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The speaker discusses the history of the Prophet sallal, including the actions of the prophets and the actions of the people of work. They also talk about the use of slavery as a excuse to avoid execution and the awkward meeting with the Prophet. The speaker describes the couple's experiences with the Prophet and their relationship with the lady Sophia. They also discuss the couple's relationship with Sophie, a woman from a Jewish woman who is the most beautiful in the world.

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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali. He was

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a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam and sidama alikum warahmatu loyal but a cattle. Thank you for joining us. This is Episode 35 of our series, the blizzard women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And we've been talking about our mother Sophia being the height of the alarm, Sophia, the daughter of create. In our last two episodes, we went into detail, discussing who he was who Sofia's dad was, and we said that he was of the worst of the enemies of Islam, and that he had tried many attempts to harm Islam and to personally kill the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He had betrayed his treaty he had tried to assassinate the prophets of Salaam, he had brought all the

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enemies of Islam together in the desert battle, and he had brought him into Medina. And he was the one that also convinced the Banu kurata to break the alliance with a professor in the middle of the Battle of the trench, which is perhaps one of the worst moments with the prophets of Salaam and the Muslims. And as a result, Allah subhanaw taala, of course, defeated the desert, and he lost. He was then taken captive, him and his son, and he was executed. So understand that the daughter of

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our mother Sophia, her dad was executed by the prophets of Salaam and her brother, and we asked how did the children become the wife of the Prophet casola. So we mentioned that our mother Sophia, she was about 19 years old at the time. She was previously married twice before she had a husband, and either he died or he divorced her. And then she was married to another man called Kiana and she loved in the city of labor. Now, remember, we said that Sophia was born in Medina, she was there when the prophet of Islam entered Medina, when her father broke the treaty, she and all the people of the banana, the her father's tribe, were expelled because they tried to assassinate the pasilla.

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And they lived in the city of labor. The labor supported the invasion of Medina, and therefore as retaliation, the prophets of Salaam would invite labor. And we said earlier on in terms of jihad, that Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to live peacefully with all peoples of this world, whether they're Muslim or non Muslim. But of course, if they attack us, and they harm us, and they invade our country, and they then we have the right to defend ourselves, and we have the right to retaliate. So of course, playbar invaded Medina first and they lost. So as a retaliation, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, invaded playbar. So the Muslims come to haber early in the morning, and

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often besieging the city. Hubbard was a fortified city, after a long period of besieging them, by the grace of Allah and St. Allen played a huge role in this he was the leader of the army, Allah subhanho wa Taala granted them victory, and the people of labor surrendered. So the people of labor actually entered into a treaty of peace. And once again, this shows you even in war, even if you fight us, if there is a room for peace, and there's a room for a treaty, we do that, and we forgive the sins and we make a treaty of peace. So the people of labor entered into a peace agreement, Sofia's in the city, and her husband was one of the senior leadership he was in fact the treasurer

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of labor. And but unfortunately for him, him and a friend of his they broke the treaty, and they tried to smuggle some goods out of labor, and they tried to steal so they were captured. Because this was a breach of the treaty, the punishment was also execution. So in a hadith of Bokhari way two people were executed from labor. This is Sofia's husband, her second husband, and another man and the wives the wives of these two men, Sophia and the other man's wife. She they were taken prisoner by Bilaal, they were exploited and taken prisoner. And as they walk by, they actually see the dead bodies of their husbands. And the one woman is screaming and shrieking. And she's, of

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course, extremely, you can imagine she just sees her husband being executed, and the other woman is completely silent. She's like numb, the one that is numb is a mother Sophia. And when the prophet SAW Selim sees this, and he sees that these two men are executed, and the wives actually see this. He's very, very hard with the doll. And he seems to be like, you know, what's wrong with you has Allah taken the mercy out of your heart, that you allow the women to see their husbands being executed, even though there are enemies even though they have done what they have done? This is not how we treat our prisoners of war is to take the women away. So Sophia, our mother, she would have

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lost a father, a brother and a husband. And now she's taken as a prisoner of war she becomes a slave because she was taken captive and inshallah in our next personality when we speak about our mother Maria, we will speak about in detail about slavery and the women that are taken as captives. So because of the laws of jihad, she falls into the lot of booty, and she's taken as a as a captive but as a hobby called PL lb. So So Hobbes name is Daria society. But yeah, the hair was a very, very handsome Sahabi very beautiful looking companion and jabril winterberry would come to visit the prophets also lamp sometimes he would come in the form of

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Here. So people would say, the property's talking today here. But in actual fact, it's Djibouti. So the here also Professor lamb, can I take one of the prisoners as a slave? So the prophecies take one of them. So he took Sophia.

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The prophet SAW Salem saw this, and he was unaware who Sophia was. And you would have seen her beauty, he would have seen what she looks like. And he said, Here, take as you wish. And so another companion comes to the prophets of Salaam nccr, rasulillah. That woman that they have to be Sophia, she's the daughter of a, she's the Princess of Hiva. How can you just give her like that to today here. So the prophets of Salaam calls the hair back and he says they hear you need to return her and the promises on unpaid him or say something else. I need to speak to this lady. Now, the first time that Sophia and the province of Salaam would engage. She has now been expelled. And again, I want

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you to understand how awkward this meeting is. She was expelled from a home, a father was executed a brother was executed her husband was executed. She's taken as prisoner of war. Of course she blames the prophets of Salaam for all of this. It's natural. And Sophia says this to us in even sad history. He quotes that Sophia said that the Prophet sallahu wa salam was the most hated man to me. I mean, I hated him. Everything that befell me was because of him, I blamed him. And now I was gonna meet him for the first time. So she said, the very first time I met the prophet SAW Selim, he began to profusely apologize. And he says, oh, Sophia, I'm really sorry for what befell you, but

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understand, and he explained to look at what your dad did. Look at what your brother did look at what your husband did. And he explained your daddy, all these things against me. And she said, he continued to explain the situation to me, until all my hatred for him at disappear, I completely understood what he was saying that everything he did, he did it, he was justifying what he did that my dad was actually the bad guy. So the Prophet explains to her and he tries to And finally, again, like we said, He's the chief, the profit loss. alum is the winner. He could take what he wants, he could do with what he wanted with Sophia. He had no reason to apologize to her or to explain to her,

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but he took the time to try and explain to her why this happened. And he also he empathized with, look, at the end of the day, this was your dad, this was your husband, this was your brother, of course you feel natural sense of heart. And he understood that with her.

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When Sophia, as they were talking the prophet SAW Selim notices on her face that she had a bruise on her eye. So he said to her, what is this bruise on your eye? So Sophia said my husband who just had been executed, he hit me, because a few days before the prophets of Salaam entered haber, she said I had this dream where I would see the moon falling into my lap all the time. And so when I told this to my husband, the man said are you want to you are in love with Muhammad, you are in love with the king of Medina, and you want to marry him. So he hit me basically in my face and this is from from that. Then she says to him, I want to tell you something important, the something that she wants to

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tell the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So he says, you know, the day he comes to Medina, and I remember when the Prophet Susan came to Medina, she and her father were in Medina, they were they gonna do stay. So she says that I remember the day you came to Medina. That day, my dad was very agitated. And my uncle was a rabbi. So her uncle is a priest, Rabbi, the two of them got together, and they went out to meet you. And she says, I was the the most loved niece or the most loved Daughter of my family. I remember we said, Sophia is short. She's petite, she's delicate. She's very cute. She's very loving. She's a very, very soft girl. And she sees like, you know, my dad and my uncle,

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whenever they would see me. They couldn't resist to pick me up and kiss me and hug me. So she says, I remember the day you came for dinner, the two of them were talking, they went out and they said, they're going to go to meet you. And they're going to discuss these issues with you. So the professor that remembers the days he and his brother came to debate with him. And she says, They stayed away the whole day from the morning until the evening and about the time they come back home, and they completely exhausted, you know, they looked, they look exhausted, they look frustrated. And she says I came to greet him, but they completely ignored me. They didn't even speak to me. They

