01:08:44--> 01:08:48

So, how do you reconcile the marriage

01:08:49--> 01:08:50

as mentioned in the book,

01:08:52--> 01:08:53

which is

01:08:55--> 01:08:57

being a simple

01:09:00--> 01:09:06

and since, we know that it can be changed based on the context, what makes us show that

01:09:10--> 01:09:17

yeah, they said at first what we should do highlight is to take the linguistic meaning,

01:09:18--> 01:09:56

any word which is said in Arabic So, we take the linguistic meaning, the literal meaning first for us to divert it to something else, we have to have evidence for that, like in that Hadees which you have mentioned, we already know that the time which this is being practiced is after the salam. So, we take it as that, but the linguistic meaning for the double bass a double A che after because you attach it to the thing when you say double crochet, then ask him after Homans last part of it. So, we take it like that, in a way wherever dhikr comes from the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, if there is no explanation on where to put this precisely, but it is mentioned double then we take it

01:09:56--> 01:09:59

as an indicator that we should put it in in the last

01:10:00--> 01:10:39

Apart of the prayer before we end the prayer, before we close it, that's the best approach. So we take from the context and we take also from the statement of the scholars, which they do it based on istikhara, you know, a Saqqara from the scholars and from the companions of the Prophet Salla sama that this dua specifically is supposed to be placed right after the prayer, not at the last part of the prayer before it is, it is over. So that's the easiest way to understand this Inshallah, there is no contradiction, they already mentioned this, that we take it as what he called the principle that we will go with the prayer itself, the last part of the prayer means inside the prayer, but the

01:10:39--> 01:10:49

last part of it do go to Sarah means instead of prayer, but the last part of it, but there are certain altcar, which the duble might be mentioned that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is intending

01:10:50--> 01:10:57

them to be placed after the salam after the salam. So I think this is the best way to reconcile between these muscles in sha Allah

01:11:07--> 01:11:07


01:11:16--> 01:11:19

then use this for new things we got other than

01:11:20--> 01:11:21

for example,

01:11:22--> 01:11:24

for can we see along with this elegant

01:11:28--> 01:11:29

without the

01:11:30--> 01:11:39

Yeah, because if you say Antica Sultani handphone he did not You're not wearing the headphones, but that part of the DUA you mentioned

01:11:40--> 01:11:53

is correct. Is correct. You can say to anything you have anything new you bought, you know you can ask a lot smarter to guarantee the good in it and to protect you from the evil which is continuing with anything.

01:12:06--> 01:12:47

Some scholars said it's okay to say it Some scholars say she just said with the heart, you're not supposed to mention it with the tongue. And I prefer this rather than that the tongue one you said with the heart and then you you do or if you are next to the bathroom go out say this Milan just get inside the bathroom and it will be the lighter but if you are for one, if you're talking about those places of Guru that are next to the real toilet itself is one you can say Bismillah in the place, this is not the toilet, it is a place which is attached to the toilet. Otherwise if you say you cannot say Bismillah in those spaces, the houses which are the rooms which you have toilet inside,

01:12:47--> 01:13:19

inside the master bedroom where the toilet is inside, then you cannot mention the name of Allah smart Allah also in it. So you get what I mean. So if you go to the masjid, you will see the toilets being built, you know, in place and in another place a bit far from it. But in the same compound, you know, there is a place of woowoo Can you say the Bismillah in that place? So many people think that this is also part of the toilet. So they don't say that there is Mila in the place? No, that's wrong. You say Bismillah in that place and there shouldn't be any permanent coffee shop

01:13:23--> 01:13:23

I mean

01:13:34--> 01:13:35

the person is

01:13:39--> 01:13:42

the person the person who is named but what

01:13:47--> 01:13:48

I was

01:13:53--> 01:14:02

Yeah, see, see a lot of a lot of names, you know, a lot of names you know. And this is the this is the this is this is actually

01:14:03--> 01:14:24

I mean, as I was saying, if if it is from the culture, then no problem because most likely it has a good meaning. Then there shouldn't be any problem with that because he is living in the place where that culture exists and people dun dun find this to be to be to be to be bad because there's good it has a good meaning.

01:14:25--> 01:14:47

But if they are choosing it because it is an Arabic word, you know, person call himself Mr. person calls himself a fascia or fascia person call himself Zina or Zania even this name is there is that I was listening to a person who was dating Quran and we asked, we have in the Quran competition. Then we asked

01:14:49--> 01:14:55

the lady Do you call we ask the student What is your name? Is it Zania?

01:14:58--> 01:14:59

I look at him he looked at me sir.

01:15:00--> 01:15:39

because we know in Arabic language this is very bad so I know either the parent don't know or their culture in their culture the name has good meaning if the name has good meaning in the culture then there shouldn't be any problem with it so who speaks Arabic when he hears that you can just close as you know that's why they sent a small letter I didn't even justify names you leave them in the way they are because some names in another country they agenda in another country their health so you don't tell them no change it because in another country they're bad now we're talking about things which in the in the same culture you know, they're a bad a person shouldn't call himself that one.

01:15:39--> 01:15:55

And also this attitude of going to the Quran and just picking up any name and naming the child with it. This is wrong wrong so when a person has a name Harmon he should change it because it's not good for a person to have bad names person call himself out

01:15:56--> 01:16:01

what is this you know history change when you accept Islam if he's a Muslim he changed that name in

01:16:02--> 01:16:04

person called himself how do

01:16:05--> 01:16:16

he change because these are bad names when we hear them you know, we know that something bad is there. And as I said names have impact on the Muslimah on the named person

01:16:17--> 01:16:33

name they have impact on their muscle mass. So that person if it is this serious matter somebody is called Harmon and Harmon Harmon and they mean her man they mentioned the hammer and they took it from the Quran is not another meaning in their language then that will be okay even

01:16:36--> 01:16:41

if it is not, I mean if it is not a meaning in their language, then it is not okay but if it is

01:16:43--> 01:16:47

having a good meaning in their language, and there shouldn't be any problem with that inshallah.

01:16:49--> 01:16:50

May Allah guide us to the truth

01:16:58--> 01:16:59

the person

01:17:06--> 01:17:42

just after he said the salam, he says the lamb before completing the raka the moment he remembers his just stand up and pray the one that he missed the balance and pray them and makes you decide how after the Salah, it makes it you to sell after the salam. It happens with the prophets, Allah Salama Hebrew to God and then he was reminded that he prayed only to Ricard. So he came back to the masjid. You can see he talks and then he work also he came back to the masjid and make tech the you know, make tech and then pray the Torah that he missed and the next cell after after the Sunnah.

01:17:52--> 01:17:53

Sure for someone who

01:17:56--> 01:17:56


01:17:59--> 01:17:59

the mobile

01:18:01--> 01:18:01


01:18:03--> 01:18:38

Yeah, that's the best that's the opinion of the vast majority of the scholars that a person shouldn't get inside the bathroom with anything that has Name of Allah subhanaw taala in it you know the respect of that name of Allah subhanaw taala if that is the name of a live person, she didn't go to the bathroom intentionally with it or less if there is no way to put let's say a sister was out of the house you know? And she has something which has Name of Allah Swaziland. Why is he going to she should take it out and keep it out of the bathroom and then somebody will come and take it and run away with it. No, she shouldn't do that. She can go inside the bathroom with it but what the

01:18:38--> 01:18:56

scholar said she should try and hide it. So since this this is a necklace is already inside you know says hidden there is no no problem with that inshallah even if she goes to the bathroom and she's out of the house but inside the house I will prefer for her to take it off and then use the bathroom without anything that has name and the last one

01:19:07--> 01:19:07


01:19:12--> 01:19:20

as long as it has not disrespected you know at the first place to do that, you know, I will never advise any company to make anything that is in this way.

01:19:22--> 01:19:25

Because it's all the the Lindsay Lohan

01:19:28--> 01:19:41

people might disrespect them so she throws away she throws it away sometimes her kids plays with it, you know? And all of these things happens you know, the best is not to do and the best is mostly not to buy those things. Look for something else

01:19:49--> 01:19:50

the person who's

01:19:53--> 01:19:54

pretty good

01:19:58--> 01:19:59

can someone do what I do?

