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  • Why do bad things happen?
  • Allah’s Promise
  • The Guarantee of Allah’s Help
  • Submit to Allah
  • Removal of sin
  • Wake up call
  • Return to Allah
  • How did the Prophets face trials?
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I was relying murshid on rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he also pH Marine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh always in forever will begin with a praise and the thanks of Allah subhanaw taala and a Chateau La ilaha illa Allah we testify and we will witness that none has the right to worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love to our Prophet sallallahu Sallam to his pious family, his companions and all those who follow his suit until the end of time, and was paired with Allah bless us to be upon the son of Nabil Mohamed Salah salami this life and

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his companionship in the alcohol, amin Al Hamdulillah Subhana Allah what a week It has been an a week like this, it really reminds you of the ups and downs of life and how you know, things can change so quickly, an overnight last week this time for analog we were in the mood we were preparing for eat or we had eat for those who came on Friday, May Allah bless that everyone's a blessing eat. Even though we were in a crisis, many of us nowadays on eat, we still celebrated and we kept up with our families. And we almost forgot for a moment, the crisis that we're in a wind tunnel, as we continued, we are reminded of the COVID-19 crisis year in South Africa in particular, it is being

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felt very severely and the spreading a lot make it easy for us. It's one of the hotspots of the world. And many parts of the world that sort of came out of the crisis initially, or going into a secondary lockdown. Many cities of the world, you know, I experienced a surge in the COVID crisis. And I know from a personal my own personal experience, many people we know someone that has been affected by COVID-19 or someone who's passed away many families are being are being directly impacted by the smell will make it easy. And we are now looking at a situation where this pandemic will not affect us only for a few months. But it's something that might continue for four years. And

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of course, the impact economically Panama is going to be felt even longer than that mela make it easy. So a very long difficult road ahead. And with that it was not enough. We were all shocked and horrified by what we saw that explosion in the city of Beirut. You know, never in our life. Have we seen something like this one of the biggest detonations in the history of mankind, you know, happened a few days ago in the city of Beirut and Allah make it easy for the people of Beirut, the people of Lebanon and Spamalot, you know, Lebanon is a country that has been struggling for for very long time. Besides the COVID-19 crisis which has been felt in Lebanon in Beirut, there have been a

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major political turmoil in that country. There's been much civil war in our country and a country's panel I was going through before COVID-19 severe economic difficulties you know, people don't have jobs, people are struggling to make ends meet and now spiral not on top of it. explosion of this magnitude that has devastated the entire city and so many people have died and have been injured spinal olio can only make up for the people of Beirut alone make it easy for them and Lord Grantham safety from this And may all the loved ones that have been injured, may they be cured and be healed. And those are possible am Allah subhanaw taala comfort with the families and gender for those who

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have passed away. And suicide note, you know, something that we think about the explosion that happened in Beirut, is measured that experts have said it's only 1/10 of the explosion that happened or the detonation of the bomb in, in Hiroshima. So 75 years ago, World War Two, America dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan, one of them in the city of Hiroshima. The bomb that we saw in Beirut is only 10% of the bomb that happened in Japan 75 years ago went to Japan a lot. Obviously, since then, you know, bombs have become even more sophisticated and more deadly. And we ask ourselves, why do we even have weapons like this. And if we look at, you know, how many trillions and trillions of

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dollars are being spent by so many countries in the world to create, you know, weapons to kill mankind to kill each other, and others making weapons to defend against those countries, all of this money could have been used to save and preserve life, you know, we would have had to kill by now for this disease, we would have solved the hunger and the starvation in this world would have fixed our environment. But instead, we spend so much money on ways of killing each other weapons of mass destruction. And really, we pray to Allah subhanaw taala that we live in a world we don't need these kind of things, and that these things do not exist, and that we didn't you know, spend so much focus

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on how to kill one another, but to save life rather. So Subhanallah it's been a difficult week and Allah make it easy for us and we see more and more bad things happening and life is becoming more difficult. And for us even as believers it's only natural to ask why is almost pantalla testing as in Why is Allah you know, why do bad things happen? Why does Rahman r Rahim, the Most Merciful the most the most time those loving? Why does he cause these things to happen? And you know how we as believers know that this is the nature of life. And Allah Francis lately Nebula committee test and everything is a taste. good days it is better days artists is a test to see how we will respond. We

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are on the road. And we don't know if the road is gonna have a bump in the road or the road is going to be smooth. We're going to be steep, we're going to be a valley. Allah subhanaw taala is in control of the road. We are only in control of how we can respond to it. And that is the test because at the end of the day, Allah subhanaw taala will look at our performance on the dunya and it will be judged we'll be thankful will be grateful will be patient and how did we live our life and this life is a short moment.

