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salat wa salam O Allah, serene syedna Mohammed Ali he was my beloved brothers and sisters Lam said Mr. Morocco to live with a cattle disciple hey thank you so much for joining us this episode 11 of our series the blizzard women around the messenger sallallahu wasallam also I'd like to wish you all

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Allah Spanner bless you in this new year and bless the entire oma, the year 1440 of the hegira well hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala grant all of us here and Baraka, karasuma goodness, this coming year may be better than the previous year. And with every new year while hamdulillah we remind ourselves 1440 years ago was the establishment of the Islamic State in Medina, the coming together of the Mahajan and unsought of the Sahaba under the leadership of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam What a beautiful moment it was the first real state and the Muslims coming together as one people and today wherever you are in the world listening to this lecture, understand that if you say I should have a

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la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, you are a member of that state that 1440 years after the formation of that state in Medina, we are an extension of that throughout the world from Australia, all the way to Canada, we are all part of the soma of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And of course what hamdulillah we are in the bliss of the month of Muharram, one of the four sacred months or Deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. If we created the heavens and the earth, Allah Subhana Allah had ordained when he made time that they will be four sacred months of the 12th. And this month Muharram is in fact the one of the four sacred months in fact, it's the name harem, which

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comes from her arm and sanctity shows us that this month is one of the sacred months where Allah subhanaw taala has forbid any form of fighting any form of warfare to be done in these months. And therefore, the sanctity of blood, which is always sacred, is even more sacred in these months and to harm some money even more detestable to Allah subhanaw taala the prophet SAW Salem encourages us to increase in goodness and Nevada, in this sacred month, for the prophets of Salaam said that this is the month of Allah and this is a special month belonging to Allah subhanaw taala and that, in fact, there is no month we fasting is more loved by Allah and more rewarded by Allah after Ramadan than

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the month of Muharram. So today we celebrate this month and to really get the full benefit of this month is for us, myself, I speak Firstly, is to increase in in fasting and to do as much as we can in terms of divider in particularly fasting. And of course, the most sacred of days in this month is the 10th of Muharram Ashura, which is in your in Cape Town in Sharla, would be next week Thursday, that this is the most sacred day of the month of Muharram. And in fact, even a bursary Alon, he mentioned to us that he never saw the prophet SAW Selim being more eager and more zealous or strict on himself, too fast any day outside of Ramadan, more than the day of Ashura, they have assura and

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SubhanAllah. We know that from the Prophet for them. It's not just the sundarban of Esau send them to force on the day of Ashura. It is also the son of Nabi Musa alayhis salaam, that when the prophets of Salaam came to Medina, following the heater, and he had found a Jewish community, he found that they were fasting on the 10th of Muharram. And when he inquired of them why they were fasting, they mentioned that this is the day where Allah subhanho wa Taala defeated Freetown and the people when he saw he was saved, and that it was a means of sugar that annually unibeast Nabi Musa Islam would fast on this day as a means of thanking Allah. So the Protestant sit Of course, levy

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Moosa is more beloved to us and he belongs to us more than the name so that we will commemorate this great victory by Allah subhana wa tada and we will follow the son of the Messiah by fasting Ashura, and then also to be slightly different and unique from the Activity tab, we will fast either a day before or they after so either fast the ninth and assura or assura and the 11th and this is this is the best 111 And not only is it recommended Mr. foster father, the emulation the son of the processor, and this wouldn't have to be Moosa, these are great rewarded, the processor send them says he hopes that Allah will explain one year of sin, that just by fasting this one day, that

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everything of sin that he had done from the last Muharram until this one haram will be forgiven one day of fasting, so it's an opportunity for all of us not to miss out malice and to grant us the strength and the ability to force this day. Allah grant us to appreciate the full Baraka and blessing of this month. Well, hamdulillah getting back to our discussion around our mother Ayesha rhodiola Anna, in our last meeting, we spoke about, you know, the personality of Ayesha delana and that she was you know, such a, such a, you know, strong willed, confident, enthusiastic, eager, eager young woman and achieve would be also deeply romantic and and this is what I love about I have

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a feeling. You can find the

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Most the most devout, the most sincere, the most pious worship of Allah at the same time, he's dramatic and she's romantic and she's funny. And she's, you know, she's she speaks her mind that this is all part of the deen hamdulillah. So the prophets of Salaam understood the nature of his wife, I shadowed Yolanda. And before he went through great lengths to please her and all his wives, and we get a deep insight into the relationship because he was not afraid to tell us some of the most intimate details. So we're speaking about the promises of them as a husband, and how he interacted with her. And we continue. So one beautiful narration that we find in Bukhari and Muslim

