Zakir Naik – Scientific Proof for an Atheist on Existence of God

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A mechanical engineer student congratulates a rationalist on proving the existence of God and suggests asking the rationalist who is the first person to tell them about the mechanism of the object they are trying to prove. They also mention the universe being created by the light of the moon and that the light is reflected light. The conversation then touches on a probability theory known as theory of probability, where one writes a letter and if they have a chance to make a mistake, they will be wrong.
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My name is shattered and I'm a mechanical engineer student, I would like to ask you a question that, how can you prove an atheist scientifically? The existence of God

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posed the question, how can you scientifically prove the existence of God Almighty, the existence of Allah subhana wa Taala.

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To especially to an atheist,

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who does not believe in God,

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the first thing I will do is that, I will congratulate that atheist and congratulate him. You know why? If you look around us, he's a Hindu, Hindu, he's a Christian, because the Christian, some Muslims are Muslim, because the father is a Muslim, this person, though he may be coming from a religious background, he does not believe in the false god, which his parents attribute to. So he does not believe in God. I'm congratulating him, because he's accepted the first part of the Shahada, the first part of the Islamic creed, La Ilaha, there is no God. No, my job is to prove in the law, but Allah which I shall do inshallah,

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to the other people, I have to first remove the wrong concept of God and then prove the right concept of Allah subhanaw taala, half my job is done. You have already said

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there's no God, no, I have to prove is Allah, but Allah, which I shall do, inshallah,

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you asked this atheists that suppose

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there is an object, an unidentified, maybe a flying object, which no one in the world has seen. No human being in the world knows about a subject if it is brought in front of you. And if you're asked that, who will be the first person who will be able to tell you the mechanism of this an identified object? You have to ask them the question, Who is the first person who will be able to tell you the mechanism of this new object, which no one in the world has seen?

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After thinking for a while,

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he gives the answer. The person will be able to tell you the mechanism. The first person is the creator of that object.

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Some method manufacturer, some may say producer, whatever they say, Don't grapple with the word accepted. It will be somewhat similar, either creator or producer or manufacturer. But remember what he told you keep it in your mind. Then asking the next question. How did the universe come into existence? How is it farm? He will tell you about the Big Bang Theory. Tell him the Quran mentions in Saudi Arabia chapter 21, verse number 30, about the Big Bang Theory, who could have mentioned this in the Quran 40 100 years ago? He will tell you, maybe it's a float. Don't argue with him. Next part of the question. We did not know. The light of the moon is reflected light. We came no

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You asked him either. Yes, yes. The light of the moon is reflected light. It's not its own light. When we discovered he will tell you recently yesterday 50 years back 100 years back yesterday in science. You tell him the Quran mentioned that the light of the moon is reflected light 1400 years ago, who could have mentioned that? Maybe somebody had a wild guess. Don't argue with him continue.

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We thought the sun was stationary.

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Roskill is it stationary, you didn't know is rotating and evolving.

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When you learn this, he will tell you yesterday 50 years back 100 years back. Quran mentioned this 14 years ago, he will hesitate, but may say maybe some intelligent person wrote it. Don't argue with him continue.

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How was the universe initially? What is the distant matter? He will tell you it was more hard to come to know. We have got proof we have good evidence. You tell him Quran mentioned this 14 years ago, who could have mentioned that?

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He will hesitate

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don't wait for response continue keep on posing question after question. Was that a given the lecture keep on posing one question after the other that water cycle? How do we come to know about it? Quran mentioned 14 years ago about every living thing made from water, who would have mentioned that

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Quran speaks about botany the male and female who could I mentioned that pose one after the other and ask the question Who could have written that?

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Then it Tell him that there is a theory known as theory of probability.

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That if you have to choice out of which one is right, the chances that you will make the correct choice.

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Just at random is one in two. For example, if at

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According it can either be heads or tails, the chances that I'll be right will be one in two. If I toss it twice, the chances that I'll be right both the times will be one upon two multiplied by one upon two, that is one upon 420 5% chance.

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If I toss it price, chances I'll be right all three times one upon two Monday blog one upon 200 by one upon two, it's one upon 812 and a half percent

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a dice have got six sides, if I throw a dice, the chances that at random I'll be correct is one upon six. If I throw twice the chances that both at MLB right will be one upon six by one upon six one upon 36 this is called as theory of probability. If I throw the dice twice, and then toss a coin, all three being right will be one upon six by one upon six by one upon two is one upon 72.

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So, you ask him the chances maybe, if you ask, what is the shape of the earth

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there are various shapes Some may say it is flat, some message triangular, some may say it is hexagonal, some is a Pentagon, some may say heptagonal, some may say squared, say they can be 10 ships.

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Some may say it is round, it is spherical, the chances that if anyone makes a wild guess

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it would be incorrect is one upon 10

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the light of the moon, it can either be its own light or 10 reflected light, the chances that you make a wild guess and it'd be incorrect will be one upon two, the chances that both shape of the earth and light of the moon being reflected light both being correct if you make a wild guess, it will be one upon 10 mantova one upon two, it is one upon 20

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What can the living creature be made of? Some may find some message tone, some may say alumunium Some may say gold, say 1000 materials you can name some may say water, some may say silver 1000 material, the chances that you make a wild guess. And one of them being right about mathematics is one upon 1000 the chances that all keeping correct the spherical light of the moon is reflected light and every living creature came from what I scan it will be one upon 10 multiplied by one upon two multiplied by one upon 1000 answer comes to one upon 20,000 or point 00 5%.

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Quran speaks about scientific science more than 1000 verses in three verses the answer comes 2.05%. If you apply a probability theory to all this being at random chance, it will come to zero negligible and in math, anything one in 10 raise to 50. It's equal to zero.

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So you ask your friend who could have written this. The only answer I can give you the first answer. The Creator, the manufacturer.

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The person has produced it.

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That the only answer there's no other answer. what science is saying today is they are not eliminating God. They are eliminating models of God. La ilaha illa Allah they are not eliminating God, but models of God have to answer the question.

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