01:20:00--> 01:20:00


01:20:02--> 01:20:05

the person is leaving the police protected while he's making this

01:20:07--> 01:20:08

with us

01:20:09--> 01:20:10

as we continue

01:20:13--> 01:20:13

to do this

01:20:19--> 01:20:24

I really did not get this question you mean somebody made a mistake and he was corrected

01:20:26--> 01:20:32

we mentioned that the person did not complete the required Uh huh

01:20:34--> 01:20:37

right? He comes back and make the Tula cotton

01:20:40--> 01:20:42

selected like he's just making this

01:20:43--> 01:20:48

should you immediately stand up and complete the prayer or should be ended and then come back

01:20:50--> 01:20:52

tomorrow with his use of

01:20:55--> 01:20:57

all I couldn't get the question on

01:21:04--> 01:21:04

the screen

01:21:10--> 01:21:12

and we did send them after the

01:21:16--> 01:21:19

alarm is collected by someone from himself they

01:21:22--> 01:21:26

should be immediately stand up, leave this alarm and stand up and thinking

01:21:31--> 01:21:39

yeah, that's that's it the moment he is corrected, he doesn't need to complete the salon. The moment somebody, even if they told him Subhanallah

01:21:40--> 01:21:47

if you understand what they meant, he should stand up immediately. And fix it. He should stand up immediately and fix it.

01:21:49--> 01:21:52

If you understand what they meant he should stand up immediately without completing the salam.

01:21:54--> 01:22:21

It doesn't understand and he believes he finished his prayer. He can say the salam and ask them Can I ask them what happened? Did we miss they should talk to him they should tell him yes we missed to record that's talking doesn't invalidate their prayer. That's what happened with the Prophets Allah sama he talked to the they didn't do they didn't talk to him and he went to the masjid and talk to their companions and they said yes, and then the prophets Allah Allah cinema fixed the Torah card remains

01:22:22--> 01:22:23

Allah smart Allah grant is good

01:22:30--> 01:22:32

set our country

01:22:38--> 01:22:39

in this

01:22:42--> 01:22:43

drama yo yo mic

01:22:48--> 01:22:48


01:22:52--> 01:22:53


01:22:54--> 01:22:54


01:22:55--> 01:22:57

to continue listening.

01:23:00--> 01:23:01

So in this situation, the student

01:23:05--> 01:23:08

life is his health but he shouldn't he shouldn't do this.

01:23:12--> 01:23:24

But if he's at home, at home, he can leave the lectures on and he's inside the bathroom and enjoy his lectures. But in the in the bathroom, he's here in the

01:23:25--> 01:23:33

outside he has a headset and listening to it doesn't go that might be disrespecting the knowledge

01:23:39--> 01:23:41

proceed by Sistina.

01:23:43--> 01:23:44

Ship of this week.

01:23:46--> 01:23:48

It is mandatory for us to be

01:23:50--> 01:23:52

learning body that manages the

01:23:55--> 01:23:55


01:23:58--> 01:23:59

all my kids to be given

01:24:01--> 01:24:05

besides overseas was

01:24:08--> 01:24:09

a piece of question

01:24:15--> 01:24:19

for the people in the country to give this to the governing bodies

01:24:21--> 01:24:21

around the country.

01:24:23--> 01:24:27

You're not okay for us to directly give it to the people to the service.

01:24:30--> 01:24:32

Is there a restriction? How much is to be

01:24:35--> 01:24:38

living or to the people overseas?

01:24:43--> 01:24:59

Yeah, the guy is obligated upon a Muslim and this is his responsibility to look for somebody who deserved as a car according to the Quran and give it to him. But if you have in a country government is taking responsibility to do it. The government is doing it by themselves. Government is doing it by

01:25:00--> 01:25:04

themselves, and they make it obligatory for a person to pay through them.

