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AI: Summary © The Prophet sallavi was born in the early 30s and was born in Mak prep. The Prophet's name was compiled and distributed in various languages, and the title of the holy grail was recognized as the holy grail of the Prophet sallaviya. The church's actions and teachings were recognized as important, and the upcoming wedding of the next wife of the Prophet sallama is expected to be a beautiful wedding. The importance of trusting in Allah's teachings is emphasized, and the holy grail is seen as a holy grail of the Prophet sallama.
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alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali Osaka Marine, our beloved brothers Islam Islam Allah.

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Allah Hi, thank you so much for being with us and joining us with this episode 23 hour series the blizzard women around the messenger sallallahu Sallam before we begin today, and today's a very special lecture because we will speak about perhaps the least known wife of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. The first of the two signups the prophets are met married to signups This is going to be the first of them. But before we get into our mother and discuss our magazine about the Alon ha, we have some announcements Firstly, Alhamdulillah our lectures the series you'd find on our website That's a and you will also find it on the website Muslim Muslim

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is a wonderful website. It is perhaps the largest collection of English audios on the planet. So if you'd like to have a lecture by check acid quality Mufti mink, Norman alikom, you can find it on Muslim Central. If you'd like to go back and hear the old lectures on this series and some of the other series that we have done, then under Mohammed waste on Muslim Central, you'd find it over there. Also, we will be starting a new series, our lecture series at Jamar has now come to an end. And this Friday, we'll begin a new series entitled A series on risk or a risk management series. So as we go through difficulty financially, things are tough all around, how can we increase the

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Baraka? How can we make our music expand? How can we increase our sustenance, inshallah that will be our topic and mercy will handle Islam for the coming weeks and we invite everyone who's in the area to join us, we also will be having the third of November. So the third of November is a Saturday, Saturday, the third of November, we will be having a marriage workshop. So December time is usually waiting time people like to get married during December. And the four is an important topic to discuss. So we'll talk about how to find the proper spouse spouse selection, we'll talk about the process the rights and duties and responsibilities of husband and wife and we'll talk about

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inshallah the ingredients of a happy and successful marriage. And we'll also go into some of the conflicts. So what are the things that we as a mom see are common mistakes that many couples make intimacy, we'll talk about the methods of the bedroom, we'll even talk about about talaq as well. So these will be part of our workshop. November the third Saturday, November the third, it will be also be a live so it won't be via WhatsApp or either it's going to be a live lecture, those who would like to participate in this workshop, please email me directly with [email protected]. Or you can respond to this to the WhatsApp the number that you receive this lecture. You can respond to it to

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say that you're interested and inshallah we'll sign you up. Then before we talk on today's lecture, there was a question that came through with regards to the preservation of the Quran. So if you remember we said there was only the very first must have in other word must have means a Quran in written form Quranic recitation, and only that which is recited is Quran. So in the book form, it's called a must have. And we said the first must have was compiled. a year or so after the death of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam by Abu Bakar Sahaba. They compiled a first form of the Quran, and this eventually it was held by abubaker. And then by Saint Norma of an armada. hafsa was the custodian of

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the only Muslims on Earth, the very first must have, she was in charge and responsible for it. And from the many, many copies were made. And this is how it from Lila today. We are very proud and we one of the things about our Deen that gives us great comfort is that there's no debate or dispute that anyone has a different version of the Quran. And in every other faith, you'd find debate as to is this text has it been preserved? Has it been corrupted? Has things been added to it have things been taken away from it is so much obscurity? There's so many unknown factors, whereas the Quran we know 100% This is the exact same Quran the prophets of Salaam had come with. Now, how did the Quran

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get revealed? And how was it compiled? This is a very deep, long question. But to summarize, maybe very quickly, the prophet SAW Selim as we said, he would receive revelation from Allah and Allah did not give him a book, rather Allah would sit down either the video The angel would come down and recite these verses, or the profits also lumpwood mentioned that he would hear in his mind like the ringing of bells, maybe in our terminology, the revelation was downloaded directly into his mind and into his heart. So it just popped into his brain. And you'd find many Sahaba would be praising when this happened. And they would say when he would go through this moment of Revelation, he would sweat

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profusely, you would go easy. You know, he would have sweat on his head, even though it was a freezing cold and he would become heavy. If he was on a camel

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Campbell would basically have the camels legs would buckle, and the camel would have to sit down because he was going through this process of Revelation. So the Prophet Selim would receive the words from Allah orally, he would have memorized it, because it would come down and be imprinted onto his heart. And then the lamb would recite these verses to the Sahaba. And some Sahaba, who were able to write, they were selected as scribes. And they would write it down on, there was no paper this was before paper was even invented. So they would write it down on leaves, on material, on bones, whatever it might be, and they were different Sahaba present the different times. So what you

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had was, that's, you know, as we said, This Sahabi might have written down Surah Baqarah. And that Sahabi would have written down surah Yaseen and so you had these bits of writing of Quran scattered amongst the the people. Of course, the primary way in which the Quran was, was transmitted to the Sahaba was through memorization, and they will well very few could read and write many had memorized parts of the Quran. And you even have those who have in Quran completely. So even amongst the wives, we said, I showed you one I had memorized the entire Quran half so I had memorized the entire Quran, Allah will get to have memorized the entire Quran and many, many other of the males who harvest had

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memorized the Quran, the whole father. And as we said, once the Prophet son had passed away, and there was a battle which costed many of the fathers and those who had memorized Quran died in that battle, there was a concern that if we lose our forefathers, we don't have any master copy. And that is why abubaker of the Alon agreed that we should put a must have together. And so it was announced that anyone who had written down any of the scribes was written down, some is of the Quran, please presented, and the whole father would look at this and they would expect it, they would also ask for a witness, you had to say that, look, I wrote this, I wrote these verses down. And here's my

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witness, it was with me together, we wrote this down. So these are eyewitness, and then the whole father will read it and he will make it to his hips. And if it agreed, then they will include it into the Muslims. And based on this, it was a foolproof process. And there was therefore no errors in how the Quran was compiled. And that's why what has happened basically, a year after the death of the prophet SAW Selim, they were many, many will have the Quran, they had read it and they would confirm that the mishaps that was in written form matched the Quran that was taught to them by the prophet sallallahu sallam. For example, you have the famous Sahabi of live in Missouri. He said of

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the 114 chapters that he memorized the Quran is 114 chapters, he was half of them at 60, memorize directly the prophets are some taught him he never had a teacher, he learned directly from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and therefore obviously, when he saw the must have it agreed with his memory. And so therefore, he knew that of course, this must have could be relied upon. And we said, about 15 years after the death of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, our mother hafsa was in charge of the Quran with a Muslim brother, and say, not with a man, the next Caleb, he made six copies of that master copy, they wrote it down, and they distribute that around the world. And that's why I come to

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LA today, you will not find any single person on earth, claiming that the Quran has been changed or manipulated, because I prefer what hamdulillah I had memorized the Quran from from, from the beginning to the end, without any change, not only to the word to the letter to the dot, what hamdulillah it has been perfectly preserved. And it also speaks to the miraculous nature that Allah subhanaw taala sees, you know, in multiple places, that he is the one who will preserve the Quran that he will make sure that it's preserved until the end of time, and it will not ever be changed. So, Allah, this is a great honor for us in our Deen and something which we take is the miracle of

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miracles. But hamdulillah we begin now our discussion on our mother Zayn ever been hoceima our mother, Xena uzima so it's good for us to keep keep a little bit of a check. The prophets of Salaam had first married our mother Felicia, they only the professor had never married another woman along with her when she passed away the province of Salem then marriage soda we said he was going through a very difficult time meds soda, then the professor lambs Not long after the marriage to soda he married a mother Ayesha, who was the only a young virgin wife of all his wives. Her details previously married, so that was previously married. Then last and our last discussion we mentioned

