Preparing The Stage For Ad-Dajjal

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Before the digital can come out,

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there has to be a preparation, an introduction,

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the stage has to be set for him.

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A world full of fakeness a world full of deception.

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A world full of fake media, fake social media, things appear different to what they really are in reality, people think in a fantasy world and make things that are Fantasia world look as if they are real.

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Liars look like this telling the truth and truthful people look like they are they're actually lying. That's what they think. What's been shown to us a long time ago used to be bad or abnormal or wrong. Now it's become normal. Right? And anybody who opposes it, they're the ones who look crazy. Do you know what I'm talking about?

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We live in a world of fakeness right now. And Allah Subhana Allah has mercy in him, Allah have mercy on whoever is saved from it.

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You know, a little while ago, for example, I want the young people to listen, I'm actually a teacher. And I got students, we always talk about these things all the time. What are we talking about? Things that in my days, they used to be outrageous. Today. They're very normal. One thing for example, students asked me a question.

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Can I have a girlfriend? Can I have a boyfriend?

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Is does Islam allow?

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And I'm thinking to myself, isn't this meant to be so obvious that you can't really is no such thing as built boyfriend and girlfriend outside of marriage. But they ask about it sincerely, really thinking there's nothing wrong with it? What's the problem with having a boyfriend girlfriend? What's wrong with that? You know, nothing wrong. Everybody does it?

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What used to be wrong, and I'm even talking about the non Muslims in the 1950s. It was very normal to say that I won't, you know, be with a guy or a girl until we're actually married non Muslims used to say that.

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And then slowly as time went on, it became normal. And I'll tell you this story. Maybe you've heard it before my little brother. He used to be in kindergarten in what's it called again, here? What do you call kindergarten, nursery nursery. So used to go to the nursery, and he was about four years old. I came to pick him up. And he says, wait, wait, wait, I need to see Jessica.

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Now I gave him my lipo thing, you know, livers, what we do is smack across the head and we go live with Josh, come over here. So Josh means donkey, by the way. So he said, Come here. And I used to put him on my bike thinking on my bike and was to go home. And then he goes to me, I need to see Jessica. So there's Jessica goes looking for Jessica starts carrying her and kisses her right on the lips.

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For a four year old little brat, I go to him, What are you doing?

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Because that's my girlfriend.

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I got him Who taught you that your girlfriend? He goes today, we sat and the teacher goes, okay, all the boys are gonna have girlfriends now.

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So you is this person, you and my little brother, Jessica. She's your girlfriend. They don't know what it means. But what I saw about that is that it was normalized. And I'm talking about 20 years ago, this was it was so normalized, from a young age and it's considered to be cute. Cute, how nice. Don't worry about the STDs that are going to happen later on.

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Don't worry about abuse, that's going to happen later on. Don't worry about how they're going to objectify women later on. Don't worry about you know, a man feeling that he just you know, focuses on what he wants. Don't worry about girls not knowing what the heck is going on on social media. I keep showing my body and my images. And these guys keep using and abusing and they don't really value me. You know, this is what's happening guys. Well, law Hello them. I don't mean to be sarcastic. But this is the truth. The fake world. I get my students and I talk to them. And the stuff that I said I'm talking about year eight, year nine. You have your a nine here. year eight,

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year nine, they're about 1415 years old. 16 years old. They have no idea. And when we tell these girls, you know, look, for example, they say to me on social media, there was no this guy, he likes me.

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He likes me. They think it's all cute. And I say to them, he doesn't like you. He doesn't like you. what he likes about you is that it's easy for him to say

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See what he wants to see of you? She said, Yeah, it's true. He wants me to take off my hijab. And I did, like a why? Why did you do

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it? Because it gives me attention, you know, and and he loves me was the married man, I was 15 years old man.

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What's it gonna marry?

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And I said, Now, if I had to say, their language, by the way, just to try and make them understand, okay, if I took your head off and took put your friend's head on your body, it's not going to matter. It's not gonna make any difference for him. Because he wants one thing. And they said, I can't believe that, you know, they think like that. So that's the what the world has made you think

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internet stuff, you know, I have to say, I like to push the red buttons. And I'd like to talk about taboo topics. pornography, for example, has objectified every human being, and we live in a hyper sexualized society. That's what we live in right now. And now we need to address these issues went a long time ago, they were abnormal. Now this so normal, you're crazy. If you say that you want to get married. That's what the world we live in now. But girlfriend boyfriend, that's fine. It's become so normalized. Brothers and sisters, that's just something very small. There are other matters that have become so normal, that in the past for 1000s and 1000s of years, that were wrong.

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And I fear for this new generation, if they are not aware of what actually what brainwashing is happening to their brains, what caught what what we call it opera. We call it classical conditioning. I'll give you another example. Social media today, you will agree that it's fake, right? Fake, you look at a person, let's say a brother wants to know a sister or a sister wants to get married to a brother, the first place they go on his Facebook, alright, that's fine. But you know what it only tells you about 20% about your life, this is what experts say. But they believe it. And everybody shows their highlights on social media. And everybody thinks that everybody's

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living the life except me, I'm missing out. And that's why we have so much depression, anxiety, you know, post traumatic stress disorders and all that, because our expectations are right up here, but doesn't even exist. So when people for example, get married, they have these high expectations from what they've seen on social media over and over and over again. And then they feel that they've been betrayed, so they end up in divorce. And they feel that they have been betrayed and hurt. Why, because of the images that are, you know, over and over again, in our faces, as if it's, that's what it's supposed to be. But it's not. It's not real.

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You know, I mean, our hormones and our egos and our dopamine levels, you know, this drug thing that comes out of our brain, every time somebody gives us a like, or somebody gives us a little comment, you know, it makes us feel happy for about 10 seconds. And then we want another one and another one and another one that's led to drug, we need to be aware of these things that we are living in a world of fakeness. And that's why we can't find happiness. In fact, there's no such thing has happened is supposed to be content. Supposed to be content, our perfection is in our imperfection. There is no relationship that is perfect. For example, my brothers and sisters in Islam, what am I

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trying to say?

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I'm trying to say that the coming of the desert, the deceiver, there has to be a preparation of fakeness where people start to Believe the unbelievable.

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I'm saying this to the young people so that they got they did not fall prey to this thing. Do you know what classical conditioning is? They did this experiment in psychology on a dog. And what happened was this guy who and the dog what he said was he goes I used to put food for the dog.

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And I had a bell and I started ringing the bell. And the dog would come and eat from that food every time I rang the bell.

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Now one day I didn't put food I just rang the bell. And I found that my dog started to salivate, he started to produce saliva, even though there was no food. Then I took the pot away and everything. Every time I rang the bell, he salivate as if there is food and imaginary fantasy. That's called Classical conditioning. If you keep repeating something over and over again, in someone's eyes, then they're going to start with a no, it's not true, but you start believing it and expecting it.

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And when it's not there, we've got mental disorders.

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And social media now has been made in such a way that it's meant to program you so that you can come back again and again and again and again and again and again, until we get this mental disorder where if your phone's not in your pocket,

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every few seconds you feel as if your pocket is actually vibrating. It's called vibration syndrome or something they call it an addiction just like drugs. Why? Because they want to sell you stuff. They want to show you things that are not real so that you can buy and buy and promote and buy and feel as if you are so important but you're not.

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The era of the digital means that we're religion itself looks like it's backwards, where we cannot

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Make a comment, you know, a connection between the real world and our religion, religion is so real Subhanallah but, you know, some of us also will look at religion as a traditional

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sort of thing where people just memorize the Quran for the sake of it, but we don't really understand what the Quran is saying, you know, I pray and I pray and I pray, but I'm not changing my attitude, my character in my life, because I don't know why I'm praying. I have students who are questioning well, who is God? Does he really even exist? And you know, we come to talk about evolution. And they say, Well, you know, this is a taboo topic, I'm talking about sex education is a taboo topic. And he's got that problem as well, while the world is going ahead, and brainwashing left, right and center, we live in the world of sex, drugs and rock roll. That's what we live in

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right now. And that the gel loves that. When he comes out, it'd be so easy for people to believe in Him. He'll say, I and Jesus Christ. And so many people believe in even Muslims themselves. And then he says, I'm God. And people say, Yeah, we believe in God. You know, you're the God that we believe in Melton, very easy for them to believe in, if you can classically conditioned the brain to think so. Now the prophets Allah Sallam told us that the Muslims will see three letters on his forehead, they are calf, or Kapha aquifer, which means the word forget Kaffir means to cover up the truth, to cover up the truth.

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Cover up reality, cover up what what I really am, cover up what the truth really is, and believe something doesn't even exist.

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The Muslims will be able to recognize this. We need to recognize it now as well. We don't get stooge that easy. My advice to young people, my dear brothers and sisters

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Wallahi will Allahu Allah He, your deen and your Islam is there to protect you. Don't let this new age idea of making you think it's backwards, or that you are missing out by practicing your religion. At the same time practicing people please understand what you're practicing. We are not for show, we are not hypocrites. That's the worst thing that can happen to us. And we are certainly not ritualistic type of people. You know, the process that I'm saying, and I'll end with this, this is really good Hadith which I want to share with everyone who said, Do you know what a Muslim is?

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And they said, Allah, what a pseudo Allah and Allah knows. And then he said, a Muslim is somebody who people are safe from his or her tongue, and their hands that are unharmed and that I'm backbiting and gossip about, and in our movement is and he said a movement is someone who people can trust them, they can trust them with their property, and their dignity. And then he said, Do you know what I'm Bucha head is, and he said, A Mujahid is somebody who can strive against his or her own desires and egos to continue to worship Allah to the best of their ability. And then he said, Do you know what a migrantes a Mahajan, he said, A Maharaja is somebody who is able to desert to their

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past sins and work towards better my brothers and sisters in Islam.

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I ask Allah Subhana Allah to save us from the world of fakeness nobody likes fakeness and to help us know the truth from the false May Allah subhanaw taala enlighten your hearts and bring us all back to what is best for us in this world. And the next metal is not gonna make you happy in this world. The next give you great spouses in this world and the next, my last mantra save us from all harm and all diseases and all problems. Thank you for listening. And thank you for having me was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah