Tom Facchine – Avoid this Trick of the Devil

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of the devil as a means of achieving ambition and a deception to get into the church. The devil's deception involves threatening people with poverty and harm, and the ultimate outcome is for everyone to achieve comfort and success. The speaker also mentions the use of the devil as a means of deception to get into the church and the potential for resistance to the devil's deception.
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one of the tried and true methods of the devil is to pump us up with pride and appeal to our ambition. The devil has been using this trick since the time of Adam. I mean,

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how did he tricked out of money snap and take meaning from the very same tree that Allah azza wa jal forbidding him from

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by appealing to his ambition, the ambition of a higher status on behalf of Bob, and having chosen not to get into Africa all night. And again, oh, token will not be that far at all. Pastor, I'm getting the recommended I mean, at NASA training

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the guru.

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He said, Your Lord has permitted this treaty to you, only to prevent you from becoming angels or immortal.

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And he swore to them, I'm truly your sincere advisor. So he brought up out there all through this deception.

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Whether he said I was tempted by the higher status of being an angel, or being immortal, so he entertained the devil's appeal, and ultimately listen to him.

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Do you think that we're more prepared than Adam? I think

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what will you do? When the titles and the accolades start coming your way? This can happen even in the messaging, you may think that you're doing good, you might think that you're serving a loss of habitat Honor, this kind of diversity that and the whole time the devil is taking care of that intentions, sabotaging your work, getting your ego involved.

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That's when the success of everyone becomes personal. All of a sudden, that's fine. That's cheating. My program, my position, my donation, don't you know who I am? That's my spot.

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You feel entitled to be treated a certain way because the devil has caught you up with Christ. It's not about the glory of the loss of time without anymore it's about your personal glory.

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Don't you know how sometimes call centers have dealt with that said you ought to have been the dinner.

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Whatever said whatever came to me with the theme.

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The eternal home and the hereafter also kind of was our only gives us for those who do not see supremacy on this earth, or corruption. The ultimate outcome belongs to the righteous supremacy is for Allah.

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Not us. The necessary is not a contest. The magic belongs to Allah. If we really want to serve the best team, the first thing we need to do is humble ourselves and not let the devil sway us after we had started out with good intentions.

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Another method the devil uses is to scare us

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to threaten us with poverty and harm in order to get us to betray each other as brothers and sisters. And in order to get us to disobey the laws accountable to our allies with a says a shake going off behind the way according to the fascia Wallah filter meeting was held last year.

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The devil threatens you with the prospect of poverty and Vince you to shameful deeds, while Allah azza wa jal promises you forgiveness and bouncing from him. And the law as Miguel is all about to fall. And all that way.

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The devil threatens us with poverty.

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If you don't do this, you won't be able to feed your children. You won't be able to keep a roof over your head. You won't be able to send your kids to college, sell the drugs and alcohol. Take the river, Mr. Prayer.

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You don't think the devil uses our good intentions as parents against us.

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will surely compete and why they want to learn they want

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to shape

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manipulate them, if they're wealthy children and make them promises but the devil promises that have nothing but delusion.

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We cannot build our own personal success off the backs of others. It's not the way we can take our livelihood at the expense of the people around us, us or otherwise, if we do, we might achieve a comfortable life. But we will have heard that the magnitude of the loss of autonomy to audit the process and we will have

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turned to everyone else against us.

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Allah azza wa jal promised us bounty, although the abundance there's nothing really to fear. We must stay the course. Obey Allah be united contributes to our communities and be ready to resist the devil when he tries to come between us

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