Muhammad West – The Barzag – Part 01

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of living in a world where everything is happening in a perfect way and avoiding the "has been through" event. They emphasize the need to be mindful of what comes to our attention and not give up on one's success. The speakers also discuss the importance of death as a last resort and the importance of forgiveness and not letting things happen too quickly. They stress the need for women to visit cemeteries and avoid being afraid of the possibility of losing wealth.
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I mean,

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I should have been what city and state you know how many

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brothers and sisters never said I want to live here but it got to how we all doing

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thanks for being here this evening, taking time out of your weekend to, to come here and I know we brought you here to make the environment entertaining, but this is not a defining topic. This is not a topic.

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This topic is something which is relevant to everyone.

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Every single one of us you meet my parents, your parents, my children, your children will experience this. This is a promise from Allah subhanho wa Taala that we cannot avoid, we cannot escape.

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All we can do is prepare for this moment. So tonight we'll talk about the barossa we'll talk about this and what happens afterwards. And this is something which you will all experience.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us at the bottom of the villa in the shadow regimes,

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who can very big

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deal under the folic

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acid Rama, who will as usual have a full full placings in place It is He created in his hand is the Dominion the ruler, the custodian of the universe, and he has power over all things, who created death and life to teach us who of us will be the base in action. This life is a taste this life is a journey. As a recent circumstance, we are just passing through it like a traveler who stops with some shade. And then he moves on these p the speed that you are here on this dunya is an exam.

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And we don't know when that exam is going to end. We don't know when time is up. And then a level of judge how we lived our life. What we did during this exam, how we spend these few days and years on this dunya and our time on this dunya is limited. So Allah subhanaw taala says, No, no, no, that the life of this world is play and amusement. We start off like it's like this. We play games. We play soccer, we play I'd be amusement, we go out we have friends, we start in our youth, and adornment we start making ourselves beautiful. To attract the opposite *, we went to get married and boasting to one another we compete and goes to one another. In terms of wealth and children. That's how we

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started off as children, teenagers, got married, had jobs, amassed wealth, and children. And then we died. overseas, this is your life, the lifespan of a person is roughly 70 to 80 years. For some of us, we need to ask how far are we? If you're in your 30s? statistically speaking, you're halfway done with what I don't want to make anyone sad here. But the reality is, you've got the T if you're lucky, 3040 years ago, very few of us who are 19 we're lucky maybe our 80s some of us, we might even get to our earlier lessons, this is the reality, no one is gonna escape that and unless is this life is just like the rain that falls and makes the plant grow. It looks beautiful. But how long does a

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plant survive? When you buy the plants, the roses, on you know, from the shop, you give it to your wife to you, someone that you love, how long before those points will you know equal to the state versus this is how the life is. And in then we go into the era with a severe punishment, and this great forgiveness from this person. And what is this world of us is what is this world except a deception? A false false gold? Everything that you held on will disappear? No use no benefits. So the purpose of life? This is the exam This is the question that all of us must answer. Ultimately, everything comes down to this. And perhaps the most important part of my lecture is this. If you

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take anything away from tonight's lecture is this Alesis I put you in the gene I have not created the jinn and mankind except that they should worship me. But Allah should be the central focus point in our life. We shouldn't worship anyone but him. But the one who will go to Allah Islam will be sinful. Yes, we'll make mistakes. Yes, we might even commit many sins. But if we can stand before alliances, yada, yada yada. I have not worshipped anyone but you not an idol of my money, not my children, aka kurama not a worry no one except you. When you're getting to gender,

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to gender. This is what it comes down to. We have these few years to perfect this. But ultimately, our time or we don't know how many moments are left. With some of us here. It may be soon. For some of us here it may be

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later on once it's cooled enough seen that every single person, every single one will take take. And the reason why all this is tasty, because this is about the beginning. It's just the taste of what will follow. And only on the Day of Judgment shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed on that day from a fire, and he's admitted to Jana, he successfully process exam and the life of this world overseas, again, is only the enjoyment of deception, only cheating you keeping your blind, overseas wherever you so be alone, this reaches, even if you are in fortresses built up. No matter what you do, no matter how strong you are, how young you are, how wealthy you are, where

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you are, you can't escape it.

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You can't hide from it, it's coming.

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We only did from which you flee will surely meet you. No matter how much you try. It's going to come and everything comes to an end, not just us. Think about this, everything we work for everything that we put into place, everything we both will die will come to an overseas, what are that do not worship anyone besides Allah, Who shaking hands, everything, even the planet, the sun, the moon, everything will die in the lava, except the face the essence of Allah except Him alone. khulumani have fun is the thing on this earth will die will come to an end, we have a call which will not be cut in July it will crumble. And only the face of your Lord of Majesty and Honor will remain

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We then begin to ask ourselves, what is important in life, the only things that will remain will last forever are those things which we've given to a lot in terms of would be the only thing can sort of have losses, and that you have to solve that the good deeds, they will remain forever. The mountains will disappear. The oceans will disappear, the sun, the moon will disappear, but your soul will stay forever. Your faasteam will stay forever, then wonder then David charity will be with a lawful evil. That is what will will remain.

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Now the moment of death is coming. It's an appointment in my diary in your diary.

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It's a truth it's a promise and the prophets of Salaam, Avi sooner you would point to the youngest person is a baby. This is young boy with this young man. What's your name?

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Sorry, Enrico Wiggin Rico is an old man, all of us will be did.

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We need Rico as a long beard that he's great. Most likely all of us will be.

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So behind Allah, we walk by the cemetery. And we see someone was he's in his grave longer than he was on the dunya. He's been in his cupboard for 345 100 years. But he only lived for four years. And this is not even the era yet. It's just a moment between this world. And that's. So I want us to think of that moment. Think in your mind, my mind. It might be many years from now, when we're old, on our deathbed.

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And we realize the time is up. We might be sitting in a doctor's office and he says, nothing we can do, we can only make you comfortable. It might be my ad with a car accident, when we least expect it might be a sudden heart attack. But that moment is coming. So we ask ourselves, and we look at ourselves now in that moment. What will we be thinking of in that moment, also behind our dynasties about dying, and how to conquer the competition, the struggle that faces the challenge of everything that we do in this life. It's just a distraction. It's a delusion. It's a mirage.

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It only ends the day, we visit the grave meaning we go and we get admitted to the grave. So from that moment, when we're putting the grave, everything will we will realize the reality. I asked you now think of the problems in your life, the worries that you have right we will have What is it? What is think about the things you're arguing with someone about at the moment, something that is bothering you think about your dreams and your hopes. If you knew you only had one week to live? Well, those things will be important.

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Well, those so those things still be the problems you realize, my problems are not the real problem solvers is when we reach the grave, we realize what was important and what was not important for some of us today, for others will come to me now. They realize that before this moment, and the purpose of this lecture is for us to realize that before that the cameras before we reach the father, whom I

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know you're going to find out when you're into the power, If only you knew with knowledge of certainty, and you will surely see the fire of Jannah then you will surely see it with the eye with your eyes when you will show

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You'd be asked on the day of judgment about this life that we live about the name, the joys, the pleasures that we had. What did we do with our time? What do we what did we spend our time with? The prophet SAW sentences? He member, the thing that cuts off enjoyment. There's nothing that sound was a mood when talking about the this is the most valuable thing to talk about the prophecies think about this constantly remind yourself myself, I speak to myself first. When we start planning and planning and planning for the next holiday, we plan for the extinction in the house for the new sportscar. When we plan we plan we realize

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what are we really wasted? Why don't we really focusing on remember that cut it will cut off the joy, meaning you will not feel sad with things you don't have because you realize you're not gonna keep it go hardships you struggle to realize this moment. And the things that you have you realize it's not mine, it's going back to Allah to keep you from abusing those things. This puts everything into perspective.

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When you die when we die, we'll look at our cupboard. The moments before we die maybe the day before we die, we look at our cabin, all the clothes that we didn't we will look at the money in our account. We think what was all this for? We'll go through our albums of memories. And we think how much of it was just wasted time. We didn't go through relationships, we'll go through our phones. And we look at all the names, how many of those are two things, people that will really make dua for us, people that will remember us what were they

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will look at our sins, anything we make the stepfather will think of the Salas we've missed the baddest opportunities that we've missed, the charities that you should have been given. And that'd be great. We'll come

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how we meet Allah, how that this how the interruptus meets us, is the beginning of the of how the rest of Africa will be. The professor says that he loves you know, love all of us. He will sweeten us before he before we die, obviously what do you mean by sweetened in a level snot making us do good deeds. Allah will maybe give us a sickness that purifies us, but he takes us away in a good space.

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of the best things that we can do and something how many of us also speak to myself? How many of us ask Allah, Allah grant?

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grant me this way, I am pleasing you. Nothing. Just showing you a different way. I'm in Nevada, not exactly. I mean, there are people I know in our time. So there's a colleague of mine, he mentioned his brother in law, took him to Makkah, he was he was a disabled man. But he was at the heart of Iran fasting and died like that.

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We know of Scala is not so long ago on the metallic in front of the car, but just fasting and he passed away like that. And the other spinal

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in bad ways they pass away, how will alum How will we meet, we hope and we pray, Allah gives us a good take. That moment comes when we are pleasing Allah. And obviously we cannot just get lucky and be taken, you know, sujood but you have to work towards that and ask for that. And big Allah for that.

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So there are signs of a good day. From the Hadith the Prophet Allah mentions that some believers about what God gives the family and gives them believe the good news that his life was, you know, he passed the space and in certain signs for the believer, that indicates a good day.

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Of course, the greatest thing is to die with the Shahada because the one who dies La Ilaha Illa. Hadid says you will interject a believer who dies with the canyamel on his tongue, you will interject the melodrama that Sophie, that mercy, that when we go we go with the kalama on our tongue.

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It's a Hades very interesting Hadith in Muslim processes. The believer dies with sweat on his forehead doesn't mean that if someone died without any sleep, that there's something wrong with you. But if you maybe have a relative and you may think to yourself, that we're going through some sickness and they will put siding on the forehead, it's a good sign maybe from a loss of animal kindness, that person.

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A beautiful death is also someone who dies on a Thursday night. We Friday that the prophets of Salaam sees a Muslim who dies on the day of Friday with a night of Friday. Allah will protect that person from the title, the thickness of the cover, we'll talk about the fitting of the cover.

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Obviously, this is a wonderful way to die. Perhaps the best way today is fighting in the cause of a lot of assisting a lot of those as they were killed in the past of the Mujahideen. They are alive with the load. And they have provisions that Allah has given them in providing for them that their life is better than this life.

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This is a hadith where the Prophet Solomon says the Shaheed is not just the one who dies in battle.

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But the one who dies of an infectious disease

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if and this is at the mercy of Allah, Allah counts he was a Shaheed and he gets the rewards of a shade. So played with infectious diseases are a Muslim, that if you find yourself in a situation with this plague, you cannot leave your city. You can't stay there. And if you die with this video competency Shahid, also of the of the mercies A lot has included, the monsters of five There are five types of people will count as a Shaheed if they die in that manner, they are protected from the tears of the grave. One of them is the one who dies of plague, the one who dies of a stomach disease. So maybe you have a relative, someone that has been just diagnosed with cancer, stomach

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mercy from Allah, Allah give me cancer, but we seem to those who are given a stomach disease, it's a mercy from Allah subhanaw taala we all have to die. We all have to die. The Beast leads to die in a way that we can repeat ourselves and codify ourselves

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on that a people that Allah is displeased with, he gives them full, full freedom. And in that moment of the sin, He thinks that that's the worst. While they're disobeying Allah, he takes it. But for these people only gives him a disease to crucify them in the stomach disease is one of those things, because it's so painful because of the hardship of that disease, they actually get the reward of a martyr, the one who drowns, he gets the reward of a monster, the one who is crushed by falling war. And I think of the people that died in the tsunami,

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the one blessing or the one to tragedy, it said, the one blessings to think that those people who drowned, collapsed, shall eat now, the sins are wiped out, they have been transitioned to a better place. So that is of the mercy of Allah. Allah does not even inflict us with some kind of calamity, except that you will compensate us not no pain, we don't know how to you know, pain or fatigue or hardship, or depression. Even if you bump your toe or you put your toe on a throne, except a lovely remove a sink and give you something better be replaced as always. And the one of course, who dies the mountain the two months is the one who fights the poor apartment a lot. A woman who dies in

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childbirth is a Shaheed, she's a martyr, but a great honor Allah has given the Hadith in Hadith, without a woman who dies with a child is a monster, and that child will drag its mother to gender, but it's medical coding. So anyone who's lost a child, anyone who's died because of childbirth, this is again a level compensated handsomely for that you earn your gender through that.

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Someone who dies defending his wealth, defending his family, maybe this is more yet more applicable to us. We know we live in a country with Panama, some, you know we might become the victim of some crime. And we ask ourselves, why Allah? Why did this happen, but Allah will compensate that last someone died because he was defending his family, defending his life, defending his wealth from criminals, Allah will give him that of a martyr, who are at

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the mercy of Allah, we can begin to count that Allah has given us multiple ways to meet him in a good way. One of the signs of a good death is dying, wants to be a righteous deed, whatever. So as the Hadith says, He says de la hyperbola. And he's sincere in that. And that is his last deed, he's basically guaranteed. Similarly, someone who gives charity and that's his last deed in his account and a good deed, that Allah subhanho wa Taala fixes the rest of it. So you know, it's like an exam, that last moment, that last question, if it's a good one, and you do good on that level, wipe out the things of the past, you will make it good, the rest of it will be good.

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how merciful.

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And that's why as we get closer, and our time goes, we have to, you know, prepare ourselves by doing as much good deeds, because again, it's not that we're going to get lucky. We lived, forget for life, and all of a sudden make the first dollar and then Allah takes us No, this will work that way. But if we make a better part of our life, it will be at that moment of dealing with each child lamella blessed us with a good deal.

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Of course, this type of dying, which is not good, a type of dying, which is bad, there are those who meet Allah and Allah actually causes it that they forget him, that they commit sin, that because of their life, as an added, as an added punishment of a listening die, in a patch,

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Timothy from Louisiana, drinking in the state of intoxication, some kind of signal to protect us, takes us away in that moment. So Allah says, If only you could see when the angels take these people's souls, while the ultimate in sin, beating them and saying what did you do with it?

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Like, now, now the punishment is waiting for you.

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That is because of that which your hands had done. And when the law is not unjust to anybody, Allah will only let you meet your death. My gift will be an affliction of our lives except for was merciful on us, you will give us hope and neither will he be adjust.

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You ask a lot of forgive us of the sentence. And that moment, whenever it comes Yama grant us to prepay. It has not been taken suddenly, it has only been taken in a good state. Let's prepare ourselves. Yeah, Allah for that moment, beautiful get fully. We become engrossed in the dunya we think about the years or holidays or kids. And that moment is far from our minds. Yeah, a lot of your mercy. Don't take us in a moment we are forgetful. It has been take us to the best of our actions. I mean,

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so lessons for Lola, either Bella, never so is taken from the mouth.

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So Allah says Vega, y with the soul active reaches the throat, it's coming up. And this is when the socket off. When that moment of death reaches comes to the throat, one container

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and your eyes follow the angel of death. So the prophet SAW sentences that when the soul is taken, the eyes are still watching as the soul leaves and the ICD can fix. So what happens when someone dies? Now we'll talk first about us, what do we do, those of us that remain of the things that we need to do. So the prophets of Salaam, the famous companionable selama, he passed away, when he died, the Protestant have visited the province of Santa Claus, these eyes eyes are so open, closed. And so he said, when the soul is taken, it leaves the body, the eyes follow it, and the family of saga began to weep and wail and they began to see things out of sadness that was not appropriate. So

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the problems can cease see to them, rather than to unlock only for good for yourselves.

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Because at this moment, in time, any family going through any calamity and what can be more of a calamity than to lose a loved one link to our because the angels are with you. And they say army, whatever you say. And in the purposes of maintenance to listen to all that we make for someone was able to forgive that person forgive someone so uncle so and so Raise them high in the station, lift them up in the dark, they can be among those who are pious likely guided those who are successful, and take good care of the family that has been left behind after the family or law, oh Lord of the worlds forgive him and forgive us and make his grave. Why? And put like vegan food in

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orders of

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mercy, forgiveness, smelly, great delight, they made my mama forgive them for any mistakes that they have made.

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And of course, as I see it, as I said, Allah mentions Hector Elijah had a moto called Robbie.

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Robbie God, the only

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until we this reaches us.

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We will big to Allah. Not now. Just give me one minute. So I can make that last year. It gives me that long last minutes to make sure do y'all know if we knew that this was now in five minutes? What would we do? What would we do?

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I want some of you. Maybe you have the courage. Tell me what would you do? If tonight was your last night? What did you do tonight?

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You might phone someone and ask them out? Yes. Someone that you're not speaking to someone who should phone them and say now so don't wait for that day. Do it now. You might have something extra that you've saved up for a rainy day. Maybe rather give it to someone to charity. They might have been some solid that you've missed. Don't wait until this day. But I'll do it tonight. Before we sleep tonight. Let's clear our accounts because we don't know if tomorrow is coming. Alyssa is that moment is the moment of greatly great. It will say if only Allah sent me that eg Oh, let me go back just for one minutes to do something with your Allah. No, of course not. It's not gonna happen. It

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is but a word that he speaks. And behind him is a bundle stuff and this is where we get the term but also this world of the day we call it the parser for the night The topic is the buzzer what is the buzz of the barista is a barrier. But you know Bowser who also speaks about the two oceans between them as a barista they don't cross meaning between this world, our world and the world of the day. These are photos of the barrier and none can cross over the living cuando de and come back and the date can come back into the side. That's once you cross the buzzer. There's no coming back. So between us and then is about

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A Different World with different rules all together. And it will be like that until the Day of Resurrection. So before we cross that bizarre, let nothing be left undone. Yeah.

00:25:11 --> 00:25:55

What needs to be done and this is a moment for me for you to reflect on the problems on the the stakes of this exam of life. 16 my brothers and sisters, fix them before that moment comes, that regret not come when that moment comes, yes, you will already get that regret not a huge regret. There's been a lot I've done everything, maybe I could do a little more. But let that moment come and you've seen from the law, no one has a claim against me. There's no major ibadah I have lived. I've done my share of charity, I've lift seeds of goodness that will benefit me in my cupboard, I've prepared for that moment. Don't let that moment reach us in an unprepared state. He said that we've

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done rageous and anything make it is difficult to remember, it doesn't matter. If you just sit one stop for a walk. If you forgive all your sins. If you had a life that was not that good. One Good night, one good moment can fix those things. This is the mercy of Allah. Allah mercy has no limit. But we need to ask for it. And why are you still alive that moment? Do you still have an opportunity to fix the mistakes? I've had no opportunity.

00:26:23 --> 00:26:24

And of course, the good news is,

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this is not a good thing. Right? It's not that no one looks forward to it. But for those of us that do good, it will be a good moment. I wasn't allowed in that area of law law, hopefully what else when this reaches the year, and only It doesn't mean only to Angola, Angola only mm Shastri, they are only amongst us, a young person that doesn't do the harassment all young people do. They make the sweater, they go to the appearance of a person that goes and he performances his compulsive evader, he doesn't harm anyone is he in his business dealings, no one can point the finger at him or her of being a bad person. This is a we have a lot. And that moment of this comes a level with you

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because you will align your life, he will be with you in your life and you will not feel fear. And you will not feel safe.

00:27:17 --> 00:27:22

No one likes things. But you will be ready. When that moment comes, you'll be ready.

00:27:24 --> 00:27:31

alladhina amanu, those who believe we can get the moon and they had a consciousness of Allah. They did good deeds.

00:27:32 --> 00:28:09

Lucia, we live out the good news, the glad tidings the life of the prison world and in the year of Allah gives him the good news now. And they asked her no change can they be in the words of Allah, this is indeed the face of the Supreme success. The ultimate success this is when we look at people successful. Sometimes we see this guy made it, he's got so many billion, that guy made it this lady made it. No, this is the one that made the one that on the day when he dies. Allah says don't feel second time to get your reward, you succeeded. This is what we need to work for. This is a true success.

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So the moment of this, now let's talk about what happened is on that moment of this is a long holiday. Even as a hobby, he says we work, the profits are seldom to bury somebody. And it's a very somber mood even was said it was quiet, we came to the maqbara. We sat around the grave like this, waiting for the body to be probed. And the process of cinema sitting down as well. And he was quiet. And we all sit down quiet, as if though birds were on our head. No, as if all the statues were all just silent. And suddenly movies would look up in the sky. And he looked into the public. And he looked up again. And he looked up and down to the public. And he said seek protection from the

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punishment of the grave, or the thickness of the grave.

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secret. So he said, obviously, I would

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say out of all seek protection, protect me from the punishment of the public. And then he explained the problem now explain to me what's happening. So the Messenger of Allah, so sometimes said

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that when someone dies, they're about to die, that moment of death. Maybe the person will sick. And now the consciousness the mind slips in and

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they beginning to flip goes into the other world. At that moment before they die, the good person, he begins to see in the distance, angels coming down the agency see that he can see the angels and they will come looking like the sun, the full moon, and they're smiling. They're just waiting, and he sees me. He sees no one can see them except that they put that the person who's dying and he sees them and they smiling and they don't approach him. And then the Angel of Death comes himself and he sits next to the person

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And he says stage of disease. And it comes in a nice, beautiful form, not a scary form. And he says, oh, Fatima,

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come, come out now, come to the mercy and the forgiveness and the pleasure and the reward of Allah leave this dunya come out to the pleasure. And he will encourage the soul so much that the soul itself will pull out of the mouth, you don't have to grab it out, it comes out, like water pouring out of a jug. And the angel of death will just hold the soul for a moment. And then he passes it on to these other angels that have come, because those angels have come with clothing from gentlemen, because the soul is now naked. They come with clothing of gentlemen, and perfume from Jenna, and they will attract the soul up in those perfumes. And every time the angels will crowd this person,

00:30:51 --> 00:31:34

they want to shake his hand, shake her hand and say, Mashallah Well done, you're successful today, you've done it, you've achieved it, you've passed the exam. And they will call you on the best of names. And even though they will bring you they will bring perfume from Ghana, you will smell better in the perfume of the soul itself will keep the snow that the angels will love. Now the angels will carry the soul, and they will carry up and up into the summer, you travel up into the summer. And as you pass up many angels they pass and they will say, whoo, is that smelling so lovely? Who is that person? The soul? Answer the angels carrying you will answer they'll say this is Fatima, the one who

00:31:34 --> 00:32:05

used to give people food when they when she came to the door. This is what we used to make Sarah This is so and so. And they will mention the best of your deeds and the best of names. And you'll pass by hundreds 1000s of angels, all of them wanting to greet you. And as you go up, you reach the barrier of one summer of delegates, when they get to one summer, the gates will be open and will be raised higher and higher and higher depending on your your category depending how good you are being raised up all the way to the highest of summer.

00:32:06 --> 00:32:07

And then and then

00:32:09 --> 00:32:11

when he reaches the highest summer,

00:32:12 --> 00:32:20

a low you will hear the words. And these are the words of Allah, Allah will say write the name of my servant until the

00:32:21 --> 00:32:23

end you What is

00:32:24 --> 00:33:07

it is the book a register of those were successful. So there are two books, an elite team and a CG elite is a list a register of names of all those who pass the exam. So then when he reaches this high level up any soldiers carried up, he will hear the voice of a lot and unless majesty and we'll say, Now put his name down that he passed the exam, Allah him and then Allah will see. But he turned him now you need to go back. Because you belong in the ground. I promise that when I took you I made you Oh inside that you will make from the ground you will return into the ground. So then this person covered in the clothing of gentlemen, having his name, and being an knows now he passed the

00:33:07 --> 00:33:11

exam, he knows. Now back to the cover.

00:33:12 --> 00:34:00

Please, of course a different journey. For someone else, only two journeys. This is a soul that was good. As for the soul that translates, committed sin, didn't perform the sutra, didn't think about Allah was bad to others forthwith this one, cheated that one for a small gain of the dunya. for that person, as he's about to die, and you realize this time is up. And he becomes aware of this. He sees dark figures, scary creatures this evening. In his eyes, like no one else can see except him. He screams no one can hear only he sees those things. The smell that emits from the stainable and he's terrified of Indian Angel of Death himself comes into the skin format. This is for all of us.

00:34:01 --> 00:34:43

Only that the good soul or the bad so there's no in between. And the angel of death comes and says now Your time is up, come out to the fury and the anger and the displeasure of a lot come out to the punishment of Allah and when the soul is this the so many treats into the body. And the engine of the drags. You know, we all know the spark drags that soul out from the mouth, like a piece of cloth being dragged through phones out with with with pain and civility and the angel of death will when that soul is pulled out. A disgusting, terrible smell will come out. The Angel of Death will pass that soul on to the angels around and they will strike this person and then we'll see what did you

00:34:43 --> 00:34:59

do? I don't want this for soul. And then a bag from Jana will be brought forward with prayer and this will be wrapped around it. This will be his clothing and he will smell the worst of smells. And then he will be taken up all over the test and as he passes

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

Every Angel they will say what disgusting solinas that smell so bad? What did he do? And he will say this is the one who committed excellent. Listen, this is the one who didn't do this. So that one will harm this person and that person, all these things they will mention, and he will reach the end of the first summer, and they will find the doors closed, and you'll be seated. No one here wants to see the sun. Allah doesn't want to see the soul. And he will hear the voice of Allah. And Allah will say, so he called the soul in a C gene. What is the C gene, as I said, it is the book of names of those who lost who failed the exam, the wrongdoers and you will come to know now you failed the

00:35:41 --> 00:35:56

exam. And Allah will say and singing back to the cover, and instead of being taken down at the good soul, rather his soul thrown back from the sun, they will drop him and he will fall the drink falling all the particles. This is the to juries,

00:35:57 --> 00:36:39

this would act. So another person has just died. The one was came out in the goodness, he turns to his body, the bad soul comes back to his body. And he knows what's awaiting him in the public. Now imagine that feeling I want you to mention this, your soul has just been cooled down in this dunya it only a second might have passed. But what did you the journey has been up and down. You're back in your body, you lying in the capital, the people around you your family's trying, and you realize I passed I failed. And you realize now they're sitting there thinking behind the machine. You can hear them talking. And really the first people that judge us or the first judge or the people around

00:36:39 --> 00:36:48

us. Now we get to hear what they say. Well, those two martial artists also she was such a good person. always smiling, always giving this guy

00:36:49 --> 00:36:53

assume I know things about you. Now you need to know the kind of person you were.

00:36:55 --> 00:37:01

And as they're preparing you, you can't do anything you just away. And you know what's coming.

00:37:03 --> 00:37:06

They will carry you now to the grave.

00:37:07 --> 00:37:14

It will carry you to the grave. For the believing soul. He will die in screen to his family. Hurry up.

00:37:15 --> 00:37:33

I'm waiting for my copper washing hands get done with me. You will be impatient to riches copper, because he knows that he's genuine. As with a disbelieving soul. sinner, you will know what's waiting a punishment, you will try and tell these people don't need to give me that. And that's why we hurry up

00:37:35 --> 00:37:57

and ask, why do you guys baby so quickly the person dies this morning, before mother is in the grave already. Why? Because it is a good solid process. Don't delay his reward. He's waiting to get there, he's excited to get to his agenda. As for the disbelief of the wrong the wrong soul, then get rid of it. It's just just been evil. Now as soon as you can.

00:37:59 --> 00:38:13

So when they carry him, the good one will say take me quickly. And sometimes we feel bad for our relatives, we think you're gonna put them in the grave, our mother or father out. But we think good about it. And we think that our mothers, our fathers, our grandparents are telling us

00:38:15 --> 00:38:29

now I want to go there. But may this be for all of us. I mean, may the moment of ours, this be the best moment of our life. When that moment beyond that I'm done. I want to go Yeah, this is where I belong.

00:38:31 --> 00:38:57

So as the prophecies hastened to be the deceased, who if he was a righteous person, that you're taking him to something good, a house painted in the house that you'd have a companionship because any strings here, a reward data, everything data is being is going I mean, it's finally think like you're going on this journey. So send him Don't delay him. If he's a bad soul, then it's an evil thing which you need to be the root of your illegal self of that.

00:39:00 --> 00:39:41

One who has found relief and one from one of the prophecies, someone dies, one has found relief and one from whom relief has been found visit Allah Who are the ones who has found relief and the one probably because we found, he said, the believing person has found relief from the troubles of this world. Now again, this world is filled with sadness. If we do it correctly, and we live our life, we don't have to be the best of people. We do the basics and try to be good people. Then again, Allah promised us this will be a moment of goodness, we will be happy to die and we will leave behind all the bed of this dunya you'll find relief and you will find a bad person unfortunately, then the

00:39:41 --> 00:39:43

world will be relieved of him

00:39:44 --> 00:39:45

when we visit the date.

00:39:47 --> 00:39:59

So now that we vary the person and the professor encourages us to visit the date, this is the day maybe you want to take your phones out and take a picture. This is the door that you make when you visit the Makoto. This is what you should say. We do the

00:40:01 --> 00:40:02

Salam Alaikum

00:40:04 --> 00:40:22

Salaam Alaikum Oh people of the cemetery for people that dwell Yeah. of the believers, you know, we need what was given in the videos and the Muslims in sha Allah, we will join you soon we will also going to be, we're going to be as soon as I ask Allah to keep us and you safe and sound, small, simple.

00:40:23 --> 00:40:52

This is the door that you make when you visit someone that additives. The end, it is part of the sooner to visit the cemetery. Why? Because maybe I speak to myself first. I know in Lhasa Makoto, but before you make a big decision, like, go to the cemetery and ask yourself, does it make sense that I'm going to do this considering the system? I'm going to end up? Does it make sense what I'm going to do now? We I might be here very, very soon.

00:40:55 --> 00:40:57

Just a side question. Can women visit the

00:40:59 --> 00:41:02

site Christian? What do you think in sisters? Isn't the symmetry Yes or no?

00:41:04 --> 00:41:09

So is it the first of opinion Yeah. The women should not visit when the person has been visited.

00:41:11 --> 00:41:14

So if someone had added to abuse is died,

00:41:15 --> 00:41:58

don't go at the moment with a person has been buried. Why? Because that emotion may be too much for you. So the promises and says that these are a curse upon the zawada the women that visit frequently the cemeteries that she does this habitually meaning if he doesn't do it a bit surely meaning once every now and then she visits appearance and she makes to offer them no problem. So permissible, but not encouraged for the sisters for the mean, go and remind and reflect on the grave. And also you don't have to be at the cemetery to make do is at the cemetery we must we must we must serious Let's just be in the muck bar is creepy. It's creepy and are you serious, but you can make go out at home.

00:41:58 --> 00:42:18

Just as powerful for the sisters, you can attend but don't attend when the emotions are high. When someone has passed away, while I'm behind Allah, to watch your loved one being very easy. We put you know, even though you know because a good person in child law still it's difficult the company with personal sanity. So at that moment, not advisable for the sisters.

00:42:20 --> 00:42:36

And again, so now we see the brother the sister has passed away. He's just been informed is going to gender or he's been successful or is not successful. And they take him to the masjid and they perform the Genesis so that on him or her? Do we know what to say in the Genesis Allah

00:42:37 --> 00:42:38

how many copies

00:42:39 --> 00:42:40

you don't

00:42:42 --> 00:42:46

say Allahu Akbar, the mount will set a low and you already said sort of it

00:42:48 --> 00:42:54

then the mom will say Allahu Akbar and you'll make some a lot I'm going to be like in the shadow alongside you in a second

00:42:57 --> 00:43:13

video set up but a third time. And in that third beat we make to offer the date. Aloma field our somehow gender will not forgive her Have mercy on her, we make to offer that person and then we say a foot long, awkward. We don't say anything will show to her for everyone else. And I said I want to consider one

00:43:15 --> 00:43:15

very interesting.

00:43:17 --> 00:43:21

spot as mentioned, when you are born, they make an adult in your ear.

00:43:22 --> 00:43:25

And when you die, this is Salah with alternate

00:43:26 --> 00:43:53

your life, your Genesis, well as Adam is given when you are born, your life is a short period. What do you need at the moment of your birth? The man the man makes a lot of meaning his stanza is waiting for him. Everything will lead up to that moment. Your life is the short period in between. There's a beautiful Hadith that if 40 believing people make Genesis Allah and someone and they testify that this person is a good person, inshallah that person will become.

00:43:55 --> 00:44:04

But if 40 people of character of substance, the form, think about your companion people in the dunya are they worthy of your * or not?

00:44:06 --> 00:44:24

Think about now Who do I want to send think about if you passed away mouth I possibly could I will send my janazah are those good people are those quality people are those people that I would want to stand out from all the bits of people. If you want them to attend your janazah you need to be within the dunya Now think about that.

00:44:27 --> 00:44:28

Now he's carry cheese carry to the

00:44:30 --> 00:44:44

sink to the grave. And he will hear the footsteps of resistance Think about this. Three things will go with you to the grave. Your family will go with you. Your wealth will go with you. Your needs will go with you. But when they put you in the grave your family will leave.

00:44:46 --> 00:44:59

Even if they love you eventually the last one will leave you alone and your wealth that you worked your whole life that empire that your mess. Not one simple though with you. All you and I will have will be that covered.

00:45:02 --> 00:45:45

Not even shoes. Absolutely nothing you realize. Even the one who lives in Bishop's coat and drove the Best Of course, we're lying next to the person who had nothing even look their food on the table. They ended up the exact same way. This is the Alesis This is the cheat of like, you enter this dunya naked and nothing and you will only leave the world the same. So what are you fighting over? There is no one who's gonna win this dunya Allah gave you your billions on lease on loan. Now you die he takes it back and somebody else What are you fighting over? What are you killing yourself over because it won't be with you. We live in this life trying to attain as much as we can. Few of

00:45:45 --> 00:45:55

us will achieve it. But even the one who achieves these dreams and gets the billions, he can't even he has to let go. So Allah says what is the point of all of that?

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