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salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi etchmiadzin a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu Jazakallah Hey, thank you so much for joining us. This episode 12 of our series The Blissett women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In this episode we continue discussing the relationship between our Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his wife our mother Ayesha Allah, Allah. We had said that how the Prophet peace be upon him had married eyeshadow delana and they had spent this beautiful time together and Ayesha being young being energetic and enthusiastic. She was really keen to learn from the Prophet Salaam and she

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was willing to share these details intimate details with the oma for the next 50 years she will be a teacher for the summer to be of the greatest scholars of the oma we'll talk more about a legacy that she left behind. Some few narrations that we didn't mention in the her marriage to the prophets of Allah, Masha will tell us and this goes back to our previous discussion about her age, she would say that when she was the day of her wedding, she would, she remembers how she was dressed. And she put on obviously a bridal gown and a hair was, was washed and done. And she said she was really excited. He wasn't scared of anything, that she was excited to be a bride like any woman that is excited on

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her wedding day, she said she was excited. And she remembers how her wedding was a very simple affair. There wasn't much in terms of, of food, there wasn't much to serve, but there was a bowl of milk that was brought to them. And the Prophet cillum drank from the bowl of milk, and he offered it to his new bride, and she was shy, and she blushed and she didn't want to drink in front of him. And she declined it and she would say that she remembers that she was married in the month of chawan. The month of Chahal, and this is the month of Ramadan, the 16th of chawan. And she would say that she always, you know, fondly remembers the month of Shiva, it has a special place in our heart. So

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he has received a very romantic lady, maybe even a little dramatic, if you will. And she romanticizes the month like maybe in our time, February is the month of love for her show was the month of love. And she would encourage the young girls that when you get married Shabbat is the best month because that's the month that I married the Prophet sallallahu sallam. We continue with some of the interactions I showed you on how she was intelligent. And she was one of her strengths was that she was very good when it came to debating, and she was even had a bit of a sharp tongue, we will see that when people confronted her she wasn't afraid he didn't remain silent, she would speak

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up one of these very interesting scenarios mentioned in a summative Mini, intense love and protective nature for the purpose of solemn. So once the problem was sitting with Russia, and a group of Al Kitab, a group of yahood passed by and they had a way of they would insult the prophets of Salaam. So one of them said Assam alaikum Salaam Aleykum. Assam Aleikum, meaning may death be upon you listen to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the Prophet peace be upon him as cool and calm and collected, as he always easily understood, he heard the insult. And he said while and upon you as well. So I shadowed Yolanda who said the she, she sees this as she is this and she knows that her

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husband has been insulted, she gets up, and she starts, she makes it go. And she says, may the curse and the death and the anger of Allah be upon you. And and and and and obviously she now goes out in defense of her husband. This is a woman that deeply loves her husband and she's she goes at them and the prophets of Salaam basically says Oh, I should calm down Elijah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala loves us to be gentle in everything, and we should be gentle. And then she says, But did you not hear what they said? The unit here He insulted you. He basically said my deeply upon you. So the prophesy responded, he said, and I just wanted I said, and upon you I heard what he said. So this,

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this shows you her emotional, you know, intense love for the promises of another nation many, many years after the death of the Prophet of Allah. And Aisha would be a teacher for a whole generation of students. And she was in the company of a group of ladies and we say to her, oh, Ayesha, we know that the Prophet Mohammed wasallam is this, you know, the base of Allah, that he is the greatest of all the Gambia. And we also know that nebby Yusuf Ali Salaam, was the most beautiful of all the prophets. In fact, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he met never use of a mirage. He said, You know, when I looked at use of it was as if the half of all beauty was given to him. And the other

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half is that we shade the rest of us, you know, we shade in the other half. That's how beautiful use of was. So this lady says to the to Ayesha, you know, how beautiful was the resource I'm used to? Was that beautiful? How beautiful was the prophet SAW Selim? Was he more or less beautiful? Now? Firstly, this is a bad question. You don't ask you don't compare someone's spouse to another person. And of course, you

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No, basically, in terms of, you know, out of 10 abusive is like 100. And he's something special. So I should say is, and she's a bit worked up now because of this question. And she says to the lady, do you know in the story of abuse of those women, when they saw use of the cut the hands, right, while they were, they were cutting some fruit and then when use of came out, they said, This isn't a human being this is an angel. These guys are too beautiful to be a normal man. And they cut their hands out of a complete astonishment of never use beauty. So she I she said, if those women were to see my Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and they wouldn't cut their hands, they would cut the hots.

