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AI: Summary © The Heridays lost their lives due to a difficult process, but they found a way to stay calm and stay calm. The couple in the Islam program faced rumors of sexual assault and lost their parents' homes, leading to a loss of their love. They eventually left the desert and went to their parents' houses. The segment also discusses the negative comments on Hope's social media accounts and the importance of avoiding negative comments on her accounts.
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alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi mehreen our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Thank you so much for joining us this episode 14 in our series, the women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and happy Heritage Day for those of us here in South Africa. Today being a public holiday, we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala continues to bless the Muslim community here in South Africa, and throughout the world and hamdulillah we have a very long and prosperous history here in this country. And for over 350 years, the Muslims have been in this country, and it's one of the longest Muslim minorities in

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the Western world. And as part of law, we even you know, mentioned that the first Masjid in the southern hemisphere we'd like to believe, was built here in Cape Town, the O Masjid more than 250 years ago. So Allah subhanaw taala bless the Muslim community, in South Africa and throughout the world. I mean, at hamdulillah we continue discussing the relationship between the process of elimination of the law and we speaking about the softer you know, the the beautiful moments that they had the intimate moments that they had as husband and wife today in shadow line perhaps in our next episode as well we'll continue we want to discuss perhaps the worst moment in the life of

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eyeshadow Viola and how would the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the most difficult experience of of her life in her you know, with the profits also learn something which is so profound and so emotional, that Allah subhana wa tada actually revealed verses concerning this event. This event, of course, we talked about the effect of I share with the slander of Ayesha, where I share with you a lot and I was accused of committing You know, this major sin of of being unfaithful to the prophet SAW Selim, obviously a very serious allegation. And so so hello, let's talk about this, this incident. And what's beautiful about this incident, or on the narration of incident is that it's one of the longer

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Hadees again, you'd find in in hottie, we Ayesha herself from the first person perspective, she's explaining to us what happened, she's telling us the emotions, she was telling us what she went through and how it unfold. So we get a very beautiful insight into the event from a first person account from Aisha herself. So I shut up the line, how she mentions that this is perhaps five year after the heater or the 50, after the heater. I showed the one I'd been married to the province, Allah for three, four years now. And she says that, as we mentioned before, the province of Salaam was on a journey was on one of the campaigns. And he drew lots amongst his wives as to which of them

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would join him. And it was so happened that she was lucky, she was the lucky wife, and her lot was drawn. And so Alhamdulillah she was accompanying him on one of these campaigns. She says This was also after the rules of hijab concerning the wives of the professor had been revealed. So we mentioned also before, that they are for the wives of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, they have two levels of hijab, first level of hijab, the basic hijab, which is for all the women of the Muslim world, that she covers her head, here, and she pulls her this head covering down upon the chest, and she covers her outer body with a loose outer garment called the jilbab. And this is basically how

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the Muslim woman dresses as for the wives of the Prophet salon, she has a higher level of hijab, we have an actual figure has to be screened with a physical barrier. So how does the wife of the person travel, if she even cannot, she has to be behind the screen, they will travel in what is called the hold edge, a little bit, a little compartment, so a little bit like a hat on top of the camel, a cottage or a, a wagon, and she would be placed inside of this thing. And this hold edge will be on top of the camel. And this is how the wives of the program would travel. So they could be screened completely. So I share all the law mentions that she was on this journey. And she was in a hotel,

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and she waited for nightfall. And then she exited the whole ditch to use that to leave to you know the call of nature. And she was out and she was doing her business when she returned once again, you know I show them or we sit in this this clumsy side to her. She realizes she has misplaced and Nicolas so she goes back into the desert, searching for her necklace looking for her last necklace. And when she comes back so behind Allah again, this is the middle of the night, she finds that the army had lift and her you know her boxer whoa that that she was in she says that she was a light girl. She wasn't the lodge. So when the men lifted up this compartment, they hadn't realized that it

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was empty. And they left without her. And to handle it says okay, she didn't panic. And this shows her her wisdom and she shows us strength of character. She basically was very calm about the situation just now again, imagine that she's in the middle of the desert. This was on an expedition which means they were in enemy territory. She's completely alone. And she basically says to herself, she realizes eventually

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They will come to know that she's missing. And they will basically return to where they stopped. So she finds a place to sit, and she sits there. And and she basically waits for them. And as time goes by, she falls asleep. she of course has taken off her face company. And as morning breaks, it's morning, you know, it's the middle of the morning. Now, one of the companions by the name of one stuff, one of the Alon, a famous companion, he had been left behind, he was a bit slow, and he came up, he was bringing up the rear of the army and sometimes what you would have also in the army, you'd have scouts, those in front and those behind just to ensure that there was no one, no one