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is that it was the day of aid, right, so it's the day of eat. And on that day, it so happened that a bunch of spear throwers came from from a senior from North Africa. And they came to visit the masjid and of course, the people of the Muslims are quite excited. And they went to see this exhibition happening in the masjid was the day of eat, so everyone was eager to, you know, it was a bit of entertainment. The prophets of Salaam understood his young wife Ayesha, being eager to see as well she also wanted to enjoy this, of course, because she's the wife of the apostle, and this is high level of hijab. So he says to her, and again, he understood her deeply. So he says to her, would you

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like to see Would you like to watch? And of course, he says, Yes, I also want to see, so the professor, have them open the curtain. And remember, we said his house was adjacent to the masjid. So he opened the curtain, and he and she stood behind him. And then he opened his clock, so that she was so that he was basically shielding her. And then she says, and picture this beautiful moment, he says, I stood up against him with my cheek against his cheek, cheek to preach together. And we were watching the spear throwers. And the professor lamb was encouraging, you know, from the sidelines, he will he was saying to the, to the entertainers carry on, come on, keep going, keep going. He was,

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you know, encouraging to to go on. And I just said after standing for some time, she became tired now she had enough but she remained like that. She wanted to see how long he would how long he would stand in that position. And he never said to her, I show you done, have you had enough, she basically waited to see until she now said I'm satisfied or hamdulillah. And then she went inside, once. Another beautiful animation, I should say to us that it was a hot day. And the problem is, is a lamb was in the house and he was busy fixing his sandal now against behind the law. He's the little hukilau the best of all people, but this occasions of Allah, the Most busiest man of the oma,

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it when he comes home, he sees to his own domestic choices, even fixing his own sandals. Now, he didn't even let alone asking someone to do it for him. He asked, you know, even his wives, he did it himself. And he wasn't very good at stitching. So he's supposed to do any stitching. And he's struggling and is concentrating and because it's hot. He's perspiring. So his head is covered. His forehead is covered in sweat. And I show is looking at him just staring at him. And you know, she's the love inside of her is welling up, she's just in awe of him. And you know, when you stare at someone long enough, that person begins to feel, you know, this person is looking at me, so he the

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professor notices, and he asked, like, what's up? I shall, why are you looking at me? Are you like laughing at me because I'm struggling to do the stitching because she said she has this big smile on her face. And she says, Well, he sort of LA is a bobble head and hates me, the poet,

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the poet, if he knew, and he saw you like this, he would know that his poem that he wrote was for you. Also, side note, it shows you that our eyeshadow delana she's a highly educated woman, she knows poetry. In fact, it would appear that the prophets of Allah Himself didn't know this poem, because he asks, well, what did what did he say? What did he say? So she says, you know, the poet says,

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He said that the moon is so brilliant, when you look at it, it's it's light, you know, brightens up even the darkest of nights. And if he actually saw you, he would have made a poem about you and the moon. So the problem is deeply moved. He's obviously you know, feel so in love with her. He gets up and he comes towards and he kisses her. And she and so then he says to her, you know what I show you or even more to me than that. That's how I feel towards you. We find this beautiful long, one of the longest hydrates, you find is called the, the hidey hole. The story of abuse or abuse or abuser is a fictitious character doesn't exist is not not the famous hobby.

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This is an abuser is a made up person. So I showed you a lot on how the problem comes home to her. And she went in and they spend time in discussion and he and she says to the professor, do you know the story of abuser? So the proposition says, No, I don't know the story. Can you tell me the story I was. And again, as I said, this is a long Hadeeth it's so long, the story is so long, I won't be able to narrate to you the whole story because time is of essence, the problem was even busier than we were, but he takes time and he sits patiently listened to the story. So what is the story about so I should say this, he had a sort of law. Let me tell you the story of a loser. It's so happened

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that 11 women got together it's a ghost like of 11 women Finally, you know, they get opportunity to get together and it's a girls night out. And so now that they are lonely living women