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how hafsa became the wife of the prophets of Salaam after her husband had died during the battles of butter just off the bedroom so he was injured and he died and in the process of married have sought not our mother Xena been who's a man, the prophet Salaam had two wives by the name of zeyneb. This is the first wife Zainab, being who's a man, the prophets of Salaam was about 25 years older than Hmm, he was in his mid 50s. She was in her early 30s, which is about 30 years old. He's about 55 years old when they got married, before she married the Prophet sallallahu sallam. We don't know

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too much about her because her mother, a mother, who was a mother was from the tribe of kurush. So her mother was from Makkah, but her mother had married multiple husbands. Over the years she met quite a few men. She had at least four husbands. And her husband who's Amer Zeno's father was not from Makkah, he was from the tribe of Banu Hillel and the food Zainab is not really from the crush. So she's the first woman so far. Khadija soda I should have saw all of them were Qureshi goals were as Xena been khuzaima, really, her father was from outside of the garage. So she was not a kurachi. She was not from the tribe of Croatia. So just some interesting side note here that she was not

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equally she go, even though she was born in Makkah, because her mother had married so many men. She has some very prominent sisters or half sisters, some of the very famous women of Islam. She was related to them. In a young age. In a young days before Islam, she was married, she was obviously born before the Prophet became an abbey. She was maybe in her mid teens or close to her 20s when the prophets of Salaam received revelation when he became an AVI, at that time she was married. She was either married again, the history books here are not very clear. There are two very famous views that she was married to a man called Abdullah

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Abdullah and jack ship in your mind. She was married to Abdullah that's the one of you. The other view was that she was married to a man by the name of to fail, then to fail, divorced her. And then she married his brother, she was married to fail to fail in divosta. Then she married to Phil's brother, her ex brother in law. Basically, she married vida, and together they were married. So she was even married to an Abdullah, even Obeida. Now, a lot of elements are important for us to know exactly who was the name of her husband. What we do know is that she was of those early early converts. And both these men Abdullah and Obeidallah were both early converts of the very close

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members of the Sahaba in the early days of Islam, so she would have gone through the persecution with her husband in Makkah. She made the hegira husband and she comes to Medina, like the other Sahaba like, like the prophets of Salaam, like Bella like Abu Bakar. Basically a refugee comes to Medina as a refugee. She doesn't have anyone besides her husband. What made her even more isolated? Was that yes, those who made each other to Medina, they came as refugees, but they still had a tribe, they still had some, you know, a number of crises with them. Our mother, Xena really has nobody she only has her husband and in the battles slot so at the Battle of Bader Bader died at the

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Battle of buzzer he was one of the first he was in fact the perhaps the first person to die as a Shaheed at the Battle of button because he was injured. So beta, on whom and who was was was made Shaheed at the Battle of butter. And then Abdullah even injection was martyred at the Battle of word. So which generation again, as I said, the historians are not very clear what it was that ventilations off what is clear is that her husband had died in jihad, she had become a widow. So now we find our mother Xena, in a very, very difficult situation. She has no type, she's a refugee, and her husband has not passed away, she has absolutely no one to turn to. And she's going through, you

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know, an extremely difficult situation, or because she had embraced Islam and she's practicing her religion. Yet in spite of this, in spite of the poverty that she was going through, in spite of the sadness because she was alone now, she you know, Subhan Allah had persevered with such great Sauber, such great patience and generosity, that it caught the attention of the prophets of Salaam. So this lady, our mother, Xena, she had basically nothing, yet whatever little she had, she would always feel in herself that there was someone more in need than her, she would look for someone put it in her more in need than her and she would share whatever she got. And one of the narrations that we

