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Muhammad West
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belvilla Human Ashitaka regimes filler man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain my beloved brothers and sisters of Sudan Malik and rahmatullah wa barakatu. Al hamdu, Lillahi Rabbil Alameen appraisement To Allah Masha Allah Allahu Allah will be witnessed that is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we send our loving greetings salutations so beloved, maybe Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam to spice up your family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. Now Allah subhanaw taala places to be amongst them I mean, in Allah who were in a Raju Yun, Han Allah, we were

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doing a series on Palestine which was itself a mercy by calamity, but yet we've moved to another calamity one that's hit very, very close to home. The death of Mufti Monaca Quran Rahim Allah may Allah grant him a high place in Jannah and all those who have passed away we need to talk about the passing away there are many people that have passed away many people that are very close to us family members, the passing away of a scholar, and the scholar like Mufti Baja is something which we need to talk about and need to discuss because every single person whether you know it or not, whether you even have never heard of Monaka it is a loss to us. Subhanallah you've lost something

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every single person on this ummah today is something that cannot easily be replaced. And the losing of a scholar, we need to talk about this. Firstly, today shall I begin by reminding us about the importance of the people of knowledge to Allah subhanaw taala what it means to Allah for someone that has acquired knowledge in his for his for his sake, Allah says in the Quran, Shahid, Allah, Allah is a witness and Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and now under hula Illa Illa who that the Allah is a witness that there is none worthy of worship except him. While Mala Iike and the melodica also witness to that, what will you learn and the people of knowledge are also a witness. So Allah

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says, myself, my angels and the people of knowledge all testify to the Oneness of Allah and to the truth of this religions pan Allah Allah has made the Allah ma with him as a witness. And Allah says he had a fairly level Adina Amman, Allah raises up the people of Eman while leading up to them and the people of knowledge that Raja at many, many levels in the sight of Allah, who doesn't care about CEOs, Kings presidents, that's not important. But the people of knowledge are high in the sight of Allah subhanho wa taala. And Allah says, to all of us, first and only decreeing Dolla dolla moon that if you don't know, and today there's so much of confusion. Don't go to WhatsApp. Don't go to

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Facebook. Go to the people of knowledge. Allah says in the Quran, if you don't know go to the people of knowledge because while yesterday is it the same those who know Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah moon are the people of knowledge the same like the Jiang Loon, the people that are ignorant. So whenever we are lost, Allah has given us a GPS to guidance through our llama, Allah ma the lights that guide us in times of, of darkness. And

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what is the scholars you know, as our historians? And if we look at the history of diplomas, why is the torah the original one that we Musa came with original Torah when he left got corrupted, the Indian gone, who corrupted it, the Allah ma of those nations, but today the Quran is preserved.

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Today the hadith is preserved the thickest preserve you and I of making Salah like Genovesa, Salah made Salah who did this job, our Allah, the worst of people of the past, with Allah ma of the previous nations and the best of people that we that this ummah had, or the amount of this nation. That when I'm asked Subhan Allah is the reason after the Grace of Allah, that you and I are Muslims, and the effort that they made. It's not just that when I talk about Rama, it's not just the Sahaba and the first generations because every generation new Allama is needed. And the deen needs to be continued and revived and taught. Who does that? It is the work of the Allama. And so Allah mentions

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in the Quran, the mistakes of the bunnies that are eel and those who corrupted the gene and the Torah. Whereas this Allah ma preserved our deen when Hamdulillah. And so we know when the Hadith of the Prophet Islam says, when Allah loves somebody, rather than loves you, what does he do? He doesn't give you millions and billions. That's nothing or power and positions that nothing. When he really chooses you and favors you and honors you. He gives you knowledge of the deen and understanding of the deen. That's a real blessing. And so also from that analogy, when Allah loves a community, he places in that community, people of learning and knowledge scholars, because it is the

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scholars that keep the community together, and keep that community on guidance. And the second point being is for all of us, our relationship with our ama so now we've mentioned how great they are in the sight of Allah, but they are not just USBs or what am I not

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Does the to know a lot of information and that's it. We have the books for that. There will Amma the job is to serve this community and to keep us Subhanallah away from Jana. That's the job. You know, the doctor looks after your health the mechanic looks after your car. Your Alim your chef your Mufti looks after your soul.

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And if you and I are practicing Muslims, and we are perhaps the most gifted Muslim minority in the world. This came from many, many scholars over the last 3040 50 years preaching and teaching and guiding every item every chef, whether big or small, whether you know the names you don't know the names. They did this effort, the sigma for us, the Resource Center says

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whoever traverses wherever embarks on a path of knowledge for the sake of Allah, Allah will make him embark that is a path to Jannah his route to Jannah is secured.

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The angels we know spread the wings in humility for the Alim

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and that every creature in the heavens and the earth even the fish in the sea, make dua for the the person that is learning knowledge that nobody's gonna listen to this, then is when you compare the Wali, the worshipper, the man who is making tattooed very good Masha Allah and fasting when you compare the arbit, the worshiper to the Alim to the scholar, it is like comparing the stars, it's beautiful to the full moon, when the full moon is there, you don't see the stars anymore.

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Because the allium is not just for himself. It's not just his own benefit, he empowers everyone else. And then it also says, Therefore, the Allah ma, our scholars, they are the inheritors of the Gambia what does this mean? That the Gambia we don't have newbies anymore? No, nobody's going to come help us finish, why is finished, who continues the work but the work of Nabil Salah must continue, who does this. But your doctors, not your lawyers or engineers hamdullah. They do good work. But the real work of Naboo is the work of dorama they do the job of the Gambia, the Gambia did not leave any money behind the left knowledge behind. And so it is the old ama that pick this

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knowledge up and continue to teach it and teach it and preserve it and give it to the next generation. And so this legacy continues so that we can still be Muslims. And when we talk about the inheritors of the Gambia something for us to think about our scholars, our imams are chefs, your local Imam, your masjid, whether, you know he's acquired a lot of knowledge, a little knowledge, he is part and parcel of that legacy as an inheritor of the Gambia and likely Gambia, the older Ma, they will acquire they will inherit not just the knowledge from ALLAH, they will acquire Allah has that proximity that closest to Allah, how close are the Gambia to Allah that Allah ma close to Allah

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and Allah loves them and Allah guides them and Allah's favor inshallah is upon them in this life and the next and the people that are around them, who are the people around the Gambia, Sahaba the base of people, you'd only find the best of people surrounding themselves with the Dhamma and like the Gambia, they're gonna struggle.

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The Gambia will never reach. They never had easy which nabina Quran was having it all his way every night he was struggling spine, Allah. And so your island when he signs up for this job, it's a thankless job in this dunya it is a job of difficulty. It's a job where his family is going to suffer and struggle. It's his job where his community might even be against him. And just like the MBR always had enemies, people that hurt them. The Allama are gonna have amongst the Devils of the gene ninja man mean the animosity of those who are against them. And so be very careful in your relationship with the or how you respect them and treat them as you love the Gambia. As you respect

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the Gambia, as you follow the Gambia. It is our duty and our resources that you need to follow the Allama in that same way, even pay him Rahim Allah one of the great scholars of the past he wrote

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and think of this, he says your scholars, they preoccupy the time with what is lawful and unlawful.

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You and I Subhanallah what do we do as an accountant you busy with numbers, the plumber you're busy with plumbing, electrician with wires whatever. The Obama he spent the island we spent his whole day in caught Allah, Allah Rasool. That's his job. That's his preoccupation all the time leading the Quran looking for right and wrong not for his own benefit, but for the benefit of the community span. Look at his job.

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even claim says the Isley year on Earth is like the stars in the sky, meaning if you didn't have stars, you didn't have lights. The heavens will be pitch black, dark completely. Similarly, if we didn't have Imams Modena shifts here on Earth. It will be complete darkness they'll be misguidance

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Every way

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it is through them, the scholars, that the confused get guidance and the people's need that is greater than food and drink is your fault. You need guidance emaan more than you need water and drink. If you don't get medical help, or food Yeah, you die, you die one day. But if you don't get the after you die eternity. The ILM is the only one. Your teachers, your scholars are the only ones who are caring about you. Ophira Subhan Allah.

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Even claiming says Allah makes obeying them more important than obeying your parents, of course in truthfulness, when Allah says you will have the network to Allah obey Allah and obey the Rasool but will remain calm and those who Allah has placed in authority. This implies that Allah has placed them in a position that you that you have to submit to them. But when they give the guidance of Allah and His Rasool, when we submit to that, and those and the Allama are people that Subhan Allah, they are the people that are the people that we come to we run to in times of calamities, the first pan Allah, the first time the first person you go to when there's a problem. Do you find your Imam

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Musa span Allah? Is isn't it so? Your marriage is a problem your furniture? Your kids have some problems from this year, when we have community issues. Where's the Allama they need to make a statement, every problem the first person we go to his name will go to the President, we expect our man to be the first port of call in times of hardship, in times of difficulty. I always mentioned that the cheapest form of counseling is your local Allium. You go to a psychiatrist for problem he might fix you gonna charge you an arm and a leg might have to sell your house to go to the doctor. I'm just gonna charge you when you want free advice to get you to Jana SubhanAllah. You get that

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from your idea.

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You became says many blind people are given sight through the Allama many sooner than a visa Salam is revived and saved through them. And many innovations and evil things are removed because of them. They weren't here. We didn't have scholars look at communities that don't have Imams vote on us look at it last in the ladder.

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And so for each and if not from a community level, but from your own level. Just think about your life, the most important moments in your life, you're going to depend on him, the day you are born. We're going to recite the DUA over you. The first antibiotic or the first vaccination you get is that that was going to give you your name.

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Who's going to teach you how to clean yourself how to recite the fatty how to make Salah Ali Fatah, some of the words of someone from the polymer. When you're a young person going this way or that way. You get guidance from Eileen for your own benefit, not for his benefit to her benefit for your own benefit. You don't make mistakes. Today you're looking for a wife or husband. You ask the imam for advice. The most important day when you get married, was going to give that Nica

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when you have problems in your marriage, first one, Imam Molana

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the day you are sick. You hope for that Alim to come visit you to recite some Quran on you. The day you die it's going to be an Imam was going to make Janetta Salah on you every single big event in your life. You and I will depend on an I'm a scholar and Subhanallah if you have if you're practicing the deen you're making Salah and your family is practicing the deen your children and in sha Allah that is your your route to Jana, then you and I have a debt to pay to some scholars on it. We would not have gotten this information. How did we get this information from home? How did it come to us? Someone had to bring it to us carry it to us. So we have a debt to pay? How much would

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you pay a doctor who saved the life of your child? incurable disease? You go to a specialist and that doctor by the Grace of Allah kills that kills your child? How much are you going to pay in return? Well, the island saves you from by the vanilla from Jana. How much you're going to pay every single one of us we owe a debt to our Alma. Now you're specifically the next point here in Cape Town.

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Throughout the many Muslim communities, one of the ways in which the enemies destroyed them is they removed or took them away, shut the machines down. And with time, Islam became extinct. You know, most of the African Americans that were taken from Africa, they were Muslims. Who Muslims, Africa is a Muslim continent. Do we don't see Islam anymore? It's only reviving now again. What happened? They lost the deen. Throughout the world you'd find communities where Islam became extinct because the Allama were taken away. And in this country, and in specially this city at the bottom of Africa in the middle of nowhere. Well, rather the end of the world. Islam should not have survived. Yeah, it

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had everything against it.

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oppression for disconnected from the Muslim world, no Masjid no scholars, not even a Quran was here. And yet Alhamdulillah Allah had not only preserved the deen over the centuries, Allah had made this community, one of the guiding lights for the whole world in terms of Islamic knowledge, especially in the English language. You only have to leave Cape Town in South Africa to understand what the rest of the world looks Hello Canada, people are scared to walk in the road wearing a hijab, Australia people are scared to be seen as Muslims, you are leaving your job tomorrow time. No one here is worried about coming to the masjid. Is anyone feeling scared to be a Muslim in this country?

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Does anyone feel oppressed in any way? We are a tiny minority. How did that come? How did that happen? In this country. It is through hard work of great great scholars over over our history. And so this Dean in South Africa has survived by the Grace of Allah. And through the we have been blessed with many great scholars, many very, very special people. And Allah subhanaw taala for whatever reason, he and his wisdom, He blessed us as a community that when one scholar

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goes, a new one comes and continues that legacy. And we have establishments panela we have a culture of learning here in this country. And today's Subhanallah we've lost a very, very special and him

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the Mufti of Cape Town has passed away, mean the most of the person that we turn to for knowledge, when we are lost, has passed away. And it's something that you can't just easily replace, there'll be so Salam says, of the signs of Kiama. Just before Kiama, there will be days in which knowledge will disappear, and ignorance will be prevalent and there'll be much killing, and then in another Hadith and so on, since Allah does not withhold knowledge out as the Hadith said, that knowledge will disappear. What does that mean? Yes, farmer, all of us can read and write their books more than ever before, how is knowledge disappearing? So then recently explains, Allah does not take knowledge

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by snatchy, taking it away from your like your brain, your for your servants, but rather Allah withholds knowledge by taking the souls of scholars, when we lose, learn it people until no scholar remains, the scholars that come after not like the previous colors. And eventually a time will come. When people just follow the England, they follow facebook, whatsapp, whatever message they get, they follow that and they turn away from the established scholars. And they will and the people will ask these misguided people for judgment without knowledge. And so they will be astray and lead others astray lead others astray. And so the entire community is, is lost. So as I mentioned, we've lost

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something which we cannot easily replace.

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Now many people might know of 50 parkeren. But very few of us have interacted with him even myself, maybe if you add all the conversations I had with him maybe not even our I'm not a student of it, but on some level, I understand what we've lost. Let me explain to you what we've lost. When you're sick, you go to a GP or when we seek we go to the GP, but what happens when a new disease comes something which no one has seen something which no one knows what is the GP turn to you go to the professor, you go to the most learned amongst the doctors. That is what Mufti Pa was not just for us in Cape Town, but globally. People around the world would seek his advice and his guidance. Some

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people would say I've never heard a lecture. Mr. Elected so many shifts. That's because panela his lectures are not really for the Layperson. He's the teacher of the ADAMA, when we when we as lay people are have difficulty we turned to our local chef. What happens when the local chef doesn't know what to do. When the MDC needs guidance. We need leadership. We turned to this man's panel, we turned to this man panel.

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And it's not as we said about acquiring lots of facts. You know, there were many condolence messages one for many items, you get to see the quality of the man we use look at who's giving condolences messages. And one of the ones that stood out was yes, it's part of life that someone comes and dies and some new scan scholar comes and learns and then takes over. But you can't reproduce what what you've lost. There it is not human Lee possible in 54. The monitor was only 54 When he passed away his final young to do what he did. It is only that Allah Allah gifts a nation or Puma with some very special scholars. And when that scholar goes, it's very hard to to to revive that says something

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about whom Oh Natasha was smaller. The Koran family is a family of scholars. His father, with the use of was the longtime

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moved to the MTC. His dad was the Mufti for the MTC, his brother, who also passed away a few months ago professor of the Sudan was the dean of agriculture at Stellenbosch University. In fact, maybe for us to understand as explaining to abate. What's the people say? What's the one chef double check? We don't know the difference. Now, you and I would know if you are a lecturer at university, smart guy, right? To be a lecturer at university to be the dean, being the head of the lectures, very smart.

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And Rahimullah Professor Abdulsalam said, I'm not the smart one in the family. But he's the smart one in the family, that if he did what I did, I had to work hard to get there. But if he did, well, it'd be like, this would be jokes.

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Subhan Allah now now you begin to understand.

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When Allah He memorized the Quran in just a year, he then studied overseas do urban India, Ms. Big University, the small Madras University, and amongst all the students of the world, from Arabia, India, Pakistan, all these Muslim countries. He came first in the university

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as our one of ours

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came back studied in Egypt to acquire more knowledge of the Arab world. And Spangler came back to South Africa and established a dark room again, this double lumen strand. I meet someone in Saudi Arabia at University of Medina from Brazil. He could speak Afrikaans how you speak Afrikaans. He said, No, I first started in that looming strand. So people all over the world come to Cape Town, to learn the deen because of Monolithos will many of the Imams that we have many shifts at the masjid that we have the moment as here are students of Hmong Allah

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and as we said, the MJC they hit the move the meaning the one that we turned to for guidance was Monica especially in these difficult times. And he took it over from his dad and so there's so many tributes came through even check acid audios all of you might know online very famous, he sent out a message he made monitor and you get to see when to scholarship understands that the knowledge of someone the only thing behind this this man is a man of learning. And it's not just about information. Allah does not give that level of knowledge of his Deen you can become a professor you can you can know a lot about the dunya world but you don't get Islamic knowledge without a deep

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level of spirituality as well.

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As in my sharpies teacher told him that this knowledge is nor and Allah only gives it to people that are deeply religious also. And so to get that combination of a person who understood the deen deeply and loved it and taught it and produce students who then taught the world to lose that. So big loss, something that every one of you and all of us have lost.

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But 100 Now we are sad move for ourselves and for him. He did his job. He did his job and he passed away. Shaheed sha Allah on Juma on a Friday for hamdulillah studies pot just makes it more difficult for us. And we send our condolences to his family Subhanallah especially to Mona's mom, she's still alive, she lost her husband will not use of 2015 three of her children. system, Nadia will always say no on the radio, Professor Abdul Salam, and now on UCLA, monster live Allah make it easy for this family has been a very special family. And part of the perhaps I sit with the Ambia but only are they tested, the family members are tested. May Allah Subhan Allah Quran, those who passed away

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placed in Jana and submit for them. The last point I wish to leave us off. If you looked at monotaro Janaza it's a who's who

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you will get to know your quality as a person in the dunya at the people who come to your janazah

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then you really realize what life you lived with. The most pious of people of that community come to the janazah and they we didn't even meet him like they didn't know what personally but it was this respect out of love than you know that's a life worth living.

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It's you take a few days see our young brothers and sisters if you want to aspire to something, aspire to this. This is a life that will continue long after you die. The legacy will continue. Allah Subhan Allah Allah blesses to be amongst them. Allah subhanaw taala grantors a life worth living our time in this dunya be used in the service of Allah. Allah forgive us for our shortcomings and grant those who have passed away please Jana will ask for the MDC to do a sudden janazah in absentia, so we'll do a gentle Salah after of the Juma. We'll do Janetta Surah just a few announcements they had that program is on the radio and you're asked to participate. We have our

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Elijah is the

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20th I think of July so for those who like to quarterback you can order with us 2600 A ship so you can order with us insha Allah and you can continue our lectures online sokola was Allah Muhammad Allah Islam listening and there'll be a minister Alec Marshall America

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