Mohamad Baajour – The Shaded 7 #06 Dont come close to Adultery

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The cultural expectations of Islam are discussed, including the mixing between male and female, the rules of sex, and the risk of embarrassment. The struggles of women in their roles as mothers, and challenges of women being treated with a certain kind of sexist culture are also highlighted. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding sexual embarrassment and respecting women, and not giving up on one's emotions and culture.
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Well I

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saw the how

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many Mina most Nene

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so now on a call to how to live but I get so Allah Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Olam, aluminum and fauna. And finally my attempt Anna, was it known man? Yeah, I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us, benefit us from a Tito's and increase us in knowledge, my dear beloved, the specters brothers and sisters, I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make me and you from the people who will be under the shade of Allah when there is no shade except the shade. And I mean, you're a bright I mean, so today in sha Allah to Allah, we are with the fifth category. And that is Rasulullah Salam said, Roger alone, that Homura turn that on and seabin was Janelle in Farrakhan in

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the a half Allah, a man who refuses the call of a charming woman of noble birth for an illegal sexual relationship with her. And he says, I feel Allah, that person will be under the shade of Allah, when there is no shade except his shade. My brothers and sisters, sexual temptations are one of the hardest to resist,

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in general, and in for males in particular.

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And if you notice here, the woman described in the hadith is a woman that ALLAH SubhanA wa sallam said that man saved or Jamal, she's a woman that is of high status.

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Maybe from major big family. She is also a resource, as Ellen mentioned that she has. She's very beautiful show she has all the things that a man look for. And not only that, she is the one that is offering herself to that man, Allahu Akbar. And he said in a half Allah Rubble, I mean, I feel Allah subhanaw taala. And what did he say? When he said, I feel Allah, he said it so she can hear it, and maybe she could feel something. And he also said it in a way that I have principle. It's not like I don't want to do it because what if you know some people say what if somebody knew? What if my wife found out what if this what if that? No, no, no, no, that's nothing to do with that. I feel Allah He

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established a principle. I am a person that feels Allah subhanahu wata Allah.

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My brothers and sisters. We all know that Zina is a major sin in Islam. Adultery is a major sin in Islam. And the salah salem said and the Hadith isn't Bharani he said, either Valhalla Xena, or rebirth here, Korea.

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Allah when Zina and Reba become prevalent in a place, then the other of Allah, the punishment of Allah is coming and Subhanallah look around.

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We see Zina became. Everywhere you look at from an TV and and the movies and the screens on the billboards everywhere you look, there are temptations to commit Zina. And the river as we all know, usually is all over also. So that's one of the reasons why we are facing these punishments from ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. And Allah subhanho wa Taala he told us in the Quran, my brothers and sisters don't ever feel like you know what, no, no, no, I am very strong in my Eman. Yeah, Allah test me with this

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beautiful woman and I'm not going to do anything. Don't ever say that. Because this is the weakest. The weakest part of the man is when he is tempted by a woman. Don't feel like you can resist that. This needs a lot of Eman and a lot of connection with Allah subhanho wa taala. And we in order not to put ourselves in such a situation Allah subhanaw taala told us whether Takara was Zina whether caribou Zina do not even come close to anything that might lead to adultery.

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My brothers and sisters one of the main things that lead to adultery and people take it, you know very shallow is the free mixing between the genders.

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mixing between male and female is allowed but with regulations. It has its own etiquettes the man and the woman should be dressed properly. The topic should be something professional.

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They should go straight to the point. No, no, no

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extravagant laughter No,

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no sound that is so soft. That is tempting.

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All these are regulations between the men and the woman. And now we see the men and women are mixing everywhere, everywhere, and they're not dressed properly. And these things lead to so many problems and so many sins. And we have seen so many homes destroyed, because it because we took this a bad, they say, but this is a bad app. We took this a bad a very, you know, we neglected it. And now you know, some people

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they take off their hijab in front of their brother in law, and I'm gonna ask the sister said, Oh, he's my brother in law.

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But as soon as I sent him What did he say about the brother in law? He said, I'll humble and mouthed. The brother in law is mouth is death. So this is very dangerous. There are certain rules and regulations Allah subhanaw taala told us to abide by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada told us in the Quran, for the best men after the prophets, which are the Sahaba for Salah sites and the companions of resource Isola. He told them when you are talking to the best men, to the best woman ever, to the most pure woman ever speak to them from behind the hijab, Allahu Akbar. This is the most pure men talking to the most pure woman. How about what's happening right now? How about the way the way that

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people are being addressed right now. Subhanallah when we follow these things, and if you notice about if you notice, when you hear a story about a divorce, because of another woman, you would notice that this woman was going in and out the house, you know, a freely without any without applying any Islamic ruling, or similarly with a man, they are not abiding by Islamic law. And then you you hear about catastrophes happening in their homes. So brothers and sisters, the mixing between the male and the female is allowed but with certain rules and regulations. And we have to be very careful. We have another common thing and especially in our countries, is that when the person

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gets engaged to a woman, and when the brother gets engaged to a sister, it becomes like as if he is her husband, he can take her out he can hold her hand He can do anything No no no no. When that when the when the younger man proposed for the younger and the family accepts and there is no new carrier there's no marriage contract yet that man is to that woman is just like any other man on the street. There's no commitment yet all we said in the in the engagement is that we want that boy for that girl. We want that girl for that boy, that's it does not give me permission to do things that are haram with that girl, going out with her alone and spending time alone and all that stuff is not

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permitted. So we have to stay away from anything that cause Zina because the danger of Xena is immense. It ruins the society. It ruins lineage. It ruins everything. Subhanallah so

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from also from the protection of Xena is to lower the gaze, lower our gaze now with with people looking at everything it'd be the Xena becomes like easy access SubhanAllah. No. Islam taught us to respect the woman to the highest level, we have to be extremely respectful. And remember the story of the man of the young men who came through Salah Salem, and he asked him to jasola give me permission to commit adultery. What are the wrestlers? I said Him say? He didn't say to him, don't you know that adultery is haram? And he said, How could you come to me with such a question? He told him? Would you accept that? On your mother? Would you accept that your sister SubhanAllah? My

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brother? Would you accept what you're doing with that woman? To your sister or to your daughter? Or to your mother? No, you will not. So why do you accept it to other people's daughters and sisters? My brother my brother, if you are tested by this major sin of Zina, repent to Allah subhanaw taala protect that Allah subhanaw taala gave us a halal alternative which is marriage. Go back to that wife at home that loves you and appreciate you and take care of her and my sister if you have been tested by this by this crime. Zina also remember that Allah subhanho wa Taala will question you and Allah subhana wa Taala is rocky Allah is watching. Even though you could be you're able to hide from

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your husband or from your wife or from your parents. But remember, one of the main things that will prevent us committing Zina is to remember that Allah azza wa jal is Al Bashir. He is the old saying he is ultra cleaved. He's the old watching Subhanallah one time the time of, of Ahmadi Allah and Luca and narrated that story. There was a young, handsome man, and I'm not used to like him because of his

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dedication to the deen. It was a very

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righteous man. As a matter of fact, every time he misses him for three, four days, he asked, where is that man? SubhanAllah. So that man, a woman heard about him, and she wanted to do the fascia with him. Subhanallah

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so she sent an old woman to bring him to her, so that all women want to that man and he's a very righteous man said I need some help with my cattle with the sheep and the goats. He said, of course, absolutely. So when she took him to her house, and he opened the door, he saw that young, beautiful woman, and she started seducing seducing him. So he went to the corner sustained stuff, a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff or a lot stuff going on. You know, I gotta say repeating it until she gave up and she started screaming when she started screaming. The people of the village came and the people from the village came and she said he was attacking me. So they took him and start beating him and

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they took him to me. I mean, when Amara the Allah and saw him coming. He said, Ya Allah do not disappoint me for what I think of this man. You know, he was very shocked when he saw this man coming. See Allah do not disappoint me about this man. And then I'm gonna heard the story from the people. And then he said, Bring me that old woman, because tapping on her house, bring me that old woman when that old woman came or held the stick and said, well, Allah, He, if you do not tell the truth, I'm going to do this and this to you. And then she told him the truth, that the whole story was fabricated. And Amara la de la han said Alhamdulillah, that Allah kept me alive to witness a

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person like Yusuf alayhi salam, who was tempted and seduced by a beautiful woman. And he said, I feel Allah subhanho wa taala. And this thing, like I mentioned, does not only happen to women, you know, like that, even though the Hadith said, A man who was tempted, was tempted by a woman. It also could be a woman tempted by a man and she refused. She would be under the shade of Allah azza wa jal, or these days, you could be a woman, tempting a woman, Allahu Akbar, may Allah protect us and protect our children, you know, from all these new things that are taking place that are Subhanallah they're beyond, beyond our deen and beyond our, our culture's, Subhan Allah. So my brothers and

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the fifth category of of the people who will be under the shade of Allah, when there is no shade except Allah shade is a person, a man or a woman who was tempted by the other gender. And they said, No, I will not do anything because I fear Allah Subhan Allah, they will be under the shade they will be called to be under the shade of Allah. So again, I repeat my brother, my sister, if you ever fell into this, keep in mind that Allah is all forgiving, all merciful, repent to Allah azza wa jal and remember that Allah subhanaw taala said, Kalia, Eva da Alina assalamu Allah unfussy him, let us know tomorrow Rahmatullah all my slaves, all my servants who have transgressed did not leave any sin they

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did not commit. Don't ever give up on the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala repent, repent, before the day that would come and it will be too late. May Allah subhanaw taala gather me and you and all the brothers and sisters that are watching, under the shade of Allah when there is no shade, except the shade? May Allah make our last words that Ilaha illa Allah I love you all for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, masha Allah Allah Allah and the stuff you look at when I told her like

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me know

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a Latina woman feel solid, do you he force your own? What levena umani love we weren't born when Levina homeless Zanka de lune will levy now only 4g him have your own ill

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as wagging a woman and get amen for

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