In Love With The Quran #10 Make The Quran Your Friend

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The selection of friends for a long journey is based on personal preference, with some choosing their spouse and others choosing their roommates. The Quran provides insight into the importance of acceptance and being a good version of oneself, and being a good companion is a source of strength and reward. It is important to read the Quran and find personal friendships, and anyone who is not a good companion is not a good partner.

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You choose your friends from a lot of different people but there is one type of friend that Allah subhanaw taala chose for you think about your friends, who would you choose to go with on a long journey, you might choose someone who you enjoy talking to someone you can depend on in times of hardship and ease someone who would never abandon you while you're traveling together. Somebody who would maybe protect you from harm, someone who's also righteous, they encourage you to do something that is good. And Allah subhanaw taala describes the situation of those who are standing on the Day of Judgment thinking about their friends. And so someone who's evil is going to for example, say

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Yahoo two years later need to hug tomorrow was truly sabina I wish I followed the messenger I wish I followed that path. And then he says what ya ye lotta like Tony, totally fallen and Mahoney Allah the person with regret will say, I wish I did not take that person. As my friend. Can you imagine someone saying these words about you or you saying these words about someone else. But of course there is an exception. Of course there is an exception. Some friends will not be running away from each other but rather will be close and protected and happy and safe on that day. When Allah subhanaw taala tells us

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we OMA ie the bow goon li Bao Linaro dune in London Matatini in on that day, close friends will be enemies to each other running from each other blaming each other except for the righteous, except for those who believe. We choose our company very carefully when we travel when we go on adventures. Choose our spouses very carefully when we're ready to get married. You may even assume that most people will choose their roommates very carefully if we are planning to live with them. The ultimate companion however, is better than any human companion and it is the Quran. The ultimate companion is the Quran. And the Quran never gets boring. The more we recite and ponder upon it, the more beauty

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we discover. One of the famous scholars email sharply me Heimo Allah. He's one of the most well known scholars in terms of the Quranic sciences in the RE citations, and he spoke about them what is translated as an IT is the best company to sit with as its speech never bores, and the more it is repeated, the more it is increased in beauty. Have you ever noticed that you've never become tired and exhausted and bored of salted, Fatty, hot no matter how many times you've recited it, and this is one example of its miraculous nature amongst hundreds and 1000s of others. Allah subhanaw taala made the opening chapter salted Fatiha, like breathing, never tire of it. And studying the Quran and

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becoming friends with the Quran taking it as your companion. It's like diving into an ocean of guidance, light and knowledge. As you go deeper and deeper, you're going to find more and more beauty that maybe you would not have seen had you stayed at the surface. So get close to the Quran. The Quran gives you personal advice. And many of the scholars when they would read the Quran, in the past and even in our times, when quoting a verse from the Quran, some of them would say My Lord told me why my Lord told me they used to say this because they understood that the Quran was not only revealed for the generation of the companions, but rather it was revealed for all of mankind until

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the end of times and it is a guidance for those who are conscious of God they are sincere and they want to worship Allah subhanaw taala who then limit totally. Now we should challenge ourselves. When we're going through a difficult time before you vent to someone else. Maybe reflect sit down and open up the most half open up your Purana and read the Quran. Oftentimes we will find the answers we'll find constellation we'll find comfort. It's as though this verse your reading was revealed just for you for that specific situation. Because you read the Quran every day, this is something you experienced more often. So you ask yourself, What does Allah subhanaw taala say about this

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topic? What does Allah want for me in this situation? And what better way to find out than to immerse yourself in the words of Allah subhanaw taala The Quran does not abandon you. If you don't abandon it, the Quran stays with you. And this is true in this life and in the next life. No matter how good your friends are to you, no matter how close your best friends are to when we die. Our friends, our families, they'll bury us in the ground and eventually, eventually they will have to walk away, no matter how much they loved us. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam gives us some good news about one chapter of the entire Quran Surah 12. He said Surah Tabata prevents the punishment of the

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grief and imagine you're in the grave you thought you were going to be alone and the Quran comes soon attunement comes in a form known to Allah subhanaw taala and it stays with you accompanies you comfort you gives you light until the end of times and then the day of judging

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there is a surah in the Quran, no more than 30 verses. It argues on behalf of its companion until it enters him or her into paradise and it is Surah Tabata tuber aka lady BIA the Hindu monk. The Quran will guide in every aspect of our lives will guide us towards righteousness. And then it gives us what the roadmap What do you need to do? What's around the corner? How do you live your life? How do you establish a family? What are the rules of interacting with people? How do you seek justice on behalf of others. The Quran encourages us as a close friend to be the best version of yourself and to remain committed to being servants of Allah

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subhanaw taala. It is a companion for those who may feel even on a worldly level alone or lonely. It is a constellation to the sand. It is a source of tranquility for the anxious. It's a source of strength, for the one who's afraid. It's a light in times of darkness, it's a guide for the one who's lost. It's a source of reward, Baraka blessings, light and knowledge. And a person who has been gifted with a friendship or relationship with the Quran has been given everything that they could possibly need for this life and for the next life. But remember, you must be a good companion to there's no doubt that the Quran is the best companion we can have and what's been shared barely

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scratches the surface. But don't forget, if you have been blessed to be a companion of the Quran, that you must be a good companion to the Quran. So this means it's not befitting a person of the Quran, to go to an environment, a place where the Quran would not want to be or to listen to the speech that is the Quran and then you find not just the Quran, you find yourself listening to other speakers of Quran would not want to hear or to act in a way in which it is contradictory to what Allah Subhana Allah reveals to us through His speech through his revelation, Allah subhanaw taala referred to as Kitab una Aziz, it is a dignified book, give it its right, and respect it wherever

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you are, give it attention and adhere to it as much as you can. And I will leave you with the following conclusion. This question is for you. What other qualities do you look for in a companion that you find in the Quran?