Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #274 – This Is a Major Sin in Islam

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the spiritual destruction that comes with pursuing magic, which is a major sin in Islam. People resort to magic to achieve their dreams, but it is sad to see people do it because they have cloaked religious terminology. The speaker warns that people may end up in a dangerous spiritual state if they try out too much.
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Sometimes in America, the Western world, if you live in certain sort of urbanized or modernized parts of the country, it might not be on your radar, you might think that this is just like made up. But we're not talking about like card tricks or coin tricks and stuff like that. We're talking about spells, we're talking about communicating with the paranormal and things like that these things are real, but the thing that interests me the most, and the thing that's the most important to talk about is the spiritual destruction that goes on or the spiritual malpractice that goes on when people pursue magic, because you'll have Muslims and you'll have Muslims that even pray and Muslims

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that fast and then they also do magic. They also cast spells on people and that magic is a major sin in Islam. It's a major sin and someone's like, Well, why is it a major sin is because at the foundation of practicing magic is a dissatisfaction with Allah's decree and wisdom. Why do people turn to magic in the first place, they turn to magic because they haven't gotten something that they want from this world? Or that they're trying to get rid of something that they can't get rid of? Maybe they're sick, right? Or maybe they've got a chronic illness, or maybe they've got other problems that they can't shake, okay? Clearly, Allah has decreed that for you for whatever purpose,

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whatever reason, whatever wisdom, instead of sitting with that, and taking the lesson that Allah is trying to teach you magic is trying to get get out of it in an illegitimate way, the opposite situation, if we want something, you want a spouse, you want a child, you want this marriage, you want this thing to happen in your life, and it's not happening, people go to, they resort to magic that saying, I am not content with what Allah has decided for me in his wisdom. And I believe so much in what I want that I'm going to get it no matter what, that's the spiritual issue with magic. And that's why it is such a major sin in Islam. And the really sad thing about people who resort to

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magic is that they have in kind of their cognitive dissonance, they have cloaked a lot of what they do in religious language. So there's some places where they will call the magician, the 50. Right, or the sheikh, they'll use this kind of religious terminology to make it seem like this is part of the religion. We had a family in our community. They were married, they weren't able to have a child for a while. And so they someone told them to see this shape, or this 50 or whatever. And his response was bring me a White Pigeon.

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He called me up on the phone. He's like shape, what should I do? He's telling me to bring me a White Pigeon. I said, Don't do it.

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What is the White Pigeon have to do with having kids? Right? Again, like some things a lot decrease and a lot, decrease them with wisdom a lot, decrease them with perfect knowledge, why they're in your life, you can't assume that the things that you want are more important than what Allah wants for you. And every single one of us has to take the means the legitimate means to get what we want. But at the end of the day, we have to be satisfied and content with what Allah decides for us. If a lot of sides are not going to have a kid or a lot of size. You're not going to get married or a lot of size that what what are you going to do to change it really, if you try out have too much

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desperation to change that you're too attached to what you want, then you're going to end up putting yourself in some very, very, in a very dangerous spiritual situation.

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