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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and culture of Islam, including its use of the "fit and shackles of slavery," the "fit" and "fit" of Islam, and the importance of giving charity and deduction to people who want to be rich. They stress the need to invest in one's success and not give back to others, as well as the importance of good deeds and investment in one's success. The speakers also touch on the challenges of achieving wealth and the importance of staying true to one's values.
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rosabella shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah shadowfell mursaleen syedna Mohammed noir yo savage mine, Sara Moloch Mara la Hill Baraka to

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our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam or Brisbane to Allah subhanho wa Taala was once again brought us to the house of Allah. And while we are here at Hamdulillah, the sins of last week, the minus ends are being forgiven. All of them the minus ends, what we looked at what we spoke what we said what we thought, last panda is forgiving all those sins, and he's raising us up and the angels are praying and making Easter far for us. And our names are mentioned with Allah subhanaw taala we thank Allah for this great drama and we send out Peace, blessings and love and salutations. Do I know will there be Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and upon his family, his companions and all

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those within in the Sunnah of Muhammad Allah, Allah will send them

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Alhamdulillah over the last few weeks, we're speaking about economics, we speak about xenophobia, we spoke about the situation of people coming from one land to the next, in search of a better life in search of prosperity. And we said Islam does not look at the dunya as something which is evil, that we should live in isolation. And we should say it's haram or it's bad to be a rich man or hamdulillah. We want you to be a rich man. We want you to strive Islam wants us to strive hard for the dunya but not to make the dunya our focus and our end goal that the as we said, and this is the motto in sha Allah, the dunya within our hands, but Allah in our hearts, we spoke about slavery, we

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mentioned and explained clearly that Islam is without a doubt against slavery, and the questions about Islam and slavery. It's not, this is all propaganda that we have enough, sufficient Alhamdulillah our Deen is beautiful, and it is pure. And it is free of this concept of what people imagine that Islam is promote, promote slavery, it's completely Haram. Then we spoke about modern day slavery. And is it not strange that we see that even though there are no chains there, no shackles, then Oh, whoops today, but the Masters that were the slave masters 300 years ago, I stole the Masters today. And the methods of slavery has just become more sophisticated, the method of

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slavery, they don't need whips and chains anymore to enslave us. They use economics, to slay enslave mankind to enslave countries and continents. I was just listening to some you know, brothers, and parents will go through the process of trying to put the kids into schools. And you hear that, you know, you must have a legacy to go to that school, meaning your parents or their parents must have been a student. Now at the time when that school only allowed a certain color to go to school, it just perpetuates the same kind of, of exclusion. Therefore, we said slavery well in the model in the sense that we know is gone. slavery in terms of, of money continues.

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And Islam is a force of change. Islam comes to remove slavery in all its methods. It removes this the shackles from the man was slavery is tied down. This was the case in the time of an abyssal Salaam. He made Islam look at Islam. Look how amazing Islam is. It took Bilal was Bilal Wei was beloved, no one knew okay about Bilaal. Today you ask any Muslim name five Sahaba. You mentioned Abu Bakr and Omar Osman Ali, and you probably mentioned Bilal, every Muslim from the east to the west knows this great companion Bilaal as a number mentioned when his generals asked him when you say number we mentioned this last week that he took munsieville AXA when he conquered mercy luxa. They

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told him he needs to come personally to accept the key. And he came, like the normal armor weighing the same thing. No cloak, no fancy things these generals told him. Yeah, how are you going to know these are big shots. These are kings. These are presidents. You need to look the part you the halifa you are a leader. They expecting to see a king and he got upset and he grabbed one of his generals. He says, Where will we be for Islam? We're at the bottom of the bottom. When we took hold of Islam. Islam brought us up the minute we start forgetting what makes us strong. What brought us up, we're going to go back to where we work. So Islam comes to lift mankind of Islam is not just for the heart

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and the soul. You can't eat a man and taqwa, right, that's not what's going to put food on the table. Islam also comes to lift you up in the dunya to raise you up in the dunya robina Athena dounia Hasina, give us the best of the dunya. When we look at our own history in South Africa,

