How Should a Women Observe Laylatul Qadr During her Menses or Periods?

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Dr. Another point which is important regarding women in Acts of your body during seeking Laila to Qatar. Now if a woman is on her menses period, she is not able to fast or to pray, how would she observe? Layla Takata. As far as menstruating women are concerned, they can do all acts of worship or acts of a bother during menstruation except praying, fasting circum ambulating on the Kaaba, and looking at the cuff, except for these four acts of worship. A woman can do all acts of worship demonstrating the things that a woman can do in the last 10 nights, if demonstrating is that surely she can do dua segunda supplication, as the Prophet said, Saudi didn't tell me they added number

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2370. That supplication dua, is one of the best forms of Avada and Dawa is anybody.

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She can seek for forgiveness, by saying as tough Allah, I think forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala and the Hadith, of Adi Sham and locally The third is mentioned in tirmidhi. Hadith number 3512, the holiday shamon lopi, the jasmine sort of solemn, that if she knew that this was a night of late father, What should she do? So the Prophet answered that she should pray to Allah subhanaw taala and say that you are the one who's off forgiving. You love forgiveness. So please forgive me. So asking forgiveness is one of the best things a person can do. The other thing a woman can do when she menstruating during these days, Michigan picker, for example, she can read so Vinalhaven I'm

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really lucky. Well, I'll allow a lot.

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Which means Ruby to Allah.

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Praise be to Allah did know God worthy of worship except Allah. And Allah is the Greatest. She can read tabanan live BMP, meaning Laura bitwala. And praise be to Allah. She can read sovann Allah will see that Praise be to Allah, Allah is the Greatest. So one is doing different as much as they do, it's better for them. And they can also recitation of the Quran and they can read the Koran. So all these other acts of worship will get them closer to Allah monitor during the nights