01:25:05--> 01:25:44

And then the person should pay through them. And they have to put it in the way Allah smart Allah once. But if a case is not like this, whereby you have organizations who are taking care of this account in the country is up to you, but not just up to you, you just have to make sure that these organizations are trusted. Because if you give them the car, and they did not give it to the place where Allah subhanaw taala asked him to do, and you did not do the scrutiny, you don't do the examination and checking, you know, properly about them. And then Tegrity, then use a car is is not completed yet. You know, even if you give them the whole money you have used the car is still not

01:25:44--> 01:26:20

completed, you are responsible to pay for the car again. So that's why when you have these organizations, you know, you have to make sure that yes, there's a car will go to the proper place. If this happens, then you can give them to as a QA, if not, it is always your responsibility to make sure that you take your account by yourself and look for the person who owns the business. I'm sorry, the person who deserves it according to the Quran, and give it to them. And this is my my proposal or less if you are sure that this organization, you know, the first thing that you have to check about them is this organization is restricting does occur to those eight categories mentioned

01:26:20--> 01:26:47

by Allah subhanaw taala. These are all the on who deserves this account. If they take the car, there's a car and build schools and massage it and even hospitals and all of these things. The car is not supposed to be meant for that it takes a car to pay what equal to pay for other projects, not those specific things that last month I mentioned assaulted Toba, there's a car is not is not valid, yet. Those activities they are virtuous, but we have other

01:26:48--> 01:27:25

methods to address them, we have the work, we have the other normal charities we have the other forms of what he called donation that will work we can support those activities. But the car last month, Allah says it should be restricted to those eight categories. So you have to check about this organization to take give it to the eight categories alone or do an audit engaging in modification and doing a lot of HDR, which allows me to do not ask them to do and also this organization, are they taking some part of the car, if they are taking some part of this car, you know, and then they disperse the rest to the to the community. That means here's a case incomplete, because they are not

01:27:25--> 01:28:00

acting as as a car collectors. You know, these are your agent, you know, they are not the car collectors, the car collectors, these are the government bodies, and the people who are appointed by the government to go and collect the car. And we pay them according to their job. We don't pay them salaries every month, but we pay them according to their to their job. That's why it is not easy to find as a car collector in these industries, for almost most of the organization, they take one over eight of the car given to given to them. So I really suggest that you should look for an organization that is restricted as a car to these eight categories alone. And that's it. And you

01:28:00--> 01:28:37

should make sure that according to use search, these people are taking to the to the place they are not modifying, and they're not investing, there's a cap because some organization, the investors account, and you know what investment means, you know, whenever something happens, you know, even if they do it in halal, but it is surrounded by risk. When the risk takes place, your account did not reach anyone and nobody benefited from it. And one of the objectives of this account is to remove the hardship and the difficulties which are currently in existence, the current need, we're not talking about the future need current need. That's why it is meant to be paid every every year,

01:28:38--> 01:29:13

every year. And you have so many people who are paying almost every month there shall be somebody who is trained as a QA, so we don't need to invest it because it is coming. That's why the problem we're facing nowadays is not about the amount of there's a cap, if everyone is paying, there's a case more than enough for our needs. But the problem is the management we don't manage it properly. We have a lot of he had and many monies have been eaten. In Allah Allah smart Allah knows Allah in some places, what you hear and what we studied. You know, I have written around four articles on the cup. So how Allah what I have seen in my readings, you know,

01:29:15--> 01:29:52

Allah Allah smart Allah can protect but this is my my responsibility as a Muslim who has the money to make sure that I put my Zika in the place where Allah pointed asked me to do it. So as I said, if it is not if you're not forced by the government to give it to the government body, then you have to look for the place where Allah subhanaw taala asks you to do and as far as I know, there is no country which is imposing that as a country, but given to the government up to date, it just they just they just left it to the discretion of other Muslims, which is also wrong. But this is how it is. So as such, I'm responsible to make sure that I find the best place and the place where last

01:29:52--> 01:30:00

bottle asked me to put this occur and put it in that place, whether in my country if I can have a place where it's really deserved as a car if not I