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the only year when they came, the people who embraced Islam were not the masters and the bosses, the slaves embrace Islam. Why? Because for the first time they heard someone telling them that will lie in spite of the color of your skin. In spite of your language, in spite of where you are financially. You can be number one with a lot for the first time

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time they heard that as a human being, you have the same rights as the King. This is given to you by whom, by no parliament to prison are given to you by the Harlech, the creator. That is why most of those who entered in our lives, our lineage, our forefathers, were slaves. That's where we come from. And we were raised up away from slavery through Islam, that the first thing and something very important that we know that the only year when they came here, before they even taught Islam, they taught slaves who didn't want to be Muslims how to read and write fine, you don't want to accept Islam, no problem, but learn, learn to read and write because this This frees your mind from

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slavery. You want to keep a person down you take away education, when people saw that this is the light of the dean, the dean looks to remove slavery, remove oppression in any format he can be. This is the Dean of power. So we spoke about how do we free ourselves from economic slavery and we mentioned from the from the Quran and the Sunnah, methods of increasing the risk that we don't go to the bank. If we can avoid the bank Alhamdulillah avoided avoid interest. We said quite clearly Allah warns us against the Riba, a declaration of war on anyone who takes the Riba pays Riba rights Riba calculates Riba records Riba all these things are wrong, and we do our best utmost to avoid it as

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best we can, and to pay back what we can what we've already what has gone before we try to pay back the best that we can. So how do we increase our risk? We mentioned a list of about 10 things last week, and we just to quickly run through them Alhamdulillah beautiful I am sure to know in Surah No, just after surah Baraka but Nabina tells his people interested through if you make Toba, you will see the Somali comida rara the skies will open up for you, and the grounds will grow his goodness. And Allah will give you rivers and gardens and children make Toba just so yeah, a lot of stuff. It'll lie to you like I made the sin. And now I'm asking Allah for forgiveness. I was so happy that

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you're asking for forgiveness. You're not only forgives that sin not only rewards you in the author, but then also anomaly to make you rich as well. Because you recognize these are Up above you know what I did was wrong. So the first thing this is what the Quran says you want to increase your IQ make Toba? Number two make sugar? Well, in shocker to know

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that if you make sugar versus lazy then the more sugar you give me. I am more proud of all those names Shaku. Shaku means the one who appreciates you know, the wife always says that when you say I'm not appreciated, I do the hard work. I don't even get a thank you. It was the most appreciative when you do a little Allah is so appreciative. Grateful is not the correct word appropriate for Allah. He's the so appreciative what you do on our rewards you, I'm going to show you the more you do for me, I'm going to outdo you, Allah will always outdo us. So Allah says, the more sugar you give, for the next time I give you, the more I'm going to give you the more wealth you have, the

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more sugar you give, the more charity, the more goodness you do, I'm only going to give you more and more and more. It's an endless cycle of hate that you hope to be inside. Keeping family ties, we said that this is nice also mentions it increases your risk and your lifespan. But to the extent that a man who is bad is an evil person in the road, but he's good to his family. Allah still gives him music, because of being good to his family because he takes care of his family, honesty in business. Many times you people work hours and hours without Baraka in their wealth, because there is no goodness in this transaction. Allah took the Baraka away, you ask what do we mean by Baraka?

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What is this Baraka, right? What is Baraka? Where do I find Baraka and the balance sheet? You'll find it with a Tacoma is right? That's where Baraka is. So, Baraka is where the little that you have goes along way and no calamities before you things you didn't foresee problems and problems and problems.

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Allah puts Baraka in a transaction that is good for the buyer and the seller. We mentioned this Hadeeth no one is trying to cheat one another. But the brother he gets a tender and discount on something which was not halal. He chooses the Haram option. He chooses the good that was stolen. Yes, you save the tender and but will lie Allah is going to take away something even more valuable and worse for you. In the end, you're going to lose out. rather do things correctly. Do it legit, as they say do it properly in terms of the deen and Allah will put hide in that that car which was only supposed to last you a few years is gonna run for another 10 years. That's Baraka. That's Baraka,

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but the thing which has guaranteed to never break after one year, it's broken, how we are Allah why no Baraka in the warranty internet breaks panela this is lack of Baraka so understand our business and we ask where do we earn our money? Want to be rich? Where do we earn our money? How do we spend in South Africa? You're not decreased in charity. This is a principle explains over and over, at the very least two and a half percent shows that Allah Allah does not demand

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50 for you 50 for me,

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not even a quarter, not even a third Allah says I only want two and a half percent of Zakah that you must pay that is Huck that does not belong to you was given to you, you give it back to, to the poor to the charity to the needy, whatever you give more more, Allah will repay it and as I said last week, the only person who deals in Riba and is allowed to deal in interest is Allah. And he doesn't take Riba he gives the Riba he gives interest. Allah says, Whatever you give me, at the very least, the lowest return you're going to get is 500%. It's the lowest return or 700% of one savasana will you get 700% return? For every you give one rent, Allah promised you at least 700 Rand in return,

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that's the lowest, the lowest that's guaranteed from Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's the lowest anything else is more. So Allah gives charity and why when you give charity you become Kareem generous, but Allah is a crumb, the most generous, Allah is gonna outdo you, the more good you do, I was going to show you I'm better I'm going to do more than you. So the more you give to Allah, Allah gives you hygiene. So one of the speciality is of hygiene or you do more how to do more Amara, not only your sins forgiven to as accepted, but Allah increases your provision. So behind Allah we see this brothers, they say you for 5060 years to go and Amara, then they go for the first Amara, and

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the ombre bug bites them you'll find next six months they go again 60 years brother to save up now you're going for another one and another one and they continue to go. Every year they go for Amara, how is this possible? Allah has put Baraka in it, put the love in the Allah subhana wa Taala shows you this Baraka you see from people that you know, in the community, every second year, they're going for O'Meara spinalonga, like syptoms, hegira, hegira, Sahaba, lifts everything, they lift everything refugees and Allah some answers. It's now my responsibility to look after these people. Today, there's no hegira anymore of going we're gonna leave Cape Town and go to Medina. Hydra has

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stopped, but he dropped from sin continues, you have two options, the easy option which is good for you, but it's Haram. But then you have the option not so attractive, but it's halaal you make the hegira Don't worry Allah subhanho wa Taala you avoid the sinful thing you avoid the easy option. And Allah is going to put Baraka in that choice that you make and do nothing prevents Nothing is more you know powerful than the do out of the believer. You make that dua and especially and we make do we will get to Ramadan, especially in the Ramadan make to alpha provisions Don't be shy Don't be ashamed. I was only asked for the agenda. No, nobody saw sudden I'm asked we mentioned last week he

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continuously make dua protect me Allah from date. From date. Allah doesn't only think of your accurate needs, he's the one that feeds you, the one that enriches you and clothes you make to offer those things say Allah, I want the job I want the race. I want the promotion. Why so I can be thankful for Allah and be grateful and if I'm not thankful, I'm not grateful. Keep it away. That's why we always make the dua Yeah, Allah let this wealth be a hoodia for me a bliss a, a, an evidence for me, and not against me and kiama that this wealth not be used against you. And Allah says, You gave less charity than this man who was didn't even have a house, you earn 10 times more than him

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but he gave more charity than you How do you explain this to Allah subhanaw taala May this be Pooja for us and not against us? Now Visa Center made this dua.

