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Aarij Anwer
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting during Shabbat is discussed, as it is a personal priority for everyone. The importance of achieving spirituality and achieving high deeds is emphasized, along with the need for continuous practice and mindful behavior. Prayer is emphasized as a way to achieve a good end and a positive start to life, as it is the final record of deeds. The importance of praying for a good end and mindful behavior is emphasized, as it is the final record of deeds.
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The hemudu want to start in who want to stop when our rules will be learned Himanshu Rudy and fusina women say Dr. Medina, Maja De La, La La La La La, La, La

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La La ilaha illallah wa hula sharika or shadow Ana Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was heavy as a marine all along with

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his van and a hula, hula hula shake on the regime. Yeah you hola Dina Manu Taku la haka, Ducati. Illa endo Muslim moon vokalia, Johan larina. Manu tabula Hulu Poland's Dida,

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lagoon wellfield Lacombe. novacom, Mama rasuna, hufa 1000, Lima

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Lima, Vanessa E. Fi tsunami, he didn't say the yellow one whom I call a bow to your Rasul Allah He lamb arakata su Masha homina Shu remoter soo min Sha,

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Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Sharon helpfulness who and who by now Raja min Ramadan who wish to hold on to for ofI Hill Armando eropa amin for Ohio a unifier Ahmadi. Well, Anna saw him when

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he Ma'am, NASA, he and others have found the harbor sunon narrate or record a Hadith of the Prophet Solomon that's narrated by Osama bin Zayed or the Lord Homer, in which Osama asked the prophets of Salaam or messenger of a law. I don't I, I noticed you're fasting a lot in this month.

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In this month of charbon. I noticed you fast a lot in this month.

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The Messenger of Allah so someone replied, that is the month meaning charbon is the month when people are negligent. People are negligent, they don't. Then I'll focus the heedless.

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It's between a Rajab and nama gone.

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And it is in fact a month where the actions of people are raised to Allah Subhana Allah for them to be displayed. So I like it, that my actions are raised to be displayed to a loss padala while I'm in a state of fasting.

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We are in the at the end of Rajab.

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We're at the end of Rajab, right now. And then we have

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the month of Siobhan and after Siobhan, we have mamajuana. Milan is a month we're all waiting for an expecting

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but as you're reading for and expecting the arrival of Milan, and we pray to Allah that we get to see it along my Berlinale Daniela admin

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and we pray to Allah that He allows us to come together in our massages in Milan.

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Alone much but if you must see the Kiara Bella me feel a lot

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fee as we're doing that we should not be negligent of this month that we're about to enter the month of Shabbat.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam noticed that people are negligent of it. And he made it a point to highlight that people are negligent of it, they don't give it as much importance as it deserves. And he will then mark the importance of this month of Siobhan commemorated by fasting extra in this month. The Prophet Ali's Oxfam had the habit of fasting regularly. He would fast regularly, it is known that he would fast on Mondays and Thursdays that's as soon as possible. It is known also that sometimes he would fast when he would wake up and there is no food in the house. There's no food and he would then fast continue not eating and not drinking until the until Muslim essentially and

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that's an optional fast, fast that is a total war a optional fast, you can fast that way. No problem. Of course for a fault fast a obligatory fast you have to intend before fudgier that you are fasting. The point is the Prophet I saw some had the habit of fasting regularly throughout the year, but it was noticed that

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it was noticeable in Shabbat. So much so that Osama bin Zayed noticed it and asked the person about it. This is something that we can learn from as soon as thoughts on them that are good deeds should be private fasting is a private matter. The prophets son did not publicize his fasting.

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But they are done with such excellence and so much that people eventually will notice it. It's not the objective for the people to notice it. Please don't mistake that. The objective is to please Allah to Allah. But it is to hide

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The katraj how frequently and how much is done that even when you are keeping it private people will eventually notice it and find out about it. That is something for us to take from the Sunnah of the prophet is also he will keep things private, his father, that was not public, when he's not leading Salah or giving a football or giving the ruse was private, he would pray sooner at home, he would pray the huddle at home, he would fast but not publicized as fast. But when someone would ask he would share why he's fasting, or how much is fasting. But his excellence in his ibadah was noticeable.

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And that is something we should think about ourselves. Perhaps we are in a situation as individuals as a community, where we're struggling to keep up with the basics of the of our religion, the basic requirements of a religion, perhaps is a burden.

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And that is something for us to overcome.

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I want us to imagine that the prophet SAW is not just focused on his basic stuff, how about or not just focused on the basics, that's a given. That's assumed that is to be done. They are focused on being outstanding.

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They are focused on being outstanding. That is how we are taught to be or that is what we should aspire to be. It may seem lofty, you might think that this is a bridge too far or a goal too lofty. But if you don't set lofty goals, then you're not really getting the best out of yourself.

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But you know, Shafi was saying when tabula rasa, so here allele lavonne, who wants to achieve something great, he has to sacrifice by staying up at night, and working hard for it. This is true for anything worldly. Any academic achievement, anything of meaning you have to invest much time and effort into it is also true for our spirituality and our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala we have to achieve the potential that we have in us. To reach that outstanding level, we have to make it a priority, we have to make it a goal, the provinces on them, will aim for that outstanding. And I'll just aim for he showed to us what it means to have outstanding spirituality.

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And so much so that the Sahaba will notice. And they will then be inspired. Because he is a man who was leading by action. He's doing it. That's why they want to do it as well. He's not just saying it to this is something for us to consider from the Sunnah of the Prophet I thought Salaam, that our spirituality, we have to try to rise above,

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to try to just like we try to achieve high and aim for something great in our achievements, in our academics, in our careers, in our health, in whatever aspects, this should also be our Avada our devotion, our spirituality also is something we should aim high for.

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It shouldn't just be this get the basics done. And let's move on. That's good from the life you get the basics 100 less a blessing of Allah. But let us aim higher, let us aim to be better. And that is from the Sunnah of the Prophet on Islam, the month of Siobhan, it is upon us. It's a beautiful preparation for Milan to fast and Chaga.

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If you can fast one day, in shabaan, fast then one day and Shabbat just once, maybe you won't have a habit of fasting, that's okay. But this is the time to start. It is at the least some preparation for Ramadan gets your mind your body and your soul ready for when normal on arrives. But perhaps this can be done more than once. Whatever it is, little or a lot. We must try to emulate the Sunnah of the prophet of Islam, which is fasting in shaba. I encourage you to give it a try. Try it. When it's up. When it comes to optional fasting, it's very easy. The rules are very relaxed for us in Islam. Very relaxed, you can do so. If you you know you could do it on the spot so to say. You don't

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have to plan for it. If it's too difficult, you can endure optional fast. It's really not you have very little to lose and a lot to gain. A lot to gain like the profits or some said the one who fasts this saw me forehead Danny yahama the person who's fasting has two moments of joy that they experience. Joy number one

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is when they end their fast at the thought, that's a very happy, joyous moment you feel satisfied. It is the accomplishment of having gone the whole day without eating and drinking. And also there is that nourishment, you miss the nourishment that your body needs Alhamdulillah that's a joyful moment.

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And the other joy, that a person who's fasting experiences is is a lovely Europa who when he meets his Lord on the Day of Judgment, because that fast will be the source of happiness, on the day of judgment when they arrive. And all the stuff that they have done in life, the thing that will give them joy from the record of deeds is the fast

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it's that fasting. So it is something that is a it's a beautiful thing, it brings joy.

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It we're struggling in this time of the pandemic, to keep our spirits high, people are having issues, you know, of all varieties and all sorts. We all can need a dose of happiness and we look for ways to incorporate happiness in our lives, perhaps even happiness in indulging in food. Some people find happiness in just watching things and just in being entertained, but perhaps this look for happiness where it's really truly, truly happy.

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And that places the fast

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think about the approach the fast from this at this angle, this lens that this is me introducing joy to my life.

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Because the balsom told us this let me for Danny for joy right now enjoy. And when we meet Allah, Allah on the Day of Judgment

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The sooner the province is on, as he mentioned here in this hadith is too fast the month of Shabbat

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he would fast a lot we should aim to fast whatever we can in this month. The other thing to look at from the Sunnah of the Prophet Islam here is for a Hindu, or your family and I saw him the Prophet of Allah so somebody is concerned. The Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is concerned about how his actions will look like in front of Allah, Allah. He is the one who Allah has said, The elfin Allah Kamata for the momentum become a matter of Allah has forgiven for you What's in the past, that was in the future. I asked a year but I Sakura, boo karma, karma, Buddha, your Lord is going to raise you to that praise station. That's the highest level of Paradise, the prophet slum

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seat in Jannah is booked.

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Yet he is concerned about how his actions his book of deeds are is going to be in front of a loss pathauto someone who has a guarantee he's concerned, none of us have a guarantee, we should be more concerned. They should be even more concerned about how our book of deeds will be.

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And the concern for this manifests in all of our choices. In manifest, it comes about it shows itself in all of our choices. How do I choose to spend my day? How do I choose to spend my night? What is it that I engage in? What is it that I leave for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala all of these choices, the amalgamation of it, that some of it together is your book of deeds. If kuraki Tarbuck, read your book, it will be set on the Day of Judgment.

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When the book of these arise in the Day of Judgment, it will be said Mally Hernan Kitab, la you heard you saw a rotten, rotten Illa. So how what kind of a record is this, it has everything in it.

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It has everything in it. That record is the is the final record. But before that there is a display of deeds to Allah subhanaw taala like to say the scholars say there's rough to me, every day deeds are displayed to us patola at the time of fudger and the time of awesome, then there's roughly one sporty every week, on Mondays and Thursdays actions are displayed to Allah, Allah as he means of accountability as measures of accountability. And then there is a Reference Center we the yearly display of deeds, and that happens in shabaan.