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following the Army or no one in front having any issues. So someone was up those who are at the back, and as he comes across, he finds I shadowed a landline here in the middle of the desert, and he had known her before he jotted in compulsively on her which means he recognized her and she says he saw her and the only thing he said to her she says, but a lot of only exchange of words they were between the two of them was that he said in LA or in LA LA Joan Valley from Allah we come into Allah We will return he said these words and that was it. a side note here, Allah subhanaw taala mentions to us that either a Saba Tomasi Botha to pour those the believers when they are afflicted with any

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kind of calamity big or small. They say in LA or in LA or June, from Allah we come unto Allah, we will return. Now, it's an incorrect assumption that people imagine you're only saying that Allah he were in LA LA June for when someone has passed away. So the brother will phone and he says, you know, I've been in an accident, and you say in a in a in a dojo, and he says, No, no, I didn't die. I'm still alive. I guess it's a small accident. Or someone says I'm sick and you say in LA or in de la God says no, I'm not dead. It's a terminal and I'm I just got some kind of sickness. I don't kill me prematurely. No. So we say in Allah he were in a in a raggio for any calamity, any discomfort

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that we may experience with a big or small, and these words are beautiful, because what we are telling ourselves to do are number one, and what we tell ourselves is that everything that we have, everything that we enjoy and love in this life comes from Allah and we came came from Allah, and ultimately Allah subhanho wa Taala will take those things and return to Him, which means everything in life is basically temporary. The things that we love, our money, our health, our kids, our our life, it's just temporary, it's on lease, it's unknown. Allah gave it to us for a short period, and it will be returned to Allah subhanaw taala. And of course, Allah mentions that those who are

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afflicted with any kind of calamity, and they sit in that in line or in a large yawn, and they are patient through this calamity. They, they persevere through it, and they don't utter any words against Allah subhanho wa Taala. They show displeasure to Allah, that Allah sin Salawat on them, Allah praises them, Allah subhana wa Taala sins, his greetings upon them. What a great What a great honor that is, for the one who is going through afflictions from Allah make easy for anyone, and all the people throughout the world that are suffering from the loss of someone that they love. They're suffering through the loss of wealth, health. I'll make it easy for everyone. I mean, back to ice

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and stuff, one, so I should say this stuff, one comes upon her, she finds a D line in the desert and she immediately covers her face once he sees her. And he says she says the only thing he said to me was in delinda, who are in a dodgy one. And then he made his camel to kneel he brought his camel down. So I got onto his camel. And he walked in front. And he lived the camel. And we continued like this The two of us for a number of hours. It might be until about the time they reached up with the main army. Now imagine the scene. The army sees Ayesha coming into the into the you know camp was tough one, the two of them out in the desert. Yeah, they walking into heinola. I remember one email

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mentions it as if though, you see the Imam, you know driving into town. And next to him on the passenger side is this young woman and you've got a mom's wife, and immediately people who have a disease in their heart, people who have some kind of sickness, immediately the mind goes through some affair. There must be something illicit something scandalous has just happened. So they start spreading the rumors that you see I shared stuff one, let's spend the night together out in the desert. And now they snuck into the camp all quietly Subhan Allah what is going on here and people start spreading rumors. Now this is called the if the slander they are slandering the character of

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of Ayesha and stuff. One. I showed the Lionheart from her side. She says she was completely clueless with regards to the talk that was happening. So the talk began, they returned to Medina. And now rumors are spreading left, right and center in Medina. I shadowed Yolanda says, and again, the Hadith is telling us from a first person perspective, she says she returned to Medina, and she had not noticed anything odd or strange. In fact, she was she was ill for a few weeks and therefore she didn't really leave the house much. So she was basically indoors for a couple of weeks and they

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She wasn't interacting with anybody. She was completely clueless. In fact, the news of stuff one and Ayesha being alone together, that there was some kind of affair between them, he had actually reached the ears of the Prophet of Allah. And he was aware of it, yet he did not say anything to her. So I should say, there was nothing odd or strange, she was completely unaware, the only thing that seemed out of place for her was that when the prophets of Salaam would visit her, and the fact that she was sick now, he wasn't as affectionate as he usually was. He wasn't as sweet and as kind as he usually was. He was very Matter of fact, he would say, how are you doing? Are you okay? You

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checked up on her, but that extra level of tenderness that she knew from him, especially now that she was secured with a custom, of course, when she was sick, he would be even more affectionate and caring, he was a bit cold. And again, some hannula it just shows us the kind of relationship they had, just in the tone of the dialogue. They weren't arguing they won't say anything, you know, negative to another. But just the way he said hello to her was different to the way you usually say to her, and she felt something wasn't normal. And she says, that's what hurt me the most, this whole ordeal. It wasn't that people were saying things about me. The thing that hurt me the most was for a

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brief period, a couple of weeks, the prophet Salim was not as affectionate to me as he usually was. But again, I was unaware of what's happening. He says, As time went by, I became in it covered I was getting well. And then one of the nights she and she says back in the day, they didn't have toilets inside their house. So they would go outside Japan, what a great blessing to think that we can we have toilets in our house, how many of us have seen hamdulillah for having a toilet in your house, because what the women of the Sahaba would do, they would wait for the for the sun to sit in the became dark. And then they would leave out in the desert, and it was quite dangerous. So they would

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go out in groups to avoid any harassment. So I should say she and a woman called Mr. The mother of Mr. This was her name. She was an aunt of hers in a family member of hers, the two of them went out into the desert to answer the call of nature. And on the way back from from the toilet, or miss laughs she stumbles. She trips. And she says may Mr. Hmm, because meaning her own son that she says, may he be ruined. Mr. May be ruined. So I should say swannanoa What a bad thing you've said, why would you say something so bad about your son? And also in fact, Mr. is a good guy. Mr. was even of those who fought in the Battle of butter. How can you speak so negatively about him? So this lady

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said to Ayesha, and what does it matter to you what I say about Mr. In fact, do you know what he says about you? He was of those were also spreading the words of the if he was of those was fitting the rumors that I share and stuff one had an affair. So I she said what she was completely unaware that there was this rumor going going around. And she says yes, Misbah. And now I she becomes aware that these this talk happening. So she goes back home, and she's basically in tears, and she's all worked up and anxious. And now she begins to realize she's putting two and two together. Perhaps this is why the prophets of Salaam is not as affectionate as he was. So she waits for him to come

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home. And then she says to him, Do you give me permission to to move to my parents, I'd like to stay with my parents. And the Prophet Sam says, no problem you if you'd like to do that you can go. So he gave her permission. She leaves the house and she goes to the house of Abu Bakar of Yolanda. So she gets to her mother woman. And she says to her mom, I've heard this rumor about me. Is it true? Is this what they're saying? And all mine basically says to her yesterday is this rumor going about she also heard about it. But I you know, don't worry Ayesha, this is just, you know, empty talk, people are always going to gossip about a woman, a especially a woman that is loved by her husband, we all

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know that the Prophet son loves you very much. And you have co wives, you've got competition. So usually these kind of rumors come or spread, just because of jealousy or envy. So I share but she's you know, she's so broken inside. She's so you know, hartsel because this is not just any rumor. This is accusing her of Xena accusing her of having an affair against the prophets of Salaam, she can't believe that her arm is being tarnished like this that people are talking about in this manner. And so she begins to weep and she says I awake the entire day, that entire morning. throughout the night, I was weeping. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep I was just just crying to

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think about it. The petals of a shadow bucket and I'm gonna man they felt, you know, you're gonna get sickly You can't do this. You might even you know die from from the sadness. She would mention how some she would get some of her friends they would visit her. And they would just sit there and they would and they would weep and they would cry because she felt so hot so and hurt at this rumor. The prophet will send them you know, he himself is unaware of what to do, because he wasn't receiving any revelation or any indication. So he was not a way you know the truth or falsehood as to these rumors. So I showed the law says that initially she went he thought

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When to ask people's advice, those who were very close to it those who knew very well, he first consulted to people that he was very close with two people that knew him and knew his family very well. This being Osama bin Laden, Osama remember, is the son of Zaid Zaid, the adopted son of the Prophet Salim Osama is like a grandson of the process and demo ceremonies of those who lived with the professor lamb. He wouldn't have he was nicknamed the Beloved of them because of them. So the Prophet asked was sama sama? What do you think about these rumors? You know, I assure you of those people that are in my immediate inner circle of the intimate members masturbate. What do you know I

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shared his final law, yada salatu salam, we I know absolutely nothing negative about her. As we know her to be a woman of good character. This is the furthest thing that we can think of with regards to Aisha, then the Prophet Salaam, spoke to Saint nalli. And again, he grew up under the process of I he was like a son. He was married to Fatima, also of the inner circle or the pasta lamp, his immediate family members he would know I show up personally. So the process of sister Holly, what do you say about Asia? Now I need the Alon. He said some words which hurt Ayesha and they would be the strange relationship between them because partly because of this, so at least to the person lump.