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To the real, the real place of relaxation and safety is the athlete of Allah grant us to reach the author in goodness amin and we are many wisdoms and Allah Subhana Allah speaks about the wisdoms of hardships already reminds us of many, many ayat in the Quran, it speaks about difficulty, so that when we are going through calamity, we remember these if and these are sort of promises and guarantees from Allah Subhana Allah, Allah spanners forgot For example, He says this would uncovered has he been natural, a youth Rocco and now oma LA, you've known although this, does mankind really think that they will say we believe what we believe us and Allah will leave it just like that

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without testing them. Allah will not put that in mind for this. Meaning always asked a rhetorical question. Do you really think that just by saying I believe also going to put the demand to a test and this is the test of our Eman? The good days? When we were happy? Are we gonna remember when be thankful? And the bad days when things are difficult when you know broken inside? Are we still going to love Allah and praise Allah Subhana Allah and be patient with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is the promise of Allah. And it's a promise and a guarantee of Allah. Allah says in another Ayah unpassable again, do you think do you really think under the whole agenda that you will indigena

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when I'm my tikka masala, Nina Holloman publikum, the difficulties and the hardships that happened to those of the past the examples of the people of the past will not happen to you must certainly But sir, with Dora, Allah Subhana Allah says that they were touched with poverty, and they will touch with the hardship was really zero and they were shaken, they were shaken so severely hotter or cooler or soon they were shaken. A Goa talks about a group of people that were put through so much difficulty, that even a missing Journal of a messenger or not Muhammad's also and then also in a in a way, that the messenger of those people, that messenger and those who believe with you, meaning

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him and he Sahaba they will teach that so severely that they said they said matter and so when is Allah going to help us when is the help of Allah going to come so behind Allah is I give us a lot of comfort, because it shows that to feel despondent to feel sad to feel, you know, broken up inside into ask Allah how much more you know, how much more can I go through your Allah? To have that question is a human question but even a newbie of the Gambia, Allah said this, and he said with all these amount, of course he doesn't doubt Allah subhanaw taala and he doesn't doubt Allah's mercy and another love. He's getting he knows about gender and gender and he knows all these things. But he

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still is only human and he says, Yeah, Allah, when is the help of Allah going to come? When is this difficulty going to go away, when we know the good times gonna come back and Allah responds to the snobby and Allah responds to all of us. And in us, Allah He carried that surely without any doubt, without any hesitation. the help of Allah is very close, it is near it is with a blink of an eye and Subhanallah we know that how quickly the bad day came, how quickly this COVID-19 came, everything was fine, everything was hunky dory. And all of a sudden out of nowhere, we could not have imagined the entire world being shut down so quickly. And also so quickly. We believe that so quickly, las

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panatela can make everything disappear and everything of bed disappear and all the goodness come back overnight. This is a lost paradigm. And so Allah wants us to know that there are many wisdoms that hikma there is whether Allah wants us to, to experience bad things so that we can achieve a higher purpose and what are these higher put What does Allah want to for us to achieve through that amongst our sponsors, and among mankind also amongst mankind are those who worship Allah on the edge meaning that he man is situational, if good befalls him, if he goes through good times, then he's happy with Allah when he's a good believer, then he believes in Allah and he worships Allah. But if

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difficulty befalls him files before him, when he turns back on his face, he turns away from Allah subhanaw taala. Then he rejects Allah. And Allah says, As someone who does this, who only worships Allah, when he wants to worship Allah when he is only obedient to Allah when it suits him, Allah is such a person loses this life and the year after, and this person is in a clear loss, he will lose the dunya and he will lose the hair. So it is to show our submission to Allah, Allah. When I'm happy and things are good, I am submissive to Allah. And even when things are happy happening to me that I'm not happy about when things are going through difficulty and only you can take it away. When I

