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The importance of balancing work and personal life is emphasized in divorce talks, with emphasis on taking responsibility for one's own family and avoiding giving too much of one's own time and money to the other person. The importance of learning and spending time on learning to increase knowledge is emphasized, along with avoiding discouragement and the need to avoid memorizing the Prophet's message. The importance of the Prophet's message to Muslims and Christian leaders is also discussed, along with the use of granite in writing the message and its significance to Christian leaders.

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my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Thank you so much for joining us. This is Episode 22 of our series, the blessing of women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In our last discussion, we're talking about divorce. And this is part of our discussion around our mother, half solid Yolanda. And as we go through the series, we will mention 12 of the different personalities and the different wives of the prophets of Allah. It's important for us to keep sort of a list and a mental checklist about each one. And I said, what I'd love for us to do is to have a bond with these with these Blissett women because they are our

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mothers, as the Quran has mentioned. So we should know each one in terms of some idea about the personality, some idea of what they were like. So we spoke about hydrogen, we spoke about soda. We spoke about eyeshadow, and how much rain and now we talked about another half. So it was during our discussion on other half cell which we said that she was a very strong willed lady. She was really a time she could be competitive, a little bit stubborn sometimes. And we said it was in this context where she divulged a secret that the prophets of Salaam had told her in confidence with Ayesha in confidence with her she went and told the secret to I shadowed Yolanda and then Allah subhanho wa

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Taala revealed verses and reprimanding the two of them, it was from this to the Prophet peace be upon him, was very upset and before he divorced have started with one talaq, he only gave her one. And then immediately Allah subhanho wa Taala, sent gibreel to inform prophets of Salaam to take her back, and we're talking a bit about divorce, the legalities of divorce the methods of divorce and ultimately we conclude on that discussion. Allah subhanho wa Taala says to us, that you stay together on fee equal terms. So be fee as a husband as a wife, B Fe, one should not exclude the other one. One should not harm the other one stay together in a fee kind, equitable marriage. But if

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you can't do that, if you are unable to live with each other fee, then sorry, homie, son didn't say separate with each other in the very, very best ways then get divorced and do so in the best way. While atoms will never ever forget the fog all the good times that you had. So you had some good times together? Yes, eventually the marriage showered Yes, things didn't go so well. Even in divorce, you separate and you divorce in a very good way should not harm each other. Divorce itself is a very long and deep topic, questions of who gets whose custody of the children, what are the maintenance rights of an ex wife, what are the either the father's obligations, mother's

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obligations. So these kind of nuances is beyond the scope of our discussion. But as we said, if one does so following the guidelines of the Sharia, and one does so with the highest level of taqwa, then even something as as difficult as divorce will be done in a way that is actually better, one might actually get rewarded for doing so in the best possible way smaller, bless us in our marriages, and keep us our marriages together in happiness, and almost pantalla for those who have gotten divorced, may Allah grant you better in that which you have lost. I mean, back to the hafsa. So hafsa was divorced, she was taken back. And then her father say normally we said very stern with

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her, he said to her basically have so this is the last straw, you need to pull up your socks, I don't think you can compete with Ayesha, she might get away with certain things you're not going to get away with. And I'm telling you, this is the very last time I'm going to intervene on this on your account. So have sat understood and have makes an effort not to involve yourself in these dramas not to get you know, on the bad side or to upset the professor's Of course, he is the man that is being shaped by the entire oma and his family needs to carry that burden as well. They are family number one, they are the elevat being part of the family of the province alum is not just an

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honor, but it's a very big responsibility. And being the wife of the professor's alum, you need to share that burden. Of course, they get the highest of rewards and that's why they are the best of people. If they want to be his spouse in the gender, then there has to be the the wife of the person in the dunya and take with it all that comes all the hardships because the family the process for them to go through, you know, so many difficulties in terms of they didn't have what other women could get in terms of money. They didn't have what other women got in terms of time with their husband because he was being shaped by the entire oma. So they went through a lot of difficulty. And

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this puts strain on many of the wives which are interested in other prophets of Salaam. So we'll talk about another incident that occurred. So after have so I was told by say normal Look, he took you back. Just you know, be the best wife You can be say normal now tells us a story. Another event happened. Another controversy happened. And he says so he says that is telling this young Sahabi in a bus a student of his basically telling him you know, my neighbor and I had an agreement that one day I would go to the masjid and I would learn from the Prophet asylum and