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didn't even notice me. But I heard what they said. While they were talking. My uncle asked my dad, the rabbi asked the father, look, what do you say about this man? Do you recognize him? Is he a prophet? So he said, he's a prophet confirmed, we recognize him. So then her dad said, so what are we going to do? Are we going to support this man? What are we going to do? He's a prophet. So he so he says, I will never support him, and I will oppose him until the day I die. And in fact, that's what he did. But this left an impression on Sophia she saw if this man is a truthful Prophet, why are we not supporting him? Of course, she followed her family, she was still a young girl. And then

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when she was expelled, she lived with a family, but she says these things continue to play in her mind that she understood and she knew from her dad that the prophet SAW Selim was through. So now then abyssal Salaam says to Sophia, look

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Now that you know all the facts I have spoken to you, I give you two options, I will pay your ransom, I will set you free personally, and I'll send you home to labor and you can live your life as a Jew amongst your people. I won't take anything from you. Or I can offer you that if you embrace Islam, if you'd like to and embrace Islam, I will personally marry you on a proposed marriage to you again, why did the Salaam do this? Once again, we see from this marriage. You know, Sophia is an elite woman. She's a very prominent member of the community of clay. But perhaps in this kind of marriage, it would be an opportunity for the bunnies are in for the year, to be softened to be drawn

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closer to the prophets of Allah as a means likely other marriages to bring Islam closer to them.

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Also, our mother Sophia is a princess. She's a well to do lady, she if she were to marry anyone as the Sahabi says, No one is suitable. No one is suitable for except the prophets also like myself, no one should have the honor of marrying her except the prophets of Allah. Now, naturally, of course, when we look at this, many historians from outside of Islam, they will say that Sophia was taken by force. We know from our records here that the professor offered her an option here in marriage, you can either go back and live amongst your people, or you can be my wife, this is the option and there would be no way to percussions on how the prophet SAW Selim did not force her into slavery. The

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prophecies did not force her and made her his concubine. This is unanimously agreed upon, she was not a concubine, she was not a slave woman, she was set free, and offered the option of marriage. And she chose she chose him Hannah law after spending about a few meetings with the Prophet silent back and forth. This wasn't immediate. And her either, of course, she's still in her either because her husband had been killed. So she now accepts the proposal. And she accepts to be the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And also it was in this time, just a side note here, that while the professor was in labor, a Jewish woman brought a plate of food and presented as a gift of a

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solemn him and a bunch of Sahaba, they came together to eat from this, and we brought the food to his mouth. This was a lamb goat, and he tasted the meat he tasted that there was poison in it, and he told us to stop. One of them unfortunately, ate from it, and he was severely sick, the professor was also severely sick with us. When the lady was brought forward and questioned, she, of course, confessed, and the prophet of Islam said, Let this woman go set her free. But when the other companion died, so the Prophet eight and another Sahaba, the other companion passed away because of the poison, he called her back, and he had it executed because of this. And the prophets of Salaam,

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himself suffered from the the sickness of this poison, but he survived what hamdulillah. So a month goes by Sofia accepts that she becomes the wife of the prophet SAW Salem, and they get married just outside Heber. And as is the custom obviously, once you're married, the Monica has only complete if you consummate the marriage, the prophets of Allah approaches and he goes to his wife, you know, to spend the evening with his wife. And Sophia says no, she says she rejects him. Now the prophets of Salaam was a bit annoyed by this naturally. And he says, no problem if this is not what you want, no problem. And he he leaves. Again, it shows you the kind of man the prophets of Allah was. As they

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continue back to Medina, Sophia says that she's ready to consummate the marriage. And they consummate the marriage. And he also Why did she basically reject him initially? Do you perhaps have second thoughts? Is that something that you don't want? Because there's no compulsion? If you'd like to go back and we understand why there's no compulsion? Yeah. So she said, No, she has absolutely no reservations. He's more than happy to be his wife. But she felt that we still very close to labor. Someone had just tried to kill you. I feel it's safer that we we be together in a place that is safe and secure. Now, even the Sahaba it must be understood even though Sahaba felt Whoa, we're not so