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They agree they signals. Today we are going to be going to, you know, we're going to gossip and we can tell everything about our husbands. We're going to leave nothing Unturned today. There's nothing taboo. Everyone is going to speak the secret of their husbands. So they agree. So one by one, they start unpacking about their husband. One wife says, My husband is like a lean, skinny, sickly camel on top of a high mountain, he has very little benefit. And that little benefit, it takes a great amount of effort to get to him. So he's completely useless. Another woman says, you know, my husband is so secret and weak, every single ailment that you can think of he has it, and if they discover

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new elements, he will have that as well. Another woman says that, you know, my husband, he only thinks of himself, he eats and leaves nothing for me to eat, he drinks and he leaves nothing for me to drink. When he sleeps. He only worries about, you know, he covers himself in a blanket, nothing for me. So the women are complaining about their husbands. One woman says, you know, my husband is like a lion outside when he goes outside, even when he's scared of him. No one bothers him. When he comes home. He's a meek, mild kitten, I am in control. So some women are mentioning that their husbands are good. One woman says, let me not start mentioning the faults of my husband, because

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we're going to spend the whole evening talking about him. We won't be able to stop. Some women mentioned how good their husbands are. But the 11th woman, the last woman, she Her name is ohms that she was married to a man called a boozer. So she says, As for the, the husbands that you've mentioned, my husband, my ex husband abuser, was the base of all four abusers, this man abuser, he found me I was a poor girl, basically the dose of a shepherd. And he came from a high class family. And he took me and he invited me into this into this amazing house. And he made my arms and legs and ears heavy with jewelry. And he gave me anything I asked. He never said no. And I could spend the

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entire morning sleeping. He never woke me up to do any chores, and I to my fault, and I drank to my fault. And he even mentioned she says, Even his mother was a wonderful woman. Subhana Allah even 1400 years ago, the things that women want to make them happy, or the same as the women, they will happily let you sit, even my mother in law was fantastic. And we had a son, Zahra. And he was a he was a you know, a lovely son and we had a daughter, and we lived I couldn't be happier than I was. And then unfortunately, abuser. He fell in love with another woman and he married this woman. And then I got divorced. I mean, another man married me. And this man is a good man. And he gives me you

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know, anything I want, you know, it gives me to have anything I want. But even if I were to gather all the things he gave me, it will not come close to filling one container that abuser gave me and I and she basically longs for this abuser that her heart belongs to him. So I should tell us the story of the prophets of Salaam, again, a fictitious story. And Professor lamb then goes to Russia and he says Oh, Ayesha, do you feel for me? The way are you do I make you as happy as Abu Zar made Hamza? So I she says, No, you make me even happier than you are more to me, an abuser is to

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the professor seldom would go to great lengths, to please his wife I shared with Yolanda, not even just in terms of giving his time giving of what he could to present, even in matters of the Dean's vahana law. Now remember the prophets of Salaam, his ultimate job is to teach the carrier and his ultimate job is to lead his community in the obedience of Allah in the worship of Allah, we find this amazing story that towards the end of his life sort of lies alone. We know that the Prophet of Allah performed one pilgrimage, one major pilgrimage, once he had completed his mission, and basically all of Arabia has embraced Islam. 100,000 people 100,000 Muslim in his followers had come

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with him to perform Hajj. And I mentioned this scene, Professor lamb at the head of this, this pilgrimage with the Sahaba behind him. All of his wives are with him. So they come in Iran to Makkah, when they get to Mecca, the prophets of Salaam tells the Sahaba go and perform and perform tawaf and sigh and then you execute Iran as we do as a judge. And then a few days later, when when the Hajj begins, we'll return to Iran and we'll do our Hajj again. So everyone goes ahead and does that. He comes to his house and he finds in tears. She's crying. So this is your hand. Meaning Oh, sweetie, Oh sweetie pie. pretty lady. What's wrong? Why are you crying? So she says, I am unable to

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perform Amara. Why? Because I'm in my menses. And once a lady in a hadith ruling, a lady who's in her height cannot perform. So she's unable to perform omura so the processor Lam consoles and says, you know my life Don't worry about it. This is the nature of a woman. This is how Allah created the daughters of Adam alayhis salaam, and it's not your fault. In fact, you will still get the full it would it is not your fault. I was going to give you the full 80 would you just perform the Hajj and you'll get no reward for Amara without even doing it. So she says okay, okay, you know, she accepts it. She performs the hijab, she becomes clean and she performs the Hajj. Now, the only way

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Because I just finished 100,000 people about to leave Makkah and go back to Medina. Just before they leave the province and visit was Ayesha. He finds a crying again. Yeah, Hunter. Oh my love. Why are you crying? So this is how is it? I can't you know, I can't stand that everyone has a hug and Amara. And I only have a hedge. I don't have a camera. I'm really sad. So of course I Shepard you're gonna get the reward? No, no, I really, really want an ombre as well. So the process is no problem. He calls her brother, man. And he says to her brother, man, take your sister Ayesha, just a little bit outside of Mecca later put on an inter into a new era. Let's come in and perform an omura. And then

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we can leave together and the entire delegation 100,000 people, we will wait until you're done the Thai oma is waiting. So he can perform this extra just to please our heart, and SubhanAllah. Because of that, today, we have mercy. If you've been to Makkah, you will know that is a measure called measure. I show tonight, that if you're in math, you can perform the normal, you'd like to perform another one. You don't have to go all the way out of the car, you just go about 10 kilometres from the harem, you integrate around there and you can reenter and perform another Amara because

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the Prophet Salim went to such great lengths to still just to please, even the best of couples, and even the best of husbands. And even if you are a suitable seller, it doesn't mean that you will always be in the best of books with your wife. So even the problem and his wives and we'll find some domestic disputes between even the best of people sort of like to sell him and his wives and the prophets of Salaam sister I shadowed Yolanda and Hadith in Bukhari, he says to her, you know, Ayesha, indeed, I know exactly when you angry with me. And when you're pleased with me, I know when you cross, and I know when you're happy. So she says, and obviously in in a good mood, she's

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smiling. She says, How do you know that? What gives me away? So he says to her, you know, when you are happy with me, when I'm in your good books, and you want to say something, you will say, I swear by the Lord of Mohammed, I swear by Allah, but I swear by the Lord of Muhammad, but when you are upset with me, I'm not you're you're not so happy with me, you will say I swear by the load of Ibrahim. So nahusha realizes it's true that her husband actually noticed this in her. So she smiles and he says, Yeah, Rasulullah don't like don't be upset with me, I only lift your name, I didn't really leave you. I just think he brought him instead of Mohammed, I just lift your name. That's

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fine or whatever. You know, even in that moment of being upset the prophets of Salaam understood. And he witnessed these these slight nuances in his wives. We have this other beautiful Hadith, that in Muslim even in the process of elimination, I had some domestic dispute as even even the best of people and Subhan. Allah the purposes is to Ayesha, okay, I should, if you upset with me, who will make you happy? Let's call your father abubaker. to mediate to be the referee between us. Will that make you happy? So said yes, I'm happy with my father. So the problem cool, so wassalam cause abubaker. And he he comes and he says, look, okay, so what's the issue? The Prophet asks, Ayesha,

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would you like to speak first? She says,

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okay, and she begins to reasonable she begins to speak loudly. And abubaker of the land a member, he's a father, he becomes upset. He becomes offended, and he gets up and he wants to reprimand and he says, oh, daughter of Roman Romans, his wife, he doesn't say Oh, daughter, Baka. He says, oh, man, why are you speaking loudly to the Messenger of Allah wa sallam, and he actually comes to her because he wants to hit her reprimand. And the professor jumps up in between them. And he says to Oba we didn't bring you here for this. I didn't bring you here to heater. So buckle leaves. Now the person that looks at her and he says to Ayesha, do you see how I saved you from him? long recovery

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SLM. Can you imagine what is the torture right? So the argument is finished. He no he she became petty in his hands. So a few minutes later, the whatever they were arguing was for whatever I've said, he was gone. And they were laughing, and they were smiling with one another again, and they were laughing so loud, that I will back it up and could hear them laughing outside. So he knocks on the door again, and he says, Please let me come in and be part of your peace be part of your happiness as you made me part of your of your dispute. So this is you know, just a glimpse into the life of the Prophet alum and his wife I shot the lawn will continuing challenges topics or more

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narrations about the process for them, and his relationship with Ayesha once again. I wish all of you a blizzard moharram and New Year. For those of you who would like to support us in our heart on March the Sunday paper on Islam, please email me directly with Mohammed If you'd like to support for our kids going around and experiencing the culture and the history of how Islam came here to this country to Cape Town 300 years ago, please email me directly and you can any comments or concerns please feel free to message us directly sokola Hi Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh