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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the birth of the Prophet sallali wa sallam and the deaths of the Muslims by the time the timeframe has ended. The use of Islam as a means of peace and avoiding conflict is also discussed, along with the history of Islam, including the use of a god named Islam to overcome poverty and illness. The upcoming conflict between the new (inaudible) race and the old (inaudible) race is also discussed, along with the need for medical treatment to save Muslims. The police officer who was arrested for killing a woman in a trench and for allegedly killing a woman while waiting for her in a trench is arrested for the crime of killing her.
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rahima criminally liable alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was

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my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Aquafina, thank you so much for joining us. This is Episode 34 of our series, The Blissett women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In Episode 33, we began our discussion around our mother, Sophia,

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Sophia, the daughter of a, and we said that she was from a Jewish background, we said that she has been described as being a short, petite lady, about 40 years younger than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that she was really, really delicate, very, very soft, very pampered very much a princess. Her father was a chief of the blucora Jewish tribe, and the Jews, as we said, what a more civilized people are more cultured people than the Arabs before Islam. And of course, she grew up in the lap of luxury and ease and comfort. We said that her dad was one of the most vile evil men against Islam and against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he had broken his word. And he's

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promised and had betrayed the Muslims in many, many occasions. And I've tried everything up until these days to bring harm and mischief against Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he's also Salallahu Salam. So we mentioned how when the Prophet peace economy came to Medina, he was one of the tribal leaders initially, he entered into an agreement of peace with the Muslims, but then he broke it by trying to assassinate the Prophet. So let me try. I mean, obviously, this is high treason, if any group in any country is caught trying to assassinate the president, being expelled from the country is the least thing that would happen. And in fact, when the Prophet wasn't caught, doing this trying

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to kill him, he just expelled him is just leave Medina you and your people go, we're not going to harm you just go. But even once you lift Medina, he didn't learn his lesson. He continued to conspire and continue to do things to harm Islam. And he said, he was the chief architect, the main guy that brought all the enemies of Islam together into one group called an Azov and in fact, we said Surah 33 of the Quran is called surah. It refers to the battle, the Confederation, the coalition, the uniting of all the evil tribes all the times against Islam, whether they were pagan, Judeo, Christian, whatever it might be, they all came together with one objective to destroy Islam.

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And it was who he who was the center mastermind of this whole has up. So he said this army of 10,000 men comes to Medina, the Muslims know they can't fight against an enemy like this. So they dig a trench to keep him outside that has an army comes the Find the trench, they can't into Medina, they get frustrated, they don't know what to do. And once again, he is the guy that comes up with a clever plan. And he says, Look, guys, inside Medina, there's one last there's a Jewish tribe, one last type of Jews are Stoli. And they have an agreement with the Muslims. In fact, they are working with the Muslims. If we can get them to flop we can get them to be crazy Mohammed, vain from that

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avenue, we can destroy the Muslims. And therefore he himself personally goes into Medina, he goes to the Bonnaroo corridor. This is the name of the Jewish tribe. And he convinces them to flock to break the agreement. And he threatens name many tribes and he does whatever every dirty trick in the book to get this tribe to be traced the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So when the tide betrays the Muslims, and it becomes known, because Allah now finds out that the palooka, his ally, has just flipped places. And now the situation looks very, very severe. The Muslims really feel like we have no way else to go. Now we have no more call to play, we have done everything in our power. And now simply

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we're just waiting, it's a matter of time before from inside, from outside from on top, from the bottom, we're going to be attacked, and a lot of them if we even going to survive this one. And Allah mentions the severity of the situation in verse 10, and 11. When Allah Subhana Allah says, I will be lying cheat on our team. And when the eyes grew wild, the believers they were looking from left and right, the eyes began to shake, and the hearts had come and reach the throat. The hearts were basically as we say, the heart was in your throat, and you will have any doubts about Allah, even the believers we said they're Muslim, and they thought to themselves Yeah, Allah is this is the

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end. So Allah says the the believers were tried and shaken with a mighty shaking, Allah tested them severely, so Allah put them under severe strain. We learned from this, that in life we are confronted with many difficulties might be poverty, it might be illness, it might be whatever difficulty in our life, and I'll make it easy might be an exam. What we do is we do that as well, meaning we do whatever is in our power to solve the problem. We study for the exam. We fight the cancer with every medical treatment, we search for our music, we try to get out of the problem. And once we've exhausted everything,

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We've done everything we can do, then what's left now is for us to make dua and leave the matter in our hands. And this is where the Muslims were. So this year, Allah, we've tried everything we've done the strange, we've put all our fortification in place. There's nothing left for us to do. All we can do now is make dua. And so the Muslims are making dua and just waiting for the moment when the as app would attack him, and then waiting now either we're going to be exterminated. That's it, or a medical from Allah to save us. There's no other way out. And Allah would give them a medical we sent to the azova 10,000 men biggest army ever to come to Arabia. But Allah will use just one man

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one soldier. No, I'm Ed Masood one man. His name is Kareem. He's going to be the guy that disrupts his entire army House of analog is really a miracle from the miracles of Allah. No, it tells us that at the Battle of the trench, he came to Medina as an enemy. He was from the enemies of Islam. He had come to fight the Muslims. And he says, One day he was trying to find the Muslims. He went to bed the night he woke up the next morning, a believer Allah had put a man in his heart, just woke up. I'm a believer, I want to I want the Muslims to win.

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So he, he crosses over into the Muslim camp, he goes and he secretly goes into Medina and he comes to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and says, I've become a Muslim. What can I do to help? So the prophet SAW Selim, even the prophets looks a situation and he says, look, you only one guy what can you do is obviously we accept you as a Muslim. But what is needed to do How can one men solve the entire problem? So no, I am says Yasuda law, I have an idea. Do you give me permission to use deceit? Now, there's a big difference between betrayal and deceit. What the Jews did was betrayal. Betrayal is you break your word, your promise and you break that you have an agreement, you break

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it, Muslim can never betray deceit, is to obviously use deception. And so the prophecies in warfare, deception is permissible in in matters of war. So now, instead of the plan, don't worry, I've got a plan. So no, I am is a very special man. He comes from the Hata fan tribe. Remember, the Jews brought the coalition lot of time together. So he says he's achieved a lot of fun. He kind of had a relationship with a professor Lam before this, he knew the Mona Lisa was, he also was really really good friends with Abu sufian, the head of the crush, and he also was good friends with the Banu coryza the Jews inside of Medina. So this is a one man, the only man that really that is connected

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with everybody. And Allah put a man in his heart. So the first thing he does is he goes to the nuclear Iran Nuclear slipped. They are now with the Croatian emigration are planning when are we going to attack we're going to coordinate our attack will attack everyone together.

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And they waiting for that day. So the planning towards it. So no, I mean, goes to the Jews have been acquitted. And he says, Listen, guys, you know me, I'm your friend, we've done business together. They said yes, no, I am your buddy. So he says, Look, guys, I'm not so sure about the kurush I'm not so sure about Abu sufian you guys are in Medina, if you attack the Muslims, and the Quran, I don't support you. When you are inside Medina, you can't get out. Mohammed is gonna massacre you, you guys are not gonna survive, that if things turn sour. You guys are going to be the one that takes the full burden and the brunt of this battle. You have no guarantees, basically. And the juices. Yes,

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that's true. Also remember, the Qureshi and Mohammed are basically families. He comes from Africa. So there's a big likelihood that you guys will be sacrificed first. So the bonobo writer agree that yes, this puts us in a bad situation. So no, I said no. And what do you suggest? So now it says, Look, my suggestion is, send a letter to Abu sufian tell him seemed as 70 of your son's 70 of your people will keep them as prisoners and as ransom. So if you guys don't fight with us, then we'll execute them. But of course, if we fight the new fight with them together, we'll fight them and they can go free. This is just a security. There's only a security. So it was a good idea. No, I am link

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goes to Abu sufian first, and this is Abu sufian You know, I've got my spies I'm connected here. I've heard that the Jews in Medina who they are thinking of swapping back to Mohammed they initially they changed but now they regret the decision. They want to rejoin the Muslims. And when they decided to rejoin the Muslim Mohammed told them I will only accept you know, I will only forgive you if you bring me the head of 70 crisis. So you get me 70 Qureshi execute them breathing then I'll believe you. So I was really just what's happened? And just as No I am tells him this what happens, the Jews send him a letter and say we want 70 of your men as prisoners. So now Abu sufian is

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convinced that the Jews are really playing both sides. So now, time goes by. Each one is not trusting the other one and as time the more the time goes by. It just helps the Muslims. The army gets agitated. They're running out of supplies. Days go by and now this

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Lots of distinction. A lot of arguing between the different factions within the the Hata fan pack up and they decide, you know what, this is not going anywhere. We're going to leave a lot of heartbreaks away he's trying his best to keep the Alliance together so abusive finances to the the Jews look guys no more discussion. We all gonna attack together today is Friday tomorrow morning Saturday morning we're gonna attack no more questions you go in, we go in we're gonna go together. And as Abu sufian says this, the Jews have a nucleus is lukaku Sofia, we can't attack on a Saturday. Because Saturday is our Sabbath. It's a holy day. And Abu sufian is like shocked This is what what's

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the difference between Friday and Sunday and Saturdays only days of the week you guys are playing around. Now this really convinced him now that the bamboo the bamboo Corolla has really flipped cuz he said this is ridiculous nonsense. He didn't believe him. So he said now completely our alliance is basically done. And in fact, we remember this entire story is about Sophia. A father is a he was the guy that initially you abou Sophia. He founded Abu sufian was so upset with the Jews and he became scared he thought maybe Abu Sophia is going to harm me that he actually went back into Medina to hide water. By new Corrado. He went back with the Jewish tribe in Medina. And Abu sufian says,

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Look, I don't care. Even if the Jews doesn't attack, we're gonna just march into Medina, and we're gonna fight this battle. And then that evening, so it's Friday night, it's about Muslim time, the sunsets, there's a harbor says, a wind blew into Manila clouds came in it became pitch black, dark, clouds, wind, ice cold, the weather had changed is harvested. We never saw a night like that, like if you put your hand out, you can only see your hand and it became the Muslims don't know what's happening. So they also scared. And the prophet SAW Selim says basically to the Muslims, who would go across the trench into a boot camp and see what's happening and bring back some news. Who would

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do that? Now you just have the jump up the opportunity to serve a mission like this. But now the Sahaba say we were scared. We were very scared. In fact, this hadith that take a step back, the man who narrates the story is called a pharaoh, the very famous Sahabi for the fences, you know, late when he became much older and Islam and expanded and many people embraced Islam, and they were new Muslims. So these new youngsters, they said, You know what, we would have been better than the Sahaba that if we were they were the prophets of Salaam, we would have carried him on our backs that he wouldn't even have to walk on the walk on the ground, we would carry him that's how much we love

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him. So for the first is a really you guys think you are that, as we say? So quite basic, in case. You're that good. Let me tell you a story. So he says about this night since it was dark last night, we were terrified. I was scared. We didn't sleep in days, we didn't eat. We didn't know what was happening. Our family was about to be attacked. And the prophecies who will cross over the trench to get news in the enemy camp. No one wants to stand up. So then the Prophet says who will go and I will be he's he's witnessing the death kiama I'll be with you on kiama stole no one puts up their hand, not Abu Bakr, Ali, nobody, Everyone is scared because we just human beings. And then the

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Prophet Solomon says, For Eva stand up. And the shows you the level of his email, he says, Look, I was scared. I didn't want to go. But because he commanded me I don't have a choice anymore. I have to obey. So for the fussy so I got up the promises, go get information, but don't fight and come back to me. So the first is I basically sneaked over the trench got into the camp of the coalition. Now he doesn't know what is left or right. He just walks around. And he sees a gathering of people. He says, Look, I see a group of people getting together on the fire, and the wind is blowing, the pots are falling, the things are being blown over. And he says I see a man that looks to be a

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leader, you know, you're sort of in charge. And so I go and I sit down. And it's Abu sufian. And he says I was about to take out my bow and arrow and shoot him. But then I realized the Prophet that commanded me just listen and report back No fighting. So I sat down to listen to what Abu Sofia is about to say. Abu sufian says, Listen, guys, I have an important announcement to make. And it's confidential information. So chick who's sitting next to you and make sure it's a trustworthy person. Now, what if I sitting between all these crazy people? And he thinks quickly, so he grabs the man on his right, and he says, Hey, what's your name? And the man says, whatever, I'm mad, and

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he grabs the man on his left, what's your name? What are you guys? Look, I'm Sophia. And so then and then no one asked him, what's his name? So no one checked him. And he listens and he waits an apostrophe and says, guys, the Jews have betrayed us. We've been waiting here for weeks, and this windows come and it's blown our camp over. The morale is low. I've had enough of this. In fact, I'm going to pick up and I'm going back to Makkah, you guys can do what you want to inspect and abuse via and live. with Eva rushes back to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he finds the Libyan Salah is freezing cold, and the Prophet Salam is when a blanket over

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And then he sits next to that he's also waiting for him to finish Allah and the Prophet that wraps his blanket around whatever. And when he's done, the prompts have already received the news from Allah that yes the Quran lift. And by morning, the complete as the entire army had deserted that lift and we sit with one man and women, Allah had defeated the entire hazard and therefore on Hajj, when we make the beat, we will always say

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Baba, Oh Allah, you are the one when I saw AB de aza you defeated the entire all the armies all by yourself not once the Muslims didn't cross over. The Muslims didn't fight really. It was all you You defeated them all on your own as Azov leaves the Quran runs away. The Katana runs away. The Jews run away but remember, Sophia is dead. He's inside Medina. He actually went into Medina for protection. Not only ha ha ha ha and his son. So Sofia's father, and Sofia's brother are inside Medina, and they get caught. And of course because of what he had done, he's executed. Now just something to keep in mind. In our next episode when we talk about the promises are love meeting Sophia, and actually

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marrying her that Subhana Allah look at how far and how evil her dad was, and how you know that he actually got executed by the professors and lamb and her brother got executed because of the treason and even up until these days, even before he died before he died his last words. So basically the last thing he did was he started tearing his clothes. So like why what are you doing writing your clothes is our mature and no one even takes my clothes. As you know the property that no one was even have my shirt and I hate them so much that I will make sure that even my clothes will not go to them. So this is the patriot. In fact this man's daughter would be the wife of the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam and would be our our mother. So inshallah we'll continue the story of our mother Sophia. And how she becomes the lifeline of Isa lamb after her father has made so many betrayals in our next episode, Zack Allah Hi, thank you so much. Any questions, concerns or comments with [email protected] I said I'm alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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