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sure about this girl. She been through a lot, and so much so much heart has come upon her. Basically through the prophet sallallahu sallam, someone just tried to kill them. avviso Salah we don't trust them. So they were quite worried that maybe she's an undercover spy. So after the evening, the next morning of the Sofia the Prophet Muhammad consummated the marriage, the prophets also lamb comes outside and he sees at the door, Abu Bakr Ansari, one of the great companions and he says to me, what are you doing here? So he said, Look, I didn't trash this woman. I was scared. She's gonna try something. And the prophet SAW Selim basically mildly says, Look, there was no problems. Then the

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evening was spent between us. We have been in life. She's very happy. I'm very happy. Well, hamdulillah Sahaba mentioned how because Sophia was a very short girl, very tempered girl. She wasn't very good at writing. So when he when she needed to get onto a horse or camel, the prophet peace be upon him. He would make the Cameron kneel, and then he himself would kneel. So what like you know how they show when when a man proposes to a woman he gets on one knee, he would get down on one knee and she

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He would stand on his other knee and climb on top like a steep now to us as a means of heinola How many of us actually even open the door for our wives or close the door behind our eyes or pull the chair out? Yeah, the prophets of Salaam uses himself as a step to allow Sophia to get onto a camel and the Sahaba mentioned how when they journey back to Medina, the prophet SAW Allah even shade his camel with us he would, he brought the camel down, and he put his cloak as a cushion for her to sit. And she sat behind him and she held on to him. And this is how the professor traveled with her back to Medina. And this is what became very clear and out of the Sahaba that this is the wife of the

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prophets of Salaam, he put her in hijab as well, because now she also has to practice that higher level of hijab as all the other lives and so now she joins the the wives of the Prophet Salaam, she becomes one of our mothers. So what was it like for mother Sophia, to join the ranks of her fellow wives? is a weak millennial even imagine a lot of enemies correct. It mentions how when the Prophet peace be upon him returns to Medina. Ayesha, of course, is very excited to see her husband, she's been waiting for him when she finds so she comes to meet the prophet SAW Selim. And then she finds out he's taken away from the bunnies or he is taking Sophia as his wife. And so she leaves and as

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the professor sees her leaving, he comes down and he consoled her. And he says, What do you think of of Sophia? So basically, I she says, I haven't seen anything other than a Jewish woman. There's nothing special that I've seen. She's just another Jew. And it must be mentioned here that our mother Sofia got a really tough time. She obviously has left her family, she's in a strange land. And also we must mention, from being a very pampered living in a very luxurious life that she would have been as a princess of bunnies for you to living a very rugged, difficult life the prophets of Salaam Of course, didn't have much in terms of worldly, worldly possessions. And so she had to live

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a very tough life amongst the Arabs. And furthermore, she received a very hostile treatment from her fellow co wives, she tried her best to

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blend in, she would, for example, give expensive gifts to the other wives of the Prophet salam, and to Fatima, in particular, the daughter of the prophets of Salaam she tried to become very close. So we see a lady trying very much to be accepted by her now her new family, and so she would constantly feel on the outside. So once the prophet SAW Selim comes and he finds a crying Basilica, and he says, oh, Sophia, what's wrong? Why are you crying? So she says, You know, I shouldn't keep calling me a Jewish woman. And they keep telling me that I have a deficient lineage way as they are from the Quran. They are the relatives of the prophets of Salaam they have a high lineage which she is just a

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Jewish woman and has no lineage. So the prophet SAW Selim says to her, this is Sophia, next time hafsa Osho. Anyone? Questions your lineage, tell them that I am Sophia, the daughter of the Prophet Harun, the niece of Prophet Musa, and the wife of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, so my lineage is actually higher than your lineage. Also, we find in another beautiful narration about the relationship she had Sophia our mother. Naturally we said she was a bit lonely, and the company that she loved the most was, of course, that of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So she mentioned how one night the Prophet peace be upon him is in the masjid is performing etica sleeping in the masjid, she