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know about her, which is a very, one of the few generations we know about her. It's mentioned how all she had in the house was a cup of flour, you know, just a small bag of flour. And this was the only positions and she was going to use that to eat. And then someone knocked on the door asking her for something. And she gave all of it away and she spent the next night and day, you know, basically starving and swallow law in those days when you gave your last bit of food away. You even knew it. Am I gonna get another meal? You just gave it away and you struggled until the next meal came? And the prophets of Salaam says what a blessing woman This lady is wow what a what a blessing woman she

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is. Because so many teaches us Hadith that the prophet SAW Selim says that if we trust in Allah, if we really trust in Allah, then Allah will give us provisions. Allah will feed us like he feeds the birds every day. You see the birds, they wake up in the morning, they're hungry, they don't have any fridge, they don't do anything. They wake up in the morning hungry, they go out, they look for something to eat. They all find something to eat and they come

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Fold. So this is how the believer is he always trusts that Allah subhanaw taala will give him so Zainab Ahmed Zina. She knew Okay, all I have is this flower, this man needs it, I'm going to give it to him. I believe Allah subhana wa Taala will give me something better in return, her dependency was completely anila. And so much so she was so generous, that our mother's a nut actually got the nickname, the mother of the poor. Remember, she's in the company of Sahaba of the best of the best, even amongst the best. She was known as perhaps the most generous woman in Medina. And she was the woman that had so little, and it's because of this great piety and this great, you know, suburb that

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she had going through this hardship that Allah subhanho wa Taala would replace what was taken from her was something better than she could have expected. And again, we learned this from our mother Huff's Oh, and we'll learn this as we go along. But what if Allah takes from us, if we persevere with patience, and we continue to worship Allah and have Subhan? Allah will, what he took from us relates our wealth, whether it's our health, whether it's our loved ones, he will replace it with something better. So yeah, um, at the same time, she was persevering through this, and the one that I should mention is the Prophet sallallahu sallam. You know, after a year of her struggling like

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this, he proposed to her, and they got married in another relation, she actually proposes to the prophet SAW Selim herself, she goes to him and says, I would like to marry you, I give myself to you in Nika, and the prophets are accepted. So our mother, Zainab and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they were married after the Battle of hood. This is the fourth year of the job. He said she was in her early 30s. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam was in his mid 50s. She had married and she lived in a house now, next to Ayesha, an extra hafsa. So the promises Salam had for at this point in time he had four wives and he had another soda. Then he had our mother Ayesha, then he had married our

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mother hafsa. And now he married our mother, Xena. Not long after that, maybe three, four months, maybe less, not even a year, not even six months. I'm a designer becomes terribly ill, and she passes away. And that's basically all we know about we don't know much about we all we know is as we said she was not from the kurush. She was born in Makkah. she embraced Islam very early on. She was previously married. She made the hedgerow comes to Medina, her husband dies in Bethel. Yet, what we know about is that her nickname was the mother of the poor. She was the most generous woman in Medina, in spite of our hardships. Then she married the prophets of Salaam just for a few weeks, few

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months they were together in marriage, and then she passed away and she's the only wife other than Khadija, of all the wives will talk about. It is only on Mother's cleanup, and only a mother that passed away in the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So the Prophet peace upon him had buried our magazine up, because Emma she's the first wife, therefore to be buried in Medina, in a lucky cemetery. And she was and that is where she was buried. And we say salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Spangler, be pleased with her malice, elevate her ranks and we learn from her that saying, I've been Hussein, what little we know, all we know is of her high level of generosity. So

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she was passed away and she's been the in Medina. In our next lecture, we'll talk about the next wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, our mother, Salama, very famous, and very well known wife for the cinema. We'll talk about her how she becomes the wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And then again, just a reminder that those who would like to join our marriage class, our fear of marriage, our fear of marriage and divorce, which will happen the third of November, Saturday, the third of November, please email me directly with [email protected] or respond to the WhatsApp line. WhatsApp message received by to join so that we can arrange the class. Thank you so much. It's not gonna hide

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liquidation concerns with Hope to see you next week.

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