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The neighborhood work in the fields. Then at night we'll meet up, I will share the knowledge and issues the income. The next day, it was my turn to work in the fields, and the neighbor would go and learn under the column. And we'd meet up and share the knowledge and share the income. Side note, you pause for a second, this panel shows you you know how amazing this deal is and how we should be a balanced we are this was a Thea this oma that is constantly in the middle, we do not become extreme, whether it is the dounia, whether it is for the asherah No, we should be balancing everything that we do that there are some parts of our time and money which belongs to Allah. And

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that's only for Allah and exclusive for him. In these times when we have to spend time and money on our family, this time, we need to spend money and time on ourselves. And we should not give that which belongs to a lot to anybody else. And we should not take that which belongs to our family and give it to the masjid, we should not neglect any of our responsibilities, that we should work in this dunya take care of our needs and the responsibilities of the dunya. At the same time, we obviously have to always be working towards the accuracy. And if we are not balanced in that regard, we give too much to the accuracy. This is also bad. Of course most of us today, we struggle that we

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give maybe too much to the dunya and neglect ourselves which is also very, very bad. And you know what comes to mind is this wonderful story of salamander 30 C and a Buddha, again, other personalities to great companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So 930 C and a Buddha, the prophets of Allah made them like brothers, so they weren't biologically brothers. They were strangers. But the prophet had said, the two of you are like brothers, you need to look out for another social man, Osiris, he comes to his, you know, he's adopted brother, who will his brother in Islam, a Buddha comes to his house, and he finds the wife of a Buddha in a very, you know, she

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looked very ragged. She wasn't dressed nicely. She wasn't being maintained properly. So he says, you know, you know, a wife of a Buddha, what's going on? Why are you in this bad shape? So she said, Your brother Buddha is of no, the dunya doesn't concern him anymore. All he does is he fasts during the day, and he prays at night, he doesn't he's not interested in his wife in his family. His focus is only on the euro. Obviously, a Buddha is doing this hoping to please Allah. So Samantha, he says, okay, he comes to a Buddha and he says, look, can I spend the evening? Can I sleep over the night? Buddha says, okay, of course. Wonderful. Well, Alan, you're welcome to spend the evening. So as

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they're talking, it's lunchtime. And a Buddha says yes, oh, man, have some lunch. And someone says, No, Buddha says you can have lunch but I'm, I'm fasting today. So someone says no, if you want me to eat and I'm your guest, then I want you to eat with me. This is not in Ramadan wasn't a compulsory fasting too soon or fasting. So Buddha was forced, he broke his fast and you can break your sooner fasting in something like this. So he broke his fast and then the evening came, and some man was sleeping, and then a Buddha woke up with gadget and some answers, no, sleep some more. And if you don't sleep, you're going to disturb me. So I put that on in case he slipped somewhere. And again,

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every hour or so he woke up trying to perform dadgad and then someone kept telling him no sleep, sleep sleep until just before they got up together, they made a little bit of touches, and then they made fudger so it's as if those are mine is stopping them from fasting stopping him from making the hatchet. Why would you do this to someone then he says to a Buddha, listen to Allah is hakala has rights on you. Your family has rights on you, your body has rights on you, and you need to give each one they should have its rights. Don't be extreme in your worship. Don't be extreme in your business. Don't be extreme with regards to your family, give everything a balanced talk. Although

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that wasn't so sure about this.

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I don't really fully agree with what you're saying. How can you tell me I'm making too much, and fasting too much. So I would err downwind to the prophets of Salaam and say, Look, this is what happened. Someone told me this. And the Prophet sister Buddha, sockeye salmon salmon, so correctly so Maurice is right before what we see from Satan or Maria, he is not spinning every single day with a prosomnus monolith and abyssal Santa Maria in our time, we all want to spend the entire day and night with him. But we can't do that because we've got families, we've got children, we've got responsibilities, and it is haram for us to neglect those responsibilities even for the sake of the

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deen. So, the life that we live we need to look at our time and make time for our work. Make time for our family. Make time for the deen make time for learning. It also shows you the importance of learning part of your life. You need to dedicate some time in the week to read a book to listen to a lecture to to increase your knowledge Islamic knowledge and you make time for yourself as well your health as well. So So you had this agreement with his neighbor say Norman says it was it was my turn to work in the field one day so I'm busy in the field and my neighbor comes running screaming in a panic state and say normally what happened What's going on? Are we being invaded to see normal

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thought, you know, they must be the way my mind they

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Brees is in such a panic, a crisis must have occurred. So his neighbor says no, it's worse than that. It's worse than an enemy invading Medina. Rather what happened was the prophets of Salaam has divorced or his wives. He's lived all of them. And this was towards the end of the prophets life salsa lamb. So he had about eight wives at that time, we'll talk about why the profits from had more than four. So he said, not a little shocked that the Prophet is the host, all his wife, the neighbor says that he's not sure what's happening. So say normal immediately, of course, goes to have some because he has his house and he says to me, what's going on? What did you do to have you been

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divorced? And she says, I don't know. I don't know. She's just in tears. And she's crying. And she's I don't know, he's just lift all of us. Then say nama goes to I shows us. And he says to Ayesha, basically, what did you do? And this was because there was hijabs. We spoke to her from across the wall. What did you do? And I she says, to say normal, oh, no hubbub. Why don't you ask your daughter what she did? Don't come to me and ask him, you know, it's amazing. The character and the strength of these women, the prophets of Salaam, surrounding himself, a very, very strong, confident woman. So she sees basic demoiselle coming and question me asked the daughter what happened, and she's also

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to be blamed. So let's say no one was told that the Prophet peace be upon him wasn't living with his wives. He's rather staying in a little room on top of the masjid and that's where he's now saying that he's not going to his wives. And he's not taking any visitors he doesn't want to see anybody. So say normally goes to to speak to the prophets of Salaam and at the door is one of the Sahaba regarding it. Some narration say this is Bilal and baby lol basically said, No one is allowed to enter this room with promises and then wants to be alone and say not much ties back and forth. I'd like to go in I'd like to go in and the answer is no. Vinci normally speaks loudly, so loud enough

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for the prophets also them to you and say no mercy is open. I'll tell the prophets of Salaam that Omar is here. And if he thinks I've come to intercede on hofsas behalf, he shouldn't think that rather I am here with him. I'm here to support him, even against them. I'm on his side, no matter what happens. I'm on his side. And when he heard that, he said fine, let's say normal come in. And we'll get back to the story. We leave the story to be continued. What actually happened, why the proximate broken away and what actually occurred. We'll talk about the towards the end of the series. But this was something where it was have sort of escaped that she could have been divorced a

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second time. We'll talk about that towards the end of our series, getting back to another episode of the law. Of course, you will not be divorced, the person would not divorces wives this time you just separated from them for a month. And she would live with Him until the end of his life until the prosecution had passed away and he died. She was off his wife's that remained behind. She would love another 30 years. And she would be of the most educated women of the of the Muslim ummah. In fact, even before she married the professor lamp, she was unique in that she could read and write at a time when very few men could really write, she actually had raped and she could write, she had even

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memorized the entire Quran. So very, very few people memorize much of the Quran. And here you have a lady along with Ayesha and Salah, the three of them are of the wives of the Prophet Allah who had memorized the entire Quran. And she was not scared even to to ask questions and to put forward an opinion. And one of these examples you find in Sahih, Muslim way, the process of sandboxes in the company of a group of people and hafsa was worth he said that I hope that those who took the pledge under the three are what this is a reference to the professor solemn and a group of his companions, they took an oath of allegiance, they came to the pub for lunch, it was just before there was, you

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know, a moment where they could be invaded or could have been attacked by Makkah. They come from Europe, and we won't go into the details. And it was a really dangerous situation. And a group of the Sahaba they came to the Prophet Salaam, he was sitting in a tree and they took his hand and they said we Sui that we are with you to the end, if we need to fight tomorrow, we didn't come prepared for a battle. But if we come in, if we attack tomorrow, then we'll fight even if it's to the end. So they took in this promise they made a promise to a source alum and Allah was very, very pleased with him so much so that he revealed verses about this incident for the buyer to read one or the the

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pledge of read one. And so the Prophet is saying that I hope that all those companions that took that oath of allegiance under the tree, they will not come close to the fire or they will be saved from the fire of Jan and they won't get me they would never enter or come even close to the fire Jana so have heard and she says but that doesn't make sense because these an ayah. In the Quran. Allah says we're immune Camilla. Can Allah Rebecca Hartman Puglia and she says but Allah says in Surah Maryam and there is none of you except you will come to it meaning Jana that every single person will come to jahannam this is upon your load and inevitability decreed, meaning it's a

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promise that everyone will go to Jana. So the professor says that none of them will go to Jana and Jesus but this is an idea

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In the Quran that says Allah says all of them, every person will go to jahannam at some some point, the Prophet peace upon him is a bit annoyed with challenged him like that and Subhana Allah, you know, an Imam, he will accompany and someone says this, it will be challenging. It's worse. So if your wife were to put you in the spotlight, this is worse. So if you're the Prophet of Allah, but again, it shows you the personality of hafsa. It shows you that she was not scared to ask a question like that, of course the Prophet Sonam was able to respond to her and he says to read the next I'll have so what's the next line? The next ayah Allah says through managing living Naco one other body

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mean if he had God, yeah, then we will surely save those who feared a lot and will leave the wrongdoers the in on the knees, meaning Allah says will bring you close to it. But in those who the good will save you from it, they won't actually go there, but they will be brought. And this of course, Allah protect us, and kiama all of us would see janam all of us would have some proximity to it. Some of us the best of us, we just see it but not go towards it. So the properties can have some lead the next ayah Allah says that he will save those who are pious they will not enter it. So from this we learn of course, how much upside knew about the Quran, and he was confident to speak her

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mind. So she would continue being a senior figure in the Muslim woman even after the default Salaam, we have narrations of way, say normal. For example, SATA advice, asked her how long should it be that a soldier is out on his duty? How much time can a soldier be away from his wife? At what point is it too long for a woman so have someone give her perspective. And based on let's say nominal Dylan would say policies based on the opinions of his of his daughter have sort of the law on hand is a very beautiful link between our mother hafsa and the Quran. After the Prophet Muhammad passed away abubaker becomes the halifa. And it was it so happened that many of us many of those have

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memorized the Quran and the teachers and the sights of the Quran, they died during battle. And the Sahaba will concern that look, if all the whole father die and all those will know the will to die, then we could lose the Quran completely. At that point in time the Quran was not in a book form Rather, they will pretend pieces here and they so Sr aboubaker on the lawn and say normally, with the consultation, they agreed that we should put together a must have compile a must have meaning. Let's put all the different little pieces of granite has been the listen to this person has Surah Baqarah, that guy has seen this one. Let's put them together in the form of a must have a must have

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and we will check it to make sure it is it matches the whole file. And so what are the the base of them in terms of his young variants hybrid, he was only about 20 years old zedi with habit he was recognized as being the number one habit, he was put in charge of this project. And so he compiled the first was have people would come and they would say I wrote this, this these verses down of the Quran. In the presence of the prophets of Salaam he would bring a witness to a test that yes, I was the when the wind came down and we wrote it down. And the Father, the panel of a father will recite this first they'll say yes, it matches our memory. So obviously those who follow those Sahaba will

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have it they had learned it from the province of Salem. So there was this double check and it's for this reason why told today we know the Quran is the only religious scripture that has never been changed because of the harbor put it in a book form very, very early on. So they kept this book form. And it stayed with senior banker when he died he gave us must have to say normal, and when say normal died, he gave to have to have saw was the custodian. And it's amazing that the only could undo the very, very first return on Earth. The Book of Allah, it was entrusted with our mother hafsa she was the one that was the custodian and kept it. And every single core on earth is a replica a

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copy of that one that she had, before half side passed away, say North man became the halifa. He wanted to make copies of this, he made six copies of this and seem to the different parts of the world as the Muslim oma expanded to Africa into Europe and all over the world. He made copies of this. He appointed that seems even a fair bit, who took half source master copy. And they made a replica of it and they distribute it across the world. And that's why I'm here today. Whether you go to China, whether you go to America, you have the exact same code on every single Muslim even of different groups, even you might find different sects, all member always right from the very, very

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same Quran. Al Hamdulillah is Ahmed hafsa, as we said, that was entrusted with the very first manuscript, the very original must have, and another episode live another 30 years of the digital prophet socialism. And in her 60s shows what 63 years old when she finally passed away in the in the age of Mao era. He was the Caliph and she is buried along with the wives of the Prophet Salaam in Medina, in Bucky and we say Salaam to another hafsa Rajaratnam Allah be pleased with her and with all the Sahaba as your main circle of hate. Thank you so much. I said I was lucky but it got to