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still submit to you. This is a true believer that I believe in Allah, my EMA and does not change with the situation. My Eman is steadfast all the time. Number two Allah subhanaw taala sins difficulty upon us and may this be a case for all of us that it removes our son, the prophet tells us, the trials will continue to befall the believing men and woman that difficulty will be fully up and Subhan Allah we know that they'll people that are tested the most sometimes are the most pious of people. And so Allah says the Hadees continues, he will be tested in his children in his wealth. Everything that he loves will be tested will be taken away it will be you know, you'll be reduced

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and diminished in that and when he goes through that he's been forgiven, until when he meets Allah He will meet Allah sinless, he'll be completely free of sometimes panela no matter how we go

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To the destination, even if we went through a very difficult life malami easy, but if we can reach a lot on the day of gamma with no sin to our account, and that is the great success, then you have really had a good life. And because you have eternal Jana awaiting you may that be for all of us. I mean, another reason why bad things happen to us it is as a wake up call is almost it's a reminder for from from Allah to us, Allah wants us to know we cannot continue as we are, because we are on the path towards Jerusalem. And so Allah says, and whatever misfortune befalls you or whatever bad things happened to you, it is because of what your hands have earned. And Allah says, but he pardons

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much meaning it is only a portion of the sun that you do, Allah sins, a small portion of the consequence of that sin, so that we might wake up and also a lot of things I forgive, I let slide I don't really hold you to account for everything that you do in the dunya. But of course, in the ashira, everything is accountable. So this is a wake up call for all of us. And I speak to myself first, may we become better people through this experience. As we go through this May we respect life, we respect the environment, respect each other, may we become more sincere people off of this, I mean, and when we take lessons from the situation. And so ultimately, Allah subhanaw taala the

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greatest hikma of a calamity, is that it should bring us back to Allah. And so Allah says to us, and eventually we will make them taste a portion of the near term and many will make them taste a small part of small difficulty in the dunya not the real difficulty, meaning Allah says I'm only going to give you a break in the dunya. So prior before the coming of the Supreme punishment, many before kiama comes before Jan Nam and the real calamity comes in order that they may return to Allah, Allah. So this is just a way of bringing you back to me that this would also handle at once. And I hope and I pray that this calamity makes one of us deeper believers to Allah subhanaw taala it makes

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us more seat force on our ibadah. And in what happens in the daily This is not a calamity. But there is a blessing. Because while certain things were taken from us health, life, property might have been taken away from us. In return, Allah gave us himself, he gave us email in return, and what can be better than he might respond a lump. Nonetheless, we all face difficulty. And even though we know these ayat and you know gives us some comfort, it doesn't take away the pain of hardship. And like the idea we said before, even the ambia were tested, and even the MBR could not avert from themselves, the hardships of this life, they were also at the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And

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whatever Allah had sent to them, they had to experience it. And so we're going to go in sha Allah in this lecture, we will mention this lecture inshallah Next week, we'll mention some of the MBL, who went through such difficulty. They they also were crying that they also were in extreme in extreme logic. And so, you know, we're going to talk about when the MBR themselves cried when they were put in so much difficulty, even they cried, and they whipped. So we begin saw the you as in some of the statements or some of the MBR insha. Allah, we begin with another use of a restaurant. And you know, his story, we all know what not be use of story that, you know, his brothers, you know, three minute

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well, and then he got rescued, basically taken out of the well. And then he loved his life in a house of a minister, and the lady of the house, the wife of the minister, she wants to seduce him. And so now, we mentioned this moment, when he's about to be seduced by this lady, and panela, he has no place to go, there's no way for him to be saved from this situation. So the, the the danger is upon him. And you know, he's being forced into something we just had on. And so the lady system that we use of this is after abusive is brought before herself. And this is not only the lady of the house, but she invited all the ladies of the town to come with and to see who never uses was and to,

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to look at how beautiful he was. And so she says to them, this is the one who you blame me about this is the one that I'm madly in love with. And certainly I want to seduce him, but he continuously refuses me, he turns me away. And he does not do what I asked him to do, but he will surely be imprisoned. Now if he doesn't do what I tell him to do, because you're saying now he's going to do it. And he's sort of an abusive is an attack now and he's surrounded by these ladies and Subhanallah these are the most beautiful ladies of the town and all of them had knives in their hands. We know that from the story. And he is surrounded by this and they are saying to him, you better do what we

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command you to do, or we're going to punish you. And so an abusive is now surrounded by a danger and he is from all corners he is being trapped and he needs to get away from this and Subhanallah he says make us do is his color BCG no habla that my lord prison is even better for me it present is better for me than what they are inviting me to do. And if you do not save me one let us refund me Qaeda one. If you do not avert from me the plan, I might incline towards them and I might become of those who are mean Algerian I'll be of those who are ignorant I will be of those who committed censors panel abusive is surrounded by a danger. And he is as powerful as all of us. We think about

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it now. We are surrounded by a disease that can afflict us at any time, and he realizes there's no way I could

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I'm here a lot the only one that can save me from this is you Yeah, Allah. And you know in this in this to our beautiful very human about this door and we usually say what they're calling me to is something which I want this is if you don't save me I might give into them I'm only a human being I might incline towards them. And so all of us who handle I think of our sons we all have, we all have that personal sense, that sense for HANA love it, you know, it traps us when we see it, when we come close to it, we might fall for it. And so, and so's panela the the we make this to Allah save me save me from from the sun. And if you do not save me from it, I'm going to follow You're the only

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one now that can help me Only you can help me No, I have no self control even. And so now we use what makes us to are in his moment of extreme vulnerability. And so Allah Spangler says first hijab Allahu Allah says and so I answered him, he wanted to be safe. He wanted to be taken away from this for sort of an Hokkaido and I turned away the plan, have a plan and they brought it I saved him from it. In the hole, Samuel Allium, Allah says that really Allah is the one that is always hearing and is all knowledgeable of what's happening to you, meaning his two eyes, this is not only going to be usual, this is for you. For me, whatever calamity or whatever danger is in your life, maybe it's

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some personal danger. Maybe it's something in your business. Maybe it's you know, the COVID-19 law only you can save us from it you can avert this calamity from us. Allah says I am Here I am here and I know what you're going through. And if you make that dua that I will save you from it. And so this is the the new off newbie use of my next personality want to talk about is that of Asya Elisa salam, as yet the wife of Iran would say the adopted Mother of loving also the lady will save Nabi Musa and raised to be Musa and Subhanallah sometimes, you know now the use of his making the olive is a danger save me Take me away from this danger rescue me from the danger, perhaps you are in a

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situation where you cannot be rescued, you cannot be taken out of out of that you are in a problem. And you are stuck in that problem, and there's no way you can come out of it. And I want us to think for a minute this lady Asya This is one of the greatest women of this, you know if it had created in fact, the responses, there are four only four women that achieved the highest levels of demand. The first of them is Asya that the this lady Asya and in Maryam le Salaam and in her deja and then Fatima, the daughter of Nabi Mohammad Salam. So as I said, I'm a lady who achieved ultimate perfection of all the women of Estonia. And for her she was married to the worst human being, as

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mentioned in the Quran, there is no person more evil than fit our only person only personality worse than ferrone II believes himself. And we know Allah says about fear own that he will go to a shed the abbey is going to the worst place in Jannah is fit around. And the crimes that he had done, he had basically done everything he had killed the newborn babies. Now when you do something like that, there's really nothing that is, is off limits with your own. And Subhanallah imagine what it must have been like for a woman, a pious woman, a good woman being married to an evil man like this. And we know that the wife whatever evil Iran is doing in the road or in the street, he is doing worse at

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home. And you can imagine the fear for this lady has but there's no way she can go if your own is the master of the world. He is the King of kings in the world. And so there's no way she can run from him she can't escape from she was completely at his mercy, whatever you wanted and take took from her she had to comply. And so he stuck with him in the dunya she's not only in a prison, but she's in a prison with her tormentor and Subhanallah we think of so many women that have said not only is this COVID-19 situation bad, but under lockdown I am stuck with a husband that abuses me I am stuck with a father that is abusive. We are in a home that is worse than the virus outsides panel

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and so if you are in that situation then listen to this two of us here so she has no way to go she cannot run she cannot escape that owner is Army soldiers all around. So she makes us to actually Susan's with the hareem author of Aloma Armand and writer fit analysis and we give you an example of a believing woman the wife of her own if call that when she said or a baby really in the debate and Phil Jenna my lord bull for me a house with you in Jenna led my sanctuary if I cannot have a sanctuary on the dunya then make for me my sanctuary in Jana with you when a genie and save me Oh alarm if Iran saved me from Iran. Why Molly and save me from it him and his evil doings when a genie