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And the final record is what we will get on the Day of Judgment at that time. It's unchangeable, it's done at that time, but right now we can still worry about how our record will reflect the profit some was concerned about it. The profit some was concerned about it. That's why he would fast Monday and Friday. That's why he said

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the day in Mr. Bunny either moto Allah, Torah Kula sumycin, later Juma. It is something that's displayed to us every Thursday. And that's why he would fast as he mama narrates.

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He also was concerned about these things, he would want to put his best foot forward, even though he had the guarantee of Jenna.

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We should brothers and sisters, think about this. Our deeds, our actions, our lives that we spend every day is, you know, a piece of that record.

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That concert that should be a concern. Well, don't don't assume academically what every person should consider what they are amalgamating and putting forward for tomorrow. Meaning, what is it on the day of judgment when we arrive? What have we accumulated? And what have we accomplished thinking about that today?

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before we get there, this is a concern of the profits.

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This should be our concern as well.

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And the fact that we have no guarantees, we have no guarantees.

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We have to be even more concerned. When I say no guarantees as individuals, we don't know how our end is going to be. We pray to Allah for a good good end. We pray to Allah for dipalma

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but at the end of the day, we have to keep praying until the end to attain that is to attain that good end.

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Last point from this beautiful Hadith of the Prophet Allah is the Prophet saying, this month of Shaban, y'all fully nasu on who it's a month that people are negligent of people ignore this month, and even Roger Alhambra de rahimullah he mentions.

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Some he mentions a very interesting point I'll read to you what he says he says, V the lead analyse the Bobby amaravati are caught in reflect inasa Thor.

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camera cannot tell if a two minute selfie. camera can toy for two minutes.

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We are here on the full on houbara. He says

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in this Hadith, there is evidence of

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taking care of and doing good in times where people are not doing good.

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Doing good when people are negligence, being

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focused, when people are distracted. says this hadith is evidence of that. And there's many other pieces of things that can be highlighted to bring more evidence to this. But this had the issue suffice. It says that is something unAmerican. marshwood Allah azzawajal it is something that's beloved to Allah. Why is that because when everybody is doing good, it's easy to follow the crowd and do good.

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If everybody is distracted, it's easy to be distracted.

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It's hard to be focused when everybody is distracted. It's hard to do good when very few are doing it.

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There is for example the height of the problem in which the person would cry over the people that will come after him us and he would say I wish to our to leukemia is Swanee. I wish to meet my brothers the pot the Sahaba would say that aren't we your brothers? Yasser Allah, the prophet say no. And Tomas Javi, you are my companions, my disciples, my brothers are the ones who will come after me. Believe in me without having seen me within the Armenian home of judo from seen I mean,

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the one who is doing good from them will have the reward of 50 of you in no contact you do not identify the one and what he doing because you find people to help you in doing good they won't find anybody to help them in supporting them to do good.

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So that lack of support the lack of people doing good people being distracted heedless, someone doing good at that time, stands out more is more beloved to Allah has more pleasure in the sight of Allah, tala

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displaying the karma being steadfast when people it's easy to lose your way. being devoted and praying when it's easy to not pray, that is harder and there's more of

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and my boo boo, Allah is zero to Allah Allah. From this Hadith, we can extrapolate that point as well. And that's something we should think about. It should be a source of happiness.

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As for us,

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because we are living in that time, where it's easy to not do anything. That is an act of devotion. It's easy not even to come to jumar because massages are closed with 30% capacity. It's easy to let go of all the shy right now and no one's gonna bat an eyelid.

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But the fact that we do them right now is evidence of goodness is evidence of that, because it's harder to do right now. And that's more beloved to Allah tala. And there's more pleasure in that and that should give us hope, and motivation to continue holding others marijuana was the Fulani, overstock Voodoo in

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Milan Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah he was early he was heavy on my bad. I'll conclude by reminding you of the Hadees of the possum again, in which Osama bin Zayed asked the Prophet slum bull to your Rasul Allah He lamb arakata su Masha, Masha hoody Mata soo min, Siobhan, he said O Messenger of Allah, I see that you fast a lot in shaba and he's asking why you're doing that the Prophet

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replied, The nikasha Harun your fullness one who by now Robin was Ramadan, it said months that people are negligent of their own focus in it, they don't concern it. They don't consider it to be that important.

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But it is the month where the deeds are raised to a loss patola and they're displayed and I like an I love it that my deeds are displayed to Allah while I'm fasting. This should be a Hadith, a source of inspiration from for us, just like the tsunami in its entirety should be an inspiration for us. I asked us to give us a topic to understand the point so not to implement our lives in the lahoma like maybe you were looking at

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our dinner with an ATHLEAN will Sanjana Ramadan

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Allah Allah Allah Zanetti here with Nala Milla de Rochelle Nafisa, he was filament holder he out of anatomy lamattina fusina, taqwa was a key into Hydra Monza and Allah you have a Maota alarm Oberlin normal Daniela mean, Allah homopolymer Ramadan Yara mean Allah Belinda Ramadan Europe alameen wa Sallim wa salam

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