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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah Hamza Shekar in WA Salatu was Salam O Allah say a little more serene so you didn't want to be you know Muhammad Ali Abdullah follow at home with the steam along last Sunday was selling was a while back is a you know have you been been a Mohammed infill alien was only was seldom was it robotic Allah say you know whenever you know Mohammed infill afreen Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad in Ramallah in Allah Moroccan in LA Malema nema jehane dominello and alvine with a condemning human will see now a lot of my medical ineffable and which I'm who shelter and then a Yeoman firm to Medina on camera. I mean we ask Allah

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Subhana Allah and beginning and end to make us from those who are praiseworthy from those who are praising of him thankful to him honoring of him, so kind of with Allah, we pray that lots of kind of anti left assistance in the good that we seek to do and that protects us from the harm

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that befalls people in this life and into the next along I mean, I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes you and I from those who are virtuous. Those who are blessed with the student and the following of our interview Mohamed Salah lajuan, either early or seip will send him to Sleeman kathira Mashallah, it's with great pleasure at handler

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that we continue the grill the man series, Mashallah, this is the second last grill the Imam session

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Subhan Allah. And for those of you who have been enrolled martial law in the online Islamic summer school, I hope that it was of great benefit. And as you're gearing up to getting back to school in North America and Europe in Canada,

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala keeps you safe protects you from harm,

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that you are able to return to a sense of normalcy I know, it's been a little bit difficult for a lot of our people in in Australia and Melbourne, for example,

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have been restricted from their schooling for the last little while and I pray that Allah gives them ease and patience and assist those who teach them to that which is pleasing to a lot some kind of what the ANA

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May Allah subhanaw taala bless the remainder of our year 2020

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and make it one of comfort and ease for all of us and our families along with me.

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I will open up the the q&a, not just for students via telegram service martial law that that I normally receive your questions on. But you can also send them as you're listening to this live on Facebook as well in child law.

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Let's begin with the first question.

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How can I make myself not care about what other people do?

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Especially if some of it might hurt me, like friends ignoring my messages or other things like that? Okay, so that's an important kind of question. And it's not always the best thing to ignore. It's, I want you to understand that

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if somebody has hurt you, the best thing is to actually speak to them. It's not necessarily a group of people, but it could be one person who you feel, needs to hear what you have to say. And it doesn't have to be spoken by you and an emotional capacity, but it can be written by you, or it could be shared as a message and, and just say to them, you know, I know we're all busy at times, and sometimes when I messaged you that you haven't responded to something that I've sent, so that kind of, you know, makes me feel

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bad. So it might be something that you actually address with one person. Certainly don't make it an issue amongst many others. But it should be something that you do address and that you feel that you're trying to resolve it in that sense.

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I However, for the you know, the first part of that question, how can I make myself not care about what other people do? That that's actually a really important art that you will learn as you continue to mature

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in your relationship with a lot and in understanding the way fate works in our life. A lot tests us with good and bad with good people with bad people in our life. With good experiences and difficult experiences in real life. All of it is is from a loss of Hannah with Allah and it becomes important for you and I to kind of set ourselves with a law that

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What makes us feel good is something that is pleasing to align what makes us feel bad because it's something that's not pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala that's ultimately the direction you want to be that you love for a lot, and that you have anger for a law that you have restraint for a law that you have patience for a lot. And it's led to you in that sense. So how can you make yourself not care about what other people do? It's not that you don't care about it is that you understand in the scheme of things that a lot is always weakness. So if somebody has done something wrong, that you know that Allah subhanaw taala is not unaware, whether that's seven a lot of African American don't

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believe or think that a lot is unaware of what somebody may have done, that you keep that in mind you keep that in your heart.

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So that's that that's an I hope, I helpful clarification.

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Is it bad to make religion jokes? Yes, absolutely. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, about those who were mocking some of the aspects of faith, there

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could be a delay,

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just as you say, Do you mock or that you make jest of the verses in the signs that Allah has said, and therefore it is not just the same, but it's considered one of the kebabs in one of the major scenes, that a loss of Hannah with the eyelash hold the person accountable to, and can lead a person actually away from Islam and take a person out of the fold of Islam? If they are making statements of kufri you cannot simply say, Oh, I was just joking. So if a person was mock the prophets, I send them as happened in the time of the Prophet I send them. Some people were sitting, they were saying, we don't know who is

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who is more dumb, our onkey or us for doing some of the things that we've been asked by the prophets a lot he was selling him and that was a sign of their hypocrisy. And one of the Muslims heard this and said, Well, I will inform the prophet of a loss of SLM of what you said, and the law had actually already sent verses in the hole and that they will say, all we were in them to hold one Allah we were just joking and playing around and messing around, we weren't being serious. And a loss of kind of Allah says, Allah, Allah, Kelly, methyl Cuf, rather, they said a word of disbelief. So May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from that along I mean?

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Is it haram to be friends with an ex Muslims?

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So the answer is in a really, you know, yes or no. It is how long if being friends with someone is going to take away your man and not seeking to protect yourself? It is how long to be with friends with someone who is mocking the religion marking our Navy is a law it was a limb, it is definitely how long to be in the company to sit and to engage with somebody who has this attitude towards a lot and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. However, if you mean to be friends with somebody who is having a crisis of faith and isn't really sure about certain things, and you know, I'm not, you know, I'm not really sure, then the answer is no, it might be something good for you to lead them

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along the way and if your influence to them is greater than it may even be recommended for you to help them come and rediscover their faith as we are friends with even non Muslims, where we seek to bring them closer to faith. But I could tell you, that it can be a more serious issue to be friends with an ex Muslim than with somebody who has no faith at all because the ex Muslim legitimizes their poof and they seek to lead other people away from a law May Allah protect you and return them to their hustla to their to their foundations of faith and open their heart to truth allama I mean,

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set up Jeff, I was wondering what I must do if I wake up profession and I just had a wet dream before you pray there must be Hussan, there must be a bathing and the ritual bathing does not necessarily mean a full shower. So the ritual bathing is that water touches all parts of your body, and that there is a component that's made and very simply actually, just that you intend to remove the state of ritual impurity being in a state of janemba just to let water touch all parts of your body and it doesn't have to be a huge amount of water. The time of the prophets I send them they would make their whole hospital with at eight to 10 of these amounts of water. So if you were to,

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you know, just even fill up a sink and then just put water and the field

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limit and drop water from your hair and just scrub all parts of your body, then that's enough. It doesn't have to be that you turn on the shower or you jump in a bath.

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So that it's as simple as that inshallah, but you cannot pray knowing that you are ritually impure in a state of Geneva, it is considered unacceptable.

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Is it wrong to have photos on my wall with faces on them, I do not believe that there is any error in that the concept of surah or picture at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was reserved for icons are things that are viewed in terms of adoration, worship, and things that are honored in that capacity. So and also with the person who was fashioning icons, fashioning photos, fashioning, you know,

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things that other people were worship. So being an idol maker is the you know, the the concept of use low whip, but a photo that captures light of your reflection bouncing off you that is captured on on paper, that is a momento of an occasion or of a moment in your life or a trip you took, I don't believe that that's changing the creation of a law or calling people to worship other than a law, she kind of went to Allah. And therefore I don't believe that there's anything wrong with that in sha Allah. Certainly, you wouldn't want to have a portrait that people say all you know, this is our grandfather, he's looking down at us, you know, somebody passed away. So that kind of photo is

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something that you would not have in shot law.

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Can I educate fellow Muslims about what they might say about Jewish people that is rude and offensive, we don't have any problems actually, with Jewish people. as Muslims, our greatest concern is with Zionism, which is a political ideology that many, many Jews reject. Judaism is a practice of faith that is closest to us as Muslims, that of all of the other monotheistic faiths. And they are people who honor God who honor their prayers, who are conservative in their outlook, who we value a great deal of their history as a part of our history as believers. And if you were born in an era

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that was that, you know, the time of East Valley, salaam, Jesus or the courier all the way back to moussaka Salaam and use of you will have been from those who practice the faith of hood. Lake hood means repentance, you know, to us, that is the concept of being a yahoodi, one who repent and returns to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we don't have a problem with

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with Jewish people, we do have a problem with those who cause oppression to others, whether it's Hindu nationalists who are seeking the extermination of Muslims in certain parts and parts of India to erase the history of Islam from there, or whether it is Zionist entities that are seeking to occupy and further occupied lands in the blessed land.

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Or it is the criminal murdering genocidal behavior of Myanmar officials and soldiers who are under a Buddhist

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claiming Buddhist priesthood that wants to exterminate all of the ethnic Muslims from that area in Myanmar and in Burma, then those are all people that we oppose. In equal terms, we oppose

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Muslims who are extremists in their behavior and their outlook who seek to hurt and bomb and to hurt other people. So our opposition is not with the faith lecom dean of ammonia Dean Do you is your religion and to me is mine meant for human woman job for the one who wishes to believe in our faith believes the one who doesn't doesn't, but it is the politicization of ideals and beliefs that are bringing harm to humanity. May Allah protect us.

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Sometimes I'm very confused about some handy that that are contradicting each other. So the question is, they're not contradicting each other they seem to you because you are not yet learned to be.

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contradicting each other, and it may seem to me even to be contradicting each other, but they are resolved by the dilemma in different ways. So, there is a flowchart of how we deal with hadebe that are mushkin. mushkil means ambiguous or hobbies that are not easily discernible and understood. And these, you know much

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you know, books, one of the earliest books was written by Lima Sheva, it's one of the first ways that he became recognized he has a wonderful volume called this delightful adage, how he may have seemed contradictory to each other, but that are easy to resolve. So it could be resolved that one abrogates the other that one was heard by some Sahaba and one was heard by the other. But the prophet had prescribed one thing for one group of people and another thing for others, that the verses of the whole time came to separate between them, that there was an early practice and a later practice. If you were to read verses from the holy land where Allah says, don't pray, while you're

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drunk, you would assume all it's okay to drink as long as I pray when I'm not drunk, but then there are other verses a master. So there's also the concepts that relate to a NASA Coleman zoo, then there are issues that relate to which had these are more sound than other narrations. And then there's the study of nomenclature Hadeeth, of separating the authentic from the unauthentic. And not because somebody said Paul also lots I send them that that actually means a prophet said, one of the next modules in the next installment of the online schooling child law is I will do a program called did the Prophet See that? How we know the Prophet said what he said what people say, he said, and I

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hope inshallah you can follow along with that as you've been following along with the Islamic school and trauma. All right, so the Hadeeth are not the issue. It's our understanding or whether we have you learned enough to reconcile them or not.

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Is it how long to draw girls without a job? No.

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Thank you for everything you do, how can I motivate myself to be more productive during the day and not sleep all day? Oh, man, it would be nice much I like to sleep all day. But we were created for something that a little bit more serious than that. So what I would get you to do is become more task oriented, and more achievement oriented that what it is that you want are things that you know you can accomplish and that's why it you know, making your bed in the morning is that your first task right? So once you accomplish that, hey, I've already gotten one thing off my list and you know putting in the laundry

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or separating my laundry task you know, so main for yourself tasks that allow you that are achievable and once they're achieved then there's a sense of reward in your mind but you can also reward yourself so if I do these first five things then I can you know play a video game or I can go up for a walk or I can you know do one of these you know five activities that I want to do or I can sleep for half an hour right? But certainly oversleep could be also a sign that something is not right in your body regulating itself. It's probably also an indictment that you're going to sleep really late in the evening because you will not be able to sleep out throughout the day if you're

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actually having rest by night. So definitely get yourself checked out as well. In chat lot

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is Sufi ism part of Islam. Yes, absolutely. You know, Sufi ism is definitely a part of Islam. Some of the greatest aroma of the past and even into the present are those who are practitioners of Sufi ism. But it depends what you mean by Sufi ism.

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The essence of being a Sufi was one who kind of turned away from the excesses of the world that they said, Listen,

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I, you know, I don't want to get involved in

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this overly

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enrichment and pursuit of this worldly life. So I'm gonna declutter my life. You know, and I don't want to have as many possessions so they were referred to as the people of Woo, the people who wore wool clothing. And they took that from a Sally said, it was very simple and yeah, it is said that it was very simple. That's part of the concept of Sufi ism. Other people said, you know that the concept of Sufi ism is that they were those who wanted to separate from other people who had excesses in their life. So some of the great scholars

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who benefited the oma practiced a sense of 10 skia. So the proper word for it is the science of purification, purifying your intent, purifying your heart. So just like in my module purity, we spoke about the purity of the body. There's also Tez Gaya, which is the purity of the mind and soul, how to get yourself oriented that you protect yourself from some of the vices of the heart, anger, malice and hatred. And when Sufi ism is practice, right, the really correct word for it is the sooner so you're following the sooner the prophets Allah Lord, he was Selim. And that's why you know, the name itself is kind of problematic. You won't have a lecture maybe for myself called, you

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know, let's practice Sufi ism, I would rather say to you, let's practice the sin of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which is the essence of what Sufi ism ism is meant to be. Now, of course, there is also the Sufi ism that goes beyond the teachings of the sunette and the teaching of morphotypes. lm. And these are people who have mechanized a ritual practice, for their own advantage for financial gain, for political gain for power over people and making them feel I am the P, and I'm the mowlana. And I'm the chef and you are the movie and you're like a dead body in front of me, whatever I say to you do. All of those kinds of things don't have a true origin. In the practice in

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the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Is there a deed that talks about what we should do to help us control our eating? Yes, the prophets. I said, Lim said a third, a third, a third, a third for food, a third for water, and a third for air. And that's very sound heavy, some kind of lights, whatever you eat, just one third of it should be solid. And I want you to think about that. So only a third of your intake of what you put through your mouth should be a solid in the day. And so you want to have more liquids. So you want to have more soups, you want to have more smoothies and shakes, and you want to have a lot more water, at least two liters of water to gain full function of your kidneys and your liver and to detox. There's

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actually a program that I will shoot

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soon, may Allah make it easy for us inshallah,

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about wellness and how to find our better physical self and our better self inshallah. All right.

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So those are some of the questions there. Okay, there's some more.

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Is it okay to read out other people's religions? It's okay to always read. And to read widely, what I would say, of course, is begin with your own, you know, begin reading with, you know, certainly I would encourage you to read the entirety of the whole in a language that you can understand, certainly, I would encourage you to read some of the important texts that we have as Muslims, and to have a guided reading that somebody is assisting you along the way. So if you're going to read the Bible, I would say to you know, actually invest your time in the foreign and read more than one translation and become more familiar with it. If you're going to read you know, those kind of things

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I would, you know, give you a greater

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background in Islam before you go towards other things but certainly it's not haram to read about other people's faith practice it will actually strengthen your faith to recognize the simplicity of Islam the simplicity of our teachings and the ease by which a lot some kind of eila conveyed the truth to I would not be Mohamed salado it was seldom

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is there draw I can make

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for me and my family so that we can remain true and pious. Yes, all of the do I actually come back towards that and have the greatest of is a long mania silicon agenda a lot man you're not all alone. We ask you the way to be from the people agenda which is to make our life adjusted to Islam. Allah we ask you to protect us from Hellfire to protect us from the punishment of Jana. So make that a regular part of your eye and the dirt of salted. Fatiha is the essence of asking Allah for guidance in a simpleton clean. All our leaders do the trade straight path, the path of those who followed your way of truth and not the path of those who came before before us who angered you by leaving the

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true path even though they knew it.

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Are those who were misguided and didn't know which way to turn in which way to go. So that is the greatest your AI to invite a law, invite others to the path of a law and to keep you and your family firm upon truth.

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Also the Dr. Ibrahim rhombi Johnny multimo, so that when in reality or better, what compelled you at all to make me regular my prayers and my family? Oh, Allah protect this? and answer this drop?

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Would you recommend reading a translation of so he added by myself? Yes, absolutely. I tried one, but it made me confused and conflicted. So certainly, I would begin with a simpler book, it depends which book that you were reading. So begin with the book at the 14th of every month, and now only and you can actually read it with its commentary. So there's a really good commentary Bart gemenon, zarabozo 40 had eternity ma'am. Now only an a commentary on it. It's probably a wonderful, wonderful book series to start, even just the 48th on their own.

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Those are, you know, really important books, but you might want to read guide books, a little bit of self promotion, I have a book called The tearful moments of the life of the prophets, I send them so it's every Hadith, where the Prophet was moved to tears, and then I explain how it's relevant to you and I in our time today, so I highly recommend that book, tearful moments of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and you could get it through tabs, deep press, you could get it easily in shot lots shipped to you. So that would be a good book, another book that I recommend one of my own as well. It's called love stories from the horror fan, I think it would be a great value. And something

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that you know, will will lead you to understanding a little bit more depth into our how our faith works. or certainly go through a Hadeeth series but listen to its explanation in some of the videos that be that are being done. All of that will give a greater and greater clarity to it in sha Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us. This is where I'll bring to an end our discussion. It's nearly budgeted time here in Perth, so kind of a lot more behind Degas should either hang on to stuff record. Right. I'll see you again later on in about five to 10 hours from now in LA for our final session. For those of you have been asking Yes, the online Islamic summer school will be kept

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open until October inshallah. So if you're behind with some of the lessons we're not going to switch off tomorrow. Don't worry evening.

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All right. I hope you have a wonderful day. It was said I'm on economics.