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Mel coma volume and save me from all the wrongdoing people meaning all these people his cronies that protect him but that his armies and his soldiers protect me from all of them. Yeah, Allah so as you're saying Yeah, Allah, I cannot escape him in the dunya my sanctuary is with you. So both for me a place with you in Jenna and we know almost panatela answered her do that she did not get safety in this dunya but her safety and protection is an asherah. So remember, no matter where you are, and how alone you feel, Allah subhanaw taala is with you. Allah is in whatever moment you're listening to this lecture. You will

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went through some hardships and very, very difficult dark moments. You're not alone in the dark, you're with Allah subhanho wa Taala and turn to Allah, Allah, you make me Give me a sanctuary in this life. And if not, then grant me a place with you. In general, we continue to be around him. You know, one of the most difficult things to do is if you are not going through hardship, you know, you're safe all I saved you, but your loved one is going through hardship is a different kind of calamity, to see a loved one being sick to see a loved one going through, you know, loss, and especially in this time of COVID-19. For example, we you know, when people have this disease, mala

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Graceffa to everyone that has this disease, we are isolated, you can't go and visit them. So many of these people that are having COVID-19 they are completely alone, and there's nothing we can do to assist them. And we think of Nabil Brahim Allah Salam in the situation when he had to leave Archer an obese meal in the middle of the desert. And he knew this was basically death I'm putting them in a place where there's no water there is no shade there isn't something to eat, there's no one to help them. I'm leaving them basically in a place that they are meant to die the only one that can save them and help them is Allah and so Nabil Brahimi makes us do our because he has to obey the

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command of Allah He says Rob Rob Burnett Oh Lord in in the US Canada window realty that I have lived some of my family be why the lady the visa in that I've lived my family here in an empty barren very near your house our load that they may establish Salah look after them yeah Allah so that they may establish this follow up and make the hearts amongst the people inclined towards them and provide them from the fruits that they may be grateful and provide them with something that they may be grateful Yeah, Allah I cannot help them. I'm you commanding me to leave. So my Lord let someone help him make someone assist him. And you Yeah, Allah feed them look after them. And so this to our will

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remember that when any of our loved ones are going through hardship. We make this too often Ibrahima over, we leave our loved ones in okay. I feel for example, in my own personal capacity, my parents are in a different part of the world. And we don't know we don't see each other. We don't know what difficulty they going through that if it was in your hardship, I cannot be there to assist them. All we can do is we can make Dwyer Allah, we leave them in your K in your in your custodianship, you can look after them better than we can. And so look after them, yet Allah assist them, let others come and help them that which they cannot do let they be someone that is in that I cannot be the sole let

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someone else be in my place to assist me or allow me make this to our for all our loved ones that are going through hardship and we can only look from the sidelines, that they are alone, you are the one that can assist them. One of the things that help us when we go through difficulty is having a support base, having you know, parents and children and having friends that assist us when we're going through a hardship. Perhaps one of the most difficult things is to go through calamity all by ourselves and to be completely alone in our calamity. And when if you are going through calamity, and you're going through maybe it's disease, maybe it's through a loss of life or wealth, whatever

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it might be. And on top of that loss, you feel like you have no one to turn to you feel like you have no one that you can speak to you completely alone. That might be the loneliness might be even worse than the loss itself. Do not feel like you're the only one that experienced this. Look at the mother of a salad Salaam Maria Maria sallam, when she was going through her most difficult moment. She was completely alone. she of course as we know Allah subhanaw taala inspired in her, he placed inside of her NaVi Isa and she had not been with a man and she knew she had to keep this a secret. If anyone knows she's pregnant, they're gonna accuse her of Xena. So Subhanallah she's going through

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her pregnancy completely alone in secret. And now when things are you know, when, when a belly is big, and she has nowhere to go, she can't hide it anymore. She needs to leave the city and be completely alone in a deserted place to give birth in the middle of basically on the side of the road. She must give birth Can you imagine this difficulty to one of the most part of the most pious woman I know that loved and Subhanallah she has to give birth like this. So overseas with her pregnancy and she's giving birth pangs of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a palm tree so she could not even walk anymore. She had to sit down under a tree and she said look into one of this

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into our is so you know human It is so you know raw she says this is Maryam she's saying quality yeah late any Oh how I wish me to cobbler harder How I wish I died before this one they even say is panela that you know as you imagine this vanilla This is coming from the words of a person who has the highest level of Iman say How I wish I died before this place before this moment probably either Welcome to the second man sia and that I was someone completely forgotten or oblivion that no one even knew me or how I wish I never even existed. So she is in such a terrible situation. She's alone. She has to keep this pregnancy a secret. She is giving birth on the side of a road completely

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alone. She feels like there is nothing that she wishes she died that's how bad she is going through. For nada ha so then a call a call from below and this could be an angel. It could be an ISA himself after his you know, he

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He comes out of his mother. The first thing he does is he calls out to her and he doesn't do not has any Oh my mother, Don't feel sad. Your Lord has provided for you a stream so there was a water that came next to her. And he says shake the palm trees and dates will fall upon you. So eat and drink. We're Carolina and let your eyes become cool and feel happy that Allah subhanaw taala has not deserted you. So Allah sends her something to eat something to drink and and she gets the sun and the sun speaks to us. I don't feel bad Allah subhanaw taala is with you. And call your eyes do not feel the rat cry Allah subhanaw taala is with you. And so again what is beautiful of this I was duar

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is the feeling of someone that has going through such difficulty and that she felt completely alone isolated that she even wanted to die. And then Allah Subhana Allah cinza immediately after the pain, she has a son and she has the most amazing sun. The sun is giving her the comfort that after the difficulty, almost 100 and give you this amazing gift that you you know you couldn't have imagined. And so whenever you're feeling alone, think of the I think of Maryam, you know even in this panel is something beautiful in here. Sometimes you're going through hardship Allah says eat something, drink something, you know, calm down, and don't cry and and have faith in Allah subhanaw taala he will not

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leave you alone on the side of the road and desert you always going to send you something amazing to help you.

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This COVID-19 something we're all experiencing is perhaps the most difficult piece is that of loss to lose something many of us we've lost we've all lost something in the some of you some of us have lost a lot Some of us have lost less than that some of lost life. Grant mala grant Jana, to those who have passed away some of you have lost your health you you've become ill oligarchy some have lost wealth due to this you've lost your job or you you've lost some form of income Allah grant you that better than what you have lost out. Some of us those of us we've we've lost our sense of security, we cannot move around all of us have have we feeling fear. And that is perhaps the easiest

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of the test is just to feel scared. The feeling of insecurity. So we don't want that model take it away from us. But that is something which we have felt. But what many of us who have not you know, very few have been tested to lose the thing that you love the absolute most. And if you want to find someone in the crowd, and the last thing he loves the most often Allah subhanaw taala is now via hope. Now via code the thing that he loves the most is his son use. There is nothing in the world that he loves more than this boy he uses. In fact, nebia coupe side note here, the br coupe. We don't know what miracles he performed. We don't have any stories of him giving the hour or making

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you know Ivana we don't know anything about him. We're only the only things we know about novia is him as a father, the thing that really makes them iacob amazing is he is the ultra the beast that he is the best the number one Father. And in fact the bunnies are even today. You talk about the children of Yahoo, but he is the the ultimate dad. And of all the children we know the thing that he loved the most easy the apple of his eye was never use of. And so in the story of NaVi Yusuf we know he was taken from Libya, just as usual is becoming an AVI and he's fulfilling all the dreams of NaVi Akuma this boy of mine is going to become an OB in the line of NaVi Brahim he's taken away and he is

00:28:16--> 00:28:54

lost completely Subhanallah the feeling you know some spot a lot the feeling of a parent who has lost a child. You know when I say lost, I don't mean a child that is that has died. He said I mean that is the most difficult thing to do. But perhaps even more sad in that we are those parents who are going through not knowing where the children more malice either and never ever taste any of us like this. And if anyone is going through a calamity like this, my last brother return your loved one to you. mela take away that feeling and replace it with you know only Jenna. In fact, there's a hadith that says that if all it takes away your child in meaning your child passes away and you be

00:28:54--> 00:29:34

with it patiently. When is the only thing that can be as a compensation for that that calamity is Jana. There is no compensation that I can give you they either can can make up for that except Jana and tsunami iacob his most beloved his use of disappears. He doesn't know where he is in the world is he living Is he dead? And it's not only a few years, this is decades like 3040 years goes by before he will seem to be useful again. And Allah says about NaVi Jaco was the one and only you should not be a coupe turns away from his from his family. And he says to himself Oh Carla, yeah, I suffer and I also for how sad I am about use. This is not we never use so called missing. This was

00:29:34--> 00:29:59

like 30 years often of the use of wind missing. He thinks that I'd never use it again. And he says this father he says yeah As for how sad I am how destroyed I am at the thought of my son use of will be a dot i now who and his eyes became white Allah says he became blind, the middle husband from the sadness of all the crying he became, you know, his eyes basically became white from crying for our Kareem, but Allah says but he was

00:30:00--> 00:30:39

Heavy meaning he was suppressor of his soul, he didn't make a spectacle he's not go outside. And he wasn't someone that had complained outwardly he complained the inside mate although he suppressed the sadness internally, and he only expose that sadness to Allah, but he was crying. He can't stop nothing wrong to cry, but because he you know, the sadness causing so much sadness that he cried until he was blind all and so they said you know that his family his wife and very soon I said, Will you not stop Will you not stop remembering and speaker usofa means being like 30 years now get over it, it's over now. And you're going to continue like this until you die basically, or you become of

00:30:39--> 00:31:18

those who are middle highly keen until you become ill or you become you you die basically when you're not stop thinking of use of. And then perhaps one of the most beautiful Ayat of stories of my favorite is of surah, Yusuf innovia corpses color in them a scuba fee was Nina Allah. He says, You know me basically when they say to him, what do you not stop complaining about yourself? So he says, I'm a newbie Yaqoob says, I only complain of my suffering and my grief to Allah. It's only to Allah that I complain, I'm doing this. I'm not saying all these things that you can hear me. I'm only saying this to a Lost Planet, Allah. And he uses the words a school bus, see, who's the I complain?

00:31:18--> 00:31:56

I you know, I complain up to Allah about my sadness. And my suffering. I say to Allah, Allah, I am dying inside. This wouldn't be Yaqoob is doing for 30 years. He's trying to avoid bite and day, my son, my son in law. And so he says, I only complain to a lot. And and he says, and I know of our law, that which we do not know, I know from Allah things that you don't know me. Perhaps he's I knew this boy was going to become an OB, I have so many things that you know, so many dreams that was taken in this boy has been taking whatever dobbiaco be saying, obviously, as a private relation with Allah, but he's saying I am crying only to Allah. And I and I complain to Allah about my suffering.

00:31:56--> 00:32:32

And therefore, what's amazing is, whenever the field you're going through, it's an opportunity to be alone with Allah. And to complain to me about your situation. You don't complain outside. You don't complain to others without complaining on Facebook. What a difficult 2020 has been and when is this going to end? We don't do that we go into a law in the night daju time. That is the time when you complain to Allah about your situation and you cry too. When you say Allah, I don't think I can make it I don't think I'm going to survive this. Yeah, Allah helped me assist me. That is what Allah Subhana Allah wants from us. And then there'll be a coup. He says, Now is off this is this moment

00:32:32--> 00:33:10

was amazing. He says, He says, Go and look for use of and beautifully he says, Well, what are they assuming? rohilla it's been, as I said, 30 years, people would have stopped thinking of use of move on carry on with your life. And so he says, Let the assuming rohilla no matter how difficult life gets for you, don't ever give up hope in the mercy of Allah. So this person, you know, and this is gonna be of Allah, you know, he's making dua he knows Allah uses. He knows Allah is listening to his daughters and he knows he's mean he's a pious man. He's worshipping Allah might enter he's not committing any sins, and he's still waiting for Allah. Allah. I'm making dua your return my son to

00:33:10--> 00:33:49

me and I don't give up hope it will. If it's, it's been 30 years, 40 years. Eventually you will also return my son to me. I am waiting for your mercy. And so he says, Latin assuming rohilla inaho ly assuming rohilla la como caffeine Reese's, never, ever give up hope. Never, ever give up hope will display in the relief from Allah Allah is going to help you indeed only a person who has completed this believe a person who doesn't have a man they give a hope in the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah inshallah we can conclude with us with his beautiful dog and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us in our times of difficulty. We only complain to Allah of our our suffering and our hardships knowing

00:33:49--> 00:34:17

that it is only Allah that can alleviate the suffering from us mela Graceffa to all those who are you my Allah God Mark Farah and Jenna for those who have passed away May Allah grant that which you have lost with a lot of money security whatever you have lost knowledge replace it with better in this dunya and the akhirah Allah keep us all safe em Allah grant things to go better and may we be better and grant all of us jungle for those mean just like all the hate it was all I seen them hammered on earlier so heavy epsilon was sending me said I want