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Look, I have nothing negative to say about it. I've never seen anything bad about her. I've never seen anything to be of concern. But Yasuda law, you are all you know, cut up and torn apart in the heart soul. And you know, you're going through a tough time over over this Ayesha, you've got so many women basically, who throw themselves at you. You are a pseudo lossless alum, you could have your pick of women you could have any woman Why? Why? Why get so, you know, caught up over this Ayesha. You know, basically if you divorce her and leave her, you can find someone else and Allah subhanaw taala. If she's if she's telling the truth, he will, he will take care of her. So the

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protected it then says but if you really want to know a woman personally, her you know really her intimate side, go and ask I shall slave I shall a slave called burrito. Go and ask buddy law about how she would know I shall the best is a very nice story, buddy law. We'll talk in a little time. But ILA and her husband movies, with very madly in love with burrito, but she didn't want him. We'll talk about that in show when times come. So the profit goes to this lady by the era and says yeah, Barbara, tell me about Ayesha. What do you know? Again, she says yes to the loss on them. Nothing negative I can say about her. In fact, the biggest criticism I can make about her is that she's a

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young, innocent in her thinking she's a young girl, kind of naive kind of immature in the way she thinks. She would make the dough for braid. And then she would be forgetful or clumsy. She forgets about the bridge, she falls asleep. And the goats come into alchemy eat the breeder. That's the kind of girl she is in the house for her to arrange an affair. This is like so far beyond that. She's such an innocent woman on the inside. So now the problem after making Matura and against Panama, we see from this, the very human side of enemies asylum is very human. He misses his wife. He is very sad about this. He's getting pressure from everyone saying how can you you know, allow your wife to

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carry on like this. You are the Messenger of Allah. So obviously for him, he's in a very difficult position. And he makes me shorter. He asked those people around what advice they can give him. So now he's sort of convinced that look, there is no, no, there's no suspicion on a shadow of Yolanda. So he goes to the masjid and he makes a sermon. And he says to harbor that they are those who are harming me through my family. They're harming me by harming my family. And this is a point to no till today. They are those people who slander Ayesha in the worst of ways till today Unfortunately, our mother Ayesha she's things are said about worse than even what the monastics of Medina had said.

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And this shows you that it hurts then abyssal Salaam, the most when you harm his wives, or his children, and that his family, it really is an insult to him. Because these are the people that he spent that he slipped next to that he loved the most. You attack them, you attack him sort of lives in them. So he gives the sermon and he says, Oh, my companions, they are those who are insulting my family and they knew who they were. And so who will assist me against them, that these people have slanted a woman who has not as no suspicion on her, and there's no evil or that I know from her, and they are slandering Amanda as London except one, a good man who we know nothing negative about him.

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So what shall we do? So one of the Sahaba side, even Wilder odilon, one of the great companions, the leaders of the of the people of Medina, one of the first of the people of Medina to embrace Islam, the man who when he dies, the throne of Allah shook This is the Hadith about Seidman while he stands up and he's the Head of School of Law, those who are the one that he's making these lies, if he's from my tribe, I'm the Chief, I will take care of him myself. And he's he if he's from the other tribe, so there were two tribes of Arabs in Medina. If he's from the other tribe, then we will also look take care of him. So when the other tribe began are getting worked up, and the province of

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Salaam is standing and the member I should say is the two tribes sort of arguing to the point where

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sidestripe sat in live and hosts and the other side hustlers, they stand up and they start arguing. And it got to the point where even fists were about to be, you know, they're starting to actually fight with one another. So the both of them calms them down and he intervenes and they sit down. And clearly now the professor lamb doesn't know what to do when I she says, she cried bitterly when she heard about this event. And she was in such a deep sad moment to see the entire community is talking about the entire community is in an uproar because of her. The province of Salaam is distant from her. So she says I cried so intensely that my parents came to me abubaker and Oman says yeah, I you

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can't continue like this, your love is going to burst handle I look at the the the love that she has for going to be so so lambda intense sadness she feels at being separated from him. So she said this was like the lowest moment for her in this whole saga. inshallah, in the next episode, we will discuss how Allah subhanho wa Taala would come to the rescue of another eyeshadow delana and how this matter would be resolved. For any questions, concerns or comments, please email me directly with [email protected]. And again, if you are if you're not willing to receive these lectures, or you don't want to be part of our mailing list, please let us know so we can remove you to Zakah feta

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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