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That's how beautiful my husband was. Now, maybe to reconcile these two and it's strange that people actually asked this question who was more beautiful, a lot of them that in terms of role playing beauty and abuse have had something very special. But what I say is that for us as people of a man, when we would see And may Allah grant us to be in the company of the Gambia, when we see the profits or send them out whenever Mohammed Salim, and we seen every use of we will still see our profits or sell them as being more beautiful. Why? All of us as parents, we know that when we put two children together, our child, no matter how our child looks in our eyes, with the eyes of love, our child is

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the most beautiful child of all, there's no one more beautiful than my son than my daughter. So when we see our vehcile sanlam on the day of tm and melograno has to be close to him on the day of piano, we will see him with eyes of love. There'll be no one more beautiful to us than him. I shadowed Ella and her through her many great blessings came to this oma, we will talk about the blessings that Allah subhanho wa Taala given us through her one of the most important blessings one of the favors that we receive because of a is the issue of the moon. What is tiamo maybe it's the first time you're hearing about the among the prophets of Salaam says that his oma us as a nation we have

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favored in terms of the previous nations in a number of things. One of those things is that Allah has made the earth clean, pure for us, the Earth is pure, and we can therefore make Salah in any place on Earth. So you may you know you're on a journey, and the walk is about to disappear. Maybe you on the road, you can pull off on the side of the road and make Sora you know, anyway in the middle of a field in the parking lot, so long as there's no ninjetta there's no impurities in that area. You can perform soda, you in the office and the water is going you don't need to go all the way to the masjid. The Prophet says Allah has made the earth pure and they measured. Also, not only

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can we make Salah on any place really on Earth, furthermore, we can even use the earth the sand of the earth as a means of purification. So obviously we know before we can perform Salah, we need to take we need to perform we do ablution what happens if we don't have water? Now you have the option the Sharia allows us to perform what we call the mo This is dry ablution using sand. So how did this come about? When did Allah subhanaw taala allow this to happen? This came through our mother I shall do I should report to us she tells us the story. She says as I mentioned before that the prophets of Salaam when you when you go on a journey he would take one of these wives with him. And this Heidi

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this report in Sahih Muslim she says on one of these journeys she was accompany the prophets of Salaam so she's with an abyssal Salaam and there's a harbor the ultimate journey and again it must be understood that this is a journey of jihad. The problem he didn't leave Medina simply for the sake of traveling and touring. He was out performing some kind of jihad and in the Jihad was over and they were probably on the way back. So the only way back and the traveling camping during the night. And it's nighttime. Now the ladies, they would they would wait until nighttime and then they would go out in the in the desert and they would relieve themselves you know sisters today and in

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the past, they shy when they need to go to the toilet. They don't want everyone to know that she's relieving herself and you know how many of our married men we married for years and we don't even know if our wives use the toilet. They do use the toilet. They just very discreet about it and that's that's part of the higher the modesty of our sisters. Mashallah. So I she says she waited for nighttime, and then she went out into the desert to go and relieve herself. She said she had a necklace with her. And when she came back after the fuse was finished at the toilet, she realized the necklace had fallen off she had misplaced the necklace. So now she's out looking for her

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necklace and the Prophet Sallam asked her what's wrong. And she says I lost my necklace. Now time has come for them to leave. They're about to leave. And the Prophet says wait guys, let's stop. I share has lost a necklace and no one is going to leave until we find this necklace. So the Sahaba are out and about now this is the middle of the night, two o'clock, three o'clock in the morning and the Sahaba are out looking all over in the desert. Looking for this necklace of Ayesha and the Sahaba getting frustrated you know they, they they want to leave and they're getting frustrated and the time is going

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It's almost time for the walk off budget is coming in, and they don't have any water with them. There's no water in this area and they had no water with them. So her father abubaker. He comes into the tent, and I sitting in a tent the prophets of Salaam. He's sleeping with his head against a lake. He's sleeping with his leg with his head on her lap. And Abubakar says, What are you doing? You know, he's furious. And he's quite upset, basically saying, How could you do this? Everyone is outside looking for your necklace? Oh, my god Alon is outside looking for your necklace and you are detained. You're stuck here because of your Nicholas. And I shall see he said what he wants to say.