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of course Muslim very much, so she went to visit him, and the prophet SAW Salem, etc. And they get talking in the masjid, just something that she needs to do to speak to him. And when the time came for her to return home, now listen to this, the prophet SAW Selim said, No, look, you can't go home. It's late at night, too. And it's not very far we talking about? Let me accompany you. So he actually lives the mansion, we would say he broke his calf, and he escorted her to her house. Along the way as they're walking, it's the middle of the night, the profitsystem is working with his wife, Sophia, to Sahaba come by the sea and they run away. So the Prophet peace evening calls them and

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says, Come back. Hey, guys, come back. I want you to know that this is Sophia, my wife, I'm not able to strange woman. So the Sahaba said, Subhana Allah, how would we think that you we are having inappropriate clandestine meetings with strange women? So the prophecy is no No, no, the shape bond flows through us like blood flows through us and he puts insinuations in our minds, we sometimes see something and we jump to incorrect conclusions. And we need to and this is why we need to stop if we have an opportunity to prevent this from happening. We should do this. So as the Quran says, avoid suspicion, avoid one avoid these thoughts in our minds that are negative always give the person the

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benefit of the doubt, especially in your mind. Another narration which shows you the softness of the Prophet, some head for how to be soft with her because he knew she was delicate. She was always crying. Basically, we said this before on the way for Hajj, so the prophets of Salaam a few months before he passed away, he went on Hajj, and Sophia and all the lives are going with him on Hajj along the way, Sophia begins to fall back

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behind why because she's not a great writer. She herself is not very good on a camel she's not experienced. And as she falls behind, she begins to panic and all she can do is begin to cry so she begins to cry and the tears are flowing and the promises of looks back and he sees a Sophia crying so he stops everybody. He turns around and he comes to her. He lowers the camel and he takes her with his own hands. He takes off the camel. She sees Sophia standing as he like cups, her facing his hands and he uses his thumbs to wipe away the tears and so it's okay it's okay. And she's getting upset and she says you gave me a bad camel. So you know as it is sometimes the wife struggles and

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then the only one she blames he blames the husband so he or she blames the Prophet says you gave me a bad camel is a weak camel and look at me I'm falling behind on the profit sheets, okay, and he wipes away the tears. He says the more he wipes my tears and the more he soft with me and consoles me the more she begins to cry hysterically. And so the professor solemn looks around. He sees our mother the other wife is a nap interjection which we said had some money. She had more than one camel. So the Prophet sister Zainab, look Xena give Sophia one of your other camels. She's complaining over this camel. Can you give her Can you Linda, another camel? Zainab says what, to

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this Jewish to this Jewish lady. Never I'm not gonna give her anything. So the Prophet was very upset with Zeynep. In fact, it's mentioned that a few weeks went by where the Prophet didn't even speak to sign up because of this. So the Prophet realizes Sophia is inconsolable. So as a mercy for her at least 100,000 people on this expedition with you on this journey for Hajj, and he says to everyone, look, Sofia is not like feeling very well, she's upset. Let's just stop here. And we reached for the evening's panel. And it so happened that it was Sophia night to be with the prophets of Salaam. So Sofia, now everyone stops because of her the tent is put up, she must go to the tent.

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So she goes to Russia. And she says to Ayesha, Ayesha, you know that I wouldn't give up my night with the Prophet for all the wealth in the world. If you were to give me all the wealth in the world. I wouldn't sell that night to be with the prophets of Salaam. I chose you again how much he loved him and what kind of husband he must have been. So she says, but I upset him. I obviously I'm worried that I frustrated him because of me. Everyone is stuck. Now the whole Hijri stopped because of me. So I will give you I share my night. I will give it to you. If you speak to him and make him happy with me again. Sasha says, Well basically can imagine the smile on your face. No problem if

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that's what you want. You want to give me your night. So she takes some perfume. She puts it on she dresses with some nice clothing. And she goes to the Prophet so solemn prophecies to her Ayesha, it's not your night while Sophie has night. So she explained to the profits for lamb look, me and Sophia agreed. And so the promises and if that's the agreement between you and Sophia, then no problem. I shall also just an interesting side note here, I should say there was no one who cooked as good as Sophia Sophia was the absolute best cook of all. And once again, Sophia probably didn't get the memo. The Prophet was with Ayesha salah and in Sofia, when to incent a Baraka, as we would

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say, a plate of food to the Prophet seldom, and I shall didn't like this. And of course, that that plate fell, found itself on the ground, she threw it on the floor, it broke, and the prophet SAW something reminded that she had to replace the plate that she broke, give Sophia a new one, to also show you that the love that Sophia had with an abyssal Salaam, we find a very interesting relation. As the Prophet peace man was dying, he was on his deathbed. And all these wives were around him. So he gathered all of them. And he began to speak to them and advise them, Sophia burst into tears again, as we see Jesus, first of all, just crying again. And she says to the professor lamb, how I

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wish that I was the one dying and not you, I can't be to see you like this. I wish our tables could be turned. And the other lives that like that, oh, the eyes, you know, like our Sophie has been dramatic. And the Prophet says to all of them, Go wash your mouth out. And they said, For what? So they said, because of what you your eyes What you basically meant, for indeed, Sophia is telling the truth, she genuinely feels that she would swap places. Another incident to show you how the professor would defend her even in her absence. Once the professor was with Russia, and they saw Sofia in the distance. And so I show this to an obese alum. Don't you think Sophia is a little bit

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and she made an emotion with a hand basically saying Don't you think she's a bit short? Isn't she? I think she's quite short. So the Prophet says to Aisha, you know that thing what you just said, Now, will you made now if you were to put that in the ocean, it would make the entire ocean but you heard you basically made something bad about Sophia in her absence. So the Prophet would defend her after the death of a prophet of Allah and they only lived four years together. We said Sophia was about 20 years old. The Prophet was about 57 years old or 59 years old when they got married. There's about a 40 year age gap between the two of them. Sophia continued to live in Medina, amongst the Muslims.

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And so we as we said, she found herself sometimes on the outside once one of our slaves came

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When to say no more privately and said, You know, I think Sophia is still a Jew, a hidden Jew, from the bunnies for him? Because she still visits them often. And she still practices the Sabbath to say normal question and asked her Is this true? So Sophia said, Omar, I only keep in touch with my family and Islam does not stop me from being good to my family and my relatives, even if they're non Muslim, which is correct. And she says, As for the Sabbath, since I've been practicing Juma meaning since I've been a Muslim, I have never ever felt the need to practice the Sabbath. He goes to a slave and says, Why would you lie about me like this? So the slave says, look, basically, I have no

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excuse me, the slave was upset with her. So Sophie has it just go and leave about 30 years after the data processor field could continue to live for another 35 years of liberalism into a 16th. And she passes away anything buried in Medina, and we say, a Sadam to our mother, Sophia. And a very important point we find here we see Sophia is the only woman from the wives of the Prophet Salim, who actually is from a Jewish background, to show you that Islam is not anti semitic, we have no problem with someone from a Jewish background. If they, you know, there's nothing wrong in from an Islamic perspective, for a person of a Jewish background and a Muslim to have good relations simply

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because that person is a Jew. It is when someone acts contrary to that. And when someone actually harms Islam, then we retaliate. And we sit in fact, if you look at the Sharia, the closest people in terms of the belief system initially or the bunnies are, in fact, and that is why Islam even permits men to marry a non Muslim woman, a Jewish woman or a Christian woman, even if they don't embrace Islam, which is a controversial issue. inshallah next episode, we'll discuss this question, Why can mean marry Jewish and Christian women, but Muslim women cannot marry Jewish and Christian men? We'll talk about that in our next episode for any questions, concerns with Mohammed