Omer El-Hamdoon – Getting the Most out of Salah #2

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The importance of sada in Islam is highlighted, including the belief that individuals should not be considered a Muslim until they believe they are a Muslim until they become legalized. The success of sada in graduates and personal relationships is also discussed, with emphasis on the need for proper deeds to avoid bad behavior. Practiceers are encouraged to understand the actions of the Prophet and practiced sada in their personal lives to protect their identities.
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You are you're, you're sinful for that. It's only when you believe that Salah is not obligatory that you become a disbeliever. But I heard someone say a very beautiful thing he said, for a person who leaves Salah, and then he says, well, leaving aside doesn't necessarily make me a disbeliever. He said that the very point that when you leave Salah as a Muslim,

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the very point that the scholars are debating amongst themselves whether you are a Muslim or not a Muslim, and they don't agree they don't know whether you already are Muslim or non Muslim is a very sad state to be in for any person. Other people scholars, because say, this guy doesn't pray, we don't know Is he a Muslim? Or is he no Muslim so it's a very sad state to be in. And that's why we have to really understand the importance of sada we have to implement it as well as we can.

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It is so important that it is the first action that you will be accounted on, on the day of judgment when Allah subhanho wa Taala resurrects everybody from their graves. The first thing that you will be asked about is your Salah. That's the first thing that will be looked at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in our demo, you will have several v Hill abbiamo piano mean Amelie salatu salam, f Lucha one jack. What if I said that of Aqaba Bahasa The first thing that a person will be accounted for his action will be a soda. If it is good, then he has succeeded. He has one. But if it is bad, if it is corrupt, if it is deficient, then he has lost.

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So if anybody cares about a loss of Hannah, I know and cares about the day of judgment and cares about standing before a loss of Hannah with Allah. Then we have to he should care about cider because success lies in Sala no doubt prior to Salah is the issue of saying La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah which is still here but that goes without saying because a person doesn't pray without believing Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Salah is the character of the Muslims. As you can see in the Quran. Allah describes the believers he always describes them as establishing us ally doesn't just say you Saadoun they pray he said up masala they establish the cycles of Salah has to be established. It's like a pillar, it's like a house. It's like a building. You don't just go ahead and build the building you have to make sure that every aspect of the building the foundations, the founders of the building is a secure and then even here you can see this whole now how it is painted and decorated and this beautiful wooden floor all of this is part of decoration of the house. So similarly, a signer is also the deck is

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decorating Asada decorating the Salah with a beautiful x. Sona is the daily meeting with one's Lord, linking him to Allah regularly. Salah is the sign of the slaves love for his master, we all being the slaves of Allah subhana wa Tada. Salah is so important and so vital that Allah ordered us to keep solder in all occasions in Germany, when we are residents whether in peace or in war, even when the Muslims are fighting in battle, they still have to do sada doesn't excuse them from leaving sada even when you are ill you have to do Sala if you can stand up, you stand up if you can't you sit down, if you can't sit down, you lie down. If you if you lie down, and you can't move any of your

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limbs, you move with your eyes, indicating the record and salute. And if you can't move your eyes, then with your heart you still have to do science is no except that there's no excuse for leaving solid is how important sada is.

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And I've said before the process size, and I'm saying how awful it is Islam limitada silence is the saying of Omar on the line, there is no portion for a person Islam for whoever leaves, sila. So when Salah is done properly and done correctly, with the inner and the outer components, it will have such a great power. So now we'll have such a great power that it will promote and it will push the person who does solid to do good things to behave morally and to keep away from all bad things. The loss of anodized insalata tenha and the fascia you and woke up Sylar prevents great sins and prevents every kind of evil, but that's when you do Sora properly. It's alas nice to make you a

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better person.

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Salah cleanses your sins regularly. Every day we live in this life in this dunya we're affected by small sins here and there. Sometimes we might. We might lie. Sometimes we might

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say bad things. Sometimes we might

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talk about others behind their back. Sometimes we might talk about people in front of them. And we say you know, we belittle them, defame them sometimes you are arrogant. Lots of things that we do in our day to day life, which is all since we're trying to keep clean, and these things make us dirty. So, the prophet SAW I said, I've said our item no and Nana Horan, the Baba de comida. Sufi, laomi, Samson matapalo zelicah you bokeem in dharani. He said, If one of you in his house had a river, a flowing river just outside his house, and every day he goes on washes in that river five times. What do you think? Do you think he will have any dirt on him? Will you have any will he be dirty at all?

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They said no. Now you came in dharani shape. He said further Annika mythical salvati humps, young law will be real coppia This is the example of that. It's the cleansing of the sense that a person is performing.

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It raises the bad deeds. Once a man came to the prophet SAW Salem and he reported that he had committed a bad deed. So the prophet SAW I said, I didn't say anything. And then they got up and they did Salah, they prayed and then the man came back again. He said he reported it to the process in him again so the process and said did you not pray with us just now? He said yes, he said when was sila? it wipes away the bad deeds of famous salata or Athena heart was Buddha Femina late in the house and it didn't say

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exactly, established sadhana performed sila, between the two ends of the day and in some hours of the night. Very good deeds efface. We remove the effects of the evil deeds

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are smart all the law and said, I heard the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said when the time for a prescribed Salah is Jewish,

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and Muslim performs its will and its acts of bowing and prostration properly, this sila will be a removal for all his past sins so long as he does not commit major sins. And this applies forever. So there should be no doubt in our minds. inshallah, we're gonna look at some examples of how they some people used to practice us like that. There should be no doubt in our minds about the great value that a solid exists solid gives to us as Muslims, whether it's in the life that we live, it benefits us or whether it should benefit us in the grave or whether it benefit us in the final day. And getting the most out sada starts by understanding so now we have to really understand what Salah is

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what's the importance of Salah

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we have to understand the actions that surround salah and lead up to Salah because preparing for Salah doesn't start with when you say Allahu Akbar, it starts much before that, we have to understand this. And when Salah is a more one performs Salah correctly the more one gaze outside is well we have the same, you know practice makes perfect. So the more you practice, the more you do Salah, the more you will attain a part of Sunnah because as as we live in this life, we're always struggling is only difficult things throughout our life.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in Santa Fe COVID we have created the human in toil means difficulty struggle always struggling. Salah offers us that time and chance to relieve our struggle. And that's why when the Prophet when we when the people really understood the Sunnah and they really practiced the Salah. What did the prophet SAW Selim used to say when he wanted to wanted to pray? He would say to be louder than what Ivan? He would say. Yeah, Bella Reina de Sala give us rest with us. I called the salesa. We can have rest because when you really practice sada Well, the Select gives you that rest, it gives you that peace, that security in your heart which we should all try to work towards.

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