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Allah I seek food I seek of you for good halaal provisions. We don't know where our wealth comes from today. everything is mixed and matched and Allah who you don't know what the end was unhallowed and heroin. Yeah, Allah, you know what, everything was hard on him. So make it harder for me make this to Allah let my provisions be halaal and grant me knowledge which would benefit me and also another very scary thing for us. Knowledge is going to be used for us or against us. What did you do with that knowledge, beneficial knowledge and except the good deeds that we do that small, little minute insignificant deeds? Yeah, Allah, you accept that little bit from us? And ultimately,

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tawakkol is what what comes down to wealth, wealth? How much we'll ask the brothers, brother, how much must you have in your bank account before you sell camera management? One brother might say you if I had, you know, 10,000 and I'll be happy with it and others is 50 a brother says I need millions before I am hamdulillah wealthy billionaires who are not yet wealthy, almost the what is well, how much zeros Do you need in your bank account to feel wealthy. And that comes down to tawakkol. That comes down to Eman and that is wealth. That is the resultant season Heidi. Wealth is not the amount of valleys of gold you have. But it's the man that is contented with what he has. You can have

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everything and not be happy. You feel insecure, you feel sad, you feel poor. The man was so happy with half of what you have. He's really wealthy. He's really the wealthy one. And when we remember and realize that ultimately this is a game of competition of getting

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More and more than someone else. There is no winner in this game, as they say, no one wins the rat race because even the winner is still a rat, right? It doesn't matter who wins the rat race, we put our trust and ultimately tabacos this is balance. Yes, compete for the dunya and be the best and don't use the dean as an excuse to sit back and do nothing and to be lazy. My music is written for me So why do I need to even work this is using the dean as an excuse to be lazy law Don't play with the Dean's even worse, rather compete for the dounia rather than work full time for the dunya and to use the dean as an excuse to be lazy, but also at the same time. Remember, as matter how hard we

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work is from Allah. Allah says to us.

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Then when you have taken a decision when you do the right thing, put your trust in Allah, Allah I've done the best I could do. I've done my part. Now I put my trust in you. I've done my part. I've invested with you. Yeah, Allah, you the return comes from you that Allah says certainly Allah loves those who put the trust in Him. Allah says if Allah helps you, listen to this analysis and remember if I help you, none can overcome you. And if I find if he forsakes you, who is the after him that can help you who can help you if you don't have Allah and in Allah let the believers put the trust. So we put out trust with Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah continues, talaq and whoever is mindful of

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Allah, when you get tequila, whoever has taqwa of Allah and remember the objective of Ramadan, La La Koo chacun. You will get the duck walk versus if you once you get taqwa. What will you do? So one of the benefits of Getting Rich is to have Taqwa in Ramadan. When you're done and you say I have Taqwa. What does it mean for me now? Yeah, Allah. Then Allah says you will make for him away out Allah will alleviate all your difficulties. And he will provide for you from way he does not expect a little open doors of reason which you never even contemplated. How could I get rich today? Some relative you didn't know he passes away and gives you a million. I didn't know this uncle. Right? Right. So

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Allah opens doors that you don't even expect and whoever puts his trust in Allah, that Allah is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a decree, extent Allah subhanho wa Taala has already set out the decree. As this difficult question now that we enter into we'll talk a little bit inshallah more about this as we get close to the 15th of Siobhan. The issue of decree, and destiny, freewill and destiny, what is pre ordained, we know the well known Hadith, before you are born of the things that angels will write down is the reason

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before we will create it, Allah says I've already set out the proportions of everything. This brother will only eat so many chickens throughout his life, that brother will earn so much money and that's it. So we say yeah, Allah, on the one side, do we work for the dunya? When everything's put out? Or should we sit? And should we sit back and do now how do we combine this very complicated? This is the most complicated discussion of all, we'll talk more about this in weeks to come. This is the most difficult area of Islamic study. And there's no clear answer to it. It's the first area in which Muslims earn one of the sixth pillar of Eman Eman be the color the man of predestiny and

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freewill but we leave that discussion and look at how nobody's also applied this concept of tawakkol How do I put my dependence on Allah The one who gives the music What do you How does this work? Even though we believe Allah has decreed our music we asked didn't obese also lamb work with did he sit back and do nothing? He understood this thing better than us. He worked yet he says last bit altruistic. So why are you working on Salah because part of it is that we have free will and our input counts and our efforts count. So the result is with Allah but the effort is from our side. That's the belief of Allah Chanel, Gemma, we do the hasakah as they say in Arabic with hardaker

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comes Baraka Baraka means movement. So, with effort comes Baraka, the Baraka is from Allah so you do the effort now visa, so we see from this, that we should live our life we live in the dunya as if though we have complete freewill that nothing live your life as if though nothing is decided. Don't say well, if it's pulled out for me, I must die. Why must I go to the doctor? If it's put out for me? I'm going to get married. I Why do I still need to look she's put out for me. She will find me right? No, we don't work like that. You need to look for that person. You need to look for the cure. You need to look for your music live your life as if though there is no decision made yet. That's

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how you live your life. But by taking the means that as Bob Neville said it so many times tie the camel don't say Allah has decided the camel is gonna run away. So whatever I do know you tie your camel, this was called as Bob as Bob, as above are the means to the objective. What's the objective I want to be wealthy? Take the means

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We'll get you there, have a plan. work towards it. I want to go to Jenna. Don't say Allah has written for me, Jen and Jen. No. You want to get to Jenna, what do I do sauna Shaka fasting, these things you need to do to get the agenda. But remember, the result is with Allah, that when Allah has decreed the matter, we put our faith in a loving, that whatever the result happens, then we accept, whether we like it or not, I've done my part, but Allah subhanho wa Taala, the ultimate decision is with a lot, that is the upgraded version, this is the way of the sooner a way of working this dunya as if though you have complete free will. But when the result comes, then we put our faith and we

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trust in Allah subhanaw taala. So an example of this, you desire wealth, we should use all our strength and our ability to get wealthy and rich, do everything you can in the halloway. And if you achieve it, it did not come from you, if it's but it came from Allah, and if you don't get it, and also it came from Allah in a way which is best for you. When the believers is at Hamdulillah, for everything, that's why now he's awesome. He says he's amazed at the, the condition of the believer, when things are good for him, he says Alhamdulillah and give sugar and Allah gives him more when things are not so good for him. He still says Alhamdulillah and he's patient. And Allah gives him

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even more in another way he doesn't know the believer never loses out. As the brother said, The Man with a man is never in recession. Right? The man with a man is never in recession. He gets either the Baraka in financially, or he gets the Baraka in some other way. This is, but the one that doesn't have in mind is always in the recession. Even the good that Allah gives him is going to be used as a punishment for him on Korea, Allah protect us. Therefore, to summarize this issue, we do our best in the dunya. Whenever good befalls us, we give sugar to Allah, even if we worked with no brother should say, Well, I'm the boss, because I have I'm the most qualified and I'm the one that

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works till 12 o'clock at night, there are many that worked harder than you smarter than you that didn't get to where you are a lot put you there, and luck and take it away tomorrow. So no one ever is proud and boost posts for what he's achieved. And similarly, when we've done the effort, an hour doesn't give you what you want. Don't curse and blame, know that Allah understands your situation. And he knows what's good for you. And we accept this as a test for you. Whatever calamity befalls us, we should be patient and accept that this is from Allah's divine wisdom. And this is me as me.

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I mean, I've been on a lot talks about the Hulu as the prophets that had the greatest forbearance. It's when how they dealt with calamity. How did they deal when you do everything, right? I make my soul I earn my money. I do what I'm supposed to do. I'm in the mercy five times a day, yet things still don't go right in my life. This is very, very difficult. When people come to the Imam and you and they tell you a situation like this. What can you tell them and see if you've done everything right. And this is a test that allow us to raise you in rank. And it is the prophets with this kind of this, the NBA and the earlier they go through tests like this. So maybe this is a means to raise

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your rank. The OEMs are lying. Yeah, who are they were they they lost their homes, they lost their families, they were enslaved, the freedoms were taken away, Allah brought them here, they didn't become helpless, they use that difficulty. And we are the products of that if

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they may not have seen that the result but also that is up to 300 years later. So this is mean as in the most difficult of things Allah sponsors. Now this also reminds us inside a Muslim, strive for that which will benefit you this is now besides words better than my words, strive for that which will benefit you and seek the help of Allah and don't be helpless. Don't become hopeless in your situation. And there's nothing I can do and I give up. Don't ever give up. If anything bad happens to you don't say if only I had done this and that and that and that. Yes, if you made a mistake quick that if you say I failed, but I didn't study, you know, that was the reason why you failed,

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right? But don't blame if only we did this. If only I made that decision. It's done you can't change it. Then such and such would have happened. Rather you say caught that Allah Masha, that this is the decision the decree of Allah and he does what you will. The decision lies with Allah the resources for Lola the saying of if only, this is the doorway to shaytaan this is way doubts into into Eman.

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So when we start talking about wealth, and we talk about how far we get in Well, some of us Alhamdulillah will go far in wealth. Some of us will not go so far in wealth. Some of us already are blessed with a lot of wealth and Allah will increase and we ask Allah to increase you in that goodness and increase all of us in goodness.

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But the reality ultimately remember, what is the bottom line? in accounting? You always look at the bottom line. We don't want a year extra Give me the final number. Was it a good year bad year? What is the bottom line with Allah subhanho wa Taala what really counts the day you pass away? What's really gonna matter to you what

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Will you be a user hamdulillah I had a good life, how much money How many children how many places you've traveled in the world how many degrees you have to name? Allah subhana wa tada summarize our life in this beautiful versus foolhardy Allah Subhana Allah animal hyah to dunya no oh in Sun, that your life of this world. And Allah summarizes all our stages in this beautiful verse, it starts off, it is about play your childhood days, playing games, it starts off as play. And then amusement.

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Level live is play, Lego is more sophisticated what the teenagers do, the games are different to Child's Play, right. So you have other kinds of time wasting, it means amusement that wastes your time. So you start off with play, then you go to amusement, then adornment you look to make yourself beautiful, surpassing those around you, whatever, who run and boasting to one another, in competition, in increase of wealth, and children, and you start then you move on to adulthood, where the focus of your life is to be richer than the neighbor to drive the best car to weigh the best close competition. And when you are older, you have children, then you want to compete my child was

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playing with toys, then your teenage years, when you go through competition in wealth, and children. This is this is your

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life, doing this, like the first example in the eye.

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locked off

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life except an enjoyment of

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life, avoid you from the reality, it keeps you focused on the side issues. It is not the true reality of what we see what really is going to count to Allah subhanho wa Taala when we die, because it matter what money you have in your bank account, when you die does it matter how many children you have, or how good you look in your youth. So those two those things really count. And ultimately, that's the destination. That's our final in all of us. That's the bottom line for all of us. No one's going to be exempted from that. I want to say reminding you work in the dounia do what you need to do in the dunya. But as maybe some says on the day you die on the day you and I passed

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away. Three things will go with you to cover your family will go with a few copper, your wealth will go with you to cover and you need to go with you to cover two of them will leave you they your family is going to leave you no one is going to leave you beautiful way away the orlimar look at it. When we entered into this dunya What did you own? What did you own? How many cars Did you own wealth property, you own nothing you dream his own clothing. When you leave, you're going to leave the same way. So everything you have is on loan from Allah. And it gives it to you for 15 years and he takes it back and now gives clothes to someone else. What is it really is worth in this competition. When

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I say I have palaces mentioned but everything was bought by the bank. And he's going to take it back after we doesn't really even count for any well. Think about it like that. And how can we tackle this competition in this world? The light diverts you Allah says this competition keeps you busy with what's important. Had to makabe the only time the competition in the rat race rat race ends when you visit the grave. Then the race really ends. Color sofa Talamo no then they are going to understand and they're going to know mckeldin again over repeated they are really going to understand what this life was all about. This is what is the reality. Allah subhanho wa Taala

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reminds us that this these are all just passing momentary amusement while acid Allah says to all of us who is the winner Allah was successful, while also in an insane lady who said everybody inside is the loser. None of you are going to win. I think time time is always going to beat us. No one is going to earn enough have enough be strong enough to beat the game of time. You're not gonna win. Is there no way we can win this game here Allah in the Latina ama? No, no, sorry, it was the worst. So we have to wait to watch except because there's only one winner. Those who believe and then do good deeds where they believe they put that belief into action and advise each other they advise others

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also to do good. And they are patient through adversity. These are the only winners in the game of time.

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Allah subhanaw taala reminds you now of what really counts is how much you have given of that loan or loans given how much have you given back to Allah before he takes it back. That is the challenge.

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

Get as much as you can from Allah to give back to him before he takes it back when you die, Allah subhanho you believe spend of that which we have provided for you. Give me back what I have given you, before a day comes when there will be no bargaining anymore. No friendship, no intercession, as they will come. You can't buy anything anymore. Today you can buy it, you can buy your agenda, it's for sale. It's for sale. Say No, if my booth is generally twice that whoever buys this property is got a property in general to build the masjid. They don't have to put that in there was a Well, that was needed, whatever buys as well, let's say knocked out by complete fool. twice, he bought his

00:30:40--> 00:31:20

general policies by your agenda. Now, before a time comes when you can't buy it. Let me sell some says, whoever gives charity equal to a date from good, so don't look at big. How do I buy? A well must, you know, even if it's small, even if it's a date, from halau earnings must be held out for Allah does not accept anything, which is how long we're going to accept her money. You earn it hello and you give it Allah will take it in his right hand in a manner which puts all His Majesty and you will look off and invested and increase it for the one who gives it as the one who thinks it like it I can investment until it becomes like a mountain. Back to you on

00:31:21--> 00:31:29

a bad day. Well, I have invested it and it's the best investment in a lot and this is what you get your return on kiama invest now for the

00:31:31--> 00:31:57

last 20 continues Allah said spin the son of Adam and I shall spend on you. The more you give me the more I give you and a lot in this beautiful verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions who is it that will link to Allah Mandela the Euclid Lacan Hashanah, so beautiful Alice is asking you, who is going to lend me I'll assist you in turn, who is going to lend to Allah alone? I will take a loan from you. Who's gonna lend to Allah?

00:31:59--> 00:32:40

The language used in the Quran, who is going to lend to Allah a goodly loan? Why what are you going to do with it? Yeah, Allah so that he allow me multiply it many times for you was going to invest it for you. And it is a law that decreases or increases and until Allah is your return, ultimately, you're going back to him. So if we neglect align the dunia neglect you in the era. This is the reality. We end up with this beautiful verse, which we recite every day in South Africa every Friday and every Friday make dua you know, keep the sweetener alive. This is one of the predictions from calamity. Allah Subhana Allah says, a man who went bananas in the highest dunya that wealth and

00:32:40--> 00:33:19

children are but the adornment. You know, the glitz, the glamour, not the reality of this dunya well, and children and and ultimately, these are the things a man loves the most is wealth and his children, right? These things are just passing enjoyments are going to disappear from you, your children are going to leave you your wealth is going to leave you even if they're good children even good. Well, it's gonna leave you well back here to solid hard, but the thing that stays forever, the endearing good deeds are better to your Lord for reward, and better for hope the better things to reach you're hoping so in sha Allah Yamato muslimeen Remember, all of us are wealthy, none of us are

00:33:19--> 00:33:58

poor. When they did, brother sent me a thing, how much are you actually worth and similar ship? He mentioned in the olden days, I'm old, a poor person came to a ship and says, Jeff, I'm extra. I do all of these things. But I don't even have food on my plate. I'm a poor man, when it's all gonna answer. So he says, Okay, I'm ever I'll make a transaction with you. Sell me one of your eyes for 1000 Rand? No, a million Rand no 10 million Rand. So what's the price you put on your items? priceless. I wish you peace we are going to see from Allah and your other eyes, and your tongue and your legs. Solid gave you all of this free of charge if you actually value what you have free of

00:33:58--> 00:34:18

charge from Allah, the richest man in the world, and you wouldn't part with it for any money on Earth. So he says isn't even if you're not even going to use it for good, isn't it slightly ungrateful but you use it for her on the bit ungrateful Allah He gave this priceless thing to you? Like the man who gives his son You know, this priceless

00:34:19--> 00:34:48

gun or call or something and use it against his father to harm his father. It's even worse relay metal Allah will make example it's panelo none of us should feel impoverished. Yes, working with a strive to have as much as you can in the dunya with the Nia that yo I want to give back to the community. And we see look at this image I said so many times over 100 odd years old and almost 100 years old brother that earn so little didn't have the qualifications we have. So I'm gonna put one brick here.

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

He didn't know the 2015 people are going to sit in the masjid and that reward is accruing to him. Maybe he didn't attend the masjid often, but everyone that attends the main street

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

He gets rewarded with copper. Well, that is well so in sha Allah this time of Ramadan is coming close and the believer is more generous in Ramadan number of projects that's happening here in our mansion and not only are mentioned throughout number of projects from next week inshallah we hope to have a special collection that for the purpose the Nia of Ramadan, so a couple of Ramadan projects, the new star that everyone that breaks the fast we know the Hadith, you get part of the reward of that Hadith, that the soup daily soup kitchens for those who can't eat food, we haven't a 15th of Ramadan because orphans throughout Cape Town, and we give them you know, they have, you know, out of

00:35:38--> 00:35:50

the difficult lives we spend on them, we give them something that is from your contributions for them whatever good they do buys them stationery and and of course, the date the night before eat Maharajan frozen.

00:35:51--> 00:36:25

Not just your wealth, but your time as well who pots of food. We don't want to see anybody put his hand out on a big piece of wood. We don't want to see that we don't want a Muslim or non Muslim they have at school, you know, all of us must have it not fun, but enjoyment on that day. So that is the purpose. So inshallah This is one avenue. Another thing I saw quite sad. We know our brothers in Burma. So difficult things are that they've lived their homes they want to perform hegira leave this home, they took the ships, they boats, and they're stranded in the middle of the sea. Malaysia doesn't want them Indonesia doesn't want Thailand doesn't want to go back to Burma. They're going to

00:36:25--> 00:36:48

be killed. They're on the verge of death. And I try to find out what's happening. I thought I couldn't find an any Islamic Relief organization mentioning that. I was only reminded by my mother it was you know, they said we see it on the news. Don't you see what's happening? We don't know. I don't want these payments of 1000s of people on both Sweden waiting to die and other Muslim Muslim people right? So insha Allah,

00:36:49--> 00:37:11

the if we don't make that near Yala, when that paycheck comes, that goes back to Allah for my own sake in our ultimate pension. Jacqueline my lots have been granted understanding Allah spawn grant us the tofik law bless us with halaal money and halaal expenditure and grants of those who use it for the love of Allah and for the era of Salalah Mohammed

00:37:12--> 00:37:26

just a few and yes, a few announcements is inshallah in the comments when the slides or any other questions you can email me for those of emails as much as I can inshallah we continue to email I will see you in class on Tuesdays of the shelf so we have this class

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every week about the life of the Beatles album. We're putting that on pause because we're gonna focus on the Ramadan for the next four weeks we'll go through an excellent book on the the laws of Ramadan how to get the most of Ramadan what soon actions gonna be so some do to get the very most because we all want to have at the end of Ramadan the opportunity of Ramadan is you exit Ramadan with no sin. Everybody wants that you leave Ramadan with all your baggage gone. So in sha Allah The beginning is to learn about the loss of Ramadan prepare for it like anything else, which Ramadan floss for the next four weeks. Choose the evenings of the ishai and at panorama motion, same class

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on Wednesday evenings off the shy and then I'm just a minute left with the motto of the ish I will have a large program childlike journey through the heavens from the heavens to the next inshallah topic for tomorrow. Sokoloff, a Solomonic multiple library festival.