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Meaning he doesn't tell us exactly what he said. But he said some harsh words to his daughter because he's very, he's furious with her. And he comes over to her and he prods her in her in her you know he like gently, gently Bella, but with his finger he producer because he's upset with her. And she says, I felt a little bit of pain, but I didn't want to move because I didn't want to disturb the profitable Sonam who was sleeping on my lap. His head was on my lap so I didn't want to move. So then the other one goes, it's time for virgin. So the waiting evangelist for 5g they still looking for this Nicholas and the walk is about to go out and the Sahaba becoming you know agitated

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the problem wakes up. What are we going to do there's no water to perform Whoo. And just before the walk goes in before the time of Salah ends, Allah subhana wa tada reveals the Ayat of Allah subhanaw taala says we're including to mirbeau O Allah suffering Oh Jae Min caminhar et Ola Mr. manisa, polenta. Juma Fatah, Yamamoto Eva from Sahabi would you idea comin, Allah Subhana Allah says that if but if you are ill, or on a journey, or any of you comes from using the toilet, or you have come in contact with women, and you are unable to find any water. So you have basically done one of those things, you you need to perform Voodoo, and you are unable to find water or you are sick. Then Allah

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says performed a moon with clean Earth and rub with the earth, your hair, your face and your hands. So we know from our Sharia that from this ayah and from the Hadith of the prophets of Salaam, Allah Subhana, Allah allowed us that in a situation where we need to perform we do and there is no water or we are too sick, maybe we you know, to use water will make us even more sick, we have an injury. So then we can use sand, we can wipe sand on our hands and on our face. And then this is going to be counted as Tom, even even span of life, we just use the toilet, even if Suhana law, we are in the state of Geneva. So if one Babs was with your wife, or you had a dream, where you require a puzzle,

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then you perform the same thing on your white sand on your hands and on your face. So there's a beautiful hadith of

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a martini acid or the Alon, he was in the state of Geneva. And it was in the state of Geneva, and there was no water. So he thought to himself, he wasn't with the person. Let me talk to him. So what should I do? Now when I when we have water, we perform Moodle, we wash our hands or face, our feet, we wipe on our head. But when we are when we have water and we need to do so then we need to wash our entire body. So he made an analogy in his head. He said, Well, if we do we wash some parts of our body, then we also need to wash our entire body like we do so. So he rolled in the sand he holds himself in the sand. And when the problem saw him, what was it What are you doing? How much What's

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going on? And he explained No, no, I needed to perform a hustle. But there's no water so I rolled in the sand. The prophets of Salaam basically smiles them and says this isn't what is required. You just perform the normal tiamo as is needed. So the rules for the mo as we said is you just simply when water is not is not there. And no it's not in some of us may ask we are in Cape Town. It's a drought marvelous pinata blisters in the rain, Alexander rain to return. May Allah remove us from the drought and for all the people that struggle without water for us here in Cape Town, we hope we appreciate water a lot more, you know, maybe a year or two, we took it for granted that just turn a

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tap and outcomes water, we just press a button and we flush and we wasted a lot of water. So Alhamdulillah in the sense that we hopefully have become more responsible and return the reins to us. But having said that, it's not an excuse for us to perform the AMA because we have sufficient water to perform we do and in reality, you can even use ocean water flew so while you cannot drink ocean water Of course, you're gonna make you're gonna make you sick. The water of the ocean is pure, so you can use that photo. But the hamdullah we're not yet nearly at that level, we would be so scared that you need to perform the moon but this option is available for the one who has no water

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or the one who is so sick. So if you are ill, and using water will increase your illness or using water will harm you. Then in that case you perform the unknown you must perform by among

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And after these verses had been revealed, the Sahaba all went out and they performed the moon, and we made solar and then the prophet SAW Selim said, okay, right let's let's leave, they couldn't find the necklace. Let's leave the pic. And as they left ISIS Campbell stood up, and they found the necklace under that camel. So behind Allah and one of the senior of the Sahaba Hussain. Today, he comes to Ayesha and he says to her, to abubaker, that this is not the first time Allah has brought blessings to us through your family. So it's also to show that I share about the law and how we will come to know she was really, really loved by the prophets of Salaam. It wasn't simply because she

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was young, or because of your personality. He obviously loved that she was a personality, he enjoyed her company. But what I really loved what really made her beloved to the Prophet Salim was that Allah loved her, that Allah subhanho wa Taala was revealed multiple is in the Quran, because of a theorem is one of them. And when we see that a lot, lovely person so much, it makes us love that person. That's why the problem loved her so much. And this is linked up to our next Hadith. The prophet SAW Salem with he was not afraid to he wasn't afraid of PDA public displays of fiction, he was not afraid to mention that he loves his wives he's not afraid to to walk with them to hold him

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in, you know, hand in hand. This was the son of a b solo and they were selling them. And there's a beautiful Hadith narrated by mentioned by American loss about the Alon, I'm gonna be an awesome side note to

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the Sahabi. He was a man that initially he became Muslim quite late, that for most of the time, he was an enemy to Islam, and he caused many problems for the Muslims. In fact, he was the man that the Quran sent when the Muslims whenever senior he was, seemed to bring them back to Makkah. And he was the one that actually said to the king of ever senior sin these people back with us, they are key, they're evil, they're going to corrupt your land. And he even almost caused him to be killed. He said to the king have ever seen it was Christian. He said, Ask them what they say about Jesus, you know, hoping that the king would actually kill them. So he was before Islam, he was one of the major

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enemies of Islam. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala opened his heart to Islam, he you know, he thought suffering and he embraced Islam. So he comes to the enemy's asylum as a believer. And maybe within one week after he embraced Islam, the prophet SAW Selim appointed him as a, as a general of one of the explanations. And this wasn't the norm. The problem was lm would make the leadership of the senior Sahaba those who really embraced Islam A long time ago, he would make those ones as the leaders, but now I've been asked the Prophet immediately gives him an upgrade, you know, gives him a promotion. And so Amir is in charge of his expedition. And in that expedition, you had senior guys,

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let's say now,

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they were in this expedition. So they go out, and during the expedition with some disagreement between the Sahaba and when they come back, the Sahaba complain about the nominalist ease choice what he did, this is normal human human disagreement, and the professor's alum, publicly sigh to say I'm a real loss. He takes our society above that of Abu Bakr and Omar on the line. So I'm gonna do one feels very good about himself. He feels so happy. Now imagine this in the middle of the masjid all the Sahaba around the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the prophet SAW Selim, he just mentioned to me that Ahmed is right. And I take I'm going to, I'm going to do the right thing. So now I'm going to

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say this publicly in front of everyone. And he says, Allah tell us, who do you love the most? Who is the most beloved person to you? Now side note here, he actually asked that question, who's he thought in his mind, then Abby's gonna say you, I love you the most. So there'll be so solemn question, but gonna be so Solomon's not afraid to answer he says, actually, the one I love the most basically, Ayesha, I love Ayesha the most. So then Amara says, No, no, no, no, not that kind of love. I mean, amongst us mean, who's your favorite? Who do you love the most? So then the Solo Solo says her father, meaning I just follow the meaning abubaker and again, the way he says it, who's on

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his mind really is for the sole thinking of Russia. He's not thinking of it alone. So he says her father is the one I love the most when amorous is okay and who next? And then the professor says, Omar bin Al Khattab Allah Omar next best mean he kept asking and the Prophet said different names more and more, and not his name. His name didn't come up. And then he stopped asking when he got scared because he thought Allah Akbar, maybe I'm gonna be lost on that list. There's a beautiful Hadith in Bukhari point of this hadith that the prophet SAW Salem, in front of an entire gathering of people. When asked Who do you love the most? He's not afraid to say my wife Ayesha. Sometimes and

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I must say this even as an Imam. You know, very seldom would be productive status. And I love my wife Kashi for the most. This is something that's panela Rasulullah Salaam did and wasn't afraid to express his love publicly with his wives.

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He would show his love to his wives to his kids, once his grandchildren Hassan and Hussein would come to him and he would kiss them on the mouth publicly. And the Arabs you know, some of them found this quite strange and be the one said to him, Yasser Allah, and I have 10 children, and I've never kissed a single one of them on the lips. So the Prophet says to this man, what can I do with someone who doesn't have you know, that level of drama in his heart, the professor lamb would love to show his affection to those who have this, of course, opens up a new discussion. Some might say, well, how would the other wives we know the process of them didn't only have I shared a few other lives,

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and yeah, he's saying publicly I love I share the most. Is this not favoritism? And we know that it is haram for us to favor one wife above the other. This is one of the major sins so is this not favoritism? inshallah, in our next episode, we'll discuss that more in detail. Zack Allah. Hi, thank you so much for joining us for any questions or concerns, message us on with [email protected]. Also, if you've received these lectures, and you're not, you don't need to be part of our mailing list, please let us know and we'll remove you from it. Thank you so much. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh